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Week beginning 28th June 2021


We have had a lovely week yet again in Turtles. This week in our English lessons we have been working towards writing our published piece on our fractured version of the three little pigs. We introduced a quite nice wolf who, after a storm, helped the three little pigs rebuild their houses! The writing we produced was sensational and Miss French was so incredibly proud of us all especially because we can now use all of our year 3 standards in our writing! In maths we have had a look at representing fractions between 0 and 1 on a number line. We realised that this helps us with equivalent fractions too! We ended the week looking at different representations of fractions and how can we do this! Again, just like in English, Miss French was very impressed. To end our local history topic we have been looking at the question 'How cane one city have six towns' and this week we have transformed into budding news reporters! We have had a city per group and created a new report piece of drama which we performed to everybody else explaining about our chosen one of the six towns! 

Week beginning 21st June 2021


As always, we have had a lovely week full of learning in Turtles this week. We have learnt all about the significant people of Stoke-on-Trent, recapped some skills in English and worked with compliments to 100 in Maths! Such a busy week! 





This week in Maths we have been looking at compliments to 100 in a variety of ways. To begin the week we looked at bar models and how we can divide 100 into 2, 4, 5 and 10. We were then able to complete missing number bar models. We then took this new knowledge and applied to it to different scales such as number lines, bar charts and measuring scales. Towards the end of the week, we looked at representations showing compliments to 100. We used a coloured 100 square and worked out the linear equation as well as how to show it through a part whole model.




This week in our English lessons we have used the text 'Who's afraid of the quite nice wolf?' Although we aren't using the text completely, we have taken the character of the quite nice wolf as the fracture for this weeks writing. With this character we have put him in our own fractured version of The Three Little Pigs. We have spent a lot of time building up our characters and setting trying our best to use higher level vocabulary. 




This week our focus has been around the question 'Who is significant in Stoke?' we have looked at a different significant individual every lesson. Rachel Shenton, Robbie Williams, Reginald Mitchell and Arnold Machin. All of these people come from our home, Stoke-on-Trent. We learnt about why they're famous and why they are significant to Stoke. 


Week beginning 14th June 2021


We have had another brilliant week in Turtles this week. We have focused on our school values and worked really hard. We have enjoyed all of our learning and gained lots of new knowledge! 





We have been getting prepared for year 4 in maths this week by building on our place value knowledge. To start the week we revisited place value by looking at partitioning. On Monday we looked at standard partitioning using part whole models. We remembered that we do this by splitting the number into it hundreds, tens and ones. We then moved on to non-standard partitioning. This was new to us but we were amazing! We realised that there are multiple ways to partition a number and really enjoyed investigating all of the different ways you can partition numbers! 



This week we have published our versions of The Three Billy Goats Gruff in the perspective of the trollMiss French was so impressed with the standard of our writing! We have worked really hard on fracturing the fairy tale but also including our year 3 standards. We are now becoming able to include them all without being reminded which is fantastic!




Our Encompass lessons this week have been around the question Why is Sir Stan a wizard that can dribbleWe found this questions incredibly strange and funny to begin with but once we started investigating we understood! We learnt all about Sir Stanley Matthews and Stoke FC's historyWe all found this incredibly interesting knowing that all of that football history is on our doorstep! 



Week beginning 7th June 2021


What a glorious week we've had both with the weather and in our classroom this week! We have come back to school with such positive attitudes and Miss French is so proud of us! 





This week in English we have started our new topic fractured fairy tales! We were so excited when Miss French explained what this meant. We spent Tuesday looking at the different fairy tales that we know and what elements they share. We have also looked at what makes a fairy tale, a fairy tale. Towards the end of the week, we looked at the skill of using direct speechWe took our story focus of this week 'trust me, Jack's beanstalk stinks!' and wrote direct sentences in the style of the kind giant. On Friday, we then got to change our own element from the story and use Thursday's skill in a paragraph of writing. We really enjoyed it. 




We have had such fun this week in our maths lessons. We have been introduced to Roman numeralsWe tackled it as if we were breaking codes and have now got a fantastic understanding of their number system. We then moved onto looking at how Roman numeralare used on clocksAfter this we realised we needed another lesson on telling the time so on Friday we investigated time further.




We have started our new history topic for this half term local historyOur question for this topic is what makes Stoke-on-Trent sensational? We have begun the topic by looking at our mini question why are we proud to be the Potteries? We have learnt all about bottle kilns, pottery, canalsand how the pottery industry grew in Stoke.

Week beginning 17th May 2021


It has been fantastic to be back together in school this week! The children in Turtles have worked their socks off being back in school and really impressed me with their learning!





This week we have looked at what tools we need in our toolbox to write an alternative version of a story. We have used our class text voices in the park, changed the setting and chose two or three perspectives to write in. We then looked at how to use emotive language, descriptive language and subordinating conjunctions. We are going into next week ready to draft, edit and publish!




This week we have looked at 3D shapes. We have worked really hard and can now confidently identify different properties and realised how 2D shapes make up 3D shapes! We spent some time looking at 3D shapes in different rotations and even tried to identify 3D shapes with different parts of them covered up!



Week beginning 10th May 2021


What an incredibly strange week we have had this week. We have spent the week apart and learning from the comfort of our own houses as we found out Sunday afternoon that our bubble would need to isolate for ten days.


I am so proud of each and every turtle in our class for their attitude towards their remote learning this week! We have learnt so much more about each other as learners but also the different ways we can show our learning!


We have continued with our normal timetable and produced all of the same work we would have done if we had been in school. In Maths we continued learning about statistics and moved onto tables followed by an end of topic assessment. Our English saw us publish our letters to Mr Bloomfield. 

