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Week 25 (WC 16.03.2020)


Week 24 (WC 09.03.2020)

What a sensational Science-filled week we have had in Turtles class this week! Thank you for all of your donations for both British Science Week and also Sports Relief, we are extremely grateful for your generosity and continuous support.



After last week’s brilliant diary entries, we started a new genre of writing this week, a setting description. We have managed to publish our setting descriptions all in one week and WOW, the vocabulary that we have used has really impressed Miss Joinson and Miss Marsh. We have been able to use a variety of word types such as adjectives, adverbs and prepositions to create our descriptive piece of writing of Wendy’s flight to Neverland. Well done Turtles, your writing really is shining!



In Maths this week, we have been subtracting a three-digit number away from another three-digit number, using dienes and pictures to help us at the start of the week. By the end of the week, we have been able to use column method and exchanging to help us answer some subtraction questions. We have also had our problem solving and reasoning Maths lesson this week which we did find a little bit tricky. However, we were able to just highlight the key information we needed and then use the Maths Working Wall to help us find the key vocabulary to see if we needed to add, subtract, multiply or divide.



As we have celebrated British Science Week this week, we have completed Science lessons in all of our afternoon lessons. Not only have we learnt more about our topic, Light, but we have also learnt about a famous female scientist, Mary Anning. Ask us what we found out about her! We completed a carousel of activities including a fact file, sketching a fossil and also learning and performing the tongue twister, She Sells Sea Shells on the Sea Shore (which was created for Mary Anning!)

Week 23 (WC 02.03.2020)

Thank you to all the parents/carers that came for parent consultations on Thursday. It was lovely to see you all again and to share with you all of your children’s amazing learning and most importantly, how awesome they are!



This week, we have written as if we were Wendy Darling and published our brilliant diary entries! The vocabulary that we have used has been fantastic! We are now becoming more independent learners and instead of using boring words like ‘happy’ and ‘sad’, we are using thesaurus’, iPads and prompts in the classroom to up-level our vocabulary. We are also more aware of how important it is to edit our own work, even the most excellent writers still have to edit their work so we must make sure we do it too! 



In Maths this week, we have revisited adding and subtracting multiples of 100 then moving on to adding and subtracting 3-digit numbers. By the end of the week, we were able to understand the meaning of ‘inverse’ and use this to check our answers were correct!



This week in Encompass, we have been learning about the weather in Egypt. We have learnt about the equator and whether or not being close or far away from it, makes a difference to the climate. Can you remember what hemisphere Egypt is in, Northern or Southern? 


World Book Day

A huge thank you for all of your support for World Book Day! The children had a wonderful day sharing lots of different stories and also completing a Maths lesson around a mathematical story.

Week 22 (WC 24.02.2020)

I hope you have all had a lovely, well-rested break with your friends and family. I cannot believe we are now into Spring 2! Let's make this half term even more awesome!



We have started a new text this week in English, Peter Pan. We started the week by completing a lot of book talk which enabled us to create our prediction about what would happen in the text. During the week, we looked at a variety of diary entries and magpied features and vocabulary. We will use these when we publish our own diary entry next week in the style of Wendy Darling.



This week in Maths, we have started revisiting our previous learning, place value. We have been able to find the value of a number, compare and order numbers up to 1000 and begin to do this on a number line. We found using a number line a little bit tricky but we had a practical lesson to consolidate our learning.



We have started our new topic in Encompass, Modern Egypt, which will be looking at the Geography side of Egypt. Miss Joinson and Miss Marsh were extremely proud of what we already knew about the seven continents of the World! We were then able to use an atlas to help us locate the country of Egypt in the continent of Africa.



In Science this week, we have started our new unit of learning, Light. We have completed a variety of different pre-assessment tasks to showcase what we already know. Again, Miss Joinson and Miss Marsh were blown away when we could identify what the Northern Lights are!

Week 21 (WC 10.02.2020)

Well after a snowy start to the week, we have had a wonderful last week before half term in Turtles class! 



We finally published our letters this week and what letters they are! Miss Joinson and Miss Marsh are so proud of us all as we have all worked super hard to produce letters to be sent to Mrs Knowles, Miss Gaskell and even TESCO! Our letters are all about different topics but the overriding theme is plastic pollution. Well done Turtles, you should all be proud of your fantastic work!



This week in Maths, we have re-visited Roman Numerals and time. We loved learning the Roman Numeral song and even joining in with the moves so we won't forget!



In Encompass this week, we have come to the end of our Ancient Egypt unit of work by completing a dictionary of all of the key vocabulary we have learnt. We have really enjoyed learning about Ancient Egypt but we haven't finished with Egypt just yet as our next unit of work after half term is Modern Egypt.



Just like in Encompass, we have come to the end of our unit of work, Plants. This week we completed a post-assessment of everything we have learnt, we were surprised with how much we knew about Plants and how they grow!


Sea Life Centre

This week, we visited the Sea Life Centre in Manchester and completed a workshop about plastic pollution which linked to our English work. Take a look at our amazing pictures on our Visits and Experiences page!

Week 20 (WC 03.02.2020)

We have had such an exciting week in Turtles this week! We went on our first school visit since being in Turtles to the Wolseley Centre as part of our Science topic, plants. This week has also been our DT week and by the end of the week, we made Egyptian bread!



This week, we have started a new genre, persuasive letter writing. We have looked at the features of persuasive writing and been able to find these when looking at a WAGOLL to magpie vocabulary for when we write our persuasive letters next week. We have all come up with some excellent ideas on who we can send our persuasive letters to, we can’t wait to send our letters!



We have learnt about pictograms, bar charts and tables this week and how to interpret and input data. We took our learning outside onto the playground during one lesson and created human bar charts! Even though it was bitterly cold, we loved learning maths outdoors! On Friday, we took part in Number Day and had a variety of different activities that we completed all to do with place value.



As this week has been our DT week, we have made Egyptian bread! We completed some research on what the Egyptians used to eat and then used this to influence what ingredients we wanted to use. Once we had a list of ingredients and equipment, we completed the method of instructions on how to make and bake the bread while also researching and learning about the importance of hygiene when working with food. We finally managed to make and bake our bread on Friday and will have the weekend to taste it!

Week 19 (WC 27.01.2020)

What an amazing class assembly Turtles produced on Tuesday afternoon! We are so proud of our turtley awesome droplets, well done to you all!



This week we published our excellent explanation texts about the effect plastic pollution has on our natural habitats. We have used cause and effect conjunctions and subordinating conjunctions to link our ideas. We have also edited some sentence strips using our CUPS technique, we are getting really good at identifying errors and then using our knowledge to fix them. 



We have been identifying shapes this week and looking at all of the different properties they all have. Miss Joinson and Miss Marsh were so impressed of our prior knowledge of shapes already! Later on in the week, we used our shape knowledge to look at right angles within a shape. We used our 90º buddy to help us find right angles within a shape and we know that a right angle occurs when two edges join together to make a vertice. 



This week we have learnt about pollination and had a really fun lesson using cheese puffs to help us understand the process! We passed the cheese puffs around the table and took one out, we were allowed to eat them but we couldn't lick or wipe our fingers! Once we had enough orange dust on our fingers (pollen), we then transferred this to a paper flower to re-create the pollination process. 

Week 18 (WC 20.01.2020)

We have had a week full of fun and engaging learning opportunities and Turtles have shone bright with their dedication and hard work, well done!



In English we have started a new genre of writing, explanation texts. The WAGOLL explained about plastic pollution and because this is such a real-life issue, we are going to be publishing our own explanation texts about plastic pollution next week. We have been researching all about plastic pollution in our oceans and the effect it has on humans, sealife and the oceans while also looking at ways plastic pollution can be prevented. Turtles have been so interested in this subject and it has been wonderful to see them taking so much pride in their environment.



We have continued to look at money this week as we have found it a little bit tricky. However, this has not stopped our determination to reach our goals in our maths work. Miss Joinson and Miss Marsh are so proud of how well we have worked this week, we even completed a maths lesson on Tuesday afternoon! We are now able to add together amounts of money and even give change, well done!



This week in Encompass, we were very lucky to take part in a drama workshop that was led by Steve. We learnt more about the ancient Egyptians and completed a small performance to showcase what we learnt. We all worked extremely well as a whole class to listen to each other and perform with such loud voices and even used some impromptu expression and actions!



We had a fantastic Science lesson this week as we learnt all about the life cycle of a plant. We had the chance to use our drama skills again and acted out the different ways of seed dispersal. Miss Joinson and Miss Marsh were blown away by our imagination and creativity as we performed in small groups the different ways a seed can be dispersed.

