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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

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I am pleased to introduce you to our Y2 Swans school parliament members; Noah and Marwa! 


They wanted to introduce themselves to you! 


Hi, my name is Marwa. I am 6 years old and I am in Swan class, my teacher is Miss French. I like to draw and paint. I wanted to be a parliament member because I thought if someone is sad I can think of new ways to help them. If I could change one thing in school it would be having a drawing area all the time! 


Hi, my name is Noah. I am 6 years old and I am in Year 2 Swans with Miss French. I like to play football and eat ice cream! I wanted to be a parliament member because I want to help make some changes to the school. If I could change one thing in school it would be to have more homework, because Miss French's homework is fun! 

Week 24


What a busy yet exciting week we have had in Swans this week! We started off the week by coming to school dressed as scientists! We looked amazing! We had an assembly with ‘Supersonic Sue’ to start our British Science Week off. She showed us some experiments and even set Miss French’s hand on fire! We were so shocked! We then had our own experiments workshop with Sue and did our own experiments which we loved. To end Science Week we had a drama workshop with Steve all about the Oceans of the world! It was great, we learnt so much and have grown in confidence when speaking out loud, so much!



In English this week we have been re-telling part of our story The Scarecrow’s Wedding. We have looked adjectives and 2A sentences, adverbs and how to sequence in chronological order! We have impressed Miss French with our publish writes! Our handwriting is really improving.



In Maths this week we have been looking at multiplication. As always, we completed a pre topic assessment to see what we could remember from last time. It’s ok that we got some questions wrong though because on Friday every single one of us improved. We have looked at arrays, groups of and some problem solving. We have really impressed Miss French in all of our maths lessons!


Week 23

Another brilliant week in Swans class this week. The children continue to amaze me! On Thursday we had world book day and had so much fun! We all loved being in our pyjamas all day and sharing all of our favourite stories together, under blankets with our teddies!



In English this week we have been looking at rhyming poetry! We have looked at this as a whole class because we struggled independently, but as a whole class could come up with some amazing ideas! We had a rhyme hunt around the class room which we loved! It really helped us think about words that rhyme. On Wednesday, we really impressed Miss French, she gave us a starting sentence and we had to come up with our own rhyming sentence to finish it off. On Friday we worked together, in groups to create our own rhyming poem based on our book ‘The Scarecrows Wedding’ we have really impressed Miss French with some of our rhyming words and patterns.



In Maths we have revisited place value. We have looked at comparing numbers, ordering numbers and what the value of the numbers are (in 2 digit numbers). We remembered that when we compare numbers we are finding which one if the biggest and that we use the crocodile (greater than/less than) symbols to help us do that! That when we order numbers we are comparing them because we are finding either the biggest or smallest and putting them in that order! We impressed Miss French with what we could remember



This week we began to look at famous towers around the world. We found out that a tower is a free standing structure, usually very tall but can sometimes be connected to another building. We looked at a number of different towers, some in this country (Elizabeth tower, Spinnaker tower and Blackpool tower) and some from around the world (Leaning tower of Pisa, Eiffel tower, Burj Khalifa and Galata tower) ask us about them! We then compared the Galata tower, in Turkey with the Burj Khalifa. We really enjoyed doing this.

Week 22


What a busy first week back we have had in Swans class after a lovely week off! We have got straight back into our learning and have been fantastic as always! This week in particular we have shown real friendship and made Miss French incredibly proud.



We have started our new book ‘The Scarecrows Wedding’ by Julia Donaldson and this will be our writing focus all half term! And so far we love it! This week we have looked at the bad character in the story, Reginald Rake! We have written a character description all about him! To begin with we came up with loads of adjectives to describe him and well… Miss French was blown away with some of the words we came up with, brainless, revolting, cold-hearted to name just a few. When only a couple of weeks ago we would have just said bad and horrible!! Some of the character descriptions are just phenomenal! Make sure to ask us about them!



In maths we have had fun this week looking at statistics! This is a posh word for data handling! We have looked at tally charts, pictograms and bar charts! Just in one week! And WOW we have excelled! Miss French couldn’t believe we had never seen these before! She was so impressed she even got some pictograms into our encompass lesson!


This term we are still carrying on with Towers, Tunnels and Turrets. This week we were looking at local castles and locating them on a map! We used lots of geographical vocabulary and our map inference skills which impressed Miss French! We also did a VIPERS task, some descriptive writing and a pictogram! We are still loving 4 activities in one lesson! It’s so much fun!


We had rainbow readers assembly on Friday morning, thank you to all parents/carers who continuously ensure reading diaries are signed weekly because as Miss Gaskell said, without that, the children wouldn’t get certificates! Keep it up! Lots of us are so close to the next colour!

Week 20

What a busy busy week we’ve had this week with our amazing Warwick castle trip and then NSPCC number day on Friday.



