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Week 26 and Week 27

Despite this week being a bit different, we are still showing our determination by making some amazing memories at home with our parents/carers or in school with our teachers.


Take a look below at some of the incredible things we have been doing! Our teachers are so proud.

Remember to make a rainbow as part of our whole school project. 

'When it rains, look for rainbows' 



Isabelle making a tornado in a bottle

Still image for this video

Week 24

This week, we have enjoyed British Science week and had so much fun doing so! As part of this, we were lucky enough to have a Science workshop in which we were able to conduct our own experiments involving yeast, acid, water and washing up liquid, We learnt about exothermic reactions, catalysts and acidic and alkaline substances. 

We were also able to have a workshop based on a famous Scientist and we created a drama piece from this. As part of our gifted and talented program, some of our class (with talents in drama) had an additional workshop in which our abilities were stretched. We have also been reading a Science magazine from our school library this week!


Take a look at our wonderful Scientific learning!


Week 23

This week, we have had a wonderful time celebrating World book day. We got cosy in our classroom with blankets and the lights turned off. We even set up fairy lights to enjoy reading together for the day. Take a look at the photos below! We read a book related to each of our day's subjects including Science and Maths. We also loved going to the younger year groups and reading to them. We showed all of our values including respect and really cared for our younger school mates.


Week 22

What a busy first week back we have had! On Wednesday, we enjoyed a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. We were lucky enough to explore the museum and participate in various science experiment around the museum. Take a look below at our learning!


Additionally,on Friday, we celebrated International women and girls in Science day. We had a visit from Hillary who works for Veolia. She spoke to us about her route into her career and gave us some fantastic advice on how to pursue our dreams. She was really impressed with our behaviour and questions and said 'the children were a credit to everyone at the school'. What a lovely experience!

Our trip to the science museum

Week 20

NEWS report!

Number day hits Waterside

On Friday, we took part in the NSPCC's Number Day for 2020. We all contributed donations for the charity and completed number day activities throughout the day. We read 'How big is a million?' and this inspired us to answer penguin themed Maths questions. We really impressed our teachers with our focus and mathematical skills application. We also went on a number hunt to find how Maths can be seen all around us. 

Take a look at some of our work below!



Look at all the Maths in our everyday life!

Week 19

This week, in Sharks class, we have taken part in a debate in English. We debated 'Should animals be used in war?' and our teachers were very impressed with our use of respectful rebuttal. We can tell P4C has been effective in allowing us to express our opinions respectfully. 


In P.E, we have worked with Bee Active TV to help them to film some P.E training tips for both teachers and students. A group of us were able to edit the footage and create exciting short videos using our computing skills. 


Next week is our mock SATS week. These weeks are not designed to add any pressure but instead prepare students for what the SATS will feel like and how the questions will be laid out on the page. In Sharks class, students are looking forward to this week so they can continue to improve and understand areas they may need some help. 



Our debate: Should animals be used for war?

Week 18

During the week, we have discovered more about the circulatory system in Science. We looked at scientific diagrams and, using our retrieval skills, we extracted facts about the circulation of mammal including humans.


In P4C, we blew our teachers away with our maturity. We came up with the question 'Should we tell sad stories?' together. When we discussed this, it was interesting to hear our classmates' varying opinions. We were able to link this question to our study of 'War horse' independently and we discussed whether survivors of sad times in history would want others to know. 


In Encompass, we studies the amazing Yellowstone national park. Take a look at one of our best leaflets persuading tourists to visit Yellowstone below. 


Our persuasive leaflet about Yellowstone

Week 17

It was great this week to see and speak to so many parents at parents consultation. During which, we set out the homework expectations for Year 6 pupils and discussed the amazing work your children have been doing. Students, please remember that you should be doing little and often: SATS companion practise, reading every night and spelling practise. 

This week in Maths, we have been exploring coordinates in our shape, space and measure objectives. We are using our anchor tasks to remember that the X axis coordinate is shown first. You have been set a coordinates task online to embed this learning. Have a go at the challenge underneath to really test your knowledge!


In English, we are proud to say we have published an open letter to the boys and men who were recruited during the war. We acted as a general who was trying to persuade recruits to join the British Army. We have produced some beautiful writing and have discussed the sacrifice these men gave. 


Use your learning to challenge yourself!

Week 16

This week, we have started our learning with amazing attitudes, resilience and maturity. Our teachers were blown away with how much practise of key skills we had done over the holidays on SATS companion. This is a great resource as it has video tutorials if children get stuck. Also please remember that we have breakfast boosters starting and everyone is more than welcome to attend-teachers will be on hand to help with anything you are stuck with. 

In Encompass, we have had our first lesson and used VR to explore the Americas in a snapshot. Next week, we will be beginning our virtual road trip around the Americas. Our first stop is Mount Rushmore where we will revisit our knowledge about mountains from Year 5 and then we will visit Yellowstone National Park, where we will learn about geysers and geothermal energy, linking to Science learning about micro-organisms. 


To prepare for next week's learning, research Mount Rushmore (below)

Week 15

During the final week of Autumn term, we took part in some very exciting R.E opportunities. We completed three lessons to further understand what Christians believe about Christmas. We studied the Christian nativity story and discussed how Mary and Joseph might have felt. We used our philosophy skills to discuss the question 'Did Herod act evilly or just feel threatened?'. Our teachers were very impressed with the range of answers and thought we are beginning to put into our discussions. Thirdly, we learnt about 'How British is Christmas?' and found some of the traditions we think are British come from a wide range of locations.