Week 17 (WC 13.01.2020)

Turtles have had an extraordinary week this week and have earned over 1000 dojos, a huge well done to you all!



This week, we have used time adverbials in our work and watched a brilliant song to help us remember that time adverbials tell us when! We then used all of our prior learning to publish our newspaper reports about the mysterious movement within a river. Miss Joinson and Miss Marsh were blown away by our incredible writing, well done Turtles! You are all turtley awesome!



In Maths this week, we have started learning about money. Around the classroom there were items with prices on and we had to choose two items to add together. We know that 100p is in £1 and we have used this to help us when adding two prices together. We found this area a little but tricky but we showed determination as we spent some of Friday afternoon looking at different coins and how we can create the same amount but using a variety of coins. A huge well done to you all Turtles!



This week in Encompass, we used the VR headsets to transport us into Hapshepsut's tomb and in and around Egypt! We loved using the VR headsets and really enjoyed being immersed into Egyptian life. We then created a fact file about Hapshepsut and found out that she was the most successful Pharaoh!



We had a great Science lesson this week as we dissected a flower! We were extremely careful when handling the flower and we understood that we were taking it apart to further our knowledge about the different parts of a flower. We then created a poster with the different parts on and watched a rap about the jobs that the different parts of a flower has. We're really enjoying learning more and more out about plants!


Week 16 (WC 06.01.2020)

Welcome back! I hope you all had a well-deserved break and are ready for another awesome term!



We have kick-started our new text this week, The Iron Woman. We have delved deep into the book cover, title and blurb to enable us to create predictions based on the evidence. On Wednesday, we had a newspaper report delivered to us reporting about mysterious movement within murky water! Miss Joinson and Miss Marsh were blown away by all of Turtles who were using the correct vocabulary when discussing and finding the features of a newspaper report, well done to you all!



In Maths this week, we have started our measurement unit of work. We have learnt about length, mass and capacity. Can you remember what unit of measure we use when we measure the length, mass and capacity? On Friday, we had a carousel of activities using scales to measure objects, using measuring jugs to measure capacity of water, answering problem solving and reasoning questions on measurement and using the iPads for length games.



This week, we started our new unit of work, Ancient Egypt. We have learnt about Howard Carter and what his job was and why he is so important. Can you remember what Howard Carter discovered? We then used the internet to research Tutankhamun and wrote facts about him. We then looked at pictures of artefacts from King Tut’s tomb and answered VIPERS questions. We have loved finding loads of information about the Ancient Egyptians!



In Science this week, we have looked at flowering and non-flowering plants and the similarities and differences between them. Can you remember what plant surprised us as a flowering plant? We sorted pictures out into flowering and non-flowering and then used the iPads to research the similarities and differences to create an explanation.  

Extraordinary English Work!

Week 15 (WC 16.12.19)

On Thursday 19th December, KS2 will be showcasing their Winter Assembly. Turtles will be performing a poem as well as singing a variety of Winter themed songs so please practise the poem below, thank you!

Winter Assembly poem

Week 14 (WC 09.12.19)

What another incredibly busy week in Turtles! Well done to all of the children for working so hard and really showing determination in all areas of their learning.

We have our KS2 Winter Assembly on Thursday 19th December where Turtles will be performing a poem and singing many songs with the rest of KS2. Don’t forget to keep practising your Snowman Poem!



This week we have published our alternate setting for the Iron Man. Miss Joinson and Miss Marsh have been dazzled by our wonderful writing! We have worked so hard and have even started a new editing system where we “travel” to new stations. When we arrive at a station, we edit looking only at the part of our work that matches the name of the station. For example, when we arrive at Punctuation Station, we are checking for capital letters and full stops, seeing if we need any question marks and/or exclamation marks, making sure we are using commas in a listing sentence and using inverted commas if a character speaks. Take a look at the different stations below!



This week in Maths we have been using number lines and fractions to make a whole. We have been able to label number lines with the correct fraction and also answer problem solving and reasoning questions about why a number line has been labelled incorrectly for example. We love to become the teacher and identify mistakes but then use our knowledge to explain why the mistake has been made and how we can fix it.



We have come to the end of our unit ‘Somewhere to Settle’ this week and have been able to look back through our books and write down what we have learnt. We especially enjoyed making our settlements, using atlas’ and Google Maps to identify different areas within the UK that are small towns, large towns and cities.



In Science this week, we have been looking at how plants absorb water in order to stay healthy. We conducted an experiment where we put pieces of celery inside a small container with food colouring water. We then were observing our celery every 10 minutes to see if we could see the water travelling up. Some of our experiments worked because they were placed in a warmer location which meant that the plant absorbed the water quicker compared to a colder environment.  

Editing Stations in English

Week 13 (WC 02.12.19)

Thank you for your incredible support with all of the recyclable materials that were brought into school this week, the children were absolute superstars in creating their settlements!



In English this week we have started our new genre of writing by really immersing ourselves into different settings. We have used iPads to watch videos of different settings and used our five senses to create excellent sentences to describe the setting. We have all got a different setting that the Iron Man has woke up in so we have been working really hard to create an alternate setting. Next week we are going to publish our writing and really use all of our imagination to produce some sensational setting descriptions!



In Maths this week we have been continuing with our fraction work and looking more into equivalent fractions and how we can work them out using our multiplication and division facts. We have learnt a new saying, whatever you do to the denominator, you do to the numerator. We then were able to use our knowledge of this to answer word problems when adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator. Well done Turtles, yet another week of marvellous maths work!



This week in Turtles class we have had our DT week and what a week it has been! We started by researching different types of settlements (hamlet, village, town and city) and what features they had. After that, we chose the type of settlement that we wanted to create and gave a reason why. We then were able to design our settlement and annotate our design by saying what materials we wanted to use. On Thursday we started creating our settlements by using a variety of materials but especially a lot of cardboard! Miss Joinson and Miss Marsh were really impressed by our creativity skills and also the items that some of us had brought in from home to really make our settlements the best! On Friday we were able to finish off our settlements and then we had to evaluate our work by saying what went well, what didn’t go too well and what we would do differently next time. The whole week has been incredible and we all won the AWESOME award this week for our fantastic creativity skills. Well done again Turtles!


Week 12 (WC 25.11.19)

Well done Turtles on yet another incredible week of learning! Next week (WC 02.12.19), we have our DT week. We would be extremely grateful if you could bring in any recyclable materials from home, especially any empty shoe boxes or cardboard. We can't wait to share our projects with you!



This week we have worked on publishing our own set of instructions on how to trap the Iron Man! We started the week by putting the WAGOLL back in the chronological order as the Iron Man had muddled it up! Then we showcased our knowledge of adverbs and especially adverbs to show time that we could use in our instructions. Finally we looked at conjunctions and again, making sure we had a bank of time conjunctions we could use in our published write. The published set of instructions are incredible! Turtles have worked so hard with their writing this week, it has been wonderful!



We have kicked off our new unit of learning this week in Turtles, fractions! Turtles were able to use their prior knowledge from Year 2 and again, really showcased what they already knew. We are now able to say what a unit and non-unit fraction is and we have learnt a phrase to help us remember about the size of a fraction, "the bigger the denominator, the smaller the fraction." From using this phrase, we have been able to order AND compare fractions! Wow!



Following on from the Marvellous Me that was sent out on Wednesday, can I just say a huge well done to all of Turtles who showed courage and determination when using an atlas to find place names. We did find it a little tricky however this did not stop our learning! We were all looking at different invaders (Vikings, Anglo-Saxons and Romans) and how place names originate from these. Each set of invaders all set up their settlements in different parts of the UK and each place name had a different suffix to show whether it was Viking, Anglo-Saxon or Roman.



What an exciting science lesson we had this week! Once again, we were able to use our prior learning from Year 2 and say what plants need to survive. We then wanted to test this so we conducted an experiment by planting cress seeds. However! Turtles wanted to take this further and they thought of their own changes, places and features of where to put their plant to grow. Some seeds had no soil, some had no water, some had no sunlight and some had no oxygen! Turtles worked extremely well to think of all the different places in the classroom we could put the plants. I'm looking forward to seeing if they grow, or not! 

Week 11 (WC 18.11.19)

What a fantastic week in Turtles! This week we have had an oral health talk and the children have all received a new toothbrush and some important information about their oral health. We have also introduced 'Snuggle up with a Book Suitcase' this week in Turtles. Every Friday, 2 children will get to take a 'Book Suitcase' home for the weekend which will be filled with a reading book, teddy friend, hot chocolate sachet, biscuits, notebook and pen. Take a look at this weeks 'Book Suitcases' ready for their lucky readers!



