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A half term story read in preparation for returning on the 1st June 2020

Home Learning in Duckling Style- 18.5.20

Week 4 Summer Home Learning

Another wonderful week of home learning undertaken by my clever little ducklings. There has been some outstanding effort and incredible outcomes had many many of the class. I am sure you will agree, the work continues to be at the highest standard it can be. Thank you for all the emails, photographs and kind well wishes that have been sent. It has been nice to stay in touch and see the happy faces of my class members. Well done to all. 


Week 2- Part 3 Extra Pictures for Home Learning

Week 2- Part 2 More Wonderful Home Learning

Summer Term One- Week 2


From haircuts, to painting sheds, to cooking all sorts. The nursery children are really making the most of the home learning activities. I so proud and can I just say, that all of the food pictures are making me so hungry. The food looks so yummy!

Thank you for all of the wonderful home learning that you have been doing with your families. You are doing an amazing job! I hope you are enjoying the learning activities and play based tasks to complete with your family. It has been great to see you making the most out of the weather. I am so proud of you. 


For those who haven't seen the online page, please go to the 'Parent' section of the website, then to 'COVID19', 'Home Learning' and to our class page- 'Ducklings'. There you will see the learning matched to the successes of the children on this page.  


Here is a second lots of photographs sent for this week. I am sure you will agree, the work and effort is of an outstanding level. As your teaching, I couldn't be any more proud of you, as I am right now. You truly are my wonderful, delightful, little ducklings. 

All my love and huge hugs to you

Mrs Fraser 


Home Learning- Week 2 Covid-19

Home Learning- Week 1 Covid-19

Brooke has been a very busy bee at home this week. 


Ellia has been super at learning at home this week. I have loved her daily updates. I couldn't be more proud of the effort her and her sister are putting in at home. Ellia's mum is doing a super job of home learning with the girls. See what she has been up to below.!Ag3k4dj0vJfbggD0aU8dOCaDYCSW


Leon's home learning- Great to see your learning this week also involved the outdoors. Keep smiling!!!

Good Morning Boys and Girls, 


I hope you have had a lovely weekend at home with your family and have enjoyed the sunshine. I am sorry to say that I wont be seeing many of you for the coming weeks, however that does not mean that I will be forgetting you. You lovely droplets have had a marked impact on my life and the lives of Mrs Cartwright and Miss Goodwin. Not matter whether your in school or at home, we will be here when you need us. I will be phoning or emailing to keep in touch, so that I can be assured that you and your families are safe. 


I know at the moment there seems to be a lot of worry and unrest going on around you, but the nest thing you can do is keep yourself smiling and keep yourself busy. That way the grounds can think about all the grown up things and you can carry on be the amazing, well behaved learners and children that you are. 

As I am not able to teach many of you face to face, you will find that on the COVID 19 page of the school website, I have under our class page, set up some wonderful learning opportunities for you to complete with your mummies, daddies or even your brothers and sisters. 

There will be new things added daily. Some will keep you in our normal daily routine, while others you will get to pick from. However, these are for you to have fun with. 


Please keep yourselves and your family safe by washing your hands and tidying away your toys, like you do at school when you have finished. They will be there then for the next day. 


I do hope you have a lovely week home learning with your families. If you are worried in any way, ask your mummy or daddy to email me and I will send you a special hello and message back. 


You might not be able to see me, but I am just at the end of a phone or on the end of an email. I've not gone far. If I am brave enough, I might try to video myself sending you a little message. You will just have to wait and see. 


For now, look after yourselves. 

We miss you all lots 

Mrs Fraser (on behalf of the team) 


Corona Virus- COVID 19- Week Beginning 16th March 2020

Unfortunately, the government have taken the decision for the schools to close, unless your child fulls into the vulnerable learners category or a parent is classed as a Key Worker.  Therefore, as this means that most children will at home, we have put together packs of learning to be completed at home with parents. This is to ensure that there is some form of learning for your child at this current time. 


In additional your children will be provided with a variety of learning opportunities online. This will all be found through the COVID 19 page on our school website, as outlined below. 


Self isolation Home Learning:

Please go onto our parent area and click onto the Corona Virus- Covid 19 page and go onto home learning, find our duckling page and there you will find activities for your child to do whilst they are not accessing education in school. 


We hope that during this time, your find the activities enjoyable and fun to complete. Should you need any support, please feel free to email me. 


Please stay safe and look after eachother. On behalf of myself and my lovely ladies, I can say that it as always a pleasure to work with your children and yourself. We know these are difficult times, but we will do what we can to support the learning of your child. 


We will miss the children dearly who are not in school, but also will continue to provide the best care and support for those children that will continue to be in school. 


Lots of Love to you and your family, 

Mrs Fraser and the Nursery Team .

Week 24


What an exciting week of learning and fun in the nursery this week. Another week where we have linked in with the whole school and national learning events being celebrated across the UK. 


This week has been National Science Week, therefore our science/understanding of the world focus has been around plants and seasonal change.


We have learnt about what plants need in order to grow and become healthy plants and have also learnt about seasonal change. 

Our art outcomes this weeks have enabled us to show our understanding of seasonal change.


Look at the link below to see one of the resources we have used this week. You can use these with your children at home, to help them to revisit and review their learning, to ensure that it is embedded learning which can be built upon in the future. Seasonal Change - What plants need to grow How a seed becomes a plant


The children have also been preparing for their in school celebration for Mother's Day. They have been learning a variety of songs, which are all ready to be prepared to our delightful mum's next week. We are confident that they will enjoy our performance next week, where they will also be joining in with learning activities in the classroom. 


In addition, the children have also been learning about the importance of washing their hands in order to keep themselves and others safe and healthy. This has been in line with the government recommendations, due to the outbreak of a virus which is spreading across the globe. The teachers have taught us to wash our hands to the song 'Happy Birthday to You' and how we can blow our nose and dispose of our tissues immediately, covering our hands in a hand gel, which helps to kill germs. Although the children do this really well, it never hurts to ensure we are doing it to the best of our ability. The new station in our classroom has helped us to work on our personal hygiene, whilst in class. 


Remember at home to follow the following hygiene routine.



This will all help to protect you and others from spreading germs and becoming unwell. If we all do our bit, we can help to keep ourselves and others healthy. 


Have a happy week of learning int he coming week.


The Nursery Team and Nursery Little Gems




Week 23- World Book Day


This week the children have been extremely busy exploring the story book 'We are going on a Bear Hunt'. The children have used this to learn about the structure of a story, positional language and to join in with repeated refrains in the story language. 


In the learning environment, the children have also learnt to use their imagination, knowledge of the story and development of story language, to retell the story with props. From the evidence in their learning journey books, it is clear to see that they had a lot of fun. 