We were also delighted to perform our Winter production to parents and guardians. This was very special as it was our last Winter production at Waterside but we think we did ourselves proud!


Did you know?

Week 14

This week, we have been editing our wonderful tension stories in English, multiplying decimals in Maths and studying microorganisms in Science. 

We also completed a mock SATS week so we can get used to this experience and our teachers can see what areas we need some more support in. Our teachers have been extremely impressed with our scores and all of our hard work. We have loved 'best mistake of the week' which celebrates when one of our classmates finds a mistake they have made and corrects it. This is helping us to check our work.


All Sharks have now been given their SATS companion logins and the link is below. We would appreciate if parents would encourage pupils to complete this homework. We are always here to help with any work or technology related issues regarding SATS companion. 


Week 13

This week we have enjoyed lessons about decimals in Maths, building tension in writing and art and DT week. As part of this week, we have created Viking brooches using our weaving and plaiting skills in DT. We also created half and half portraits of Vikings and used our skills of proportion in Art. On Friday, we were lucky enough to trial our new Virtual Reality kits and we are looking forward to using this amazing resource to enhance our learning. 



Week 12

This week, we have been exploring gender stereotypes in PHSE. We watched two adverts that have been deemed to show strong gender stereotypes by the Advertising Standards Agency. Year 6 Sharks did exceptionally well in spotting the stereotypes being shown. We discussed how stereotypes can occur in everyone's minds but how we can ensure we do not show prejudice. Take a look below to see some of our work. 

In P4C, we came up with the question 'Are we all Wonders?' from our English text, 'Wonder'. One class member said 'we are all wonders because we are all overcoming something in our lives'. Our teachers were impressed with how we are beginning to use 'I agree with...' and 'I disagree with...' respectfully. 



Our current working walls

Week 11

This week, we were surprised with a Viking visitor on Monday. We thought we were going down to the hall for assembly when a Viking lady jumped out and spoke in Norse. We then enjoyed a whole day's workshop on all things Viking. This included a Viking burial, a longship race, examining Viking artefacts and holding Viking weapons. We thoroughly enjoyed the day and our teachers cannot believe how much we remembered from our experience. We have also been swimming, as we are working towards our national curriculum.


Using your learning from this week, have a go at this challenge!

Some of the Viking artefacts we examined

Week 10

This week, we have been lucky enough to have a workshop on bullying. We created our own play about the different forms of bullying and then created freeze frames to show how bullying should and shouldn't be dealt with. Our workshop leader, Steve, was very impressed with our maturity and effort.

We have been further developing our learning on Vikings and this week, we learnt all about why Vikings came to the UK. 

Take a look at a photo from our workshop. 


Week 9

We have started this half-term with so much energy! This week, we have started our new topic of Vikings. Our teachers have been so impressed with the quality of creative homework we have brought in. Take a look below.

Our teachers decided that the winners were: 

Ruby and Nana!  It was a tough decision. Well done to the winners!


Our parliament members met this week to sell poppies to raise money for remembrance day and they are looking forward to their upcoming meetings. 




Week 7

We have been inspired by our visit from Gareth Snell MP and are taken the first step to creating our very own Waterside parliament. We have research the UK parliamentary system and set up our own vote. First, each candidate was required to write a speech and present to the class. They had to include ideas about their priorities if they were to be voted our class prime minister. After some exceptional speeches, we created a ballot box in the school library. This was to replicate the private and confidential nature of polling stations in the UK. Each pupil in our class voted on their ballot paper and posted their vote in the ballot box. An independent invigilator (Miss Vaughan) then counted the votes and came back into class to announce the eagerly awaited result. We were all very supportive to welcome our new class prime minister!


Watch this space to see how the decisions of the Waterside parliament pans out!

Week 6

This week, we have been lucky enough to have a visit from an MP. In order to prepare, we learned all about the UK's parliamentary system and how MPs are selected for their roles. We devised some questions for the MP and are looking forward to sharing some of the pictures of our Q and A session with him. Watch this space!


In Maths, we have been calculating missing angles in a variety of shapes. Have a go at the question below using the rules we have learnt this week!


In English, we have started reading the 'first tale' from 'A monster calls'. It is full of old-fashioned language and syntax. We are really enjoying the fairytale style story. 

Week 5

This week, we have been working extremely hard to complete our narrative writing in English. We have been re-telling the chapter in 'A monster calls' in which Conor is awoken by a nightmare. Our teachers have been really impressed with our writing. Take a look at some of the vocabulary we have been asking Miss Vaughan to put on our working wall. We really are taking control of our own learning!


In Science, we were investigating how different shaped beaks impacted survival for Galapagos finches. In order to investigate this we each had a different kitchen utensil and we tried to pick up cornflakes. Take a look at our Science in action below!


Week 4

This week, we have been exploring how Charles Darwin impacted the Scientific community's beliefs about how animals changed over time. Take a look at our work below!

In Maths, we have moved onto calculation skills so we have been completing addition and subtraction varied fluency questions. There are some of our working wall examples below. These could also help you to revise Sharks!


In Science, we had a look at our family photos and discussed what is meant be inherited and acquired traits. We also discussed dominant and recessive genes. 


