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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

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Week 27 (w/b 29/03/21)


What a fantastic end to the half term! We have finished off our topics, and taken part in end of term assessments to prove our learning - our results have really impressed our teachers! We cannot wait to welcome you back to school on Tuesday 20th April to start our final full term of learning together. Enjoy the break and see you soon Octopus :) 

In maths this week we have focused on 2D shapes.

During Encompass this week we compared Greece and Italy.

In Science this week explored how we impact the environment and discussed the topic of deforestation.

Week 26 (w/b 22.03.21)


This week we have had a jam-packed week to ensure we use every second of learning time as we come to the end of our topics. We have worked on factual writing both in our mornings and afternoons, to prove our knowledge of our current curriculum. You can see the hard work we have been putting in, in the pictures below. As we move into next week, let’s finish the term strong ready for a well deserved break!

In maths today we used multiplication to solve correspondence questions.

We researched a marine animal in preparation for our non-chronological report about an animal, linked to our book Flotsam,

In Science this week we created classification grids to classify living things.

For Encompass, we took notes for creating a blog all about modern Greece!

Week 25 (w/b 15/3/21)


We have had another busy week in Octopus class. We have completed scientific investigations, written postcards from other countries and written our own adventure story finding a mysterious object! Have a look at this week’s learning below.  We finished the week by celebrating Red Nose Day, and learning about such an important charity.


Today we have completed a published write based on our class book Flotsam.

In Maths we have learnt about co-ordinates, including completing and describing translations.

We went on a bug hunt as part of our science lesson classifying invertebrates and vertebrates.

In science we have been learning how to classify different animals.

In Encompass we have discussed the climate and landscape of Greece before writing a postcard to our families!

Week 24 (w/b 08/03/21)


It has been lovely to have almost all of Octopus class back in school this week. Although we are missing our few classmates still at home, it is fantastic to bring our learning back into the classroom. This week, we have shown our resilience and determination to rise to the challenge of returning to school and back to the Waterside way, and this will continue to be our focus next week.

In Maths we have been solving two step problems involving addition and subtraction.

In English this week we have been writing our re-tell of the picture book Flotsam.

We have engaged in craft activities in preparation for a very special celebration at the weekend.

This week we have been celebrating British Science Week. We have engaged in a range of activities as part of our STEMterprise topic.

Week 23 (w/b 01/03/21)
We are at the end of another busy week of learning, and our last week of home learning for some! We can not wait for you all to join us back at school next week, and to all be together again :) This week, we have celebrated World Book Day AND began British Science Week too! We will be continuing this learning into next week, delving deeper into learning about digestion and our diets. Until then, please take a look at this week's learning below. 

In English, we completed a narrative retell of the beginning of the Flotsam story, adding our own ideas and creativity. Our published writes have really impressed our teachers, and we are showing an increasing amount of Year 4 standards in our work. Well done!

In Science, we have been classifying animals according to their features.

In Encompass this week we compared the climate in Greece and the United Kingdom. We created line graphs to visualise the difference.

Week 22 (w/b 22/02/21)

We have had a lovely first week back after half term. In Octopus class, we have begun our new topics, showing great interest in discovering new knowledge and concepts. Have a look at our amazing learning below. We have also had the amazing news that we will be welcoming all of our Octopus back to school in two weeks' time. We cannot wait to see you all, and be back together as one big, eight-legged family! 

In English lessons, we have looked at our new class book Flotsam. We have magpied vocabulary and discussed the feelings of characters at different parts of the story.

In Maths we have been recapping our learning so far in year 4, proving our knowledge of place value.

In Encompass we practiced our map reading skills by finding different locations in our atlases and creating our own picture collages.

In Science, we explained what we already knew about living things and their habitats. We then went on to learn about MRS GREN and the features that all living things have in common.

Week 21 (w/b 8/02/21)

We have come to the end of another busy half term. Despite us being apart due to a second lockdown, this hasn’t stopped our Octopus shining in their achievements both at home and school. We can’t wait to come back after half term and continue our amazing year together.

This week in English we wrote a newspaper report about one of the events in Charlotte’s Web. We included the features of journalistic writing which we identified at the start of the week, including direct speech.