Some of the children were also able to organise the story into the correct sequence, which allowed them to apply their maths knowledge. 


Click on the link below, to share the interactive story with your child and the author.


On Thursday this week,  the children celebrated the National World Book Day event. During this day, the children got to share their favourite books with the teacher and their class friends. They also got to snuggle up with their books, whilst dressed in their pj's and drinking hot chocolate. The children absolutely loved having the hot chocolate and taking part in this wonderful day. 

The children learnt new rhymes , such as 5 fish swimming in the ocean and they also completed a variety of different activities. It was certainly a busy day of learning. 




Next week is Science week, so look out for the children's learning. The focus will be on plants and seasonal change. 


Here's to another busy week at base camp in Nursery

The Nursery Learners and Staff x

Spring Term Two- Wet, wet and wet!

Welcome back to a wet and windy start to Spring Term 2. Unfortunately as you will know, the wet weather made it's way into the Nursery classroom this week. As a result of the heavy rain, we ended up with a leaky roof. When Mrs Fraser arrived at school at 7.30, it was clear to see that we had a soggy carpet and wet learning resources, therefore for safety reasons we had to make the decision to close. This decision is never easy, but your children's safety is the most important thing for us. During that day, we had people to come and look at the problem, which in turn gave us some equipment to dry out the carpet. 


On Tuesday, the carpet was dry and it was back to business as usual, although the area with damage was still out of action. The children dealt with extremely well and got to learn about how technology is used in different ways. The teachers will always find a teaching point in whatever is going on!


This meant that the class also got to enjoy pancake day, whereby they listened to the story of the 'Run away pancake'. They then got to make and taste pancakes, followed by a pancake race outside. The children had lots of fun and again learnt about keeping themselves safe around hot cooking equipment. The children also worked on recalling the story and joining in with repeated parts from the story. 

From the evidence collected by the children, it was clear to see they had a lot of fun and this taught them about some of the traditions that people all over the country celebrate each year. 



During the week we have also had a big focus on colour and colour mixing, as this was a shared next step for the class. Our learning was based around the books 'Mouse Paint' and 'Mix it Up!'


The children then got to explore colour in different ways and investigated different ways to make new colours. It certainly was a colourful experience. 


This learning was then celebrated on a display added to the school corridor. Can you guess who got their hands covered in paint? 

A little clue is that her hands are not much bigger than ours! We hope you like what we did with our learning. 


As Mrs Fraser said on the last post, it was progress week before the holidays. That has now all been logged onto the school tracking scheme. The words Mrs Fraser used to describe our progress in  learning was 'incredible'. Every child is working extremely well to ensure they are the best they can be. Progress continues to be 'outstanding'. We all gave ourselves a well earned pat on the back. 


This half term, we will continue to work on our next steps, such as learning to write our name, to develop our play in a group, to describe texture and to identify shapes in the environment. These are just a few to get us going. 


Well, it's time to fly and get on with next weeks learning. 


See you soon

The Nursery Children and Staff 

Week 6- 21 Progress Week


This week we have been working hard to secure the learning that has taken place this half term. The adults have been busy observing us during our learning through play and they have identified once again where we need to take our learning next half term. 


We have revisited and reviewed all of our nursery rhymes that we have been learning and have shown that many of these have now gone into our long term memory. 


This half term has flown by and as you can see from all the photographs below on our blog, that every moment in our learning has gone some way to prepare us for the future. We have had lots of fun and have made lots of memories once again. 


Mrs Fraser will give you an update after the holidays as to how our progress is showing in relation to data. You will be pulling all of our tracking together, to see how much progress we have all made and to plan new learning opportunities, based upon our next steps. 


Keep checking the blog next half term for an update. 


Many thanks

The children and Nursery Team x


Week 5- 20


This week the children have continued to work extremely hard. They have focused all week on ways to develop a healthy mind, with it being National Mental Health Week 2020. As part of their learning, the children have listened to stories about being brave and have shared their own personal experiences of when they have needed to be brave- the theme of the National event. 


The story they shared was 'The Bravest Little Fish'. The children learnt about how to recall the key parts of the story back to their friend, as part of developing their literacy and listening skills. Copy the link with your parents below into Youtube to revisit the story.


The children have also learnt to share with others the things that make them feel proud. The teachers shared with the children that they are proud of them everyday for the wonderful things that they do. The children welcomed this praise and discussed how it made them feel receiving positive praise. The children then also spent the week sharing their own positive praise with their friends as a means of boosting each others self esteem and self belief. 


You can find more information here.


Week 4 (19)


This week the children have based their learning around the story 'Dear Zoo', which was chosen by following the interest of the children. 

They have loved exploring the book and joining in with the repeated parts of the story. The children have learnt to retell the story and order the story into the correct sequence. They have also learnt to act out the story in the role play area. 


This week the role play area changed to be the zoo. The children have been caring for the animals in the zoo and have learnt how to care for their environment also.


The children have created lovely art work, which has been based around their understanding of animals being able to camouflage themselves when needing to hide from their prey. The children's work will be going up this week on display.



The children have continued to learn about the safe use of computers and how they should ask people when taking photographs for their permission. This is because we are having a big focus on how we can keep ourselves and others safe.


We are now starting to focus on writing our names. This will be done in lots of ways, but we would ask that you also help your child at home with this. The more the children work on it, the more confident writers they will become.


Next week, we will be joining in with National Number Day. So please decorate your child in numbers to help them have fun on this day, where they will be working on a variety of number activities in class. 


Hoping you have a lovely week

Duckling Class x


Learning in Action

Dear Zoo- Classroom Environment

Week 3 (18) Celebrating the Chinese Culture in Style in Nursery


It has been a sensational week in Nursery this week, as we have learnt all about the Chinese New Year Celebration. As part of our learning we have been able to; cook and taste Chinese food, researched the story behind the Chinese New Year, learnt about the giving of money in little red wallets and have learnt how to use the chopsticks as tools for eating. We have also watched and learnt about Chinese music and Chinese dragon dancing and have used what we learnt to create our own music using the class percussion instruments, along with dancing like dragons, using different materials. Our classroom smelt lovely with our wonderful cooking and at the safe time we got to learn about the ICT that helps us to cook our food. During the week we used Google for Kids- Safe search in order to find out about China, Chinese people, their cultural celebrations and to help us watch videos of Chinese dragons dancing in big events. 


The classroom was full of Chinese activities which we loved exploring. We were all really good at using the chopsticks, but Mrs Fraser kept dropping her noodles, when she was with us this week. She has continued in sharing our wonderful learning ideas with her friends at Kidsgrove Primary too! 