Have a look through these home learning photos to see some of our work! 

Week beginning 3rd May 2021


What a lovely week we have had in Turtles again this week. Miss French has had the pleasure of catching up with parents during parent consultation phone calls which she really enjoyed! We have taken part in lots of challenges this week including Number Day on Friday which involved carrots, potatoes and smarties! 





This week in English we received a letter from Mr Bloomfield at Stoke-On-Trent City Council asking us for some help in creating a new recreational outdoor area. We got to work straight away working out that we would need to write our own formal letter in response. We got together some ideas of what would make a fabulous recreational area. We then began putting our ideas in sentences using subordination to explain our reasoning. As we go into next week we will begin using much more formal language and structuring our letter. 




This week we have been focusing on statistics. We have worked super hard on this and Miss French is really impressed. We began the week by looking at pictogramsWe worked on interpreting data and seeing what information we can take from pictogramsWe then moved our focus onto bar chartsTo do both of these we needed to use our prior knowledge and work with tally chartsWe are continuing our work with statistics next week! 





We are absolutely loving our topic of forces and magnetsThis week we investigated if food was magnetic. Nobody thought it would be magnetic and when we tried, we were right. However, we watched a video that showed us cereal is actually magnetic! The reason it didn't work in school is that our magnets are not strong enough! Towards the end of the week we wanted to answer the questions do surface and distance make a difference? We had lots of fun investigating this and cannot wait to write our conclusions! 



Week beginning 26th April 2021



What another fabulous week we have had this week. We have had such a brilliant week of learning in Turtles this week. Miss French has been so proud of us and our learning.




This week we have been working towards publishing our diary entry in the perspective of the third voice from our story voices in the park. We have learnt lots of new skills and really focused on what it takes to make a brilliant year 3 writer. We have spent some time in our flow sessions looking at how to use different sentence openers and this has helped us in drafting and editing our diary entry. Our editing skills have really improved and this week that has shown in the way we have edited our drafts. Not only have we improved and corrected punctuation but also looked at how to uplevel sentences and paragraphs.





In maths we have been looking at division. We began the week with a recap on how we use a number line as the method to solve these sums. We then moved on to using the same method to work out division sums with remainders. Some of us really impressed Miss French with our super strong times table knowledge because we were able to spot patterns really quickly.




This week we started a new way of learning in the afternoons and it is safe to say we loved it! We are now learning through questions that we are able to answer by the end of a sequence of lessons. Our first question was what is a magnet? we carried out lots of investigations in order to help us answer the questions. We then expressed our learning and answered the question as a double page spread in our brand new encompass curriculum books.  


Week beginning 19th April 2021


We have had a sensational first week back! Our brains are definitely well rested from half term and ready to build on our prior knowledge but also learn lots of new things!





This week in English we have started our new text for this half term Voices in the parkWe really enjoyed reading it and can't wait to continue! Over this week and next our genre of writing is a diary entry in the perspective of the third voice from the book. To help us with this we have looked at some year 3 skills that will be useful to include in our drafts next week. On Thursday, we looked at different ways to open a sentence. We realised that we can use conjunctions, prepositions and adverbs to begin sentences to make them more exciting.




In Maths we have revisited multiplicationTo refresh our brains we used Tuesday's lesson to revisit the grid method as the way to solve multiplication. On Wednesday, we used the unit of measurement, length in questions to solve multiplication sums in the grid methodWe then used the rest of the week's maths lessons to look at solving multiplication problems and reasoning questions. Miss French is so proud of how we tackled these and how resilient we were at tackling them together. 





During our afternoons this week, the whole school has relaunched our school values. Year 3 were given the value of courage. We looked at synonyms for the word courage and what it means, looked at lots of different courageous people and listened to songs with courageous lyrics. 


Week beginning 29th March 2021


What a fantastic week we have had to end the term this week! 


Our week has been slightly different this week because we have had the opportunity to show Miss French everything we can do in Maths, Reading and SPaG by completing our end of term assessments. Miss French was SO impressed with how we did, we showed nearly every single school value this week whilst completing these assessments. 


On Thursday afternoon we had our end of term golden time! We chose to carry out a fun Science investigation involving food! Our topic this half term has been rocks and soil. Last week we learnt all about soil and how it isn't just one layer underground there are lots of layers that make up soil! During Thursday afternoon we recreated the layers of soil using Oreo biscuits, cake and wormsWe had so much fun! 


Unfortunately, Miss French can't find our amazing photos of this, as soon as she does she will upload them for everyone to see! 

Week beginning 23rd March 2021


We have had a brilliant week in Turtles this week. We have been really focused on all of our challenges and even started learning some new sign language for a new song!


In English we have used DADWAVERS to structure our setting descriptions of Dracula’s Den, the ride where Anisha thinks Uncle Tony has been taken to. DADWAVERS has really improved our writing and Miss French couldn’t believe the standard of some of our work!

In Maths we focused on lines and angles. We know now what parallel and perpendicular lines are. We used different countries flags to help us identify these. We then moved on to looking at right angles. We know that a right angle meets at 90 degrees and we then used this knowledge to help us identify right angles in different turns.

Week beginning 15th March 2021


We have had a sensational week in Turtles yet again this week. We ended the week by celebrating Comic Relief! We have completed lots of learning and really impressed Miss French and Miss Cawley. 