In our Maths lessons this week we have proved our understanding of decimals to a number of problems, including estimation.

In science we have been showing what we have learned this half term with a range of activities.

In Encompass, we consolidated some of our learning this term and showed off what we had learned.

We continued our first aid topic in PSHE by learning how to put someone into the recovery position.

Our amazing home learning, including our published write, Reading Skills and Maths problem solving using decimals

Week 20 (w/b 1/2/21)


We have started February in style with another week of outstanding learning. We have continued to make our lessons available to our home learners whilst keeping our lessons just as fun and exciting in school too. Have a look at our learning below. 

In Maths, we have applied our knowledge of decimals to a range of question types including money problems.

This week we have began to look at journalistic writing in our English lessons. We have magpied the features and sought out new vocabulary. We then used this new vocabulary in sentences including formal language.

In Science, we investigated the pitch of a sound and how we can alter this. We conducted an experiment with rulers to see how the vibrations change the pitch of a sound.

Our Encompass lesson involved us learning about the Ancient Greek beliefs. We discussed how the Greeks showed their beliefs through visiting temples and participating in festivals. We also considered myths and legends before learning about Greek gods and creating a fact file about our favourite God!

For children’s mental health week, we have created our own pom-poms pets and discussed how we can express ourselves.

Check out our fantastic work from our home learners, continuing to work so hard and show amazing resilience from home. Well done! :)

Week 19 (Week beginning 25/1/21)


We have had another busy week in Octopus class. We have started live teaching and it is fantastic to see our Octopus who are learning from home. Have a look at the pictures of our learning below.


In English, we completed our published writes writing a first person narrative as Wilbur.

In Maths, we have looked at tenths and hundredths as decimals using counters and on a place grid.

This week in Encompass we looked at how effective the Ancient Greeks were in battle. We found out what Greek warriors wore, learned all about Pheidippides and the battle of Marathon and wrote a diary entry as Pheidippides.

In Science, we investigated the volume of sound and how we can manipulate this variable by moving away from the source of the sound.

Our home learning.

Week 18 (w/b 18/01/21)

Our second week of home learning has been a busy one as we begin to move to live learning. The children have been simply outstanding with sending their learning to us and keeping in their daily routine. We are missing you all dearly but we are so very proud of what you have achieved and the resilience you are showing every day. Well done :) 

Our focus this week in English has been skill work. We have looked at show not tell for our emotions and the use of speech to communicate our feelings. The will help us when we begin to write a first person narrative next week.

We have begun to learn about decimals this week, focusing on tenths and hundredths. The children have amazed us with their understanding in this topic and relating it to their knowledge of fractions.

In our Encompass lesson this week, we received a letter from the Greek mathematician Archimedes who asked us to find out whether Athens or Sparta would be a better place for him to live. We compared the city-states before writing a letter back to him telling him our findings!

In Science, we have learnt about the make up of our ear and how sound travels through our ears to our brain.

Check out some examples of our amazing home learning this week!

Week 17 (W/b 11/01/21)

We have had some amazing examples of learning this week in Octopus class. Although some of our class are at home and others are in school, the effort from all of our children has been simply outstanding. We have put lots of photos on the blog for you to see our finished pieces of work. Well done Octopus, I am very proud <3

In English, we have been writing a persuasive letter to Mr Arable to save the runt pig Wilbur. Check out our fantastic vocabulary below.

In Maths this week, we have worked hard on working out fractions of amounts. This has included using concrete materials. We have proved our learning by using the iPads to test our knowledge!

For Encompass, we have learnt about life in Ancient Greece. We have then compared this with our own lives in modern Britain . Where would you rather live?

Week 16 (w/b 4/1/21)

Well Octopus, what a funny week it has been! We started off all back together and it was amazing to welcome you all back to school and to our newly decorated classrooms (check out the photos in our classroom environment section). We are so sad that this came to an end so quickly and so many of you are now working from home. With that said, we are getting so many messages from you with pictures of your fantastic home learning, and telling us what you are up to at home that this has kept us smiling :) We can't wait to welcome you back to school Octopi, but in the mean time, check out all of our amazing pictures from this week below.