This week in English we have published our newspaper report about the discovery of scrap metal pieces and have been excellent journalists. Miss Joinson and Miss Marsh were amazed with how wonderful our writing was! We then moved on to a new genre of writing, instructions. We already knew a lot about instructional writing but we have learnt a new technical word, imperative verbs! Little Miss Bossy came into our class and was extremely bossy telling us what to do! Next week, we are going to be publishing a set of instructions on how to trap the Iron Man, take a look at our work on imperative verbs on different types of traps!







We have learnt about scaling in Maths this week. It has been a little tricky for us but we have used our multiplication and division skills from the last 2 weeks to help us. On Friday, we used biscuits to help us with the understanding of scaling and watched the video below.

Next week we are starting a new area of learning, fractions. We can't wait to see what you already know!



In Encompass this week, we have looked at different sites and then gave reasons why they were suitable or not suitable for settlers. We looked at what settlers would need to help us decide on which settlement we would choose, can you remember what the 3 essential needs are? Once we had chosen our site, in our short lesson we used our knowledge and team work skills to have a class debate about which settlement was the most effective. Miss Joinson was so pleased with how well we debated and showed great respect to each other while we were debating, well done!



In Science, we have learnt about the different parts of a plant and explained what their purpose is. We had a look at a real life plant and discussed the differences between an alive or dead plant. Turtles were phenomenal with their scientific knowledge!


Week 10 (W.C 11.11.19)

What an extraordinary week of learning in Turtles Class! As it was Remembrance Day on 11th November, we used our reading skills and retrieved key words from a poem (For the Fallen) and created our own 'black-out' poems. The children worked so hard and showed fantastic respect, well done Turtles!


A huge thank you to those who came to the Parent Consultations on Thursday (14.11.19). It was lovely to meet you all and to discuss how awesome your children are!



We have looked at a newspaper report WAGOLL (what a good one looks like) to help us when we come to publish our work next week. We are getting really good at identifying the features of a newspaper report and using the correct vocabulary when we're doing so. We can't wait to read your reports about the first sighting of the Iron Man!



In Maths this week, we have used our multiplication skills to help us answer division questions. We have focused on using the inverse, repeated addition with a number line and the sharing strategy to enable us to complete our division questions! Remember, if you know your times tables, they will really help you with your division!




We have started our new unit of work this week, Somewhere to Settle. We worked as a group to discuss what settlers needed, what settlers would have liked to have and also what settlers didn't need. Then we used this knowledge to annotate three different settlement pictures to see where we would get our water, our food and our wood from. The children's books are beautifully presented, well done!



In Science this week, we have looked at deciduous and evergreen trees. We sorted different names of trees into the categories and were able to say that deciduous trees leaves change colour and eventually fall off in the Autumn, however evergreen trees leaves stay on all year round AND stay green all year round too! 


I hope you all had a lovely half term break, welcome back!

Week 9 (W.C 04.11.19)

Turtles have certainly come back to school fully refreshed and showing determination in all aspects of their learning. What a brilliant first week back! A huge congratulations to our newly appointed Parliament members, Adam and Cato. We are really excited to have both of you represent Turtles, you'll both be fantastic! Another huge congratulations to all of the children that received their Red Reader certificate during Friday's assembly, it was lovely to see so many of Turtle class up at the front of the hall showcasing their love for reading. A reminder that the expectation at Waterside is to read 5 times a week, thank you for your continuous support.



We have started our new text this week and on Monday we had to put body parts together which created the Iron Man! We have fully enjoyed reading Chapter 1 of The Iron Man this week and have really worked hard in our reading into writing as we have answered questions about the text. Miss Joinson and Miss Marsh were particularly impressed with our summarising skills on Friday as we summarised the first chapter in our own words. Next week, we will be putting together our first Published Write of this half term, a newspaper report! We had a look at a newspaper report on Friday but it was all muddled up! We used our skills of what a newspaper should look like and cut up the sections to put it in the correct order. After we had arranged the report, we worked with our talk partners to highlight and annotate all of the features we could find. Miss Joinson and Miss Marsh were blown away as we were discussing the features using the correct vocabulary. Well done Turtles!

Challenge: Write a list of 'I wonder' questions you have after Chapter 1.



This week in Maths, we have been working on our multiplication skills and started the week with the 3's, 4's and 8's. We have looked at all the different strategies we can use to multiply numbers such as repeated addition, equal groups and by the end of the week we were learning about formal written methods when multiplying 2-digits by 1-digit. 


Next week, we will be using our multiplication skills to help us with division!

Remember to practise your times tables and division facts in your times tables homework books, we have our tests on a Monday.



We have come to the end of our Stone Age to Iron Age unit this week by learning about the Amesbury Archer. We looked at artefacts and decided whether they would have belonged to rich or poor people living in the Iron Age, we had some fantastic reasoning behind our thoughts. We ended with a P4C lesson about whether belongings are important after death, Miss Joinson and Miss Marsh were astounded with our philosophical reasoning!



We have started a new unit of work in Science, Plants and how they grow. We learnt about plants in Year 1 and Year 2 so this helped us write about what we already know and then we thought of questions that we want to know to extend our knowledge. We used iPads to research and create some brightly coloured posters about plants. Miss Joinson and Miss Marsh were so impressed with our wonderful art skills, we have definitely got a lot of budding artists in Turtle Class!

Week 8 (WC 21.10.19)

Wow! I cannot believe how fast this first half term has gone! All of Turtle Class have worked exceptionally hard and I am incredibly proud of every single one of you, a huge well done to you all! I hope you all enjoy your half term break!



In English this week, we have finished off our class text, The Sheep-Pig, by looking at inferring the characters thoughts and feelings in the form of an emotion chart. We are working really hard to find and copy the information straight from the text to help us understand more about a character. We finished off the week by watching Babe in our Golden Time and we were really excited to be able to see all of the characters! What differences did we find between the book and the film?



In Maths, we have continued to look at Time this week. We are still working really hard with being able to tell the time to the nearest five minutes and have even been able to use Roman Numerals on a clock face! Keep up with practising telling the time at home!



We have had Art Week this week in Turtles Class and both Miss Joinson and Miss Marsh have been overwhelmed with the tremendous artwork we have created! We have learnt about the artist Kimmy Cantrell and have adapted his way of art. A huge well done to you all! The artist's workshop that you created was incredible!



Week 7 (WC 14.10.19)

It has been a tiring week in Turtles this week but this has not stopped us from showing our determination to do the best that we can. Well done Turtles!



We have completed our character description on Mrs Hogget this week and have used some excellent writing skills such as similes, prepositions AND subordinating conjunctions. This has been our fourth published write this half term, Miss Joinson and Miss Marsh are extremely proud of us!



In Maths this week, we have started to build on from our learning in Year 2 about time. We have looked at the concept of years and months and recapped on the hours in a day. We have learnt lots of new vocabulary such as leap year, noon, midday and midnight. We are continuing with our learning into next week as we learn more about telling the time to 5 minute intervals. 



We have finished our Stone Age to Iron Age unit of work this week by having a workshop into school about the Ages of Early Man. Miss Joinson and Miss Marsh were so impressed with all of our knowledge that we had learnt from the last 7 weeks, well done Turtles!



Week 6 (WC 07.10.19)

A huge thank you for all your generous donations to our Harvest Assembly and for helping your child practise their poem and songs, it was a wonderful assembly!



This week in English we have begun a new genre of writing, a character description of Mrs Hogget. We looked at WAGOLL and found the features we need to include in our writing. We are going to publish our fourth piece of writing next week, we have worked incredibly hard this half term! Well done Turtles, Miss Joinson and Miss Marsh are really proud of you all!

Challenge: Can you remember the features that you need for a character description?



We have had an exciting week in Maths learning about estimating numbers on a number line and even finding the nearest number. Once again, we have impressed Miss Joinson and Miss Marsh by reaching the Gold challenges! Next week we are looking at time, can you start practising telling the time at home?

Challenge: What would the nearest number be to 476? 400 or 500?



This week in Encompass, we started to look into the Bronze Age. We used the iPads to research what jewellery they wore and then created our own pieces by using clay. We will bring these home next week so you can see our brilliant creations!



In Science this week, we have learnt about how magnets are used in everyday life such as a fridge and even a laptop! We then used our knowledge of what we have learnt so far about magnets and created our own magnetic maze game. We had so much fun creating and then playing our magnetic maze games!




Please practise the poem, Harvest Moon, ready for the Harvest Assembly on Friday 11th October, thank you!​​​​​​


We are also going to be singing these four songs so please keep practising these at home too, thank you!