In English we have been working towards writing an explanation text all about Hindu weddings. We are doing this because in our class text Anisha Accidental Detective, Aunty Bindi is planning her Hindu wedding to Uncle Tony. We magpied lots of ideas from the WAGOLL and also used this for our research. We realised that explanation texts are similar to non-chronological reports, the main difference being an explanation text is reported in the correct, chronological order. 





In Maths this week we have revisited fractions and WOW Miss French was so impressed with our learning. We have retained a lot of our prior learning which has helped massively with our new learning. We looked at finding fractions of amounts, both in numbers but also of objects. We then looked at adding and subtracting fractions before moving onto equivalent fractions.



We made our own superhero masks on Friday, do you like them?




Week beginning 8th March 2021


What a lovely Monday morning we had all being back in the classroom together. It was absolutely lovely! To begin with we went through the expectations around school and how we can keep ourselves as safe as possible. Miss French is so proud of how responsible and mature we have been ever since. 




This week we have published a character description all about Aunty BindiShe is one of our favourite characters in the book so far. We looked at her appearance and how we could describe what she looks like. We used lots of exciting vocabulary and expanded noun phrases to improve our writing. We then looked at her actions and what she does and the things she says. We enjoyed her speech most of all as in the book, it really makes us laugh! 




In Maths this week we have looked at time. We looked at how clock faces can link to our five times tables, comparing durations of time through events and how many days in months and years. Some of us showed a real determination as we found this tricky. We learnt the rhyme to help us remember how many days are in each month. We also learnt about leap years which none of us could believe! 


British Science Week


This week has been British Science week and we have been given the challenge of creating a new health bread. We spent every afternoon looking at all of the different things we needed to learn to be able to come up with a bread idea. Firstly, we needed to come up with a team name each and we thought about different crops we grow in the UK and why we don't grow some others. We then looked at flavours that go together and did some market research. We also looked at promoting and advertising our new bread products. Miss French really liked the sound of some of the ideas we came up with and really wants to try them!

Week 23 - Week beginning 1st March 2021


We have had a brilliant week in Turtles this week! We have produced some fabulous work and worked really hard on showing our school values! 





We had three English lessons this week and we managed to draft, edit and publish! Miss French is so proud of us! We have written some absolutely phenomenal chapter retells from our book Anisha Accidental Detective. So amazing, that Miss French even tweeted Emaan's amazing published write to the author Serena Patel and she replied! We were all very excited. We can't wait to move on to a new published write genre next week! 




In maths we focused on rounding. On Monday we found this very tricky, almost like we didn't have clue about what Miss French was talking about! But by the end of the week, we were working so hard and really started to understand rounding to the nearest ten and nearest hundred. Some of us even moved on to rounding to the nearest thousand!

World Book Day 


On Thursday we all came to school in our pyjamas to celebrate world book day. We started the day by creating and designing our new bookmarks. 
Over the morning we looked at the book T
he Magic Paintbrush by Julia Donaldson which is a Chinese folk tale. We looked at the story and discussed it. For our challenge, we then listened to another Chinese folk tale, Mulan and compared the two. We came up with some amazing comparisons and then wrote a paragraph explaining these. As a reading challenge, Miss French let us become the teacher. We read The Magic Paintbrush again and this time, in groups, we were each given a VIPERS skill to focus on and had to come up with our own reading questions about the text! 

In the afternoon, we looked at two more stories. The first was King&King. This was a lovely story and we really enjoyed listening to Miss French read it to us. We then created our P4C question around the story which was "Is love everywhere?"

Our final book was a non-fiction book called Young, Black and Gifted. We chose to focus on the musician Stevie Wonder. We then listened to some of his music and recreated a piece of art from the book! 



Week 22 - week beginning 22nd February 2021 


What a sensational week back we have had in Turtles class this week. We have really impressed Miss French this week especially with all of the assessments we have been completing. We have shown every single school value this week particularly determination!




In our English lessons this week we have started reading our new text Anisha Accidental Detective and we are HOOKED! We LOVE it! We were hooked just looking at the front cover and blurb but are enjoying it even more now we have read chapter one! On Tuesday we created chapter mountains when we became detectives a bit like the main character Anisha and pulled apart chapter one and completed the templates. On Wednesday we read Miss French's WAGOLL and looked at how she had used what the author Serena Patel had said but changed it and rewritten it her own words. We then made a bank of all of the exciting vocabulary we could magpie





This week in Maths we have been completing our assessments. We have started using LBQ which is fantastic and Miss French is so proud of us. It is a new way of doing our assessments digitally and we have been amazing! 



In Encompass this half term we are still looking at and learning about Egypt. We will be using all of our knowledge of Ancient Egypt from last half term and looking at how it relates to modern Egypt. In Science we started our new topic all about rocks! We learnt about the three different types of natural rock, igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. We also learnt about how these were formed but we found remembering them all a little bit tricky. We had a lovely RE lesson this week all around the question 'how is life like a journey' we went out side to the playground with a ball of string and created a web of opinions. It showed us how although we are all different people we can share the same opinion and build upon each others opinions!


Week 21 - Week beginning 8th February 2021


What a lovely week we have had to end this half term. This week we will give you a quick round up and overview of the things we have done! Miss French has had trouble with the photos on the iPad this week, they will be uploaded asap!


In English we really struggled with our non-chronological reports but we persevered and showed true determination in completing them and they were fantastic! 


In Maths we looked at division and really blew Miss French's socks off! We really showed how much we have improved as mathematicians this week! 


To end the week we had some golden time! We watched Matilda which one our class vote. Lots of us have been reading Roald Dahl books when reading for pleasure so we voted between Matilda and the BFG! Next golden time will be BFG! 
We finished Friday with our new favourite game, virtual scavenger hunt! We mixed it up this week and had to find colours and shapes as well as letters! We really did enjoy it!