In school we took part in a class debate, considering the question 'Should Mr Arable have killed the runt pig?' This is based around our class text, Charlotte's Web. Our home learners turned this into a reflective P4C session, before giving their opinion on the question with a reason for their answer.
On Monday we spent some time ordering the timeline of the Ancient Greeks. Children enjoyed working in groups practically and discussing how this linked in with last term's topic of the Romans. Octopus were very excited to learn that the Romans conquered Ancient Greece at their end of their empire!
As part of our Science topic, Miss Cooke asked Mr Johnson to bring in his guitar and ukelele to teach us how we hear sound through vibrations in the air. We then went on to investigate what vibrates through the different sounds we hear at school. At the end of the day, Mr Johnson and the class serenaded Faith and Grace with 'Happy Birthday' with Miss Cooke's amazing singing voice leading the way! :) 
And finally our stars of the week - our home learners. We are simply amazed by the work you are producing at home, and how much time and effort both you, your parents and even some of your brothers and sisters are putting into your education. We couldn't be more proud <3 

Have a look at our outstanding home learning below!

Week 15 (w/b 14/12/20)

Well we have come the end of a fantastic term in Octopus class. The children have absolutely astounded both myself and Mrs Burns with what they have accomplished this term. We have produced amazing work with a fantastic attitudes and smiles on our faces, even through a pandemic! We are so very proud.


We have finished the term by spending time learning about the poem 'The Night Before Christmas', and discussing the language associated with winter. We then went on to produce some beautiful pieces of art to take home to our families to celebrate the winter holidays with lots of glitter!

Take a look at all of our creative winter activities!

Week 14 (w/b 7/12/20)

We have had a brilliant week of learning this week with Mrs Burns! In Maths, we have continued to look at fractions. We discussed what a tenth was and showed our understanding of how many tenths make up one whole, and doing some comparison work. We then went on to look at mixed fractions and discussing how we can change between improper and mixed fractions.

In English, we have astounded our teachers with our final published writes of the term. We are beginning to embed our Year 4 standards beautifully, including use of direct speech, high level vocabulary and a range of punctuation. Take a look at some of our fantastic creative writing below.

Finally, in our afternoon curriculum we have been proving our understanding of settlements in our Geography topic 'Somewhere to Settle'. We have compared the cities of San Francisco and London and can pick out features of both cities with confidence.


Still image for this video

IMG_0837_Adam and Lujain.mp4

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Week 13 (w/b 30/11/20)

This week marks the beginning of December, and we are so excited in Octopus class to enjoy the fun that December brings! We have lots of art activities planned as we come to the end of term to take home to our families, whilst continuing with the amazing learning we have been completing in our other subjects.


In English this week, we have been planning for writing. We are writing our own ending to the story 'The Firework Maker's Daughter'. Octopus class are deciding what will happen to the main character Lila at the end of her journey and whether she will defeat the fire fiend to become a true firework maker. The children have become increasingly independent when planning their own stories, and are now learning to develop this skill including considering the vocabulary and Year 4 standards they may wish to include in each section of their writing.

In Maths, we have been looking at fractions. We spent some time recalling what we already knew and the children amazed Mrs Burns with their prior knowledge! We then went on to look practically at equivalent fractions, which we found tricky at first. We will look at this again later in the year, but Octopus were beginning to be able to see using the apparatus that fractions can have an equivalent value.


Week 12 (w/b 23/11/20)

We have produced some beautiful pieces of writing in English this week. We have spent time watching video clips and magpieing vocabulary from The Firework Maker's Daughter to use in our own narrative writing. 

In Maths, we have been learning about division using written method. We have  shown using place value counters how we have to exchange during this calculation. We have found this topic very tricky but have shown great resilience and determination to keep trying! We are going to move on to look at fractions next week, and come back to this later in the year. 

Finally in our afternoon curriculum we have been working practically to show our understanding. In our Flow catch up lessons, we have been focusing on 3D shapes. Furthermore, in Science, we investigated the melting points of different chocolate as it changes from a solid to a liquid.


Week 11 (w/b 16/11/20)

In Maths, we have began the new topic of Multiplication. We have spent some time revisiting the Year 3 skill of using grid method to multiply two by one digit numbers, before moving on to expanded method multiplication as our chosen written method. We will go back to this topic later in the year, where we will begin to look at short method multiplication once we have embedded our understanding of this concept.