It's Harvest Time -

Autumn Leaves -

Autumn Says Hello -

Harvest Samba -


Week 5 (WC 30.09.19)

Miss Joinson and Miss Marsh are super proud of all of Turtle class this week, we have had an awesome week!



We have extended our knowledge of letter writing to creating a persuasive letter. On Monday (07.10.19) we are going to publish our persuasive letter to Farmer Hogget, persuading him to allow us (Babe) to take part in the sheep-dog trials. 

Challenge: Can you tell someone at home what other words are used for a sheep-dog trial?



We have worked extremely hard in Maths week, most of us even reaching Gold! We have continued our learning with addition and subtraction but including mental methods of working out as well as column method. We found out that when adding ones, sometimes the ones and tens column changes and when adding tens, sometimes the tens and hundreds column changes. We have blown Miss Joinson and Miss Marsh's mind with how marvellous we are in our Maths!



This week in Encompass we were really lucky and built Stonehenge out of biscuits! Take a look at our pictures to see our fantastic creations. We used the biscuits to represent megaliths to create our monument as if it were in the neolithic era.

Challenge: Can you remember the definitions of megalith, monument and neolithic?



We have experimented with different materials this week, seeing if magnetic forces work through them. We used materials within the classroom and predicted what we thought magnetic force would go through and then conducted our experiment. We were extremely shocked to find that magnetic forces worked through the glass window on our class door!

Building Stonehenge out of biscuits!

Week 4 (WC 23.09.19)

Yet another fantastic week full of learning in Turtle Class!



This week in English we have started a new genre, letter writing. We have looked at the features of what make a letter and included these when we published our own letter on Friday! We received a letter from Fly's puppies about how they are getting on living at Farmer Green's Farm. The letter was informal and we decided to write back to the puppies but as if we were Babe. We are getting very good at writing from other characters perspective now! Our editing skills are improving and we have started to edit and revise by using 'ARMS and CUPS'. Both Miss Joinson and Miss Marsh are so impressed with our ever improving writing skills!

Challenge: Can you remember what you need to look at if we are editing using CUPS?



In Maths this week, we have been working on addition and subtraction. We started the week at adding and subtracting multiples of 100 and ended the week at adding 3-digit and 1-digit numbers, with an exchange! We used the dienes to help us with our understanding of exchanging ten ones for one ten but could also understand how numbers can be represented in different ways. Next week we are continuing our super knowledge of addition to help us with subtraction. 



This week we have been identifying the main features of a Stone Age settlement and identifying where in the UK Stone Age settlements have been found. We really enjoyed looking in Atlas' to see if we could find the areas, it was so much fun!



In Science we have enjoyed experimenting with two magnets to see whether different poles will attract or repel. We had a lot of fun trying our hardest to push north and north poles together and south and south poles together. 

Week 3 (WC 16.09.19)

What another excellent week of learning we have had in Turtle Class!



This week we have worked exceptionally hard with our writing skills. We have drafted, edited and published our first piece of writing; 'A Day in The Life of Fly'. We all wrote from Fly's perspective and told of all the jobs Fly has to do whilst living on the farm with Farmer Hogget. Miss Joinson and Miss Marsh are super impressed with our writing skills and they can't wait for us to showcase some more of our wonderful writing! 

Here are some tricky words from Chapter Four of The Sheep-Pig:

civil          mournful         confused     lame       dominate 

Look them up in a dictionary (don't forget you can use an iPad/tablet/phone) and find out what they mean. Can you use them in a sentence?



We have been marvellous mathematicians this week in both our maths lessons and our arithmetic lessons. We have been learning how to find 10/100 more/less of a given number and have even started to use the inverse operation to find a missing number. We learnt that if we are finding 10 more/less, then only the tens column changes and if we are finding 100 more/less, then only the hundreds column changes. At the end of the week, we embedded our knowledge of place value to compare numbers by using objects. We were superstars! Miss Joinson and Miss Marsh are incredibly proud of how we are starting to become more independent learners, especially in maths. 

Have a go at these challenges:




We have had a fun week as we continue to learn more about The Stone Age. On Tuesday, we started to learn about different structures that Stone Age people lived in. We used blocks to create our own megalithic structure, used iPads to research how Stone Age people lived and this to create freeze-frames as if we were in the Stone Age! On Thursday we had a real treat with a drama workshop which was led by Steve. We worked together as a team to create a short production about life in the Stone Age and then we performed to Miss Joinson, Miss Marsh and Mrs Edwards. All three teachers were incredibly proud of our confidence and amazing acting skills, well done!



This week in Science, we carried out an investigation to see whether a magnet has to touch a material for attraction to occur. We made predictions about the distance a magnet would be so it could attract a paperclip. After we carried out the investigation, our results showed that the magnet attracts a paperclip from 2cm! We spoke about the invisible force, called the magnetic field, and how the Earth even has its own magnetic field.

Challenge: What would happen to the distance if we used a bigger magnet?


Week 2 (WC 09.09.19)

We have had yet another busy week in Turtle Class, Miss Joinson is extremely proud of everyone!



We have started reading our class text (The Sheep-Pig) and have learnt about using adjectives to describe a character, writing in first person and some drama! We pretended to be Babe so we could get used to writing from a characters perspective. Next week we will be publishing our first piece of work as Year 3 authors. We cannot wait to show you what we have produced!

Challenge: Can you remember what the word 'perspective' means?



In Maths, we have completed lots of work to do with place value. We have learnt how to write numbers in digits and words, how to partition numbers in hundreds, tens and ones and even how to represent a number in different ways.

Challenge: Can you write the number 793 in words?



We have continued our learning about The Stone Age to Iron Age and learnt about some new vocabulary such as the paleolithic era, the neolithic era and the metal ages. We have also used iPads and prompt sheets to research what stone age people wore, what they ate and where they lived. We were surprised to find out that they wore animal skins that they had cleaned after hunting the animal for food!



We had a really exciting Science lesson this week as we managed to go outside on to the playground to find magnetic and non-magnetic materials. We made a prediction about what material we thought would be magnetic and then we tested the material when we were outside. Most of our predictions were correct so we were really happy! 

Challenge: Can you remember at least three metals that have to be included in a material for it to be magnetic?

Welcome back!

Week 1 (WC 02.09.19)

Wow! What a fantastic first week in Turtles class! We have been extremely busy this week creating lots of amazing art work, showcasing our brilliant writing skills and demonstrating marvellous maths. 



In English this week, we have done a lot of work on presentation and how our work should look in our books. We have introduced a new rule when we are writing; write a line, miss a line. The children have been working really hard on getting used to this rule, keep it up Turtles! Our text for this half term is The Sheep-Pig by Dick King-Smith. We have made predictions about what we think the text is going to be about and we are excited to get reading!


In Maths this week, we have continued to do a lot of work on our presentation so we are ready to produce beautiful work. We have completed some work on place value by recognising the place value of each digit in a three-digit number. How many hundreds, tens and ones are there in 846?


We have introduced our new unit of work, Stone Age to Iron Age, by writing what we already know and also questions about what we want to know. Thank you for all of the creative homework that you have brought in to school this week, I am overwhelmed with all of your wonderful creations! The children have enjoyed designing their own cave paintings by using chalk and crayons to portray a story (just like in the Stone Age!) Can you tell someone at home how cavemen used stone?


In Science this half term, we will be learning about Forces and Magnets. This week we have been able to write down what we already know and ask questions about what we want to find out. Do you know the names of any metals that are magnetic?

Week 36      24th June 

This week we have published our WANTED poster to find the Giant on the loose. We then performed them in a News Report style scenario using a loud, clear voice with expression. We really enjoyed reading our work out to an audience. The audience spotted any Year 3 or 4 skills including expanded noun phrases, adjectives, adverbs and subordinating conjunctions. 

In Maths, we applied our addition and subtraction skills to money and found totals using a price list. We then learned all about finding change and used the number line to find change from varied amounts. Some children went as far as from 20 pound, well done! We then applied all of our skills into problem solving and reasoning. We had to check the change we were given in the shop and say 'Excuse me!' if it wasn't correct. Keep practising using and understanding money, it is an extremely important skill.

In the afternoon, we looked at how society helps victims of natural disasters. We learned about charities that help, including the British Red Cross, Unicef and Oxfam. We discussed what could be done and decided whether we thought it was enough. Miss Smith was very impressed with the children's maturity during a sensitive subject, well done! 


Week 35     17th June

This week we have started a new genre of writing - a WANTED poster. A brutal giant has escaped the Queen's arrest and we need to find him before he causes any more harm. We described our giants and thought of effective words to use. Next week, we will be writing our first draft including subordinating conjunctions and a variety of openers. 