Week 3

This week in Sharks class, we have been lucky enough to visit the local fire station. There, we attended 5 workshops all about our safety. We were particularly impressed with the immersive pod experience which showed how quickly a fire can spread through a house and how dangerous it can be. We were also lucky enough to see what it was like to be a truck driver and were able to sit in the cab of a truck. 

On Thursday, we had a a workshop entitled 'the power of not yet' which helped us to understand that our goals in life don't happen all at once but take time and determination. 



Week 2

We have certainly hit the ground running in Year 6. This week we have achieved over 300 dojos as a class and we are so proud of our excellent behaviour. In order to earn these dojo points we have been impressing our teachers with our readiness to learn. 


Some of this week's highlights:

In Science, we have been exploring the process of fossilisation. We used playdough to demonstrate how sediment covers dead organisms and the pressure builds to create fossilised remains. We were also lucky enough to take a look at a Shark tooth and we explained how we thought this could fossilise in the future. Take a look at our learning below. 


In Maths, we have been ordering and comparing numbers in many different ways. We are beginning to apply our learning to new contexts and a wide range of question types. 


This week our teachers have been impressed with: 

-Our behaviour and respect 

-Our thoughtful questions

-Our determination in Maths 

Take a look at our new classroom!

Week 1

Wow! What a wonderful first week we have had in Sharks class. We have been learning about place value in Maths, exploring a Monster Calls in English and have been diving deep into the Geography of the World in Encompass. 

In Encompass, we have been plotting where Africa is on a world map. We have been using directional language to locate the oceans surrounding this amazing continent and we are beginning to understand some of its geographical features. 

We can't wait to 'zoom in' to Africa and discover more about its geography, people and animals. 



Welcome to Year 6 Sharks

Welcome to a new year in Sharks class. We are very excited to be starting a new school year and cannot wait to begin our Year 6 learning. Watch this space to see some of our wonderful new classroom and our first week's work!

Week 37

This week has been as busy as ever. We have enjoyed practising for our UKS2 production of Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits. Most of us have also been on our transition days for our new high schools. We have been visiting our new schools to get a feeling for them and ease our transition when we move there in September. We are very excited. Our teachers at Waterside have got some lessons prepared for next week to allow us to discuss any concerns or worries about moving up to our next stage in education. Overall though, we are feeling positive and ready. 

In Art this week, we have been using watercolours to continue our artist study of Georgia O Keeffe. We were trying to replicate her piece 'Lake George reflection'. Take a look below!

We have also almost finished Macbeth. This week, we discovered the change in Macbeth's personality throughout the play. We now understand what the quote 'Fair is foul and foul is fair' might mean!


Week 36

This week has been very busy for Year 6 Sharks. We have continued our study of Macbeth. We are really enjoying the drama of the play and can't believe some of the actions of the characters! We are all so excited to see what happens next. 

In other news, we have been practising for our UKS2 production. We have been working hard to learn our lines and stage the production. We have also been using our Geographical knowledge to understand where we went during our Out and About Week. We plotted our visits on a UK map and calculated the distances that we had travelled to each location. 

Week 35

This week, we have been continuing with our themed Maths lessons. These lessons have been great for allowing us to think about the context of our Maths learning. Also, it has helped us to prepare ourselves for KS3 Maths. We know we will be prepared to 'wow' our high school teachers. 


We can't wait for the trip opportunities that we have got coming up in the next few weeks. We have also been practising our KS2 production, all whilst still completing all of our learning in Science and in Encompass. This week in Encompass, we discovered the Adi tribe; a tribe who live in mountainous conditions. 

Take a look below at some of the real-life Maths we have been doing!



Walk to school Maths

Week 33

This week has been packed with new and varied learning. In English we have been writing on our topic of 'Out of the blocks' which explores the tension and atmosphere we experience when we are about to do something scary. For example, we watched videos of Usain Bolt before he set his world record. We also discussed how we feel when we are about to go down a water slide or ride on a rollercoaster. We can't wait to feel that adrenaline when we go to Alton Towers soon!

In Maths, we have been exploring themed Maths relating to events happening around the world. Take a look at the tricky Maths questions we have been embracing below!


We even calculated the volume of an ambulance!



Week 31

This week, we have completed our SATs, conducted Science experiments and had fascinating P4C discussions. 

In Science, we conducted an experiment on reversible and irreversible changes in materials. We melted chocolate, lit candles, ripped paper and mixed counters into water. We explored what happened to the particles within materials when they changes state. We really impressed our teachers with our scientific vocabulary such as evaporation, condensation and solidify. 


In SMSC, we explored body image and the presentation of people in the media. We took a look at some media edited photos and discussed how this might make us feel. Then, we looked at some alternative adverts, which are showing models who do not have the 'typical, media-presented' images. Take a look below!


Following this, we wrote down what we liked about ourselves and each other. It was lovely to hear such kind words about one another. 


We all agreed that these images showed realistic people and that they were truly inspirational!

Week 30

Despite only having four days of learning this week due to bank holiday Monday, we feel like we have fitted more learning in than ever before! 

This week, we have been making sure we are prepared to shine in our SATs next week! We are feeling calm and confident. We have also enjoyed continuing work in our independent sketch books. The work on our sketch books is developing our independent study and organisation skills in preparation for our transition to high school. 


We have also been exploring what happens during Ramadan further and we are looking forward to our school celebration of Eid. 