Week 20 - Week beginning 1st February 2021


We have had a lovely week in Turtle's class this week. We have learnt lots of new skills that we are quickly becoming experts in using! We have also revisited lots of previously taught skills and built on these which we know is just as important!





In our English lessons this week we have started our final genre of writing of this half term, non-chronological reports. We revisited the features of this genre of writing and although to begin with we said we couldn't remember any features, they all soon came flooding back! The topic of our non-chronological reports is The Royal MintThis links to our texts of The Queen's Nose which is based all around a fifty pence coin! We have learnt a new skill in English this week, note taking. We learnt how to read lots of information but then pick out the key parts ad create mind maps to show our research which we will then use next week when writing our report. 





We have been really impressive during maths lessons this week whilst our focus has been on multiplication and more importantly the grid methodWe reminded ourselves of the grid method from previously and then built on these skills. It is a very tricky and challenging method but we worked really really hard and impressed Miss French. It was important that we remembered all about partitioning numbers and we did a lot of making numbers 10 times bigger and 10 times smaller.




In Encompass this week we looked at the mummification process and how the ancient Egyptians mummified a person once they died. We were incredibly interested in the step by step process and then wrote about them ourselves. Miss French showed us how the natron (salt) worked during this process and how it preserved a body by cutting an apple in half, leaving half on its own and covering the other half in salt! The half on its own went brown and mouldy very quickly, but the half with salt on it, stayed healthier! 


In our Art lesson we were given half of Tutankhamun's portrait and had to complete the other half!


On Friday we celebrated Children's Mental Health Week 2021. We had a day of expressing ourselves in many many different ways! Have a look below at some of the activities we had a go at! 



Week 19 – week beginning 25th January 2021


I want to start by saying how proud I am of every single little turtle in the class this week! You are making me so super proud of all that you are achieving. We started our live lessons for the children at home this week and we have loved it! I have really enjoyed being able to help you so much even when you are at home!



This week we have been working on writing our letters to Uncle Ginger from Harmony. We looked at the year 3 assessment grids that Miss French uses to help us improve our writing even more! In SPaG we revisited the present perfect form and lots of us could remember the verbs we used and even then included them in our published writing!



In maths this week we have focused on the operation subtraction and using this alongside measurements. On Thursday we had a really tricky lesson where we were introduced to 2 step problems involving 2 operations, both addition and subtraction. This was really really hard but we all showed brilliant determination. We revisited the concept on Friday and this really helped and we now have a much better understanding of what to do when we see these problems.



Our afternoons have been brilliant again this week. We looked at daily life in ancient Egypt. We looked at their clothes and their jobs and even created a timetable of what we thought they might do. In Science we looked at shadows! We learnt all about how light travels in straight lines and about what happens when an object blocks light.

Week 18 - Weel beginning 18th January 2021


What another phenomenal week we have had in turtles this week! I really am so so proud of each and every one of you! You are working so hard no matter whether you are at home or in school! You have truly blown my socks off! It has been shown how amazingly you've been working as we won the year 1-3 behaviour and attitudes award this week for having the most dojo points! Let's keep it up as we go into next week and start our live lessons! I am very very excited and can't wait to start teaching you live!




In English this week we have looked at informal letter writing for the first time ever. We have really enjoyed finding all of the features, analysing our characters in more detail and reading the WAGOLL to work out what skills will come in handy next week. We looked at different sentence types on one day this week and remembered that exclamation sentences must start with 'what' or 'how' which Miss French thought we would forget! We then revisited adverbs. We looked at adverbs of time, place and manner and looked at applying these to our writing and in the context of our genre! Miss French was incredibly impressed with the home learners for this lesson! Some of the writing was sensational! 





In Maths this week we have revisited addition. Instead of just completing addition sums using the column method we have applied it to different contexts, this week we used measure. We used our knowledge of conversion from last week to help us with some of the tricky questions Miss French gave us and again, she was blown away at our maturity to answering these questions and our determination! Lots of us were completing gold and silver challenges by the end of the week! 





On Monday we had our Encompass lesson where we learnt all about pharaohs and their role in the ancient Egyptian society! We couldn't believe some of the stories about them! We became researchers and completed fact files about our chosen pharaoh! 


In Science this week we looked at sources of light and reflectors. We were really good at spotting sources and reflectors! Miss French tried to trick us by asking us whether or not a mobile phone was a source of light or a reflector and we knew straight away that it can be both depending on if it is switched on or off! 


We have been really enjoying our daily wellbeing sessions every afternoon, just before home time. This week we have completed a daily journal. 



Week 17 - Week beginning 11th January 2021


What a phenomenal week we have had in Turtles this week. We have created a Year 3 learning bubble and those of you at home have worked so incredibly hard.



In English this week we have completed our writing journey of creating our own chapter for our class text ‘The Queen’s Nose’. We have written all about what we think Harmony wishes for before we find out next week what she actually wishes for in the book.




This week we have focused on money. Year 3 have worked SO hard this week using concrete materials as well as their abstract knowledge! We started by revisiting some Year 2 knowledge to make sure we were secure in recognising coins and then moved on to adding, subtracting and giving change!




This week’s lesson was all about the importance of the river Nile. We looked at why it was important and how it helped the people of Ancient Egypt in their lives. We now know that it flooded every year which help with their crops, it helped them to grow fruit, build houses and even make their own paper called papyrus!


Thank you for a fabulous week of learning! Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you nice and early Monday morning for a new week of learning!