We had an extra pair of hands in the nursery this week, which helped us to adapt our behaviour to different social situations and with adjusting to different people. We always loving having new faces in our classroom. 


Our parents also came to a workshop this week with Mrs Cartwright. It was lovely to share with our parents, how they can help us at home to develop our love of stories. We can't wait to see more parents coming in to class to see what we are up to in our learning. 


We hope you found the internet safety leaflets useful at home, so that you know ways to help us stay safe when our our gadgets and computers. It is important you make sure we are only watching games and videos that are suitable for our age. If not, then we aren't as safe as we should be.


The teachers this week have talked to us about safety on the internet and when we have been researching new things, we have done this safely in class with the teachers to support us.  We know the safety rules for online. Mum's and dad's can you please check on our gadgets that they are safe and have the age restriction settings on. This will really help us to stay safe. 


Well here's to a lovely new week next week folks. 


The Nursery Children and Nursery Team


Week 2 (17) of the Spring Term,


It's been an icy cold week in the nursery this week. Although there hasn't been snow outside, that hasn't stopped us from exploring ice with Mrs Fraser. This week we went at looked at technology and compared how things can either make things warm or keep them cold. 

We learnt about the job of the microwave and the fridge/freezer. 


We looked at arctic animals this week too! You can imagine how we all feel in love with the penguins from the Antarctica and the polar bears from the arctic. Most of us did not know that a penguin was a bird, so we have learnt something new. We have learnt that polar bears need lots of blubber in order to keep themselves warm. 


On the whiteboard we looked at video clips of how the frozen kingdom animals move and then we went into the hall to act out their movements with our bodies. We had great fun and we think we would make great polar bears and penguins, although we are not many of us like the cold weather. Mrs Cartwright was also the best dressed penguin in the nursery. We wish she could dress like this all the time. 


Our story book was Emperors Egg, where we got to learn lots of facts about penguins. We all really enjoy this book and this helped us to recall information that we had heard aloud. 


Mrs Fraser has been back with us after helping Mrs Knowles in another school. We were all really pleased to have her back and we kept her busy working on polar bear drawings with us, which she turned into a classroom display. She also helped us to complete a science investigation, looking how we could melt ice in the quickest way. We were great at making predictions and then finding out. 


Next week we will continue some of this learning, but we will also being looking at different people and how they celebrate in the world.


Here is to another cold week folks. Wrap up warm and enjoy the learning to come. 


Your little Ducklings, Mrs Fraser and the Team x



Week 2 In Action

A few pictures of the environment and the lovely learning outcomes on display from our first few weeks back.

Welcome back to all of our lovely Ducklings for the Spring Term Learning to come.


I hope you have all had a lovely two weeks at home celebrating Christmas or enjoying the Winter holidays with your family and friends. It was so nice to see you all back in school looking so well. Most of you did well to settle back into school life this week, with an odd one or two needing a few extra cuddles from the adults to help them settle back in. Giving cuddles is our medicine in the nursery and whenever you need a cuddle, you can have one. 

This week it has been wonderful to listen to you sharing your memories about what you have experienced over the holidays and the lovely presents you have received from Santa. You are all so lucky! As teachers we captured your experiences in the form of your pupil voice and added these to your learning journeys. Some children had lots to share, while others remembered and recalled main events. Through your talking we got to learn about what and who is special to you from your immediate or extended family. 


This week the nursery environment has once again changed. We have now entered the Winter months (despite it being called the Spring Term). Therefore, the children wanted to go with a frozen theme for their home corner. Elsa and Olav have come to help us with our learning.


We have this week learnt about some of the places in our world that are cold and have compared this to places that are warm, especially as Mrs Cartwright (our EYP) comes from Australia where it is very hot. We have learnt that polar bears live in the North Pole and Penguins live in the South. We have learnt how their fur and feathers helps to keep them warm. This has then helped us to also learn that we need to ensure we keep our bodies warm as part of looking after ourselves and keeping healthy, especially when it has been so cold outside.


Together we have started to secure our knowledge of 2d shape recognition this week and as a result, have created 2d shape penguins to form one of our new classroom displays for this term. Look out for the finished display next week on our blog. 


Well folks, that is a little about our first week back. There is much more we can tell you, but for now that is a little to keep you updated on what we have been up to in the Nursery. 


For all our parents, if you need anything at all then please come and see Mrs Fraser and the team. At the minute, I myself (Mrs Fraser) am also doing some working with Mrs Knowles to support another school, so if you don't see me at the door you will know why. I am however in and out ensuring that your children continue to receive the best teaching positive. Mrs Foster will also been joining the nursery team to support your children, when I am out. This will only strengthen the opportunities and support that your children receive in the nursery. 


Should you need me you can email through the school office and it will be forwarded to myself. I will be only too happy to reply. 

I look forward to seeing you all this week and seeing our magic weaver in Nursery show what they have learnt. 


Have a lovely week everyone. 

Mrs Fraser and the Nursery Team  




Week Ending 13.12.2019

The Winter Corridor

This week the children have been extremely busy working on their Christmas cards, calendars and the class winter display. The children have worked extremely hard and have produced lovely and varied art work, demonstrating a range of expressive art skills. The children have also learnt about the story of the Christmas Nativity. The children know that children in our class celebrate different events due to their religious beliefs, but understand that we can all support eachother in our celebrations. 


As part of the learning, the children were able to order the main events from the story and could also recall through talking the main events from the story. 

Learning to take turns in play

Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day

Today all of the children across the school came to school in their Christmas jumpers. This was to help us to donate money to the 'Save the Children' charity, which helps children all over the world in any different ways. As a class we took a photograph of ourselves to show how we participated in this event and for us to reflect on how lucky we are to have such a lovely school to come to and supportive parents that are behind us, making sure we have good things. 

Matching Outfits are a hit in FS1

Mrs Cartwright and Anna came to school in matching outfits. Mrs Fraser thought they had arranged to wear the same outfit, but as it turns out, they just have the same dress sense. What a lovely pair of Santa's helpers they are. 

Festive Fun with the Christmas Lunch

Today the full time children in the nursery got to sit and have their Christmas lunch with Mrs Fraser. They put on their hats and pulled open their crackers, whilst eating their lunch. The children loved tasting new foods, such as sprouts and stuffing. The best bit the children loved was their festive biscuits, which the catering team had decorated in different ways for us. 



Week Ending 6th December 2019


This week, there has been an even bigger push on own personal learning journey. The teachers have taken our tracking grids and looked at the gaps in our learning. Together with their support and our wonderful activities in our indoor and outdoor environment, we have been able to close those gaps and move our learning forward. Some of the common things we were struggling with, included; being able to kick a ball, using prepositional language, making enclosures through our construction work and finding shapes in our environment. These are just a few areas that were common to groups of us. Our activities helped us to achieve in these areas. Throughout the week the teachers asked us lots of questions to help us develop our understanding of question types further. 


