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A half term story read in preparation for returning on the 1st June 2020

Home Learning in Duckling Style- 18.5.20

Week 4 Summer Home Learning

Another wonderful week of home learning undertaken by my clever little ducklings. There has been some outstanding effort and incredible outcomes had many many of the class. I am sure you will agree, the work continues to be at the highest standard it can be. Thank you for all the emails, photographs and kind well wishes that have been sent. It has been nice to stay in touch and see the happy faces of my class members. Well done to all. 


Week 2- Part 3 Extra Pictures for Home Learning

Week 2- Part 2 More Wonderful Home Learning

Summer Term One- Week 2


From haircuts, to painting sheds, to cooking all sorts. The nursery children are really making the most of the home learning activities. I so proud and can I just say, that all of the food pictures are making me so hungry. The food looks so yummy!

Thank you for all of the wonderful home learning that you have been doing with your families. You are doing an amazing job! I hope you are enjoying the learning activities and play based tasks to complete with your family. It has been great to see you making the most out of the weather. I am so proud of you. 


For those who haven't seen the online page, please go to the 'Parent' section of the website, then to 'COVID19', 'Home Learning' and to our class page- 'Ducklings'. There you will see the learning matched to the successes of the children on this page.  


Here is a second lots of photographs sent for this week. I am sure you will agree, the work and effort is of an outstanding level. As your teaching, I couldn't be any more proud of you, as I am right now. You truly are my wonderful, delightful, little ducklings. 

All my love and huge hugs to you

Mrs Fraser 


Home Learning- Week 2 Covid-19

Home Learning- Week 1 Covid-19

Brooke has been a very busy bee at home this week. 


Ellia has been super at learning at home this week. I have loved her daily updates. I couldn't be more proud of the effort her and her sister are putting in at home. Ellia's mum is doing a super job of home learning with the girls. See what she has been up to below.!Ag3k4dj0vJfbggD0aU8dOCaDYCSW


Leon's home learning- Great to see your learning this week also involved the outdoors. Keep smiling!!!

Good Morning Boys and Girls, 


I hope you have had a lovely weekend at home with your family and have enjoyed the sunshine. I am sorry to say that I wont be seeing many of you for the coming weeks, however that does not mean that I will be forgetting you. You lovely droplets have had a marked impact on my life and the lives of Mrs Cartwright and Miss Goodwin. Not matter whether your in school or at home, we will be here when you need us. I will be phoning or emailing to keep in touch, so that I can be assured that you and your families are safe. 


I know at the moment there seems to be a lot of worry and unrest going on around you, but the nest thing you can do is keep yourself smiling and keep yourself busy. That way the grounds can think about all the grown up things and you can carry on be the amazing, well behaved learners and children that you are. 

As I am not able to teach many of you face to face, you will find that on the COVID 19 page of the school website, I have under our class page, set up some wonderful learning opportunities for you to complete with your mummies, daddies or even your brothers and sisters. 

There will be new things added daily. Some will keep you in our normal daily routine, while others you will get to pick from. However, these are for you to have fun with. 


Please keep yourselves and your family safe by washing your hands and tidying away your toys, like you do at school when you have finished. They will be there then for the next day. 


I do hope you have a lovely week home learning with your families. If you are worried in any way, ask your mummy or daddy to email me and I will send you a special hello and message back. 


You might not be able to see me, but I am just at the end of a phone or on the end of an email. I've not gone far. If I am brave enough, I might try to video myself sending you a little message. You will just have to wait and see. 


For now, look after yourselves. 

We miss you all lots 

Mrs Fraser (on behalf of the team) 


Corona Virus- COVID 19- Week Beginning 16th March 2020

Unfortunately, the government have taken the decision for the schools to close, unless your child fulls into the vulnerable learners category or a parent is classed as a Key Worker.  Therefore, as this means that most children will at home, we have put together packs of learning to be completed at home with parents. This is to ensure that there is some form of learning for your child at this current time. 


In additional your children will be provided with a variety of learning opportunities online. This will all be found through the COVID 19 page on our school website, as outlined below. 