In Maths, we have been focusing on time. Miss Smith thinks that Turtles should be practising time at home, preferably with an analogue clock as this is what we were struggling with. In Year 3, we need to be able to tell the time in 5 minute intervals. 

In Science this week, we learned all about how a plug works and looked at how we are kept safe when using them. This linked back to our previous learning on insulators and conductors. Can you tell someone in your family how a plug works? 


Week 34    10th June 2019

This week, we had a terrible earthquake at Waterside. When we came in from lunchtime, the classroom was such a mess and we had to find out what had happened. We discovered there had been an earthquake so we found out how they happen and wrote our own newspaper report. Take a look at the photographs of our destroyed classroom below: 



In English this week, we have continued with our Non-Chronological report about The Bloodbottler. We have written and edited our first draft using Year 3 skills. Some of us used Year 4 skills including fronted adverbials and a topic vocabulary. We are looking forward to publishing on Monday and beginning a new genre. 

This week, we have worked hard to embed our Fractions skills in Maths. We had a recap on how to find equivalent fractions, order and compare fractions and find fractions of amounts. We then challenged ourselves even further by looking at adding and subtracting fractions when the denominators are different and solving tricky fraction word problems. We all showed great determination this week, Miss Smith is very pleased with our efforts. To end the week, we showcased our learning of fractions in our own Fraction Museum. We created our own exhibits explaining and showing different concepts and then observed each-other's work. 



Week 33   4th June 2019

Welcome back Turtles. I hope you've had a lovely week off and enjoyed time with your families. This week has been exciting as some of our children have been celebrating Eid. We also took part in lots of activities in school including creating our own Mehndi, mindfulness colouring, Eid related maths problems and an acrostic poem. We learned about why Muslims celebrate Eid and lots of children were able to share their own experiences or even relate it to their own religion, well done! Take a look at the photographs below...



In English, we have started our new genre of 'Non-chronological Reports'. We magpied the features of a good report and researched all about The Bloodbottler, the mean giant we are using as our topic. Can you remember any of our topic language?

Towards the end of the week we used our knowledge of place value to solve reasoning problems which some of us found really tricky. After some modelling, we showed determination and everyone managed to move onto even trickier problems. We ended the week by playing a place value game. Some children had 100s, 10s or 1s and our challenge was to make the smallest 3 digit number possible, or the biggest even number. We had to use our knowledge of place value to win the game and we enjoyed it lots. Take a look at some photographs below... 



Week 32    20th May 2019

The last week of term has been a busy one as usual. We started the week with a brilliant drama workshop relating to our Tremors topic. We acted out the process of a volcano and thought about the effects of natural disasters on residents and families. Take a look at the photographs below: 



As well as our workshop, we also continued our work on the BFG and published our first-person retell about Sophie's journey to Giant Country. We created our own dialogue, looking at the way the BFG speaks, adding action to build interest for the reader.

In Maths, we moved onto an exciting 3D shape topic where we learned about all the key words (face, vertices, edge, surface, curved, straight) and looked at the properties of specific shapes. Look at the photographs below of our learning: 


Week 31 - 13th May 2019

This week we have started to write our setting descriptions of Sophie's journey. We planned our writing and described how she travelled through villages, forests, the sky and finally entered a desolate wasteland. Next week, we will look at the BFG's dialogue, if you've watched the film, how does the BFG speak differently to us?

In Maths, we went back to Multiplication and challenged ourselves with worded problems and reasoning questions. Both myself and Miss Marsh were amazed with the progress the children made, especially showcasing their learning by creating their own problems. 

In the afternoons, we have been looking at Kandinsky's work. As his work is so colourful, we looked at the primary and secondary colours and had a go at colour mixing. We also looked at a variety of his work and made opinions based on what we thought it meant to us or represented. Take a look at the photographs below:  

Week 30 - 6th May 2019

This week we have published our re-tell of the first chapter 'The Snatch' from the BFG. We used lots of Year 3 skills including adverbs of time, place and manner. Can you remember what these are and give any examples? 

In Maths we have spent the week multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100, in particular discussing why we move the digits and answering missing number/reasoning problems. Miss Smith and Miss Marsh were very impressed with the progress we made, some of us moving onto diamond in every lesson this week! Keep up the good work!

The afternoon curriculum has been really exciting again! We continued learning about the Geography of the Earth and looked at the different layers it's made up of. To do this, we used a Mars Bar. Take a look at the picture below and try and label the chocolate to show what each layer represents. 


Can you see which parts the layers of a Mars Bar represent with Earth?

Week 29 - 29th April 

Welcome back! We hope you've had a lovely and well rested Spring half term. 

It was lovely to see all of the homework the children bought it, scroll down to see some examples. 

In English we have started writing using the BFG as our stimulus. After reading the first chapter we summarised, magpied and drafted the first section. This included a setting description and build up of tension when Sophie sees the dark, mysterious figure. 

In Maths we have focused on Division. We divided 2 digit numbers by a 1 digit number including working with remainders and presented this in a variety of different ways including a number line, partitioning and with counters. Some of us moved onto applying this with 3 digit numbers, well done!

The most exciting part of the week was making our Greek flat breads, thank you to those who donated money for the purchase of the ingredients, it is always appreciated. Take a look at some photographs below: 


To introduce our new topic of Tremors we made our own erupting volcanoes. There was a lot of excited noise and everyone really enjoyed watching the vinegar react with the bicarbonate of soda! See some photographs below: 

Welcome Back!

Just a quick update about our new topics for the term. We can't believe it's the Summer term already!

Encompass: Tremors (extreme weather)

English: The BFG by Roald Dahl 

Maths: Focus on reasoning, multiplication, division and fractions


A HUGE well done to children (and parents) for their amazing creative homework. Below are some examples of the standard we have received. Keep up the great work! 


Our Summer 1 Learning Environment

Week 28 - 6th April 

I think we're all ready for a break after the busy week we've had. 

Firstly, I would like to say a HUGE thank you to all the children for their AMAZING performance in Going for Gold on Friday. The effort and confidence you showed was unbelievable for Year 3! 


In English we focused on Dialogue. We created our own success criteria with everything we needed to include. Some of us included action in our conversations, making our writing more detailed and interesting for the reader, well done! Our dialogue was between poor Dorothy and the Munchkins. Find someone to act it out with over the holidays, using action and speech verbs. 


In Maths, we explored 'Length', we used the Maths dictionaries to find the meaning of key words such as unit, standard, non-standard, long, short, measure. 

We then thought about how length can be measured and answered some reasoning questions. See the pictures below: 


Week 27 - 1st April 

This week we published our character description of the Wicked Witch of the West. We used lots of features to build a picture in the reader's mind. Can you write a list of all the features we need for a description? Take a look at the example below to help...

In Maths, we applied our knowledge of fractions to solve problems using equivalent fractions. 

We compared fractions with different denominators and added and subtracted fractions after converting them! It was a tricky objective but we did really well!

The afternoons have been really exciting this week. In Encompass we have written, filmed or designed a poster to persuade people to visit the country Greece. We used our geographical knowledge of its physical and human features to do so. Try and persuade a family member to go using all of our persuasive features (power of 3, alliteration, exaggeration, positive adjectives and rhetorical questions)

Lastly, we observed shadows and experimented how shadows changed when the light source got closer or further away. Take a look at the pic collage below... 

Week 26 - 25th March

This week has been SO busy! We can't believe how many great experiences we squeezed into one week! As well as continuing with our usual English and Maths we had a local visit to the Victoria Hall to watch 4 of our Turtles perform in the Recorder Festival. It was lovely to see such support for our classmates and they did Waterside proud. Well done!

We also had a visit from a pottery workshop where we made our own Greek pots. Some of us struggled but it was the first time we'd tried and every adult said we were very eager and determined to learn. 

On Wednesday, we also had a visit from Jenny, a nutritionist who came to discuss how to be healthy and introduced us to the different food groups. We impressed her with our knowledge of fruits and vegetables, some of them were very unusual. 


This week in English we have started to write a character description about the Wicked Witch of the West. We learned all about show-not-tell and we found lots of descriptive language to use in our first drafts next week. 

In Maths we have revisited subtraction and all of us were fluent with formal subtraction including borrowing. Some of us moved onto problem solving - well done! 

Week 25 - 18th March

This week we wrote our class blog together. Next week, Miss Smith will choose 2 monitors to write it.

This week in Turtles Class we have been focusing on scaling in Maths. We learned that when you scale something up, you multiply and when something is scaled down, you divide. We found this tricky at first but we showed determination and will get there in the end!

In English we have been continuing to write our informal letters using subordinating conjunctions, informal language and using a chatty style. Miss Smith was very impressed with our writing, especially our up-levelled pieces of work.