We have also been able to access new wooden toys that Mrs Fraser kindly had donated to our class. They have helped us to develop our skills of turn taking and sharing. We are very lucky to have such lovely new wooden resources and are very grateful to Mrs Fraser's friend. 


This week our classroom was hit by Winter and Festive Magic along with a celebration of our learning this half term!

Our Learning

We have also this week learnt about the Nativity Story, as some of the children in our class begin to prepare for the celebration of Christmas. Although, not all of us celebrate Christmas because we belong to a different faith groups, we have shown respect towards our friends and have supported them in their preparations. It has also allowed each individual to develop their our own understanding of other's faith and religious/cultural experiences at this time of year.  We have learnt about how our friends put up Christmas trees in their home and how they open a door each day of their calendar. We have all joined in with that tradition, as Mrs Fraser gave each of our groups a calendar that the children could take turns in opening on the countdown to Christmas. For some that is the countdown to Santa coming, for others it is either the count down to the celebration of the birth of baby Jesus or for others the Winter holidays. 


Each of us is getting excited now as we prepare for our Nativity production. We have been learning the songs in our class and are now familiar with the songs. Next week we will be coming together with Reception to get it performance ready. We do hope you are looking forward to this. We are! For all of you, get your tissues at the ready!



If you want to help us learn the songs then please click on here. You will see other children performing these songs, but singing at home along with the video will help us stay in time with our friends when we are at school. Click below.


Please if you haven't already can you bring my costume into school, with my name written on it, then the teachers will know which things belong to us. There are 43 of us in Nursery, so you can see why labelling our clothes is important. If you hand them to the teacher they will put them safe. That way, by performance day, we should all be ready. If you haven't received a letter to say what is needed, please ask the nursery teachers. They will be happy to help. 

Tickets are now on sale on the school money site. Please purchase them on there. If you have any problems, please see the office. 


Well here's to another busy week. There's lots of festive traditions to carry out this week, so look out for nice things coming home over the next few weeks. 


Have a happy week,

From the Nursery Children and Nursery Team x

Week Ending 28th November 2019


It's been a pleasant and rewarding week in the Duckling Class. This week we have been focusing on the nursery rhyme 'Hey Diddle Diddle'. 

As part of learning the nursery rhyme, we have also learnt about prepositional language such as; over, above, behind, next to. 

We learnt to understand these words and how to use them appropriately when talking to describe the position of ourselves and objects. Use this web link to help your child work on learning this nursery rhyme. 



The children this week have also had a visitor in the classroom. Builder Sean from Seddon's building company has been helping us to learn about the occupation of a builder and about the types of materials that are being used to build our school four new classrooms. 


The children were all able to listen to what a day in the life of a builder is like. They were also able to sit and listen for a sustained amounts of time, whilst focusing on what was being said. The children were able to cope with a change in their daily routine, having a visitor in the classroom and when going outside to look at the building work around school.


The children began to learn about how things work and the materials that were being used . The children also began to learn new words that describe the texture of the materials being used too. 

On Friday, we the children learnt to follow instructions in order to make themselves their own sandwich. This required the children to use and handle tools safely and for a purpose. The children got to select their own filling, based on their own dietary and cultural needs. This allowed the children to express their own preferences, likes and dislikes. It also meant that the children had to change their behaviour to the situation and to work safely. 


I am sure you will agree, that the best part was when the children got to eat their own sandwiches. All the children ended up with full tummy's to go home with. 


As you can see, we have had another very busy week in the Duckling's class. Next week we will begin to look at Winter and changes in our environment. Look out for next weeks learning. 


Wishing you a happy December next week, 


Remember to wrap up warm for those Winter months.


All of love, the Duckling Class.

Happy Snowman Winter Card

Week Ending 22nd November 2019


My goodness, how time goes by when your having so much fun. Christmas is nearly upon us, so this week we have started to learn the Christmas Nativity songs. As Nursery, we will be focusing on learning and singing the songs and having the confidence to stand on stage infront of family members. As you can imagine this is quite a scary thing when you are only 3 or 4, however as teachers we will be doing lots of work with the children in order to prepare them for their performances to parents. The Reception children, who are that bit older will also be singing the songs, but they will also take on the speaking and acting parts. Exciting times are ahead, so watch out for letter that will follow in the next few weeks about tickets to the performances. As always, there will be a small charge, but we can assure you that the money raised from ticket sales, goes back to the children in providing even more exciting activities. 


This week the children have worked extremely hard learning the new nursery rhyme 'Hickory Dickory Dock'. The children have been able to use language of time and have used a variety of materials in order to make their own clock. Some of these have been 2 dimensional in their books and others have been 3 dimensional, using a range of 3d shapes. The children have also been learning about shapes and how to sort objects in different ways and about how different technology works. 

I can honestly say, the children have had a lovely time and as teachers we can see just how far the children have come over the last 11 weeks. They are a true credit to you. 


Over the last week, I have had the pleasure of meeting with parents during parent consultation meetings. It has been an honour to receive the wonderful feedback from you about how you feel your children have progressed since entering our nursery. Your feedback has confirmed for us that taking on a nursery rhymed led approach to learning, has clearly impacted on your children, as many of your children are now singing these freely at home. It has also been delightful to hear about how our children with English as an additional language have been doing at home. Your feedback has told us that the children are demonstrating a huge boost forward in their English speaking and that they are now communicating much more in both of their languages that they are learning side by side. This is just magical and everything as teachers we could hope for. The last 11 weeks have been amazing and we know that these children just love learning. It will be wonderful to see what else they can learn and demonstrate in the coming weeks.  Thank you for your kind words and continued support. 


Take a look at what life has been like for a nursery child this week. 


Have a lovely week

from Mrs Fraser and the Nursery team 




Week Ending:  15th November 2019


Another busy week in nursery for all of our little learners. This week the children have been learning about what and who we remember on Remembrance Day and also who we help during Children and Need Day. 


The children listened to discussions with the class teachers, they watched video clips and made some beautiful art work. What was heart warming to see, was that all of our little ones were extremely respectful and sat beautifully, still and quiet during the 2 minutes silence on 11th November. For children so young, their sense of respect was a credit to them. They listened to the playing of the 'Last Post' and later in the day could remember and talk about the fields of poppies, were the soldiers lay their heads forever. 

Image result for poppy


The children all came to school in their own clothes and super hero clothes, in order to raise money for 'Children in Need'. Again, the children were thoughtful in their discussions about children who are less fortunate and children in different social situations. 