Take a look below to see an example of the tricky Maths problems we have been tackling this week!


Week 29

In our first week back, we have been working extremely hard! We have covered passive voice in Grammar, measure, shapes and time in Maths and a number of different skills in English. 


In reading, we have been exploring different types of texts. With Miss Williams, we have been working on SATs style mixed questions. With Miss Davies-Moore, we have been recapping the different VIPERS skills we can use during reading. We have been reading some very interesting texts including non-fiction about 'sea-pools' and fictional extracts from the Hunger Games. 


In R.E, we have discussed Ramadan in a P4C enquiry. Some members of our class were able to share their experiences of Ramadan. Many of us agreed that the meals eaten during the evening sounded delicious and that they fasting element sounded challenging. 



                                                              Week 28

We have been focusing on identifying subject and object this week in Grammar. Take a look at the video below to refresh your memory of what we covered in class. 


In Maths, we have been revising concepts that we have already covered but have been 'going deeper'. This involved problem solving and reasoning skills. We were really 'stumped' with some questions but we worked together and got to the answer in the end. We have also been enjoying Maths investigations. We like these because 'they are linked to real life' and 'they make us think really hard'. We always ask our teachers can we do another investigation!


In Encompass, we are looking forward to our new topic of Misty Mountains. Take a look at our curriculum page on this website to see how we are starting to think about our new topic. 




Subject and Object English Grammar

Week 27

We have continued to 'wow' our teachers this week with our hard work and focus. We have enjoyed further researching our country for our independent 'Our world' project. This project is helping us to develop our independent research and time management skills, in preparation for our transition to secondary school. 

In other news, we have been revising command sentences in Grammar, interpreting timetables in Maths and writing a short narrative in English. 


Take a look below to see some of our independent research work.


Week 26

This week has seen us take part in mock SATs week, school photographs and the beginnings of our independent project. We have been very busy. 

Our teachers are really proud of the improvement we have made and the determination we are showing in our lessons.

Take a look below to see what we have been getting up to. 

Our world project

Week 25

We have enjoyed such a wide range of activities this week. 

In Science, we were investigating whether materials conduct electricity. Take a look at our investigation in action below! We were surprised that some everyday classroom objects were insulators of electricity.


In R.E, we had an interesting discussion about different religion's views on charity. We conducted a P4C discussion about whether adverts which raise money for charity should make people feel guilty. Overall, most of our class thought that they shouldn't make you feel guilty but they should provoke some sympathy. 


We are continuing to work hard on our SATs boosters and our teachers are extremely proud of our determination and resilience. 

Our electrical conductivity experiment

Week 24

We have enjoyed a wide range of different activities this week in Sharks class. For British Science Week, we were lucky enough to have a Science workshop and conduct an experiment relating to our topic 'Materials and their properties'. 

In Maths, we have been exploring the concept of BODMAS and using this to help us solve difficult problems using negative numbers. 

In P.E, we practised our dodgeball skills. We are becoming more accurate and quick with our responses. 

In art, we have been continuing with our story of Henri Rousseau. To try and imitate the style of Rousseau, we have been layering elements of a landscape. 


We need to keep practising our arithmetic skills. Take a look below to see a website that can help!


Our classroom environment

Week 23

This week, we have been exploring religious places of worship and their impact on religious believers. We found amazing examples of places of worship and thought about how the art and architecture impacts religious worshippers. Take a look at our work below! 


We also had world book day and had a wonderful time dressing up as characters from Alice in Wonderland. Keep your eyes peeled for photos of our exceptional outfits.


We have been continuing to work hard in Maths and English and we are looking forward to continuing to develop our problem solving and reasoning questions this week. 



Week 22

This week we have started to up our game with SATs revision. We are working so hard and our teachers are really proud of the effort we are putting in. In grammar and reading, we have been enjoying working with different adults to help us improve on our areas of weakness. We are feeling more and more confident every day! 

In Science, we started our exciting new topic of materials. We discussed vocabulary such as flammable, porous, magnetic, liquid, gas, particles and reflective. 

Take a look below to see some of the activities we took part in. 


In art, we began our artist focus on Henri Rousseau. we learnt that Rousseau used layering techniques and therefore began our journey of layering in order to create our final piece. 

We can't wait for another week of busy and fun learning!



Materials lesson

We have reached the end of our half-term and we cannot believe how much hard work we have done. Our teachers can see a massive improvement in our writing, reading and Maths. As well as this, they can see we are becoming confident, mature young adults who are becoming more prepared for our next step into high school. 


This week, we have been exploring the new learning of ratio and proportion. We have been using inverse operations and applying ratio to shapes (quite tricky at times!). But, we feel we have mastered the basics and with some recap, we will be ready for any ratio questions!


In English, we completed our final published piece of the half-term (our daydream story). This helped us to use varied tense as we had to write about Cameron dreaming he was in a different setting and time. Our teachers could not believe how many different ideas we came up with!


Take a look below for a recap of how we solve ratio problems. 


Ratio and Proportion Yr 6

Explanation of Ratio and Proportion.

Week 20

Week 20 has been a week full of hard work for y6 sharks. We have completed our mock SATs week to prepare us for how taking the test will feel in May. We have worked really hard and our teachers are proud of the determination we have shown. 