In Encompass we learned about the Battle of Marathon and the two states, Athens and Sparta. Can you remember why didn’t get along?


Challenge: Think about how this links to our world today. Why do we have marathons?

Week 24 - 11th March

This week we have celebrated British Science Week! We received a letter to say we had to create our own special packages to protect a fragile object. We worked in groups to plan and resource then tested our inventions using an egg. Almost everyone's survived, well done! Take a look at some of the photographs below: 



As well as the egg protecting experiment, we also took part in a light investigation answering the question: Which materials are reflective? 


We planned our experiment together and took part in a carousel testing a high-visibility jacket, mirror, fabric, wood, plastic and foil. We found out that the foil, high-visibility jacket and mirror were reflective. Look at the pictures below:


Week 23 - 4th March

What an exciting week we've had! This week we celebrated World Book Day and dressed up as characters from our class story 'The Wizard of Oz'. Miss Smith and Miss Marsh were extremely impressed and proud that everyone made such a wonderful effort.

We took place in lots of different activities. 

In the morning we created our own book cover for the story and wrote our own short blurb to try and persuade people to read the book. The winner with the best book cover was Sophia Well done!

Then, we created our own word yellow brick road using words to describe Emerald City. We chose positive adjectives such as majestic, pure, vibrant, enchanting, magical. There were lots of lovely choices and the yellow brick road looked great when we'd finished. 

We also created our own artwork showing the contrast between Kansas and Emerald City - one being dark, dull and dreary, and the other being a colourful world of wonder. Take a look at the examples below: 



Week 22 - 25th February

Welcome back, I hope you had a lovely, well rested half term! We have had a busy week this week, straight back into our learning. 

In English we introduced our new story 'The Wizard of Oz' by L. Frank Baum which we are enjoying thoroughly so far. We used the week to learn about the main plot and the characters involved in the story. Our first piece of writing will be a Chapter 1 re-tell where Dorothy finds herself in Emerald City. We worked hard to think of descriptive language to describe the setting which we will use in our writing next week! Please see the pictures below... 

In Maths, we have revisited division. This is still a focus area and could be an area to focus on at home if you wish to do some extra home learning. We looked at dividing 2 digit numbers by a 1 digit number with remainders. 

e.g.     13 divided by 3     (you can fit 4 lots of 3 (12) and there is 1 left over so the answer is 4r1)




Week 21 - 11th February

This week we went on our Science trip to Chester Zoo! It was a great way to end a busy term and we enjoyed looking at all of the different animals in their habitats.

We saw mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish and birds on our visit and some of us were able to identify them as we walked round, well done! 

Take a look at some photographs from our trip below: 

Week 20

This week we have published our diary entry and started a new genre of writing - a setting description. Our aim this week is to describe Theseus' journey from Athens to Crete on his boat. We discussed the different senses and made a writing checklist. Can you remember any of the features for description? 

In Maths we continued with our fractions work - solving problems using all of our skills. Again, another reminder to practise your basic multiplication and division, these help in LOTS of other areas in the Maths curriculum. 

Encompass was interesting this week, we researched the daily life of an Ancient Greek - what did they wear? What did they eat? What did they do for a job? If you would like some extra homework, write a diary entry from an Ancient Greek's point of view using all of our research. 


Well done to those children who received their Travel Tracker badge for walking to school. It is the children's responsibility to record this in the morning so please remember to do so in order to get your badges. 


Don't forget it's Chester Zoo on Wednesday 13th February. Children need to be in school at 8:15. We are really looking forward to it! 

Week 19

We have had another fabulous week in Turtles Class, well done for all of your hard work!

This week in English we have written and edited our diary entry of Theseus. We included Year 3 features like exclamation marks, question marks, openers and time conjunctions. Miss Smith was particularly impressed with our style, it sounded like Theseus had written some of them himself, well done for getting into character. 

In Maths we have continued with our work on Fractions. Equivalent fractions was something we found difficult at first but our steps to success meant we were able to do it quickly by the end of the lesson: 

We did notice that our class were struggling with basic multiplication and division facts, remember to practise your times tables at home. How many 2s are in 2? How many 1s are in 4? These may sound basic but it needs to be embedded to aid with other areas of learning. 


The most exciting part of the week was Number Day where we read the story '365 Penguins' and carried out some Maths activities relating to it. Using our knowledge of the calendar we were able to solve tricky problems! Take a look at some photographs below... 

Week 18

What a busy week we've had! We showcased our learning of Ancient Greece in our Class Assembly which was sensational, the children were so confident considering it was their first assembly in KS2, Miss Smith was very proud. Thank you to all parents who turned up to watch and joined in our learning. Photographs will follow shortly, keep an eye out!


As well as our assembly, we continued learning about Theseus and the Minotaur, our Greek Myth in English. We are aiming to write a diary entry so we spent the week looking for the features and thinking about Theseus' thoughts and feelings. 

In Maths, we have continued to learn about Fractions, adding and subtracting them and learning all about where they would go on a number line. Some of us found this difficult but we persevered and got there in the end. 


Science was interesting this week as we learned all about the different animal kingdoms. Can you remember the name of them all? We chose one area to complete a poster on and shared our learning with the rest of the class. 

Week 17

In English, we have moved onto the myth Theseus and the Minotaur. We spent a lesson reading different versions and thought about the main ingredients for a good myth. We found out we needed a fantastical beast, an interesting setting, a problem and a good ending.

In the afternoon, we have focused on the physical features of Geography and learned about the mountains, dry climate and many islands. 

This week we have started our learning on Fractions! We discussed what the different vocabulary meant including: denominator, numerator, unit, non-unit and equivalent. Can you remember the definitions of these key words? This week we focused on finding fractions of amounts, take a look at the prompts below to support with your child's learning. 





Week 16

First of all Miss Smith would like to say a HUGE thank you to all parents for the effort made with the Greek costumes for our WOW day. It makes our day even more exciting when we're dressed up! I think it's safe to say we had a wonderful day with lots of amazing experiences. 

We learned the Zorba dance, tasted traditional Greek foods, used Greek mythology to sing music, found Greece on a world map and even made our own leaf headdress. 

We had a vote at the end of the day and we decided that as a class, our favourite part of the day was the food tasting, even if we didn't enjoy all of it (as you can tell from some of our faces on the photographs below)

Take a look at the photographs below... 


Week 15

What an exciting and busy week we've had! We performed in our Winter Production and Miss Smith was so proud. Well done to everyone for such a beautiful performance of 'Do you wanna build a snowman?'

We also visited the Church to sing Winter songs as a whole school, we were very loud and the Vicar was extremely impressed with our singing and reading of Winter poems. 

This week, our English has also been Winter related and we wrote descriptive sentences about a Winter setting. Some of us even used personification and metaphors! 

I hope you all enjoy a lovely Winter Break, keep safe and enjoy Christmas if you celebrate it. Happy New Year to All! :) 

Week 14

This week we have published our last piece of writing in 2018! It was a super persuasive piece of writing using all of the features we've magpied all week. Mr Wonka will be pleased with our work and I'm sure he'll get lots more visitors to the Chocolate Factory. 

In Maths we have used and explored money, adding amounts and working out different ways to pay for objects with the coins we were given. We enjoyed using the practical resources and remember to practise your money skills when you go to the shop with parents or family members. 

Encompass was exciting this week, we carried out our own Viking Trade Fair! We created our own trade, designed an ID badge and made a speech to sell our product. We really enjoyed using all of our knowledge for this task! 

Week 13

This week we have started a brand new genre, persuasion. It was important we knew what persuasion was so we have spent all week looking at different features to use and written examples of these to use in our own writing. Mr Wonka sent us an email asking us to help him to persuade people to visit his factory before he has to close it down! We agreed of course and we aim to write our first draft next week. 

In Maths we have been multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100 by moving the digits to the left or right. Can you write a steps to success on how to do it? 

In the afternoon we continued learning about Viking Gods and Goddesses and even created our very own God. We had lots of creative ideas including God of Beauty, Goddess of Weather and God of Fire.  

Week 12

We have had another busy week in Turtles Class. In English we began our second piece of writing where we are describing the Chocolate Room in the Willy Wonka's factory. We use lots of our skills including prepositions, adverbs, adjectives and similes to describe the setting and worked on when and how to use them so our writing sounds effective. This is a focus in Turtles class from now on to ensure we can reach Greater Depth. 

