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Day 1-Monday 23rd March 2020



Read the WAGOLL. Continue the writing using as many of your Y6 standards as you can. Then, complete the tasks starting at Silver. 

Please send me your writing to There will be virtual boxes for the best writing and the most enthusiastic pupil.


Choose an activity to complete each day after reading the books which have been sent home with you. Record the work in your workbooks.

Day 2-Tuesday 24th March 2020







Have a look at the reading menu and choose a new task. Send your work to our class email address. 

SATS mark schemes for the papers sent home

Day 3-Wednesday 25th March 2020




Have a look at the reading menu and choose a new task. Send your work to our class email address. 

Day 4-Thursday 26th March 2020


Day 5-Friday 27th March 2020


Day 6-Monday 30th March 2020

Day 7-Tuesday 31st March 2020


Day 8-Wednesday 1st April 2020


Day 9-Thursday 2nd April 2020

Year 6 Sharks:English Day 9

A little video of some modelling that may help when continuing your story from the starter.

Day 10-Friday 3rd April 2020

Day 11-Monday 20th April 2020

1) Watch the Youtube video

2) Complete your learning from the document below

Year 6 Sharks English-20th April 2020

 Day 12-Tuesday 21st April 2020

Year 6 Sharks-English 21st April

Day 13-Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Year 6 Sharks-English-22nd April 2020

Day 14-Thursday 23rd April 2020

Year 6 Sharks-English-Thursday 23rd April 2020

Day 15-Friday 24th April 2020

Year 6 Sharks-English-Friday 24th April

Day 16-Monday 27th April

Day 17-Tuesday 28th April

Day 18-Wednesday 29th April 2020

Day 19-Thursday 30th April 2020

Day 20-Friday 1st May 2020

Day 21-Monday 4th May 2020


Day 22-Tuesday 5th May 2020

Day 23-Wednesday 6th May 2020

Day 24-Thursday 7th May 2020

Day 25-Friday 8th May 2020

Day 26-Monday 11th May 2020

Day 27-Tuesday 12th May 2020

Day 28-Wednesday 13th May 2020

Day 29-Thursday 14th May 2020

Day 30-Friday 15th May 2020

Day 31-Monday 18th May 2020

Day 32-Tuesday 19th May 2020

Day 33-Wednesday 20th May 2020

Day 34-Thursday 21st May 2020

Day 35-Friday 22nd May 2020