In other news, we have been on a nature walk in Science. We found 10 objects and applied our learning about classification in order to classify them in our own way. We had to ensure that our classification groups were sensible and scientific. Take a look below at some great examples! We loved going outside to conduct our Science investigation. 


In D.T, we have been using the sewing skills, which we have been practising all half-term, to make a mitten. We have tied this into our Frozen Kingdom topic as our design brief was to create an insulating mitten. 


In R.E, we explored the different ways believers worship. We tried out Buddhist walking worship and quaker silent worship. From this, we asked: should worship always be quiet? Should worship always be fun? Should worship always take place in a place of worship?



Week 19

What a busy and cold week in Year 6 at Waterside! We have been continuing our learning about Frozen Kingdom whilst looking out across the icy scenes outside. 


In Encompass, we have been exploring the titanic disaster. We research what an iceberg was, created a mini poster, timeline and discussed whether the tragedy could have bee avoided. 

We had a look at some historical sources in order to form an opinion on the question: was anyone responsible for the disaster? Or was it a tragic accident?


In English, we have been using our year 6 skills to write a newspaper report about the Frozen Kingdom hitting Waterside. 


In Maths, we have been challenging ourselves in using algebraic formula. Now our brains hurt! 


Take a look below to see some of our work on the Titanic.




Week 18

This week, we have been using our knowledge of percentages to show our mastery of Maths. After using percentages all week, we showed off our learning on Friday with a carousel where we 'spoke it', 'showed it' and 'wrote it' to show we could manipulate and articulate our learning. 


In English, we have been writing a persuasive speech acting as a doctor trying to convince people to use our revolutionary technology. We have been using all of our year 6 writing skills to persuade. 


We have also been keeping up with extra-curricular events, attending police cadets, genius club, football tournaments and dance club.


Remember to complete your SATs companion homework Year 6!


Here's to another great week! 

What is algebra? Next week's Maths topic!

Week 17

This week, we have been deep into our learning in all areas. 

In Maths, we have been discovering decimals. We have been multiplying, dividing and problem solving using decimal numbers. 


In English, we have published our narrative story about Cameron waking up in the hospital. We have been using KS2 punctuation, description and high-level vocabulary to produce some excellent work!


In Encompass, we began to explore the 'Frozen kingdom'. Within this we found the arctic and antarctica on the world map, compared the climate and biodiversity and discussed the vocabulary associated with our topic. 


Take a look below to see some of our P4C work relating to our English topic. We came up with the question; is organ transplantation a positive thing?



Week 16

What an incredibly busy week we have had to start the Spring term. Our teachers have been really impressed with how focused we are after our Winter break! 

In English, we have started a brand new text; 'Pig Heart boy'. We are fascinated by the story and have been independently researching lots about transplants and heart conditions. 

In Maths, we covered angles and co-ordinates, including reflection and translation. Even though angles can be tricky, we are working really hard and moving through our challenges. Most of us ended our lessons on Gold or Platinum!


In D.T, to tie in with Frozen Kingdom, we are making mittens. Take a look below to see the brief for our design. Tune in next week to see the start of our designs.

Week 14

This week, In English we have been working hard to write our non-chronological reports about Lebanon, based on our text 'oranges in no man's land'. We researched our topic of interest which led to a range of writing from information about the culture and the civil war to the food of this country, steeped in heritage. 


In Maths, we focused on consolidating our knowledge of fractions, solving tricky problem solving and reasoning questions. Some of us are even attempting GCSE level questions!


Week 13

In English, we have been gathering ideas and vocabulary for a non-chronological report. We have been exploring Lebanon as a country using google maps and finding facts about this fascinating part of the world. Next week, we are looking forward to writing and editing our non-chronological report about our findings. 


In Maths, we have been multiplying and dividing fractions. Take a look below to see a reminder of how to multiply fractions. Even though, as a class, we are strong at the skill, we have been making sure we deeply understand why we are doing that calculation. 


In Encompass, we have been exploring how World War 1 ended. We have now completed a 'full circle' in our learning, spanning from how war began to the end of the war. We were amazed by the Treaty of Versailles. Many of us thought critically and felt that the reparations were a bit too harsh for Germany. We had a fantastic debate about this! We also researched street parties and their history. Additionally, we looked at newspaper reports published when the war ended. What a relief it must have been!

Week 12


This week in English, we published our narrative alternative endings to the dramatice checkpoint scene in oranges in no man's land. We all had fantastic ideas and have mainly been working on how to include year 6 skills AND add tension. A difficult task but we are getting there!


We have taken part in a mock SATs week this week. It is helping us to understand what the papers will be like. So far we are showing amazing determination and courage!


We have also been showing off our skill in the swimming pool and many of our class participated in the football tournament and represented the school!

Another busy week full of learning!

Week 11

This week, we have been exploring gravity and air resistance in Science, subtracting fractions in Maths and planning a narrative in English.

In English, we read the first section of our text 'Oranges in no man's land'. Ayesha, the protagonist, suffered a terrible tragedy and now has to go to the army checkpoint to get cooking oil for her Grandma. What will happen at the checkpoint? Are the militiamen there friendly? Is Ayesha safe? 

We have been answering these questions by writing our own alternative endings to this section. There are some amazing ideas! We are excited to see what our writing is like when finalised. 


In Science, we have been exploring how the forces of gravity and air resistance can oppose one another. In order to test our hypotheses, we created our own parachutes from plastic bags and string with a weight on the end. The team who managed to make their parachute fall the slowest won!

