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Week Ending Friday 10th May 2019 - Attendance this week 96.94%

Class Blog

Week 3 


What another fabulous week we have had! I can't believe week three is over already! We have worked really hard this week and really impressed Miss French! 



Today (Friday) we have published our re-tell's of our class story, the three billy goats Gruff. We tried our hardest to include all of our capital letters and full stops, amazing adjectives, some conjunctions and some of the tricky spellings we have learnt this week! Miss French has been really impressed with the standard of everyone's writing. She has been showing ALL of the teachers around school! There is a class book in our classroom, if you're ever in with us, take a peek! You won't be disappointed! 



This week we have been partitioning two digit numbers. We learnt what a two digit number is and can now explain it when asked. We used lots of concrete resources to help us on a part - whole model and this helped us visualise what the number looks like and how many tens and ones there are in each number. On Friday we moved on to finding one more and one less than a number, still using a part whole model because Miss French wanted to challenge us! 



This wee we have looked at landmarks in London. First of all, we needed to learn what a landmark is and we decided it was something, usually a building you can recognise from a distance because of how it looks. We then discussed the landmarks we have heard about in London. We completed 3 activities in our lesson this week, we matched photos of London's landmarks to their name, drew what landmarks we might see out of a window if we were in London and then wrote descriptions of some of the most famous landmarks, including the Cutty Sark, a very famous ship in Greenwich! We were really excited when Miss French gave us our own ticket to the London Eye, we stepped on board and absolutely LOVED seeing all of the landmarks from high above in our London Eye pod! 

Week 2 


What a sensational first full week back at school we have had! We have got stuck straight into our Year 2 learning and have impressed Miss French SO much with all of our prior learning! Miss French cannot believe how much we can remember from Year 1!



In English for the next two weeks we are writing about the story the three billy goats Gruff. We are loving it! We started off the week by listening to the story and learning what happens in the beginning, the middle and the end with some role play/freeze frames! We are aiming to write our own re tell by the end of next week! 




We have started looking at place value. This week we looked at how to read, write and count numbers to 100! We have spent a lot of time writing numbers as words! This is something some of us found tricky so Miss French will keep bringing it in to all lessons! We even did some problem solving on Friday, it was SO fun, we didn't even realise it was problem solving!!



We have absolutely loved beginning our learning about London! We have learnt LOTS of new vocabulary this week, including the word population. Ask us at home and we can tell you its definition! We have learnt what makes a capital city, a capital city as well as how to find London on a variety of different maps!