Self isolation Home Learning:

Please go onto our parent area and click onto the Corona Virus- Covid 19 page and go onto home learning, find our duckling page and there you will find activities for your child to do whilst they are not accessing education in school. 


We hope that during this time, your find the activities enjoyable and fun to complete. Should you need any support, please feel free to email me. 


Please stay safe and look after eachother. On behalf of myself and my lovely ladies, I can say that it as always a pleasure to work with your children and yourself. We know these are difficult times, but we will do what we can to support the learning of your child. 


We will miss the children dearly who are not in school, but also will continue to provide the best care and support for those children that will continue to be in school. 


Lots of Love to you and your family, 

Mrs Fraser and the Nursery Team .

Week 24


What an exciting week of learning and fun in the nursery this week. Another week where we have linked in with the whole school and national learning events being celebrated across the UK. 


This week has been National Science Week, therefore our science/understanding of the world focus has been around plants and seasonal change.


We have learnt about what plants need in order to grow and become healthy plants and have also learnt about seasonal change. 

Our art outcomes this weeks have enabled us to show our understanding of seasonal change.


Look at the link below to see one of the resources we have used this week. You can use these with your children at home, to help them to revisit and review their learning, to ensure that it is embedded learning which can be built upon in the future. Seasonal Change - What plants need to grow How a seed becomes a plant


The children have also been preparing for their in school celebration for Mother's Day. They have been learning a variety of songs, which are all ready to be prepared to our delightful mum's next week. We are confident that they will enjoy our performance next week, where they will also be joining in with learning activities in the classroom. 


In addition, the children have also been learning about the importance of washing their hands in order to keep themselves and others safe and healthy. This has been in line with the government recommendations, due to the outbreak of a virus which is spreading across the globe. The teachers have taught us to wash our hands to the song 'Happy Birthday to You' and how we can blow our nose and dispose of our tissues immediately, covering our hands in a hand gel, which helps to kill germs. Although the children do this really well, it never hurts to ensure we are doing it to the best of our ability. The new station in our classroom has helped us to work on our personal hygiene, whilst in class. 


Remember at home to follow the following hygiene routine.



This will all help to protect you and others from spreading germs and becoming unwell. If we all do our bit, we can help to keep ourselves and others healthy. 


Have a happy week of learning int he coming week.


The Nursery Team and Nursery Little Gems




Week 23- World Book Day


This week the children have been extremely busy exploring the story book 'We are going on a Bear Hunt'. The children have used this to learn about the structure of a story, positional language and to join in with repeated refrains in the story language. 


In the learning environment, the children have also learnt to use their imagination, knowledge of the story and development of story language, to retell the story with props. From the evidence in their learning journey books, it is clear to see that they had a lot of fun. 

Some of the children were also able to organise the story into the correct sequence, which allowed them to apply their maths knowledge. 


Click on the link below, to share the interactive story with your child and the author.


On Thursday this week,  the children celebrated the National World Book Day event. During this day, the children got to share their favourite books with the teacher and their class friends. They also got to snuggle up with their books, whilst dressed in their pj's and drinking hot chocolate. The children absolutely loved having the hot chocolate and taking part in this wonderful day. 

The children learnt new rhymes , such as 5 fish swimming in the ocean and they also completed a variety of different activities. It was certainly a busy day of learning. 




Next week is Science week, so look out for the children's learning. The focus will be on plants and seasonal change. 


Here's to another busy week at base camp in Nursery

The Nursery Learners and Staff x

Spring Term Two- Wet, wet and wet!

Welcome back to a wet and windy start to Spring Term 2. Unfortunately as you will know, the wet weather made it's way into the Nursery classroom this week. As a result of the heavy rain, we ended up with a leaky roof. When Mrs Fraser arrived at school at 7.30, it was clear to see that we had a soggy carpet and wet learning resources, therefore for safety reasons we had to make the decision to close. This decision is never easy, but your children's safety is the most important thing for us. During that day, we had people to come and look at the problem, which in turn gave us some equipment to dry out the carpet. 


On Tuesday, the carpet was dry and it was back to business as usual, although the area with damage was still out of action. The children dealt with extremely well and got to learn about how technology is used in different ways. The teachers will always find a teaching point in whatever is going on!