Take a look at our learning about gravity below. 

Gravity video

Still image for this video

Week 10

We have been exploring adding and subtracting fractions in Maths this week. We have used varied fluency and reasoning and problem solving skills to work our way through some really tricky questions!


In English, we have completed our setting description of the war-torn city of Beirut from our text 'Oranges in no mans land'. We are excited to find out what happens next to our protagonist Ayesha, when she sets out into this terrifying place. 


In Encompass, we were lucky enough to help with the WW1 art exhibition on Monday. We were thrilled to see our artwork on display and we showed how mature we are becoming by helping to show parents and carers around and provide refreshments. We helped to raise over £70 for the Poppy Appeal!


Week 9

This week has been another busy week for Year 6 Sharks! We have enjoyed learning about the celebration of Diwali and remembering the first world war. On Friday, we had an art day. During the morning, we created art work relating to World War 1. On Monday 12th November, our artwork will be displayed in the Waterside art exhibition. We are bursting with excitement! 


We are improving immensely in swimming. We all love going and many of us who were scared to get in the water are now little water babies! 

We have been continuing our learning in English and Maths, discussing the use of semi-colons and exploring fractions in Maths. Take a look below to see some of the practical ways we are finding fractions in everyday items around our classroom.


Watch this space to see pictures of the art exhibition! 


Week 8

For the final week of term, we have been exploring the short story video of 'Oktopodi'. The video is a story about the adventures of two octopuses and their escape from a restaurant owner. As the story is written by a French author, we wrote some dialogue in both French and English. Writing in French was fun! 


In Maths, we explored the skills we can achieve using mental calculations. We realised that we can use inverse operations well mentally. We applied these skills to real-life situations. 


Well done for all your hard work this half-term. Have a lovely break!

Week 7

This week, we celebrated Harvest. We joined the other classes to put on our Harvest assembly! We were really proud to be narrating and we all did a fantastic job!

In English, we have been completing our narrative story based on the moral story of tale 1 in 'A monster calls'. We have been using archaic language and syntax to ensure our writing sounded old-fashioned. We have really been hooked to this story!


In Maths, we tackled long division. It was tricky but with lots of determination and resilience, we are getting there! We explored what is really meant by division and some of us have been exploring integers. 

In Encompass, we have been asking 'Can you believe in Science and religion?' and 'Should we remember historical events?'. This has produced some excellent and respectful discussions. 


Take a look at the first tale below!

The First Story - A Monster Calls 2016

Week 6

This week, we have excelled in our learning!

In Maths, we have been exploring how to divide using 'short division'. We have used both bus stop and division using factors. 

In English, we have been watching the first tale told by the monster in 'A monster calls'. It is a tale of deceit, sorrow and betrayal. We have been re-writing the story using a range of clause structures including relative clauses, embedded clauses and subordinate clauses. 


In Encompass, we learnt about 'The home front' and how the people left behind during WW1 kept their spirits up and the country running. 

We have also been exploring democracy and created our own election campaigns. Take a look below!





Finding Factors Using Division

This video will help you to revise your understanding of division using factors.

Week 5

This week, we have been exploring: what blood is made of in Science; how to write descriptively and how to use factors, multiples, square, cube and prime numbers in problem solving questions. 


We have really impressed our teachers this week with our Encompass work. In Encompass we have been looking at 'life in the trenches'. We explored the terrible conditions in the trenches and in doing so learnt about the lives of soldiers who resided in the trenches. 


Take a look below to see some of our work on what blood is made up of and how its elements help us to live. 




Week 4

This week, Sharks class have had their parents consultations.Thank you to all parents and guardians who attended, it was great to share how well pupils have started year 6. We are determined to keep up the hard work!


In English, we have been continuing to read 'A monster calls'. We are all enthralled as we are currently reading the section with the big transformation. We have been describing the change that happens to form the monster using exceptional vocabulary. 

In Maths, we have been using problem solving and reasoning to continue with our knowledge of addition, subtraction and multiplication. 

In Encompass, we have been looking at images of soldiers leaving for home for WW1. We created a leaving home package for soldiers, wrote a letter home and explored the Maths of how many men left and who was left behind. 


Take a look below to see some of our work!

Week 3

This week has seen Year 6 Sharks visit the local fire station. At the fire station, we attended 6 workshops including drug and alcohol awareness, truck safety, water safety, mental health and wellbeing and anti-social behaviour with the police force. It was a great morning and we learnt a lot! We are going to continue our learning on these important topics in school. 


In other news this week, we have been debating ;Is war ever justified?' as part of our 'Fallen fields WW1' topic. We had an interesting debate with some emotive final remarks. 

In Maths, we have been acing rounding and negative numbers. In English, we have been reading more of 'A monster calls' and we have begun to write about Conor's nightmare. Spooky! 


Take a look below to see us in action learning!

Year 6 Sharks 2018-19

Week 2


We have had a fabulous start to the school year in year 6. We are so impressed and proud of the children. Each one of them has returned to school with a mature and sensible attitude; you can really tell they are Year 6 now! 

We have enjoyed a week of fabulous learning. We have covered topics such as the circulatory system, Paul Nash war art, why some people believe in God and why others don't and explored our dreams and aspirations. 

The highlight of our week was visiting the imperial war museum Manchester where we were lucky enough to see the 'wave' poppy art and meet a real WW2 veteran. 