Image result for children in need 2019


We are not sure how much money the whole school have raised, but we are excited to find out. We know that this money will make a real difference to many children across our country. 


Next Week the children will be working to develop their knowledge of time, signs of autumn and the differences and similarities between themselves, their friends and the types of families they have. 


We look forward to sharing our learning with you. 


Ducklings x



Happy Autumn Two


Welcome back to the wonderful Ducklings.


I hope you have had a super holiday with your friends and family and have made some wonderful memories. We welcome you back into the Nursery, hoping you are well rest and beaming with energy for what will be a busy, but magical half term. 


This week, we will see and hear November the 5th being celebrated by many people around the country. Therefore, we will be learning about the importance of keeping ourselves safe during this celebration, so that if any of us are attending bonfire and firework shows, we know how to keep ourselves safe, at the same time as enjoying their appearance and sound of the fireworks. 


We will be learning how to make firework music, artwork and how to use our body sounds to represent fireworks. 


Image result for Fireworks


Look out at the end of the week, for what we have been up to this week, 


Have a great week, stay safe and enjoy Bonfire Night. 


Mrs Fraser and the Nursery Team 

Our Learning

Week Ending 25th October 2019


What a sensational half term it has been in the Ducklings Class. As the teacher in Nursery, I am extremely proud of the hard work that has been seen from the children and my team of staff who support in the Nursery. The children have made incredible progress this term, particularly within their prime areas. 


There has been a marked focus this half term on the development of the children's prime skills, which includes the children's:

-communication skills

-self confidence and awareness of themselves

-relationship building

-physical development and self care

-management of their own behaviour and attitudes towards learning


All of the children have made outstanding progress across these areas and are well on their way towards their preparation for their journey into reception. 


We have seen budding artists and builders at work, a new generation of X Factor winners and children who are desperate to do the adults in nursery out of our job, as they want to take on roles of teaching other children how to do things. 


As the children's teacher, I couldn't be more prouder of them, as I feel writing this and I know that with their their love for learning that they have shown so far, that they will continue to maintain and move forward with their progress across these areas. 


Have a look at the spooky learning that took place this week, as Incy Wincy Spider and his spooky goings on, invaded our classroom. 




Our independent learning from this week

Week Ending 18.10.19

How time passes quickly when your having fun! 

This week we have been thinking about ways to keep ourselves safe. Through various activity this week, we have learnt to keep ourselves safe when out near the front of school and crossing the road, when using knives in the classroom and when using the bathroom. We have also learnt about the importance of putting put toys back in the correct place, so that they do not create tripping hazards for each other. 

In learning about knife safety, when applied our knowledge to cutting up Harvest fruit and vegetables. We got to make our own Mr Potato Head. Some of the outcomes of our work, really had us giggling away. They looked really funny all work, sat on the sofa in the classroom.


Week ending 13.10.19


Another jam packed week of learning in the Duckling class. Every minutes this week has been filled with wonderful learning opportunities and it is clear to see that the children are fully immersed in the daily routine of the nursery. 

Have a look for yourself below. 


The children have shown themselves to have excellent friendship skills this week, as they supported a new child joining the class. The children helped to show our new friend where to hang his coat, where the toilets were and where the toys belonged when he had finished playing with them. Although our new friend was a little sad to be leaving his mummy, with the support of the children, he was becoming a little more settled by the end of the week. Well done little ducklings. You truly demonstrated our school values so well this week.





Nursery in Action

Week ending 4th October 2019


A busy and fun packed week this week, which ended with a very sticky set of children and staff going home exhausted! 

The week began, looking at the new rhyme 'Polly put the Kettle', which allowed the children to look at the difference between a tea pot and a kettle and to learn about safety around hot water. It then moved to the children have a tea party with their cuddly friends, to closing the week with a cake sale for charity, whereby the cakes had been made my the children's own hands.

The children learnt how to use different equipment safely and how chocolate turns from a solid to a liquid and then back into a solid when it was put in the fridge. Each child made their own cakes to taste test at snack time, aswell as making some for the cake sale at the end of the school day.


Mrs Fraser donated our ingredients and together with Mrs Cartwright's baking skills, we helped to raise over £90 for the Image result for douglas macmillan

The children have also been working on their early writing skills this week and as a result the nursery children just want to make marks in a variety of ways. They have used chalk outdoors and have traced over patterns. Some children have even managed to draw their own shapes, which they could also name.  I think we can see some budding writers emerging already. 


Next week, for those of you who are keen to start learning out next rhyme, it involves 5 current buns, penny coins and a baker. 

Have a look below and begin to learn the new rhyme, ready for the coming week.



Have a happy week. 

See you soon 

Mrs Fraser and the Duckling Team and Children  


Week ending 27th September 2019


What a wonderful week in the Duckling Class. We have been busy out and about this week in the school grounds, listening to the sounds that we can hear. We were really pleased when we got to also see the diggers, aswell as hearing the noises they and the other machinery make when in action. The sounds we could hear were really land from the metal on the digger hitting the clay in the ground. 


This has sparked a real interest in diggers, so we have had them out this week in class, however next week we will be using them to make prints in paint, we will have them in the messy tray with the clay the builders gave us. We will all say "sorry" now for if we come home a bit dirty, however you will know we have been having fun whilst we have been learning. 



We have also focused this week on learning our nursery rhyme, I'm a Little Tea Pot' and the number rhyme 5 Speckled frogs. 

It has been great acting out being at the Emma Bridge Water Tea Room, which we are hoping to get out and see at the end of the half term. Coming next week, we will be anchoring on that learning,  by learning Polly Pot the Kettle On and 5 Current Buns in a Bakers Shop. 

Our small world areas will change to explore bread and buns and our messy areas will have kettles and tea pots to decorate


If you want to prepare us for the week ahead, here on the videos for the rhymes we will be learning next week. The more we hear them and the more we sing along to them, then the more we will remember them. This year we are focusing on 'remembering more' so that we can also build on from what we know already.


Well have a lovely week everyone. 

See you next week. 

Ducklings x

Week ending 20.9.19


What a sensational week in our Ducklings Class! It was great to see so many parents at our parents consultation evening on Monday. I know that myself and my lovely staff thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you as parents and sharing with you information on how well your child has settled into our Nursery. We can honestly say, the children are a real credit to you and are showing some wonderful manners and thoughtfulness towards each other and the staff. We will of course continue to keep you updated on how your little ones are getting on and should you ever have any questions or concerns, then please could and see one of the staff or myself as EYFS Leader.


Last week the children focused their learning around Baa Baa Black sheep.