In Maths we moved onto Division and we used the number line method alongside basic bus stop using counters. We discussed the different methods of division including sharing into equal groups and counting in our times tables. We explored what remainders were before moving onto written methods for more tricky questions. See examples of the methods used below: 

Week 11

Multiplication has been our focus this week and we have been learning how to use the Grid Method and the Expanded Method (see below) to multiply 2 digit by 1 digit numbers. Some of us found this tricky at first but it's important we understand the steps to multiplication below moving onto the shortened column method. 

We also published our first piece of writing for this Half Term, a third person retell of Charlie Bucket finding the last golden ticket. I have to say, the writing was amazing with such a lovely style so well done to everyone!  

This week we had a fabulous time at Tatton Park attending our Viking experience day. We had a great time taking part in a shield war, making bread, weaving ropes and learning all about Viking weapons. It was a VERY cold but VERY exciting day and we all enjoyed it! See photographs from our trip below...

Week 10

What an emotional start to the week! We showed our respects for Remembrance Day which was a special one this year, marking 100 years since WW1 ended. We all took part in an art exhibition where we created a piece of artwork to sell in honour of the soldiers. Take a look at some examples of our artwork below: 

It was also Anti-Bullying week this week and so we celebrated by discussing the different types of bullying and how to prevent it in our school. In Turtles class we have a THINK motto where we always THINK before we speak (can you remember what the 5 letters stand for?)

We particularly enjoyed Science this week where we observed and described different rocks, finding out about the 3 different types there are. This week, we chose how to sort the rocks and next week we will sort them scientifically using our knowledge of the different types. Look at the photos below to see how we chose to sort them: 

Week 9

Welcome Back Turtles! We hope that you are well rested and ready for a busy Autumn 2 Term! 

This week we have had lots of exciting learning. On Monday, we found a Golden Ticket in our English books! This was to launch our new English book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We then looked at Charlie's thoughts and feelings to prepare for a re-tell of the moment he found the last Golden Ticket.

In Maths, we looked at Estimation. We discussed when we might estimate and how it would help us in our daily lives. Can you remember any examples? We then used rounding to find the best estimate to questions. e.g.  16 + 72 = 20 + 70 = 90 

In the afternoons we introduced our new topic of Rocks and Soils looking at what we already knew and discussing any questions we might have. 

Week 8

We can't believe it is the final week before half term! We've had a fabulous start to Year 3 and we are all ready for a well-deserved break. 

This week we have finished our Peter Pan topic and moved onto Spooky Stories ready for Halloween! We thought of spooky vocabulary to use to describe a scary setting. As a class we learned lots of new vocabulary such as desolate, abandoned, meandering and sinister. Our writing was very scary and Miss Smith was very impressed (and scared)!

In Maths we enjoyed learning about Measure, we measured objects using rulers, tape measures and trundle wheels before learning all about perimeter. On Thursday, we had an e-mail from a Professor asking us to help him find enclosures for his new dinosaurs. To do this, we had to complete lots of maths challenges! See the e-mail and some photographs of our learning below... 


Week 7

This week we have published our Non-Chronological report about pirates using all of the features we magpied last week. We looked at how to avoid repetition by using different nouns and pronouns in our reports as well as using technical language to make it sound professional. 

In Maths we applied our skill of addition and subtraction by answering worded problems. Some of us continued securing our knowledge of the skill whilst others moved onto tricky 2-step problems which is a Year 4 skill, well done!

In Encompass, we learned all about King Alfred the Great and discussed why he was considered to be a 'Great' king. We went through the timeline of events and how he became to be such a good leader. 

Science was an interesting lesson this week, looking at 'What is wonderful about water?'. We discovered that water exists naturally in all 3 states and looked at how this happened by evaporation, condensation, freezing and melting. 

Week 6

This week we have started to write our third published piece of the year. We are focusing on writing a Non-Chronological Report about Pirates. We have looked at the features, completed our research and planned our report ready to write our first draft next week. We were very interested with some of the facts we found. 

In Maths, we have used a formal method for Subtraction which we are becoming secure in. We struggled with the exchanging of tens and hundreds but using the counters helped us understand better. 

On Monday this week, we had the pleasure of going to All Saints Church to talk to a real life soldier. We compared the War in the past to today's army and looked at the different uniforms and weapons they would have used. Then, we were all lucky enough to make a poppy and dedicate it to a fallen soldier. 

Week 5

This week we have completed our setting description pieces of writing. Miss Smith was unbelievably impressed with our editing skills and is so proud of the end results. We used lots of adjectives, adverbs and prepositions to describe Wendy's flight and some of us used a variety of openers which is a year 4 skill! Well done to everyone in Turtles Class. 

In Maths, we have moved onto subtraction, learning how to exchange and use the counters to help us with our learning. Next week, we are moving onto the expanded method of subtraction:

In Encompass, we learned all about the life of an Anglo-Saxon including their diet, jobs, houses and clothing. We learned lots about their daily life which we will write about next week. 

Week 4

Week 4 has been another busy week but we have learned so much! 

In Maths we have moved onto Addition, adding ones, tens and hundreds onto 3 digit number using dienes. Next week, we will move onto expanded column method to add more complex numbers together.  

We have moved onto a new genre in English and will be writing a setting description this week about Wendy's flight to Neverland. We have thought about her senses and what she may see from above the city. Miss Smith can't wait to read them next week.

In Science we took part in an experiment to find out which liquid was the most viscous, using gravy, custard, honey and water. We found out that the most viscous liquid was gravy because it took the longest time to travel. 

In Encompass we have learned about the Anglo-Saxon timeline and used maps to find out where they invaded from and to. Take a look at our pictures below: 

Week 3

This week we have continued with our topic of Place Value and moved onto ordering and comparing numbers and writing 3 digit numbers in words and numerals. 

In English, we have edited Miss Smith's writing before editing our own, which was the first time we'd done this. Miss Smith was extremely proud of our final published pieces, well done!

In Science we have discussed what a solid, liquid and gas are, thinking about their properties and particles. Next week, we are excited to carry out our experiment. 

Encompass was a lesson we enjoyed this week, pretending to be a Monk in Anglo-Saxon times when the first Anglo-Saxon invaders raided their Monastery. We included all of English skills to make it an effective piece of writing. 

Week 2

This week we have had a great week of learning. In Maths we have been representing and identifying numbers with concrete materials including cheerios and marsh-mellows which we voted as our favourite method. This helped us to partition numbers to understand what 3 digit numbers are worth. 

In English we have started to write our diary entry, thinking about Wendy's thoughts and feelings during the night Peter Pan came to visit the nursery. We have learned all about time adverbials and will be using these in our final draft next week.

Our most exciting part of this week was our visit from a real life Anglo-Saxon Beornwulf who taught us all about what life was life as an Anglo-Saxon including their diet, jobs, objects they used and weapons. Take a look at the pictures below - thank you to all the parents for your hard work on our outfits. 

Week 1

Welcome back Turtles! I hope you have had a fabulous Summer and made lots of memories. 

We have had a busy first week back settling into our new classroom and introducing our new topics for the term. 

English: Peter Pan

Maths: Place Value, Addition and Subtraction

Encompass: Traders and Raiders (Vikings and Anglo-Saxons)

Science: States of Matter 

Our Classroom Environment - Autumn 2018

Turtles 2018-19 

Welcome to the class blog for Turtles Class this year. Please find last year's blogs directly below. We look forward to telling you all about our learning and showing you what we have been up to in our class. Thanks, Miss Smith 

Week 37


This week in English we wrote spooky setting descriptions and impressed Miss French! It was all about an abandoned church in the middle of the night!


in Maths this week we secured our knowledge of both multiplication and rounding and estimating! Miss French was very pleased with how much we could remember 


Week 36


What another marvellous week we've had in Turtles this week! In maths we started to learn about money, we have really impressed Miss French this week! We worked really hard through our challenges to try and get to platinum!! 


In English we we carried on looking st different features ready to help us write spooky stories next week! This week we focused in short sentences and repetition to build suspense! We have had some fantastic ideas! 

Week 34

This week in English we began to look at spooky stories. We all sat round and listened to Miss French read some to us and then we were able to magpie some of the ideas! We really enjoyed this and can't wait to continue next week! 


In in maths we recapped some multiplication and division. We confirmed that we are becoming maths superstars when it comes to remembering how to use formal methods!


we celebrated Eid on Friday and enjoyed planning our own Eid party and drawing and creating our very own mehndi patterns!

Week 33



This week in Turtles we tackled the task of learning Roman numerals. We really really impressed Miss French at how well we grasped them! We can now confidently read numbers 1-12 in Roman numerals and even complete addition and subtraction problems using the!



We are on our last task with the book Wizard Of Oz. We are writing a letter as if we are Dorothy to her Aunt Em and Uncle Harry to tell them all about the things she has been getting up to on her adventure to meet the Wizard! 

