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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Friday 12th February


Good Morning Year 1! Happy Friday! We have made it to the final day of term after what has been a fantastic few weeks of learning! You have all adapted amazingly well to our new way of learning and we are so proud of each and every one of you. Thank you for all of your hard work and determination. We hope you enjoy our final day of term, which is going to be a slightly different day of home learning.



As today is Chinese New Year, we are going to be spending the morning doing a range of activities to celebrate! We will begin this morning by relaxing with some Tai Chi!

Taichi Yoga Kids Practice For Parent & Child

Phonics 9.10 - 9.30


Today, we are going to be looking at our Phase 5 memory words, including Mrs, Mr, people their 

We will be practising both reading and writing of the words.

Year 1 Phonics 12th February

English 9.30 - 10.30 


Today in English, we are learning about the Chinese New Year story.

Break 10.30 - 10.45

A fabulous start to the morning Year 1. We hope you have enjoyed this morning's activities so far! If you haven't already done so, please remember to upload your work  to your class portfolio. It's time for a well earned break. Go and grab yourself a drink and a healthy snack and give yourself a brain break. 

Maths 10.45 - 11.45


Today in Maths, we are going to be completing activities linked to Chinese New Year. We will be writing number bonds to 10 using Chinese symbols, and we will also be solving a code breaker activity!

Lunch 12:00-1:00

Golden Time 1.00 - 3.15


As it is the last day of term, we are enjoying an afternoon of Golden Time. During Golden Time, we spend time doing the activities we enjoy most - this can be anything but we would like it to be away from a screen e.g. drawing, painting, exercise, reading etc. Enjoy the afternoon, and use it as a time to celebrate all of your hard work!

Story time 3.15 - 3.25


A fantastic day of learning Year 1. We hope you have enjoyed our final day of term and you are looking forward to a well-deserved break!

To finish off the day we now have story time live during your Teams so get yourself snuggled down and enjoy today's story. =)