In English, we have come to the end of our published write of a first person retell of the Firework Maker's Daughter. We have focused on specific tasks including direct speech, use of vocabulary to describe a setting and fronted adverbials to write our draft. Finally, we have used all of these skills to complete fantastic published writes on Friday to show our best writing!

In afternoon curriculum, we have been looking at states of matter in Science. We experimented whether gases have weight using fizzy drinks and scales. As part of our Geography topic 'Somewhere to Settle', we discussed the similarities and differences between the features of the four main types of settlement - hamlet, village, town and city.

Week 10 (11/11/20)

This week, we have began writing a first person retell of Chapter Two of The Firework Maker's Daughter. We have spent time text marking WAGOLLS, but also writing our own WAGOLL using a bank of vocabulary. This has helped the children to see exactly how we can apply our Year 4 features into their writing.

In Maths, we have been learning about multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100. The children have absolutely amazed us with their understanding of how a number gets ten or one hundred times bigger and smaller, and proved this using a place value grid. Some children even went on to applying this skill to reasoning and problem solving questions!


Octopus class took part in army drills to replicate the training soldiers went through, as part of our remembrance week.

Week 9 (w/b 2/11/20)

This week we have began our new book 'The Firework Maker's Daughter'. We have been working hard on using high level vocabulary to describe the main character, Lila. We have thought about her background, her appearance and her personality, using vocabulary such as 'immature' and 'dishevelled'. Our character descriptions have really impressed our teachers this week, and we will be publishing on Monday.

In Maths, we have continued to look at shapes and particularly perimeter and area. We have found this topic quite challenging, particularly when looking at rectilinear shapes. But we have shown our resilience and determination this week during our Math's lessons!

Finally, in our afternoon learning, we have began our new topic of States of Matter in Science. We began by discussing the difference between particles in solids, liquids and gases and classifying materials into their states. In Encompass, we have been expressing our knowledge of the Romans by creating lapbooks about this part of British history. We have had a competition to see who could create the best lapbook! 


Week 8 (w/b 19/10/20)

Our final week of the Autumn 1 term has been busy! We have been proving the fantastic progress we have made in all of our subjects by doing end of topic tasks. For example, in Science we created our own knowledge organisers which could be used for next year's Year 4. And in Encompass, we recorded ourselves describing everything we knew about what the Romans did for us!


In our English lessons this week, we have written in a new style of a non-chronological report. We used our computing skills to research our topic of Abseiling, before magpie-ing the features of a report. On Friday, we published our fantastic non-fiction writing, using skills including technical and topical vocabulary. 

In Maths, we have consolidated our understanding of written methods before moving on to looking at perimeter. We defined perimeter as 'the distance around the outside of an entire shape' and showed our understanding including working with missing numbers and using the inverse to check our calculations are correct.

We have also presented and voted for our school council members this week, and after a tough contest our council members are pictured below after their fantastic win. Well done :) 

A special well done to our classmate who has been 'caught on camera' by Miss Gaskell and Mrs Knowles. Well done!

We have had a lovely half term, and I cannot wait to see what we can achieve when we come back to school in a week's time :)

Week 7 (w/b 12/10/20)

We are still working hard as we come to the end of our first half term in Octopus class. In English, we began the week by completing drama activities including freeze framing to consider how we show our feelings. We talked about how we show our feelings through our facial expressions and our mannerisms, and portrayed this in our freeze frames. When it came to writing our diary entries, this meant that we could emote our feelings using uplevelled vocabulary. We used DADWAVERS to help structure our writing, which helped us add detail to our writing. We then worked together by helping our peers to edit their writing, to ensure sense and high level vocabulary throughout.

In Maths, we have moved in to learning about column method subtraction. We have found this a little tricky, particularly when exchanging. However, we have practiced this skill using counters, dienes and interactive websites to ensure our understanding of why we are exchanging during this skill. As we came to the end of the week, we have shown our understanding of mathematical vocabulary by applying our column method skills to mixed reasoning and problem solving questions. 