Week 16 - Week beginning 4th January 2021


What a strange week we have had this week! We all saw each other on Monday which was lovely and we had such an amazing day! Then Monday evening, Boris Johnson told us that we would be learning from home again! I am so proud of the work Turtles have completed at home and those children who are still able to attend school! 



On Monday afternoon we had a very special treat! Miss French organised for us to go back in time to Ancient Egypt! We had met a lovely host Nadia on Zoom who took us back in time to Ancient Egypt to meet a man named Rex. He took us on an adventure while telling us loads and loads about Ancient Egypt. This was for the start of our new Encompass topic 'Ancient Egypt'. 

We had the BEST afternoon and lots of fun while learning! 


In English this week we have started our new book for this term The Queen's NoseWe have then learnt all about chapters ready to write our own chapter next week. 

This week we have learnt about structure strips. These have helped us loads, especially when we were planning our new chapter on Friday. We picked out features of a good chapter on Monday and then following this thought about what Harmony might wish for. We have had some brilliant, and some funny ideas too! 


In Maths we have focused on measurement - length, mass and capacity. 

We really impressed Miss French with how well we understood all of this! Especially when it came to converting measurements! We were AMAZING! We know how many grams make a kilogram, how many millilitres make a litre, how many centimetres make a metre and even how many millimetres make a centimetre! We really have learnt a lot this week!


I hope you all have a lovely, relaxing weekend after such a long and busy week! 


Week 13 - Week beginning 7th December 2020 


Another fantastic week here in Turtles class this week! It was so lovely to have nearly a full class in school again this week! By Friday we were almost there! 


I am so so proud of the children this week completing all of their assessment! They have truly worked their socks off this half term and it has shown in what they have completed this week.




In English this week we have completed our publish write of the genre instructional writingWe used all of our fantastic work from last week and used the WAGOLL to help us writing our drafts and edits. which we all found incredibly funny. Our class text The Diary of a Killer Cat has truly entertained us all this half term and we cant wait to read the ending of it this week!  



Encompass and Science 


This week we looked at our third settlement, villages. We looked at what makes a village a village and how it is different from the other settlements we have looked at. We listed its features and spoke about the pros and cons of a village. In Science we completed our end of topic assessment and our KWL grids. We realised how much we have learnt since September in this topic but we now cannot wait to move on to our new topic. 



Frosty the Elf has been causing mischief yet again this week! He hasn't been a particularly happy elf either. We managed to make him a bit happier on Friday as when we arrived at school he had left us a treat of Brussel Sprouts, luckily they were chocolate ones that we got to enjoy at the end of the day!


Week 13 - Week beginning 30th November 2020 


Another brilliant, brilliant week here in Turtles class this week! We have had lots of children completing their learning at home and sending in photos and I have loved seeing them! I can't wait to have you all back in together! 




In English this week we have started a new genre of writing, instructional writingWe began the week by reading our class WAGOLL which we all found incredibly funny. It was a set of instructions, written by Tuffy from out text The Diary of a Killer Cat. It was incredibly funny. In year 2, we just used to write an equipment list and method but now we are in year 3 we are including lots more features such as an introduction paragraph! 


We have focused on lots of skills this week to make our sentences the best they can be. We start by writing incredibly simple instructions just using imperative verbs and nothing else. The following day we took those sentences but this time added time adverbials and adverbs of mannerFinally we then took those sentences, but not all of them, and included conjunctions. So now our very simple sentences from Tuesday are brilliant sentences full of lots of skills that we have been taught! 





We have continued to tackle fractions this week and spent some time ordering and comparing them. We had a look at tenths and how we order tenths. We know that when ordering tenths that we look at the numerator to tell us how big the fraction is. We then moved on to ordering and comparing unit fractions. We completed our own fraction wall so we have now each got a visual prompt to help us. We learnt that when you order and compare unit fractions (fractions where the numerator is 1) the bigger the denominator, the smaller the fraction! 



Encompass and Science 


This week we looked at our second settlement, towns. We looked at what makes a town a town and how it is different from a city. We listed its features and spoke about the pros and cons of a town. In Science we looked at the three different muscles that we have in our bodies. Smooth, cardiac and skeletalWe were very good at remembering which muscles are where. Ask us! See if we can tell you too!



This week we have had a special visitor in class. Frosty. He is our new Elf! On Tuesday he arrived on his tissue box sleigh and ever since he has created mischief in our classroom! He rewrote jingles bells about Miss French, covered himself in stickers and even gave us a chocolate coin hunt on Friday! We cannot wait to see what he does next week! 



Week 12 - Week beginning 23rd November 2020


What another brilliant week we've had in Turtles! The children have been amazing! Especially those children who are completing their learning at home! I am so proud of you all! 




This week we worked towards publishing our alternative diary entries. It's the first time we've ever tried an alternative version and we have really enjoyed it! We kept the humour of the book, from the author Anne Fine and Miss French thoroughly enjoyed reading our finished pieces! 


We focused on our skills and included inverted commas! We have tried really hard to include these this week! 


In our fix it session, we looked at contractions. We had three challenges. One challenge was matching the correct expanded words to the contracted word, another was find out matching pair and the third was writing out different expanded forms and contracted forms. We did really well. This will help us in our SPaG lessons next week! 





This week we have begun looking at fractions. We completed a pre-topic assessment so Miss French could see what we already know. We struggled with this but that's ok because we know we can catch up quickly with our determination that we have been showing recently in maths! 