Week 32


What a busy week we had! Some of our class went away to Preston Montford and had an amazing time! The rest of us stayed at school with Miss French and Miss Smith and took part in some fantastic activities. 


We we did lots of shape investigations in maths and learnt lots of new things as well as consolidating all of our previous knowledge. In English we learnt how to write our own river poetry! The poems we produced were absolutely brilliant 

. We enjoyed performing these to our friends too! 

Week 31

We took our maths learning outside this week! It was so much fun! We looked for different angles on the playground to help consolidate our learning. 


On Friday in maths we completed lots of royal wedding challenges about time and 'what if' problems! This was lots of fun too! This was then followed by a Royal Street party on the playground with parents and lots of delicious food! What a great celebration we had! 

In English, we wrote a diary entry as if we were Dorothy, talking about the events in the first few chapters of the book! 

Hope you have a lovely weekend Turtles! x



Week 30


What another brilliant week had by all Turtles! We spent our English lessons finishing our character descriptions of the Tin Man and by Friday when we published, they were amazing!! We can't wait to read on in the story of the Wizard Of Oz! 


In maths we started to look at angles and the different names they have. We found this a bit tricky so we will carry on next week! 


For our encompass lessons we started researching rivers of the world and found out some amazing facts about different rivers. We also spent some time labelling a world map so we knew where all the countries were to help us locate the different rivers!


Our new science display is up too! We are enjoying our plants topic! 



We've got an action packed week next week! 


Week 28


This week we carried on looking at the setting of Munchkin Land in the Wizard Of Oz and produced some amazing writing! We really enjoyed imagining what it would be like to walk through such a colourful place! We used DADWAVERS to help structure our writing too! This really helped!


In Maths, we looked at using all 4 operations and solving them in word problems! We enjoyed the challenge of reading the problem and working out what we had to do!


We have planned an investigation in Science where we are going to look at what a plant needs to grow and what happens if we take one of those things away.

(Pictures to follow!!)


Have a lovely weekend Turtles!



Week 27


What a hot week we had for our first week back!! We had a lovely trip to want to stop see the River Trent to launch our new topic 'Flow'. 


In English we began reading our new text 'The Wizard of Oz' and we are absolutely loving it!!

In Maths we continued some fraction work. We were comparing fractions to find which was the greater fraction out of a selection.



WK 24: We have had a fantastic time at Magna science museum. We learnt so much and enjoyed exploring all of the amazing pavilions.

WK 24: This week we have begun to rehearse for our Easter performance "Rise and Shine" we can't wait for everyone to watch.

WK 23: We have been learning how to read, write and find fractions of amounts using concrete and pictorial methods.

In English this week we have been generating vocabulary in order to write our instructions on How to reassemble the Iron man.

We celebrated world book day by dressing up as Wally! from Where's Wally and we took part in lots of reading activities. It was a fantastic day to spend time enjoying our favourite books.

Enjoy a wintery snow day!


Here are some challenges:

How many snowballs can you throw in a minute? Can you improve your score?

How long does it take you to build a snowman as tall as you? Record the time in minutes and seconds.

Finally how long do you spend playing outside today? Record the time at the start and then the end. How many minutes were you outside? How many hours and minutes? Have fun!



Whilst enjoying the snow think of figurative language to describe the snowy scene? Use your senses. What can you see, hear, feel, smell....and may be taste!?

Write up a short description of your time outside? ❄️⛄️☃🌨


World book Day!

Whilst enjoying a nice, warm cup of hot chocolate research sit back with your favourite book to celebrate world book day.

Write a character description of your favourite character. Include lots of descriptive language so that we can really picture what they look like. 

Can you write an alternative story? What different aspects could you change to make it your own?

Make a piece of artwork which represents our favourite story and have fun.

Share what you have enjoyed doing when you come to school tomorrow?

Have a fun-filled snowy day 😄

WK 21: In English this week we had to decide whether the Iron man should help the world. We each took part to go down conscience alley and hear the different points of view.

We have been perfecting our skills in gymnastics ready for our final performance.

WK 20: To finish our Online Safety week this week we watched Y5 and Y6's performances which taught us how to be safe and positive online.

English: To finish our newspaper report genre we performed our published pieces as a news report.

WK 19: To end the week we took part in a fabulous Number day. We read the book spaghetti and meatballs completed a maths investigation related to perimeter.

We really enjoyed the performance of "The case of the missing number" on number day. It was a really fun way to learn how to solve problems in maths.

During our English lesson we role played scenarios from the Iron man story when a strange being flew to earth. We used out role play to help write direct speech in a newspaper report.

WK 18: In our encompass lesson this week we explored different materials whilst making models of playground equipment ready for our final design.

WK 17: This week in our encompass lesson we visited Hanley park because our new topic is mighty metals. We have a challenge from the council to design and make a model of new equipment for the park. We explored the forces and the materials used to make it.

Maths: This week we have been exploring different methods to solve multiplication sums.

English: We have begun to learn about the features of a diary ready to write our own diary entry from the point of view of Hogarth, the young boy from the book The Iron Man

Week 16: Welcome back and Happy New Year! Thank you all so much for the time and effort put into your homework. The robots make an excellent addition to out classroom. Take a look at our classroom now!

English: We have started our new English topic by predicting what will happen in our new novel 'The Iron Man' After we made our prediction we used it to write our own blurb.

In PE This week we have been learning new skills in Gymnastics and we can't wait to learn even more with our new coach, Myles form Bee Active.

Week 15: To end our Predator topic we made masks of our ultimate predator and our parents were invited in to help us. We had a fantastic creative afternoon and it was an amazing way to end a brilliant topic.

Science: To end our topic on sound we made a short documentary with friends about how sound travels.

Mighty Metals!

For our new topic our challenge area will have a robots workshop theme which will also reflect our new book in English, The Iron Man! Can you make a robot to go into this area?

You could use anything around the house to build a robot or use the robot template provided. Make it as big or as small as you want. When you have finished could you write a character description about your robot? Give it a name, describe its appearance then write about its behaviours and personality. 


Have a fun day making your robot friends.


Related image


In maths this week we will be learning about time. Here are some challenges:

How many snowballs can you throw in a minute? Can you improve your score?

How long does it take you to build a snowman as tall as you? Record the time in minutes and seconds.

Finally how long do you spend playing outside today? Record the time at the start and then the end. How many minutes were you outside? How many hours and minutes? Have fun!



Whilst enjoying the snow think of figurative language to describe the snowy scene? Use your senses. What can you see, hear, feel, smell....and may be taste!?

can you write up a short description of your time outside? ❄️⛄️☃🌨



Whilst enjoying a nice, warm cup of hot chocolate research Christmas traditions around the world. If you don't celebrate Christmas are they similar to any traditions you have for your celebrations? 

What traditions do you already have in your house ready for Christmas? Are they a family tradition or do others share this tradition?

Share what you have found out when you come to school tomorrow?

Have a fun-filled snowy day 😄


WK 12: We have had another memorable experience this week when Zoo2u came to visit us to she us a number of different predators. Some small and some large. We even managed to stroke them.

To end our week we went to the YMCA to sing Christmas songs for the local community. We even sang live on the radio on BBC Radio Stoke, it was a brilliant afternoon.

Maths: In maths this week we have been learning to identify and compare fractions. We used concrete apparatus to support our understanding, we even used each other to show fractions.

English: We have been gathering vocabulary together ready to write a letter to the RSPCA to complain about how The Twits are treating the animals in their garden.

WK 11: The turtles ar becoming experts at using concrete apparatus to solve maths problems. This week they have use place value counters to subtract numbers up to 3 digits and will then move onto pictorial and abstract.

This week the Turtles performed their assembly about all their learning from their topic ' Predator' they showcased their learning so brilliantly and they should all be proud that they achieved ' A play in a day' Great work Turtles!!

WK 10: We are really enjoying playing and competing in team games especially the game that Tom, from Bee active, has taught us.

To help us write the instructions of our Twit's tricks, we acted them out in order to see what order we would do things and to figure out what we would need for the trick.

In English this week we discussed disgusting a revolting ways we could play a trick n the Twits.

This week in maths we have been using a rounding mountain to help us rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100.

WK 9: To introduce our new topic 'Aquatic Predators' Year 3 and 4 went on a trip to Blue Planet in Cheshire. We had an amazing time and seeing the different animals there was breathtaking!

WK 9: In our encompass lesson this week we finished our topic of 'Air predators' by dissecting owl pellets. It was amazing what you find in an owl pellet. We identified the different bones and then tried to assemble the skeleton back together, which was very tricky but we had fun doing it.