'Wave' at the Imperial war museum Manchester

Year 6 Sharks 2017-18

week 34


This week we have done some amazing writing. We created our own stories with magical creatures.


Well done to all the children who have passed their swimming national curriculum today! Superstars 

week 33


We had a super week this week, producing lots of new learning for our new displays. See the photographs below.


Week 32


Half term homework.

1) As part of science next half term we are going to be doing an animal study.

The sea creature our class have voted to report on is the Killer Whale.


You need to research and present information about the Killer Whales: diet, habitat, appearance, interesting facts: how they act, films they appear in, documentaries, life cycle/young.


2) You need to collect and dry some ingredients such as: fragrant flowers, spices or herbs and make a posy using a piece of cloth and string. 

week 32

we had a mini Olympics in PE. 

We were amazing and cannot wait to show our skills in sports day.

In writing we have been learning about Journey to Joburg. We wrote a letter home after finding the children had arrived in Johannesburg after a long journey.

in maths we have completed a week of investigations to hone our skills.

Week 31


On Friday we had a wow day for our new topic

peasants, pestilence and plagues

on the playground we sang ring a ring a roses. We now understand the message behind the song we know so well as children. Unfortunately,the story does not end well.

Check in with us next week to see the fantastic learning we did on display.

Week 30 ... it's the final countdown!


Whether passionate and prepared to excel, proud of our performance or nervous to show our best, Y6 are ready to rock and roll into SATs week Waterside style!


Check out our pre-SATs selfies below. Can you guess how we are feeling???

Week 29


In our English lessons this week we have continued on our 'Journey to Jo'burg' with Naledi and Tiro. They have set off and have already got into some danger. Who knows where they will end up next and how they will survive!

Because the story is so exciting, our writing and reading has been very interesting.


In arithmetic we have been gaining lots of Dojo points because we are so amazing and keep scoring 40/40. Let's keep it up next week. 


We have also been testing our skills in PE this week. Yumeth was amazing at the long distance running. I wonder what the athletics challenge for next week will be...

Week 28

this week we have appointed our Sports Leader and class Parliament representative. Well done to all the children who were brace enough to stand in front of the class. Your speeches were fantastic and reminded me why the children at Waterside are so fantastic.

Well done Yumeth, our new sports leader
Well done Muskann, Sharks class parliament member

Week 27

We hope you had a happy Easter and a relaxing break. All of Sharks class have returned happy and ready for the 4 week SATs countdown. 

Thank you to all children from Miss Wood, you have come back with a fabulous attitude and the final term of your Waterside life is going to be amazing. 

Our topic this term is based around a book called Journey to Joburg by Beverley Naidoo. We have already created a display showcasing our learning so far. Before beginning to read the story we learned about the two settings: Johannesburg and an African village. The display shows our ideas about what these places would be like, showing our research through contrasting setting descriptions. 

In RE we learned the story of Adam and Eve and discussed temptation. See below whether your children think they would be tempted too!

Week 25.

Highlights of the week this week:

Completing our 2nd PSHCE workshop with Stoke Young Persons officers to learn how to stay safe around the use of drugs.

Producing some wonderful writing.

Creating our final artwork - Tudor portraits (pictures of these will be uploaded once they are perfected on Monday)

Week 24

We have had an amazing week and made lots of progress. 

In maths we have been learning how to find the area of shapes and have even tackled triangles and parallelograms. 

In English we have published our writing - see below - and have then started our letter writing project. 

We have had a visitor for our PSHCE lesson and have learned all about how to make the right choices about our health and drugs. 

Our rainbow reader winners

Week 23 Waterside World Book Day.


we had a lovely time reading with the FS1 children on Monday morning 

Week 22


We have had a lovely week, we came back to school ready to learn on our amazing 8 week countdown and it certainly has been action packed. On Monday we created a Wonder-our display. The highlight was Wednesday though because we visited Ford Green hall and had a wonderful time despite the snow and cold weather. 

We dressed up as Tudors, learned about Tudor food and played toys and games. I think our favorite bit was making the marzipan fruits though 

Thursday 1st March. 

Today school is closed due to the weather conditions.


Your home learning for the day:

I have added a SATs companion test to each of your logins. This includes a SATs grammar paper, SATs arithmetic paper and SATs reasoning paper.- Please complete attempt one.

I have also attached this weeks spellings crossword activity - you do not need to print this if you do not have a printer - just draw out the crossword boxes onto a piece of paper. 


Have a safe day and remember, you can use the contact the teacher form if you need anything.

Miss Wood

Week 21


We cannot believe we are half way through our final school year at waterside. We have loved Y6 so far and cannot wait to see the wonders the rest if the year brings. 

In true T6 Waterside style, we have ended the half term with a bang, we have written blogs as Anne Boleyn, published a final diary entry on laptops, created scientific models of the earth moon and sun and completed a set of practice SATs.


What better than to top the week off with a trip to the cinema to watch Wonder and a Golden Time afternoon.


have a wonderful half term and we will see you, well rested, on the other side.


Sharks class x

Week 20


This week we have produced our final pieces of published writing for our book Wonder. We have really enjoyed this topic and Miss wood says our writing is wonderful. We can't wait to go and watch the film at the cinema next week. 


