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  Welcome to Ducklings Class


Although I'm not their mother, I care for them each day.

I cuddle sing and read to them, And watch them as they play.

I see each new accomplishment, And help them grow and learn.

I understand their language,​ And listen with concern.

They come to me for comfort, And I wipe away their tears.

They proudly show their work to me, I give the loudest cheers.

I am not their mother,  But my role is just as strong.

I nurture them and keep them safe,Though maybe not for long.

I know someday the time may come, When we will have to part.

But I know each child I've cared for, Is forever in my heart.


Welcome to ducklings classes home page. In duckling class we listen, share and take turns, we say we are sorry, try our best, use manners, help one another and learn a lot.

In duckling class we learn by playing and exploring, through active learning and by creating and thinking critically as well as through investigation and by having lots of fun through creating magical child led learning experiences.

When entering our classroom we encourage one another, we laugh often, we never give up, we belong.....we are a family. 



Meet the staff


Your Class Teacher is:  


                  Mrs Fraser             

Your Child's Key Workers are:

Mrs Cartwright and Miss Goodwin



              Ducklings learning environment              


          Take a look around our learning environment, where we play, learn and grow together.     .


Please leave a message if you wish to contact Mrs Fraser- Duckling Lead Teacher/Strategic EYFS Leader/Assistant Headteacher

We are always available for any needs you have, if you wish to speak to Mrs Fraser then please leave a message below. Thank You.