This weeks focus was on colouring/shading fractions of amounts. We started by looking at unit fractions of amounts and then toward the end of the week non-unit fractions of amounts. Some of us still struggled but the more we practise the better we will get! Miss French even set us a really fun game on PurpleMash over the weekend to help us with this! We have to make pizzas! 





This week we had the first lesson of our new topic somewhere to settle. We thoroughly enjoyed it. This week we learnt all about cities. We now know what defines a city, what you will find in a city and can tell you the pros and cons about cities. We focused on our local area, Stoke-On-Trent and looked at the local features that make us a great city! 

Week 11 - Week beginning 16th November 2020


What an amazing week we’ve had. The children have been spectacular, as always! We have had a really busy week and completed lots and lots of exciting learning challenges.



We started to look at what an alternative version is. We decided it would be where we change an element of the story or in our case the diary entry. We then got to choose what our main characters would be, we had the choice of farmyard animals/pets, where it would be set, who our owner would be and finally what animal we brought to them! We loved being able to choose our own elements of the story!

We then completed a skills lesson on direct speech and using inverted commas. Some of us found this a little bit tricky and others took to it brilliantly. We just need to remember the inverted commas go around the words actually spoken and not the whole sentence! Miss French told us that said is dead and therefore we couldn’t use it and had to come up with a word bank of synonyms for said. Towards the end of the week we were looking at prefixes and root words. We looked at using the prefixes –un, -dis, -mis, and –re. We created a list of root words and then attached (like a jigsaw!) the prefix to the word.



This week we have used our knowledge of multiplication and arrays to use with our division learning! We learnt how we can also use an array for division. It blew our minds! It has helped us so much! We know we can do this because the inverse of division is multiplication. When Miss French was showing us we told her she was like a magician showing us magic tricks!


We then moved this learning on to completing word problems and creating fact families. We had 3 numbers and had to create two multiplication and two division sums with each. We loved it and were amazing at it! Miss French was so impressed. On Friday we ended the week, and our topic with a small multiplication and division test to show Miss French how much we have learnt in the last 3 weeks! We then got to write our own division word problems for our friend to work out!


Encompass and Science

This week in Encompass we have come to end of our Stone Age topic. We have created a class scrapbook to showcase our learning and everything we now know about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. It is still a work in progress but we cannot wait to show you!


In Science we learnt all about hydrostatic skeletons and compared all of the skeletons we know about! We got to look at jellyfish and Miss French even made a hydrostatic skeleton for us to feel so we could really see what it was like!


Over the last couple of weeks Miss French has been teaching us the sign language to the song ‘Roar’ by Katy Perry. We have been practising in our music appreciation session and whenever we have a few minutes at the end of the day. We can now sign the whole song! We are just making sure our signing is as perfect as possible and then we will share a video of us showing you what we’ve learnt!


This week we have launched read-opoly in Turtles class! It’s just the like board game monopoly but we have to read at home to move around the board and each square is a prize! We were so excited!

Week 10 - Week beginning 9th November 2020


I can’t believe we’ve done two weeks of autumn term 2 already! The children have really impressed me this week, especially in their writing. It has been phenomenal to see the difference in their attitudes to learning.



In our English lessons we have continued to work towards writing our recount diary entries of the first two chapters of our class text ‘Diary of a killer cat’. The writing this week has been simply amazing. The standard of writing from the children has been exceptional. The book itself is full of humour and the children have definitely taken on this style when writing their own recounts. A skill that is very difficult to master! I am so proud of them and their published writes this week!



This week we finished looking at using the grid method for multiplication. We mastered drawing our own grids and used our knowledge of arrays and multiplication facts to help us solve problems. Towards the end of the week we began looking at division. We recapped the method of grouping objects which we all remembered really well so Miss French was very pleased. Thursday we looked at division using a number line and how we could use them to group numbers in the size of the jump we do. We finished on Friday by looking at using the bar model to help us solve division sums.


This week our afternoons have been very different. We have spent every afternoon looking at evacuees from WW2. This week marked remembrance day (11th November) and the whole school has had a different topic to focus on. Ours was on evacuees. We have loved it. We have seen real artefacts, been told we’re being evacuated and been given name tags and identity cards and even looked at rationing! We couldn’t believe that clothes got rationed! I have been so impressed with the maturity of the children throughout these afternoons this week.



Have a lovely weekend J  

Week 9 - week beginning 2nd November 2020


What a busy first week back we’ve had in Turtles! I have been so impressed with the children this week! They have come straight back into school with fantastic attitudes to their learning! 



We have started reading a new text in English for this term Diary of a killer cat. We are absolutely loving it already. It is so funny! We started the week making predictions and then moved onto our new writing journey. We are going to be retelling the first chapter as a diary! 

We then spent some time looking at the features of diary writing and what the steps to success are and how to include them! We had a lesson on time adverbials and using them in our own writing. On Thursday we looked at emotive adjectives. Miss French was so impressed with the words we came up with! We then put them in our own sentences ready to use when we draft our own writing next week. 




In maths this week we have started to look at multiplication and how we can work it out in a new method. The grid method. We started off by recapping our year 2 multiplication knowledge of arrays and then on Tuesday used this to help us in our new method. We have focused mainly on using concrete resources this week to really secure our knowledge before our lesson Friday when we moved onto drawing out our representations pictorially!



​​​​​​​Encompass and Science

In Encompass this week we looked at Iron Age hill forts and why they were important during that period of time. We labelled diagrams and had brilliant discussions. Some of us even made comparisons to other ways of living. 

In Science we are carrying on our topic of animals including humans. This week we looked at exo and endo skeletons. We watched a fascinating video of a crab losing and rebuilding its skeleton!