In maths we have been learning about percentages and decimals. We were unsure at first but have flown through the challenges towards the end of the week which makes us really proud of our progress.


in the afternoons we have been learning about E-Safety, we were so good we performed our play in front of the school. 

We have also been completing mindfulness and thinking activities as part of Mental Health Week. We all have Mental Health and it's our job as well as our friends to talk about our worries and stay happy

Part of our E-Safety assembly performance

Still image for this video

Week 19


what a wonderful week! The Y6 children have taken part in bikeability and have learned to be safe on the roads. 

We have also taken part in Number Day to have fun with maths and raise money for the NSPCC at the same time. 

In ICT we have taken our coding skills to a new level by making a maze game. 

Photos of our wonderful week can be seen below. 

Week 18 our class world views


we discussed world views in RE and these are the top 9 things we think affect our world views the most as a class.

Week 18


This week we have been editing our diary entries to make them Greater Depth Standard. We are really confident our writing is beginning to work towards this and we are really enjoying the challenge. This week the skills we have worked on are manipulating verb tenses and passive and active voice.


thanks for reading,

Y6 sharks

Week 17

We have had a wonderful week and are making excellent progress in maths and English I am so proud of the children. Mrs Knowles came to visit us this week and she agreed the children and outcomes certainly do shine. Well done sharks!


We are really enjoying our Space topic - we have made space timelines, argued using flat and spherical Earth theories and created a poster after researching the planets in our solar system.

In science this week we have introduced our space topic we had lots of interesting questions and created a debate to prove whether the earth was flat or spherical. 


Look out for our finished posters next week...

Our amazing homework 

we are so pleased in Sharks class with the homework the children have produced over the holidays. Well done! 

Week 16


We have been reading our new English text Wonder this week. We have completed lots of book talk activities to get to know the stories and the characters. On Thursday we completed a silent debate! 

For homework, we would like you to make something for our display. Be creative. It could be a coat of arms, some Tudor jewelry or clothing, a puppet, a Tudor building. Some ideas are below

Week 14 and 15

due to closure, we had to move our express event and cancel for parents. 

We have performed the poem in our Mayan headdresses for you to see


thanks, Sharks class


Still image for this video

School Closure


As school is  closed due to the extreme weather conditions that we currently have, learning has been posted on the blog to ensure that your children do not miss out on any school time.  


I have set you all three tasks to complete: 


Maths: Winter BODMAS activity - attached


Writing: Create a character profile and description of Auggie using the Wonder chapter


Encompass: Maya Quiz - create a quiz to text knowledge of the Mayans. You may want to do some independent research to add questions that may be tricky for your classmates. 

Snow Day


As tomorrow is  closed due to the extreme weather conditions that we currently have, learning will be posted on the blog to ensure that your children do not miss out on any school time.  


I have set you all three tasks to complete: 


Maths: Big Maths and Arithmetic - you can either print these or complete them on paper 


Writing: See attached 


Reading: see comprehension sheet attached 


Encompass: Mexican Poem - Write a poem about your learning from this half-term . It does not have to rhyme - make it free verse and needs to include facts about key aspects of Modern and Ancient Mexico.  

Week 13


We had a practise SATs week this week and the children have made fantastic progress in their outcomes. Each half term we will look for a slight increase in scaled score so that we are ready when the real thing comes along. 

In the next week look out for new intervention letters, these will be aimed at the children needing an extra boost to get to the next stage e.g. from Working Towards to National Standard or from achieving Above Y6 to Greater Depth.


Week 12


We have made invitations to our Mexican Engage event on Monday 11th December - look out for these!

Week 11

We have also published our news reports, look how professional we are!

Week 11

This week we have learned about ancient Maya civilizations. The children loved completing their own research and map work. 

They enjoyed listening to Maya music and recalling from aural memory. 

We learned Junayd has a super talent to make bird noises using his hand as an instrument

Week 10

this week was anti-bullying week. We made videos about social bullying which is when a group of people are mean to others in public in order to embarrass them.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Week 9

 In PSE we made posters to show the learning we developed during Safety Week. We watched the Big First Aid lesson from St John Ambulance.

Week 8

In Maths we have begun a series of weeks learning about algebra. We will be learning about ratio, sequences and then more traditional algebra where children find or suggest the missing numbers.


Take a look at some of our ratio learning we used as our engage lesson - changing a recipe. 

Week 7


in PE we recapped all our learning of teamwork and application of skills into a super lesson of dodgeball 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Week 6

the children have consolidated their understanding of long division this week. They made excellent progress in their learning. Well done

Week 5

We loved our trip to Cadbury world. The Mayans were so good at making chocolate!

Week 4


Thank you to all the children and parents who supported our bake sale so that we could fundraise for the Mexico earthquake. We raised over £50. 

Week 3

This week we had Game On training. We learned about race, religion and heritage and how to use this alongside our Waterside Values to be a good citizen.

Our Waterside Winners

Week 2.

As part of our DT curriculum we have planned a healthy Mexican meal. Miss Wood then went shopping for all the ingredients so we could cook and then eat our delicious creations. We really enjoyed the fajitas but weren't sure on the nacho topping we had planned. 

welcome to 2017/18

Week 36.

This week we have completed a carousel of activities to learn about gravity, water resistance and friction. We used the Knex education sets along with experiments to complete this learning which links to our science topic: Forces and Motion

Week 35 - Outdoor Education Week, see a snapshot of the photos below

our day at the ymca