My goodness, they didn't half enjoy the interactive version of this nursery rhyme and by the end of the week, we had some wonderful dance moves being displayed alongside the video we watched. I think we have some 'Britain's Got Talent Entries', among our children.  



The children worked on their skills of weaving, counting to three, learning new vocabulary, such as Dame, Master and lane and they even got to learnt about how sheep are cut for their wool to be turned into jumpers.  

Image result for sheep shearingImage result for woolly jumpers


The children were also busy this week learning to take turns in a game, to share the toys and to extend their verbal responses when talking to each other and teachers. We can certainly see their confidence is developing here and their little personalities are shining through!


The classroom as always gets changed around to meet the needs of the children, so this coming week we have new weaving and play dough activities aimed at developing the children's fine motor skills. We have also added in a tea shop to the role play and small world area, so that the children can learn a little about Emma Bridgewater which is local to the school, aswell as learning our new Nursery Rhyme of 'I am Little Tea Pot'. 

Image result for Emma Bridgewater


The children will also be learning the math number rhyme 'Five Little Speckled Frogs'. 

See the links below for the version we will be using in class.


The children will be learning to make tea in the water tray and will be learning to decorate teapots with different materials.I can't wait to see what they make of these activities this week.  




Polite reminder

Please can I just remind parents that children must be in school at 8.50 to start the day. The door will be shut promptly at 9.00 am, so if you are late (we hope your not!), then your child will need to be signed in through the front office, for safeguarding reasons. For some children, they only have 3 hours per day in school, so every minute is made to count for them by the teachers. Being on time is a life long skill, so please support us with this and the same at collection time. 


We have also noticed lots of children going home in pushchairs. Parents, we would like you to encourage your children to walk to and from school. I appreciate they are little, however they are all capable of walking and the more opportunity they have to walk, the greater and stronger their gross physical development will become. They spend 3 hours or more running around with us, so a walk to or from school is something they are all capable. We ask this in the nicest of ways, as we want your children to flourish in their physical development, which is a key area for us as a school to also develop. Thank you for your support on this!

Image result for physical development quotes for children


Well, I am can't wait to see our little ones back in school on Monday, ready to focus on learn. It's going to be another great week. 

Time certain goes by so quick when your having fun and we certainly are in the Ducklings class. 


Mrs Fraser

Miss Cartwright and Miss Goodwin


Week ending the 14.9.19


Hello to all! This week we have welcomed some new friends into our class. Together we have helped those children to settle in, by showing them the ropes (that's our routines). They have had a lovely week getting to know those children who had already settled and it has been nice to see friendships developing quickly. 


This week the adults in our room have continued to observe us learning through play, looking at what we know already. Now they have a full picture of where each of us is as learners, they have been busy thinking about our next steps and the ways in which they can help us to develop and grow in areas we need to work on. 


We have some exciting new activities in our room for next week to support those skills to work on, aswell as some activities that are led by our 'Nursery Rhyme' focus of the week. Next week we will be learning 'Baa Baa Black Sheep' and the 'Number Rhyme- Five Little Monkey's Bouncing on the Bed. 


You can have a sneaky look at them below.


We are all looking forward to working more now in our 'Key Worker'groups as we have established many of our routines. Next week we will also be joining the rest of the school in getting dojo's for our good behaviour and learning. They will run alongside our certificates that we get for 'Behaviour and Attitudes to Learning' ,  who's been 'Awesome' this week and School Values. 


This week, Samiullah, Zara and another of our friends, won these awards. Mrs Fraser and the other teachers were so proud and happy to give out these awards. Everyone else was truly amazing too, so it was hard to just pick three. Everyone will get an opportunity to receive these awards, so watch out for your chance!


Well, here's to the coming week. I hope everyone is ready for a fun filled week of new learning opportunities. 


See you Monday

Mrs Fraser, Mrs Cartwright and Miss Goodwin.



Wow, wow, wow!!! 

What a busy week it has been in the nursery. We have a morning cohort of children, an afternoon cohort and a full time cohort of children, who altogether form our nursery class. It has been both a tough time for our youngest children, but at the same time a highly rewarding one. We have already seen huge amounts of progress for children in their personal development, from tears on Wednesday to laughter and smiles all around on Friday. As teachers we couldn't be more prouder of our nursery children, as they have worked so well all week to leave their mummies and daddies at the door and to come in and learn through play, by themselves. 


Children have also developed their own basic hygiene skills, as our children have moved away from wearing pull ups, to big girls and boys pants. An enormous step for some of our children, who have only just turned 3. 


The children have also worked well on learning our focus nursery and number rhymes. Now see if your child can remember them at home. They were '5 Little Ducks' and 'Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star'. 

You can access them using these web addresses.


We would like to show you our amazing nursery classroom, which has been recently redeveloped with a focus on a more naturalistic learning approach for the children. 


Every few weeks you will get to see on here, some of the lovely new learning activities and areas that the children get to access. You will see that the room will evolve with the children over time. If ever you want to come and have a more detailed look, then come and speak to myself and I will happily arrange this. 

In the coming weeks, you will also get to see the children in action, so watch the blog and see if you can spot your child busy learning. 


If you haven't already given permission for your child to be seen through the school website, then lease pop into the office and share the permission with them. 


From the myself and the Nursery Team and our lovely Ducklings, have a lovely week. 

Mrs Fraser (Strategic EYFS Leader/Assistant Headteacher/Nursery Lead Teacher)

Mrs Cartwright-EYP

Miss Goodwin-EYP




Related image

Welcome to the Nursery Ducklings Class-September 2019-2020


From myself (Mrs Fraser) and the lovely Key Workers (Mrs Cartwright and Miss Goodwin), we would like to welcome all parents and children to our class. We have been eagerly waiting for you to join in some fun and absolute magical learning opportunities. 

Image result for new academic year

We have obviously meant some of you before the holidays, but for those of you we haven't met, you have nothing to worry about. 

As teachers we are a fun loving bunch and make the perfect team for you to begin your educational life at Waterside Primary School with! 

Each of us is here to get the very from you and you will be given the best support that you deserve. We each have own very own children, so we know just how important it is to make every minute count for you. You are in safe hands! 

This year we will be getting all parents and carers involved in children's learning, so by following our class blog you will be able to keep update with what is coming up for everyone to join in. 


Over the next few days, you will have some additional information shared on here, especially pictures of inside the classroom. You will get to see where the magic will happen. The classroom this year has had a dramatic makeover and we are now going for a more natural and curiosity/inquiry based approach. We really do hope folks, that you like the learning environment as much as we do. 


Image result for new academic year

Week Commencing 8th July 


Firstly thank-you to all of the parents who came and supported our Sports Day, it was great fun and the children were amazing. We had lots of positive comments from parents and they absolutely loved watching their children compete.