Week 8 - Week beginning 19th October 2020


What a jam packed week we have had in Turtles this week! We have consolidated all of our learning and had the opportunity to show Miss French how much we have learnt in the last 7 weeks!


In English we looked at riddle poetry. We spent time looking at the structure and patterns but also similes and how they are used for effect. This is something we found difficult but still gave it a really good go and demonstrated determination. We finally published our riddles and performed them to help us grow in confidence when reading to an audience! 


We spent some time this week discussing 'Black History Month' this is something we could've spent weeks and weeks on. We looked at Mary Seacole in detail and absolutely loved learning about her and her story! We then looked at other celebrities who have made a difference, most recently, Marcus Rashford! Miss French was so impressed with our maturity and engagement in this session! 


Have a fabulous half term! :)

Week 7 - Week beginning the 19th October 2020 


What another brilliant week we have had in Turtles this week! We have worked incredibly hard and impressed Miss French, as always! We have learnt lots of new things and cannot wait to show Miss French how much we have learnt when we complete some assessments next week! We really have learnt a lot! 




In English this week we have been working towards publishing our non-chronological report on ducks. We have looked at structure and how to set out a non-chronological report when drafting and making sure we use our new Year 3 standards checklists! Some of us found these really useful! In our edit lesson this week, we didn't just edit one sentence like we have been doing! We chose one sentence from each of our four sections to edit. Miss French thinks we will be ready to edit paragraphs after half term! We had a lovely publishing session on Thursday morning! The sun was shining into the classroom, we had the peaceful music on and everybody was calm and concentrating! It was wonderful to see! 

Next week we are looking at poetry for a week! 




In Maths we struggled a bit this week. We began to look at column subtraction with exchanging (which is very very tricky!) We are brilliant at this with our big A3 models and the counters or dienes but written we really struggled. So during our Fix It session on Friday Miss French took us right back to basics and we used the iPads for an interactive exchanging grid and got the concrete resources back out! This really helped us secure our knowledge. We will continue securing this next week before half term moving on to doing it pictorially! Miss French is so proud of our determination because we struggled but didn't give up! 



During Encompass this week we looked at changes between the Stone Age and the Bronze Age. We looked at when and how bronze was first introduced and learnt all about the Bell Beaker Folk. We were so enthusiastic about our learning we didn't want the lesson to stop! 




We carried out an comparative investigation this week. We had the question 'are male skulls bigger than female skulls?' We immediately began discussing what we thought, and by no surprise, the boys said yes and the girls so no! So we wrote our prediction and used reasons to explain why we thought that then started looking at the two different skulls in detail. We looked at what was similar and what was different between the two and then wrote our conclusion in a paragraph! 

Ask us what we found out! 


Only one week to go until half term now! See you next week! 

Week 6 - Week beginning 5th October 2020 


We have had a sensational week this week in Turtles! I cannot believe the amount of new learning we have covered! From column addition in maths, to non-chronological reports in English and even skeletons in Science! That isn't even half of! Miss French is so incredibly proud of us and our attitude to learning. We have definitely improved since week 1!




In English this week we have started to look at writing a non-chronological report all about ducks. We have chosen ducks as they play a vital role in our class text The Magic Finger. We have looked at the features we need to include in a chronological report as well as looking at how to structure an introductory paragraph. We know now it must include all four of the different sentence types! We were very good at recognising these as we learnt all about them in SPaG two weeks ago! Miss French was particularly impressed when she taught us about adverbs. Before this week we thought they usually, not all of the time, ended with the suffix -ly and described a verb! Miss French blew our minds when she taught us about adverbs of manner, place and time. Our writing really impressed this week and we can't wait to continue writing next week! 




In our Maths learning this week we have mastered column addition! This has made us realise how easy addition can be! Miss French was so impressed when she taught us about exchanging and we understood it straight away! We enjoyed learning how to do this with concrete resources to begin with, then moved on to using pictorial representations. This helped us to embed the method before tackling it abstractOn Friday we had our 'Fix It' session of the week and we got split into 4 different groups. Some of us needed to secure our knowledge of just using the column method which is absolutely great! Some of us needed to secure exchanging and then some of us had to be stretched and challenged and Miss French presented us with missing number calculations in the style of column addition! We were not defeated! We proved that we love a maths challenge!




In Science this week we have learnt all about how our skeleton changes as we grow! To begin with we estimated how many bones we thought a skeleton had at different ages. We were so wrong! We were incredibly shocked when we found out a baby has more bones than an adult! Some of us with little brothers and sisters found this really strange to believe! We then learnt that this is because as we grow, bones fuse together! This raised lots of questions, with very high level thinking! We then used our maths skills in Science to answer lots of questions about the number of bones in a skeleton! Miss French gave us a thinking question on Thursday, there were no right or wrong answers, just our opinion. We had say which five bones we thought were most important (and why) and order them from 1-5. This caused lots of debates across the classroom and nobody had the same order! 




In Encompass this week we learnt all about life during the Stone Age. In our wider reading session we read an incredibly emotive diary entry from a nine year old boy during the Stone Age, this helped us to imagine what it would've have been like as a child during these times. We then looked at the different jobs and the qualities you need to do them! 


On Friday we celebrated World Mental Health Day with the charity YoungMinds. We all came to school wearing yellow or bright colours to raise awareness about mental health. During the afternoon we looked at resilience and what that means. We learnt about how to bounce back from tough situations. We then made ourselves into superheroes and described our own resilient power. Miss French was so proud of us and the ideas we came up with! 