In Maths this week, we have started to look at measuring length! We did a pre-assessment of our learning so Miss French could see what we already know. We then got straight on to using a ruler to measure in cm. We measured lots of things in the classroom! We then moved onto measuring in metres! Some of us went on a smaller and bigger than a metre hunt around school which was fab and others measured things in the classroom. We will complete the post-assessment on Monday to see how much we have learnt this week!



What amazing writing there was last week! It will be hard to top it with our non-chronological reports. We have learnt how to research on the internet in computing so we used these skills in English to research barn owls to get our information ready to put into our reports. We have had a focus on conjunctions this week to help us add extra information to a sentence or even extend it! We have tried really hard! We will complete these next week.



We had short encompass lesson this week because of our amazing trip to Warwick! Our lesson was the day before we went so Miss French got us to do lots of researching facts and finding out what was happening so we could see what we could do when we got there. See our trips page for all of our amazing photos!

Week 19

Another brilliant week in swans this week!



In Maths this week, we have started to look at fractions! On Monday we did what Miss French called a pre-topic assessment to see what we already know about fractions. Then all week we have been learning about fractions. Halves, quarters a thirds and how to shade these amounts of a shape and find them from an amount! We have really enjoyed it! On Friday Miss French gave us the same test as on Monday to see what we can remember from the week! Every single one of us made a massive improvement! Miss French was so happy!



We have tried to be the best writers we can possibly be this week! We have been writing a setting description about a forest/woodland, because that is where Plop lives in our story, the owl who was afraid of the dark. We have looked at how to make our writing really exciting by using different openers. We found this a little bit tricky but got there in the end! We also had a lesson all about adjectives. We can all remember what they are this week which is fab! We know that an adjective describes a noun, which is a person, place or thing. Miss French cannot wait to read our published writes this weekend!



We had another brilliant encompass afternoon. This week we looked at how to attack a castle! We had so much fun learning about all of the weapons armies used! Our favourite was the trebuchet because it was tricky for everyone to say! Out activity with Miss French this week was planning an attack on a castle called Warkworth castle! We used the compass directions, north, south, east and west to help us do this! It was brilliant! We really enjoyed it, this week the timer was a duck noise again!


Remember our trip to Warwick castle is on Thursday next week (6th). I cannot wait!!

Week 18

We have had a really good week in Swans this week!



In Maths this week, we have done a mixture of things! We finished working on division and then we have done some addition and subtraction on a number line. Here is how we did it:


As I mentioned to those parents I saw on Thursday at consultation, ask the children to teach you! See if they can remember!

The Maths homework is number line work this week, please encourage the children to complete this independently!




Due to a busy week, we have only had 3 English lessons this week and tried to get everything in! We have been trying to retell the our story ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark’. We had a MAGPIE Monday where we picked out the features as a class and then put some of the best VCOP ideas from the WAGOLL on our working wall. We then had a lesson on using verbs and adverbs! We enjoyed helping Plop (the main character) add these to his sentences! On Friday we had to complete a skills lesson because we have been getting lazy with our punctuation! 



We had another brilliant encompass afternoon. This followed our workshop on Wednesday morning all about becoming a knight! In our Encompass lesson we had 4 activities to complete, writing a job description for somebody in a castle, a reading comprehension, explaining which job we would like and an iSpy game! We really enjoyed it, this week the timer was a duck noise!


Chinese New Year

On Friday we have spent the afternoon celebrating Chinese New Year! We have tried lots of Chinese food, including egg fried rice, vegetable spring rolls and prawn crackers! Everybody tried everything!!! It was amazing! We then made our own dragon masks and started money boxes! 


Please remember to bring back the slip for our Warwick Castle trip on the 6th February 2020.

Week 17

What a busy week we’ve had this week! It has been jam packed full of new learning!



In our English lessons this week we have been continuing learning how to write an amazing character description! We have focused on conjunctions and adding suffixes to root words ending in a y. We have tried really hard to include both of these things in our writing as well as all of the other Year 2 standards we know about! In phonics some of us have moved on to phase 6! This is all about spelling! We have started by looking at changing present tense into past tense and used the book ‘funnybones’ to help us!



In Maths we have finished learning about multiplication for the time being this week! Most of us have really understood it and can work our multiplication sums in any given way. We spent a lesson focussing on arrays and making them for given multiplication sums. We then moved onto division for the end of the week and looked at grouping and sharing objects in scenarios.



This week we have tried something new! We have tried to get as much learning into one afternoon as physically possible. So, Miss French gave us new ‘topic tables’ and we had the challenge to complete 4 activities each by the end of the afternoon. We have 20 minutes on each and Miss French played a noise like an elephant when it was time to move on. We really enjoyed this and cant wait to do it again next week! Our learning was all about where we will find castles in the UK and the different parts of castles! We even got some dictionary work in there!