This week we have been doing work ready for our new classroom displays and it is fabulous to see how much we have grown and developed in 12 months, we are all ready for a new challenge and September cannot come soon enough. 

We are sad that next week is our last week as Ducklings but we are very excited to become Ducks! Next week we are going to continue being busy and have lots of lovely things planned. 

See you next week for our last week x
















Week Commencing 1st July


The sunshine has stayed with us this week and we have had lots of fun learning inside and outside. All of the flower seeds which we planted on our parent planting day have now blossomed and they look beautiful and our garden looks amazing.


This week we have been discussing healthy and unhealthy food and what food the 'Hungry Caterpillar' ate which was good and not good for him. The children have a very good knowledge of what fruit and vegetables are and why vitamins are good for us. The children can talk about some food which contain sugar and why too much sugar is bad for us.


Play dough is one of our favourite things in Duckling Class and this week we have made amazing minibeast using no tools only our hands, we are very talented and creative.


We cannot wait to see you all on Tuesday for our sports day, fingers crossed for sunshine! laugh x



Week Commencing 24th June

Well we have finally seen the sunshine! It has suddenly started to feel like summer and we have absolutely loved it, this week we took full advantage of the weather and we have been practising for our sports day, we can now start on the starting line, go when we need to, run down our own lane and get to the finish line. Next week we are going to focus on our other two races, the egg and spoon .and obstacle race.

We have also been magicians this week and made two colours change to a new one, we used lots of different colours and even predicted if colours would go dark and lighter if mixed with white or black. We love getting messy in Duckling class!

We also had a special visitor come into school on Friday, Miss Davies brought her new puppy Bear to school, this children loved him and he loved them just as much. Everyone was calm and gentle to Bear and the children have even asked if he can come back to school in September so they can see how big he has got. 

Lots of Love until next week x






Week Commencing 17th June 


So the rain has still been coming but we have finally seen some sunshine which we have been so pleased about! Despite the rain we got to play a game of 'Superworm!' we were the minibeasts trying to escape from Lizard Wizard's crow! we showed amazing control of avoiding different obstacles and most of us didn't get caught! 


We have also shown our creative side by making our own minibeast using various materials and deciding what we were going to do.

This week we have also found our first strawberry which has fully grown and is ripe, we saved it for Mrs Foster and she said it was delicious! 


Image result for sports day clipart

Next week we are going to start to practise sports day and to understand how to start a race, to run down your own lane and all of the different races which we are going to do.


Week Commencing 10th June


Image result for rain clipart

Well what a very wet week we have had, it certainly doesn't feel like June. The children have constantly been changing our weather status on the board when the rain has stopped but very quickly changed it back to rain. All though it has been rainy it hasn't damped our spirits and we have done lots of learning again this week. 


This week we have had a new 'The Hungry Caterpillar' small world area as it is one of our favourite stories, the children are absolutely amazing at retelling the story and using the props to show their understanding. We also have very good understanding of the life cycle of a Butterfly and can talk about what happens at each phase. 


We also got to do some learning in the FS2 classroom as they went on a trip for the day we thought we would use the opportunity to do some learning in there and we had a fabulous time.


To confirm our sports Day is Tuesday 9th July and once the weather improves we are going to begin to practise and understand the different procedures for the day. We cannot wait to make you proud laugh


Week Commencing 3rd June 


Firstly let me say 'Happy Eid' to many of our families who have celebrated this week, we hope it was a lovely occasion full of love and laughter! Secondly welcome back everyone to our final half term in Nursery, time flies when you are having fun!

This half term we are learning all about Mini Beasts and we have begun by looking at one of the children favourite stories 'Super Worm'.

Image result for superworm

We begun the week on a search for mini beasts in our outdoor environment and we found quiet a few different things, as our wonderful garden is growing we saw lots of bees sitting on the flowers, ants carrying small seeds in the soil and spiders waiting patiently on their webs. The children also found a centipede in a bowl of water so they immediately rescued it and put it somewhere safe. After a while of searching we then found a lady bird which got everyone excited as it is one of our favourite Mini Beasts, as the weather gets better we are going to explore the field and the trees to see what else we can find, we have not yet found Super Worm!


As it as been Eid and lots of our friends missed  day at school we have been learning about why Muslims celebrate Eid, how they prepare for it and what they do to celebrate. It started many conversations about our own family traditions and how diverse and  unique we all are!

Next week we are going to continue our topic of Mini Beasts and develop our understanding of what a Mini Beast is.

-Love Duckling Class x


Week Commencing 20th May


Well I cannot believe this half term is over, it has flown by but yet we have done so much! We have loved our People Who Help Us topic and we have learnt such a lot which will become embedded and be knowledge we will continue to use. We have been very busy again this week and we have loved the sunshine laugh

We also had a very special surprise from Mrs Knowles due to being superstars during our inspection last week, we got to watch a show with the rest of the school in the hall, we sat perfectly and listened very carefully.


Next half term we are going to be looking at Mini Beasts and our first story which we are looking at is 'Super Worm' as it is one of our favourite stories. 

We have also asked for another creative homework because we loved our challenge set over Easter, this time we have got to make 3D Mini Beasts and again the best one will win a prize!

Happy making laugh

Have a lovely half term and lets keep our fingers crossed for a sunny last half term.



Week Commencing 13th May 2019



This week we have still been learning about people who help us around the theme of paw patrol, we have shown we are super mathematicians and have really developed our knowledge ready to transition into Reception.

We had to feed the paw patrol dogs but we could only feed them a certain number, the children we fabulous at recognising the numerals and counting the correct number of dog bones. Some children could also count an irregular amount of dog bones and tell me how many bones I would have if one of the dogs ate one or if I gave them another bone.


We also looked at lots of different equipment this week which we had as a special delivery to go into our Recruitment Agency but it wasn't sorted out so we divided it up and looked at the equipment's use and importance.


We cannot believe that the half term is nearly over and we are coming into the last term of our Nursery journey, we cannot wait to make more special memories and keep growing ready for Reception.



Week Commencing 6th May



We are really developing our understanding of 'People who help us', this week we were given various job roles and we had to choose the correct picture from various scenarios where we would need that particular persons help e.g. We would need the Postal Service to deliver our letters. There are a few occupations which the children were unsure about such as a Lollypop Person and a Milk Delivery Person so we have  spent some time looking at these people, their uniform, how they help us and why. 


Next week we are going to focus more on the equipment that 'People who help us' use and their purposes. 