This meant that the class also got to enjoy pancake day, whereby they listened to the story of the 'Run away pancake'. They then got to make and taste pancakes, followed by a pancake race outside. The children had lots of fun and again learnt about keeping themselves safe around hot cooking equipment. The children also worked on recalling the story and joining in with repeated parts from the story. 

From the evidence collected by the children, it was clear to see they had a lot of fun and this taught them about some of the traditions that people all over the country celebrate each year. 



During the week we have also had a big focus on colour and colour mixing, as this was a shared next step for the class. Our learning was based around the books 'Mouse Paint' and 'Mix it Up!'


The children then got to explore colour in different ways and investigated different ways to make new colours. It certainly was a colourful experience. 


This learning was then celebrated on a display added to the school corridor. Can you guess who got their hands covered in paint? 

A little clue is that her hands are not much bigger than ours! We hope you like what we did with our learning. 


As Mrs Fraser said on the last post, it was progress week before the holidays. That has now all been logged onto the school tracking scheme. The words Mrs Fraser used to describe our progress in  learning was 'incredible'. Every child is working extremely well to ensure they are the best they can be. Progress continues to be 'outstanding'. We all gave ourselves a well earned pat on the back. 


This half term, we will continue to work on our next steps, such as learning to write our name, to develop our play in a group, to describe texture and to identify shapes in the environment. These are just a few to get us going. 


Well, it's time to fly and get on with next weeks learning. 


See you soon

The Nursery Children and Staff 

Week 6- 21 Progress Week


This week we have been working hard to secure the learning that has taken place this half term. The adults have been busy observing us during our learning through play and they have identified once again where we need to take our learning next half term. 


We have revisited and reviewed all of our nursery rhymes that we have been learning and have shown that many of these have now gone into our long term memory. 


This half term has flown by and as you can see from all the photographs below on our blog, that every moment in our learning has gone some way to prepare us for the future. We have had lots of fun and have made lots of memories once again. 


Mrs Fraser will give you an update after the holidays as to how our progress is showing in relation to data. You will be pulling all of our tracking together, to see how much progress we have all made and to plan new learning opportunities, based upon our next steps. 


Keep checking the blog next half term for an update. 


Many thanks

The children and Nursery Team x


Week 5- 20


This week the children have continued to work extremely hard. They have focused all week on ways to develop a healthy mind, with it being National Mental Health Week 2020. As part of their learning, the children have listened to stories about being brave and have shared their own personal experiences of when they have needed to be brave- the theme of the National event. 


The story they shared was 'The Bravest Little Fish'. The children learnt about how to recall the key parts of the story back to their friend, as part of developing their literacy and listening skills. Copy the link with your parents below into Youtube to revisit the story.


The children have also learnt to share with others the things that make them feel proud. The teachers shared with the children that they are proud of them everyday for the wonderful things that they do. The children welcomed this praise and discussed how it made them feel receiving positive praise. The children then also spent the week sharing their own positive praise with their friends as a means of boosting each others self esteem and self belief. 


You can find more information here.


Week 4 (19)


This week the children have based their learning around the story 'Dear Zoo', which was chosen by following the interest of the children. 

They have loved exploring the book and joining in with the repeated parts of the story. The children have learnt to retell the story and order the story into the correct sequence. They have also learnt to act out the story in the role play area. 


This week the role play area changed to be the zoo. The children have been caring for the animals in the zoo and have learnt how to care for their environment also.


The children have created lovely art work, which has been based around their understanding of animals being able to camouflage themselves when needing to hide from their prey. The children's work will be going up this week on display.



The children have continued to learn about the safe use of computers and how they should ask people when taking photographs for their permission. This is because we are having a big focus on how we can keep ourselves and others safe.


We are now starting to focus on writing our names. This will be done in lots of ways, but we would ask that you also help your child at home with this. The more the children work on it, the more confident writers they will become.


Next week, we will be joining in with National Number Day. So please decorate your child in numbers to help them have fun on this day, where they will be working on a variety of number activities in class. 


Hoping you have a lovely week

Duckling Class x


Learning in Action

Dear Zoo- Classroom Environment