Have a fabulous weekend! :)


Week 5 - week beginning 28th September 2020


What another phenomenal week we have had in Turtles this week!


Our learning has really impressed Miss French in everything this week 




This week in English we published our setting descriptions of Mr Gregg’s farm from our class text The Magic Finger. We have continued to work on our new skills and use DADWAVERS as a structure to help us. Miss French was so blown away by the improvements in our published writes this week! We have all made such massive improvements and included so many skills. Mbakeh really impressed everybody when Miss French read our his final piece! It was just sensational!




We are becoming fantastic mathematicians in year 3 now! This week we have completed lots of skills lessons! We have learnt how to scale a number by 10 and we were all super at it! Miss French told us it was like putting our number in a magic box and its turns it into a new ‘scaled’ number! We have also learnt how to bridge 10 which also formed out fix it lesson. By the end of our fix it we were definitely experts in doing this! On Friday Miss French introduces us to the column method for addition! We loved this and used our knowledge of place value to help us. We have only completed one lesson so far and used concrete apparatus to help us but we loved it and it has made addition so much easier already!


Encompass and science

​​​​​​​This week we learnt all about Stone Henge in Encompass and the skeleton in science! We had fabulous lessons for both! We found out all about Stone Henge and then recreated it and in science made our own versions of ‘head shoulder knees and toes’ but using our newly learnt bone names!



Our certificate winners for week 5!!


Miss French gave out her certificates on Friday morning! One for values and one for presentation!

Each week Miss Gaskell also has a special 'caught on camera' certificate for children throughout the school who WOW her when she pops in to see us! This week, she visited during our English lesson where we were completing our published writes and she was blown away!

Have a lovely weekend! See you Monday ready for another amazing week! 



Week 4 - Week beginning 21st September 2020


What another fantastic week of learning we have had! We have learnt all about DADWAVERS in English, number lines in maths, Skara Brae in Encompass and even became nutritional advisors in Science! A busy but incredibly fun week! 





This week we found out we would be working towards writing a setting descriptions of the Gregg's family farm from our text The Magic Finger. Miss French introduced us to something we all found funny called DADWAVERS. This is a structure used to help write setting descriptions. We haven't used all of them, we have used DAWAV (which we found even funnier) and what an improvement in our writing already! There has been some phenomenal writing this week! 

Freya really impressed me in our Fix It Friday lesson where we were including subordinating conjunctions into our writing! 




In our maths lessons we have really REALLY impressed Miss French this week! We have all really showed an improvement in our determination in working through challenges. This week our focus has been number lines. Miss French wasn't sure how much of our Year 2 knowledge we could remember but we really blew her socks off! We are now confident in counting 2s, 5s, 10s, 50s and 100s/ We can do this on number lines with missing numbers, number lines that don't start at 0 and even blank number lines! 





This week we learnt all about Skara Brae and loved it. We had no idea what it was to begin with, but had an idea it was to do with Stone Age housing. We can now explain in detail where abouts it is located, know why it is a tourist attraction, why people visit there today and why it is important. Some of us then had to write a short text message to an alien who had no idea about Skara Brae and some of us became estate agents and wrote adverts for selling some property on Skara Brae. 




We became 'The Turtles Centre for Nutritional Advice' on Wednesday afternoon this week. We had to use all of our Science learning so far to advise four clients on nutrition for their problems. We had someone who sweats a lot during summer, somebody who had fallen over and needed protein and even somebody who was struggling to poo (this was our favourite) 

Week 3 - Week beginning 14th September 2020


What a fantastic week we have had this week! Have have completed so much learning!




In English this week we continued getting ready to publish our character descriptions! We had our first editing lesson and we loved it! We felt super important getting to improve one of our sentences on purple paper! Miss French was really impressed with our final published pieces! Especially because we had all remembered to include all of our new learnt Year 3 skills!




We continued our learning of place value this week which has really helped us to understand. We needed a quick recap on how many tens make one hundred and how many hundreds make one thousand. Miss French thinks we’ve got it now! We really impressed her when we started making numbers with practical resources but swapped a hundred counter with ten, tens counters! We ended the week with a Fix It Friday where we needed to focus on making sure we always write our numbers to correct way in our maths books!



 For Encompass this week we looked at cave paintings and why they were important to people during the Stone Age. We used atlases to locate some significant caves in France and Bulgaria as well as looked at why they drew animals on the walls!



In Science we looked at where we get the six areas of nutrition from. We now know that you can get protein from meet but you don’t have to eat fats and oils because you can get them from other foods! We also had a really in depth discussion all about tofu and what it is and how you could eat it!

Week 2 - Week Beginning 7th September 2020


What a brilliant first full week back we have had together in Turtles! The children have worked so so hard and really impressed me with their determination! 



In English we started reading our class text for the half term 'The Magic Finger - Roald Dahl' and so far we love it! We discussed the front and back cover and thought about what we can learn about a text from here. We then started our learning ready to write a character description next week! The skills we have learnt this week are adjectives and expanded noun phrases and subordinating conjunctions! We have written some fabulous sentences ready to help us publish next week!




In Maths we have been looking at place value! In year 3 we move on to looking at 3 digit numbers. This week we have focused on partitioning and became the partition police! We have to break up big numbers into their smaller 'partitioned' parts! We have learnt a lot of new vocabulary which we are trying to remember the meaning of! 


We have spent some time this week creating beautiful timelines showing significant dates from the Stone Age ready to begin learning all about this era next week! In Science we have started looking at animals including humans by looking at nutrition. We have discussed what it means, why we need it and the different parts that build it up. 


Have a lovely weekend! 


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Miss French :)