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Thursday 9th July 

Year 5 English Thursday 9th July

Wednesday 8th July

Year 5 english Wednesday 8th July

Tuesday 7th July

Task one: Complete the VIPERS questions 

Task two: Find the show not tell in the text

Task three: Write ways emotions on the slide can be written using show not tell.

Year 5 English Tuesday 7th July

Monday 6th July 

Task one: Change the sentences from 'tell' to 'show' (& visa versa) 

Task two: Create show not tell sentences about the girl from the video

Year 5 English Monday 6th July

Thursday 2nd June 

Task: Write your diaries, using your plans and sentences from yesterday

Year 5 English Thursday 2nd July

Wednesday 1st July

Task one: Watch the video from Mrs Willis 

Task two: For each standard, follow the instructions  

Year 5 English Wednesday 1st July

Tuesday 30th June 

Task: Plan two diary entries, following Mrs Willis layout

Year 5 English Tues 30th June

Monday 29th June

Task one: Complete the VIPERS questions 

Task two: Answer the questions about the astronaut

Task three: Create two new training files for Tim Peake

Year 5 English Monday 29th

Thursday 25th June 

Task one: Watch the video and complete any mini tasks 

Task two: Write direct and indirect speech for the two astronauts 

Year 5 English 25th June

Wednesday 24th June

Task one: Complete the VIPERS questions

Task two: Watch the video and pull out facts and opinions


Year 5 English Wednesday 24th June

Tuesday 23rd June 

Task one: What do you know about Neil Armstrong

Task two: Use modal verbs in sentences about Apollo 11 

Task three: Write a tweet for each stage of the Apollo 11 missions, from Neil's point of view, using year 5 standards.

Year 5 English 23rd June

Monday 22nd June 

Task one: Read the text and answer the VIPERS questions 

Task two: Read the poem and answer the questions next to it using PEE

Task three: Write the man's thoughts before as he jumped off 

Year 5 English 22nd June

Thursday 18th June

Task: Use your plan from yesterday to write your non-chronological report

Year 5 English 18 06 20

Wednesday 17th June


Task one: Choose a sea creature

Task two: Plan your subheadings

Task three: Research information for each subheading for your creature


Year 5 English 17th June

Tuesday 16th June

Task one: Create 5 sentences that include parenthesis. Based on the the picture you have been given.

Task two: Write a setting description, based on the same image, using your parenthesis sentences.


Year 5 English Tuesday 16th


book by Aaron Becker, music by Jaqueline Kyoda

Monday 15th June

Today you are going to be creating dialogue.

Look for the image below to show you when you have a task to do.

Year 5 English Monday 15th

Thursday 11th June


Task one: Complete the VIPERS questions 

Task two: Create 5 expanded noun phrases 

Task three: Write a paragraph using the expanded noun phrases you created and the year 5 standards

Wednesday 10th June 

Task one: Create a mind map of vocabulary.

Task two: Up level the simple sentences, using the year 5 standards.

Year 5 10th June English

Monday 9th June 


Task one: Complete the reading VIPERS 

Task two: Write a diary entry as an athlete


Year 5 English Tuesday 9th June

Commas to Clarify Meaning | English Language SPaG | KS3

This is a video from our nugget on commas to clarify meaning from our English Language - KS3 SPaG course. All our videos, questions and slideshows are made b...

Thursday 4th June


Year 5 - 4th June - English

Wednesday 3rd June


Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Pixar Short Films #25 La Luna 2011

Prompts to support

Writing instructions with Stefan Gates | English - Facts about Non-Fiction

Tuesday 2nd June

Year 5 - 2nd June - English

Monday 1st June

Year 5 - 1st June - English

"Similes and Metaphors" by The Bazillions