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Friday 15/01/2021

Good morning, Ducklings!

I hope you are all well today and ready for our last day of home learning for this week.

Let's start as usual with a bit of movement to wake us up. smiley

I am the Music Man - Action Songs for Children - Brain Breaks - Kids Songs by The Learning Station

Well done, Nursery. 


Have you had a look outside yet this morning? 

What is the weather like today?

Can you remember what season we are in?


Now let's think about what day it is today. It is the last day of our school week. Let's sing our days of the week song to help us. 

Yesterday it was Thursday, today it is.....

Days of the Week Sing-along Song

Yesterday it was Thursday, so today it is FRIDAY.

That means that tomorrow it is Saturday and the weekend begins. 


I hope you have a lovely last day of this week. 


Now it's time for phonics.