Finally, in our afternoon curriculum we have been presenting our speeches as we vote for our student council members. I have been so impressed with the courage and resilience shown by the children who have stood in front of their peers and spoke about the many ways they want to represent their classmates. What a brilliant week!

Week Six (w/b 5/10/20)

This week, we have started to look at diary entries. We have discussed the use of first person and how it is important to show our emotions in our writing, particularly using show not tell. We then went on to use fronted adverbials for time, manner and place to give more detail to our writing. In our edit lesson, we needed to work on bulking out our writing and including more detail. Octopus really impressed me with their ability to uplevel their writing. Well done!


In Maths, we have continued to work on written methods of addition and subtraction. The children have absolutely smashed this - they have a fantastic understanding of place value, and are able to confidently explain the process of exchanging. 

Finally, on Friday, we took part in #HelloYellow, raising awareness for Mental Health. The children really embraced our positive outlook and were able to give examples of the many ways we can increase our mental health, including using exercise and time with family to make us happy. It was a pleasure to see :) 

week five (w/b 28/10/20)

We have had such a busy week writing our published writes for Cliffhanger. Take a look at our fantastic use of direct speech and a range of punctuation. 

In maths, we have been learning about Roman numerals and consolidating our knowledge of rounding. And finally, in our afternoon learning we have 



Week four (w/b 21/9/20)

This week, we have particularly enjoyed our afternoon learning. In Encompass, we learnt about how the Romans were so successful at invasions. We replicated their battle formations and discussed why they were so effective. 

In Science, we have looked at the importance of teeth in the digestive process. We have investigated the different shapes of the teeth and how effective they are at jobs including cutting, grinding and tearing food.

In our compass curriculum, we have moved on to finding multiples of 10, 100 and 1000 in preparation for learning how to round to 10 and 1000. This is a skill which some of us found very tricky at first, but we have amazed our teachers by the end of the week with the understanding we have shown. 

In English, we have been focusing on describing a setting and using noun phrases to describe. We then edited our work at the end of the week using fronted adverbials to vary our sentence openers.

Week Three (w/b 14/7/20)

This week, we have been busy in class learning about all of our new topics. In English, we have written our first published write retelling the story of Cliffhanger as the character, Biscuits. The children have amazed me with their use of punctuation to structure their writing, including using a variety of clauses, which we have been learning about in our Grammar lessons. Melody in particular astounded us with the editing of her writing, using outstanding vocabulary to uplevel her work.

In Maths, we have continued our learning of place value by ordering and comparing numbers. We have spent a lot of time looking at number lines, which we have found a little bit tricky, but we have shown resilience and continued to work hard to improve our understanding. We will continue with this next week to ensure our learning is embedded.



In our afternoon curriculum, we have had lots of fun including in Science! We used ziplock bags, biscuits and water to replicate what happens to our food in our stomach. It was very gruesome and sickly, but the children thoroughly enjoyed the investigation and now have a better understanding of the importance of enzymes and acid in our stomach.


Week Two (w/b 7/9/20)

What a busy week we have had in Octopus class! We have began our new topics in each of our subjects, and completed some fantastic work which is now displayed all around our classroom. You can have a look at what our classroom looks like on our classroom environment page. 


In Maths, we have began by looking at place value. We have focused on the relationship between ones, tens, hundreds and thousands. We have then looked at partitioning numbers including using standard and non-standard partitioning. 

In English we have been busy reading our new class text, Cliffhanger. We have worked hard to pick out new vocabulary which we have then included in our own description of the adventure centre setting.


I cannot wait to see what fantastic learning we get up to next week, and I will be sure to take lots of photos to share on our blog!

Week One (w/b 31/8/20)


Well here is our first blog! We have been so pleased to welcome the children back into school on Thursday and to see how much they have all grown! The children have come back to school with fantastic attitudes to their learning and each other, showing respect beyond their years. I have been particularly impressed with how quickly we have already adjusted to our new class and the expectations and challenges which will arise from Year 4. I cannot wait to share all the fantastic learning we will be getting up to each week, and showcasing excellent examples of not only our work but also showing our school values. I know we are going to have a fantastic year Octopus, and I simply cannot wait to see what you will achieve! :)