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Week 4 - Week beginning 21st September 2020


What another fantastic week of learning we have had! We have learnt all about DADWAVERS in English, number lines in maths, Skara Brae in Encompass and even became nutritional advisors in Science! A busy but incredibly fun week! 





This week we found out we would be working towards writing a setting descriptions of the Gregg's family farm from our text The Magic Finger. Miss French introduced us to something we all found funny called DADWAVERS. This is a structure used to help write setting descriptions. We haven't used all of them, we have used DAWAV (which we found even funnier) and what an improvement in our writing already! There has been some phenomenal writing this week! 

Freya really impressed me in our Fix It Friday lesson where we were including subordinating conjunctions into our writing! 




In our maths lessons we have really REALLY impressed Miss French this week! We have all really showed an improvement in our determination in working through challenges. This week our focus has been number lines. Miss French wasn't sure how much of our Year 2 knowledge we could remember but we really blew her socks off! We are now confident in counting 2s, 5s, 10s, 50s and 100s/ We can do this on number lines with missing numbers, number lines that don't start at 0 and even blank number lines! 





This week we learnt all about Skara Brae and loved it. We had no idea what it was to begin with, but had an idea it was to do with Stone Age housing. We can now explain in detail where abouts it is located, know why it is a tourist attraction, why people visit there today and why it is important. Some of us then had to write a short text message to an alien who had no idea about Skara Brae and some of us became estate agents and wrote adverts for selling some property on Skara Brae. 




We became 'The Turtles Centre for Nutritional Advice' on Wednesday afternoon this week. We had to use all of our Science learning so far to advise four clients on nutrition for their problems. We had someone who sweats a lot during summer, somebody who had fallen over and needed protein and even somebody who was struggling to poo (this was our favourite) 

Week 3 - Week beginning 14th September 2020


What a fantastic week we have had this week! Have have completed so much learning!




In English this week we continued getting ready to publish our character descriptions! We had our first editing lesson and we loved it! We felt super important getting to improve one of our sentences on purple paper! Miss French was really impressed with our final published pieces! Especially because we had all remembered to include all of our new learnt Year 3 skills!




We continued our learning of place value this week which has really helped us to understand. We needed a quick recap on how many tens make one hundred and how many hundreds make one thousand. Miss French thinks we’ve got it now! We really impressed her when we started making numbers with practical resources but swapped a hundred counter with ten, tens counters! We ended the week with a Fix It Friday where we needed to focus on making sure we always write our numbers to correct way in our maths books!



 For Encompass this week we looked at cave paintings and why they were important to people during the Stone Age. We used atlases to locate some significant caves in France and Bulgaria as well as looked at why they drew animals on the walls!



In Science we looked at where we get the six areas of nutrition from. We now know that you can get protein from meet but you don’t have to eat fats and oils because you can get them from other foods! We also had a really in depth discussion all about tofu and what it is and how you could eat it!

Week 2 - Week Beginning 7th September 2020


What a brilliant first full week back we have had together in Turtles! The children have worked so so hard and really impressed me with their determination! 



In English we started reading our class text for the half term 'The Magic Finger - Roald Dahl' and so far we love it! We discussed the front and back cover and thought about what we can learn about a text from here. We then started our learning ready to write a character description next week! The skills we have learnt this week are adjectives and expanded noun phrases and subordinating conjunctions! We have written some fabulous sentences ready to help us publish next week!




In Maths we have been looking at place value! In year 3 we move on to looking at 3 digit numbers. This week we have focused on partitioning and became the partition police! We have to break up big numbers into their smaller 'partitioned' parts! We have learnt a lot of new vocabulary which we are trying to remember the meaning of! 


We have spent some time this week creating beautiful timelines showing significant dates from the Stone Age ready to begin learning all about this era next week! In Science we have started looking at animals including humans by looking at nutrition. We have discussed what it means, why we need it and the different parts that build it up. 


Have a lovely weekend! 


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I am so excited to have your child in my class this year and cannot wait to see them grow into brilliant, more independent learners. Together we can help them achieve this, through brilliant communication, completing collaborative tasks at home and enjoying the stories they have to tell us! 


Every week I will update you here, on this page with photographs, quotes and lots of insight into our daily activities in the classroom! I cannot wait to share the amazing work we complete together! 


Miss French :)