We have been working on our gross motor skills this week and used the various equipment in the outdoor area to show different ways of moving. We are now much more confident in climbing the different apparatus without support and are becoming more creative in our ways of moving. We are still away that some of our friends are still not confident and we love to support them by holding their hands or guiding them safely.



We have also been discussing people who help us at sea, we went straight outside into the water trays and used the boats to role play  saving people, our dialogue and narrative has grown so much since September. We then started to discuss floating and sinking which we showed a good knowledge and understanding of. We went and collected different items from the class room and outdoors and started to predict what we thought would happen. 


-We cannot wait to share next weeks learning with you laugh


Week Commencing 29th April

We hope you all had a lovely holiday, it was so nice to have such a lot of sunshine, the children have told me all the fabulous things they have done over the holidays and it sounds like everyone has been really busy. 

This half term we are learning all about people who help us and which type of person we will need to help us in different situations, we are going to base our theme around 'Paw Patrol' and the children are really excited. 


This week we have looked at various occupations and what they do to help us, we have also discussed equality and why men and women can do various jobs such as being a Police Officer or in the Postal Service. We have done amazing paintings of people who help us for our new topic display and they are amazing, we have come such a long way with our Art skills from September.

We thought of many people who help us such as Hair dressers, Teachers, Doctors and Vets, we are going to continue to develop our knowledge this half term. 

We have now started to use the behaviour management system of 'Dojo' like the rest of the school, we get green points for things which are positive and then red negative points when we do something wrong. Our small world has become a dojo area with the monsters and we have done lots of maths using the monsters and the number pebbles.


We have also picked our homework winner and they have been given a certificate and a prize to take home, again thank-you for all of your fabulous homework laugh

-Duckling Class x

Easter Holidays Creative Homework


I would just like to say a big thank-you to all the parents who have completed their Easter Holidays homework, We have had amazing 3D 'people who help us' transport and they look amazing on display in our classroom. Please have a look at the slide show below which just shows how fabulous they are laugh

Week Commencing 8th April


Thank-You to all of our parents who came for our planting day, we have never had such a good turn out and the children loved planting with you and they have been making sure to keep watering the plants and vegetables to help them to grow. The children now have a firm understanding of how plants grow and what they need to grow. We got to plant lots of different things such as carrots, tomatoes, peas, poppies and an assortment of wild flowers. 


We also hope you are going to look after the sunflowers all of the children planted and brought home, we would love to get updates of how they are getting on and how tall they are. 


Also this week as we are approaching the Easter holidays we have looked at the Easter Story and why Christians celebrate Easter, the children amazed me with how great their recall was of the story and they could order several pictures into the correct order. 


We hope you all have an amazing Easter Holiday and a well earn break, we cannot wait to see you when you are back to start our topic all about 'People Who Help Us'. Please remember to complete your creative homework over the holidays and the best one will get a prize.

See you soon x 


Week Commencing 1st April 


This week we have been learning all about Spring and how this seasons differs to Autumn and Winter which we have previously done lots of learning on. Monday we had glorious sunshine and we thought Spring had finally arrived but it was short lived. The children however have developed fabulous knowledge of Spring and its changes, ask your child about it, you will be amazed frown


As we have been learning all about Spring, growing and new life we have  done some maths activities which are based around flowers and putting them in order of length, the children used lots of fabulous mathematical vocabulary and showed very good understanding. 


Again with our Spring theme the children were really excited to hear that we may see lots of rainbows in Spring due to the weather, so we decided to do our own rainbow experiment. We used Skittles as our rainbow and we had to predict what would happen if we put hot water on them. The children were fascinated and made very good predictions, we then used only to colours at a time and again predicted what would happen. 


We are really working hard in phonics and we are now becoming very good readers, we have played a game on

where we have to read the words and then find the picture which corresponds, the children were amazing and their segmenting and blends skills are getting better and better. We are now going to be developing our fluency skills.


-Next week is our Parent Planting Day, fingers crossed the weather stays dry and we can have a fabulous day,

See you then, Duckling Class x 

Week Commencing 25th March


Firstly, Happy Mother's Day for Sunday to all our super Mums who are raising our fabulous children, we do appreciate everything that you are doing for your children. The children have made you something special to treasure and show how much you are loved. 


Also this week we have continued to focus our learning around the farm and what we would see on the farm, the children have been doing lots of physical activities such as pretending to be animals and representing this by their movements.


We have also been looking at capacity and how we would make things full and empty using pompoms, all the children are fabulous and are now using the correct mathematical vocabulary.


Until Next Week- Duckling Class x

Week Commencing 18th March


This week we have continued learning all about the farm and the animals which live there, the children are absolutely loving this topic and are learning so much!

This week we had to heard in the animals like a real life farmer, however we haven' got real animals to heard so we had to catch balloon animals, it was tricky especially in the wind we have been having. 


We have also been farmers using the tractors to cut all of the farms field but we did it on a smaller scale, we had to use the remote control to cut the field but we had to make sure we didn't hit any of the animals which were roaming the fields, the children showed lots of excellent control and loved problem solving different ways to move the car without hitting anything. 


We have also been working on our vocabulary, this week we have been finding out all the names of the young animals on the farm, ask your child when they come home, you will be amazed at how much they have learnt.

Next week we are continuing our learning all about the farm before we begin to focus more on the season of spring.

Thank-you to all the parents who all attended their parent consultations, it was lovely to show you all of the children's work and how much they have achieved already this year. 

-See you next week heart 

Week Commencing 11th March 

This week we have gone chick crazy and have done lots of fabulous activities as it is British Science Week and we have been focusing on 'journeys' so we have looked at the journey of a hen to a chick. 

We have made different chicks using different media and they were fabulous.


We have also done lots of work on the life cycle of the chick and we were all fabulous at sorting a group of four pictures into the correct order. The children have fabulous knowledge of the life cycle and I was so impressed.

We also got to hold the chicks and we were so brave and held them so carefully. We have shown lots of care for the chicks and know how to look after them and what they need to be looked after.

All the pictures are below for you to look at.

-Duckling Class x

Week Commencing 4th March


What a busy week in Duckling Class, we have done lots of learning and had lots of exciting things happen. 

Tuesday was Pancake Day and we made pancake batter by using the story 'Mr Wolf's Pancakes', Miss Davies then used our batter to make the pancakes and they were delicious!


We also had a special surprise on Monday and had 6 eggs given to us which we were told to look after. We spent a long time deciding what we thought were in the eggs such as bunnies, spiders, unicorns and bird.

On Wednesday we then noticed we had a new class member, our first chick, Custard, not long after then Gravy arrived. On Thursday which was our World Book Day Marsh mellow and Pancake had hatched and then Chocolate Chip. So we have five chicks which we have now got to look after, we cannot wait to hold them on Monday.