Week 16


What a fantastic first week back! Swans have worked so so hard this week at everything I have given them! We have started a new topic in maths, a new story in English and kick started our new topic with a banquet!!



I am so proud of all of the children this week in Maths! We have started multiplication and WOW! They have all tried so hard and shown real enthusiasm and determination which is just fantastic! We have been recognising and creating equal group before moving on to adding them! They are becoming brilliant at spotting my mistakes!!





Our new story is ‘The owl who is afraid of the dark’ and we are loving it! We predicted what we thought the story would be about just by looking at the front cover and came up with some brilliant ideas, we even tried to name Plop before we knew that was his name! We helped Miss Mayer draw a story map for the working wall and then began to find descriptions of Plop in the book!



We started our new topic this week ‘Towers, Tunnels and Turrets’. The homework that has been given in this week is fantastic! I’ll really struggle to find a winner this time round! On Thursday we had a whole day about castles to kick start our topic! We did some Knight art and then in the afternoon Miss French took us on a treasure hunt! When we found all of the clues, the last one took us back to the classroom and we arrived to a medieval banquet set up! We tried cheese and different types of bread, lots of fruit and some pastries! It was amazing! 

We have been very lucky in school as just before Christmas Mrs Knowles bought some VR headsets. These allow us to be transported to anywhere in the world! On Thursday morning, we had the opportunity to use the VR and went to Conwy castle! We were all so excited, none of us had ever been there before! We got to explore and walk around and saw all sorts of things including cannons! 


Week 14 and 15


What a jam packed two weeks we have had to end the term before Christmas! We have spent the majority of our time practising and rehearsing for our Winter Production ‘Children of the world’.



We looked at poetry in week 14 and loved it! We were writing winter poetry! We thought all about our senses and what we see, hear, smell and feel during winter. We also looked at nouns related to winter and what adjectives we could use to describe them.



In maths we looked at both 2D and 3D shapes. We completed a shape challenge where we were given the properties and had to make the shapes out of lollipop sticks which we were amazing at and loved! We then sorted shapes in different ways and described their properties!

Week 13


This week our rehearsals have been in full swing and the children are doing amazingly well! I am so proud of them! 




This week we have worked really hard on creating our alternative stories of Little Red Riding Hood. The children have worked so hard on using adjectives and adverbs in the writing. We even started to look at some tricky spelling patterns. We had a look at words where the root word ends in a -y and we need to drop it, replace it with an -i and add est. We then used some of these words like 'naughtiest, smelliest and luckiest'. 




In our maths lessons we have looked at patterns using 2D shapes. We really enjoyed this and had lots of fun making our own patterns. We then had a quick look at symmetry this week. We know that this is when you can split a shape in half and both sides are equal! We played some games and really enjoyed working out which 2D shapes are symmetrical. 

Week 12

Wow what a fantastic week we have had in Swans this week! We have been so so so busy!! We spent Monday practising our Year 2 assembly with Otter class and WOW weren’t we just sensational? When Miss French finds the iPad with the photos on she will upload them! It has gone walk about for now!!



This week we learnt how to box up a story! This means putting a well known story into boxes for each element. We then changed some of the elements to create our own alternative version. We now have Little Red Riding Hood with a pirate and a policeman instead of a wolf and a woodcutter. We then did some skill focused lessons on adjectives and conjunctions! We have impressed Miss French so much!



This week we have started to look at shape. We have really focused on the vocab this week and what different shapes are. We have looked at the names of different 2D shapes and their properties. On Friday we even began sorting them! We will be carrying on with shape next week!

Week 11

What a brilliant week we have had in Swan class this week! The children have had such an amazing time in school this week! We were very very lucky on Monday afternoon when Mrs Vaughn came and told us we had a special surprise. We had won the attendance award trip for having 99% attendance in our class to date! To say I am proud is an understatement! So this meant that on Tuesday we went to the cinema, to see the transformers film, Bumblebee. We represented the school beautifully on our (very cold) walk to and from the cinema.


In English this week we have published our diary as Little Red Riding Hood. To begin with we struggled writing in the past tense but this week we have really understood how to change verbs from present to past tense! Miss French cannot wait to read our published writes this weekend!


In Maths we have carried on looking at subtraction. This week we moved on to subtraction on a number line, we found this tricky so we will be revisiting it again. Next week we are moving on to using the inverse and fact families.


In Encompass we have looked at the importance of Samuel Peypes in the Great Fire of London! We learnt lots about him and wrote some amazing facts about him in our books. We have also spent some time on Friday practising for our Year 2 assembly on Tuesday afternoon, which is all about the Great Fire!

Week 10

Wow! Another crazy, busy week in Swan class this week! Today was Children in Need day, a day to fundraise for the charity! We supported this as a school by holding a non uniform day – superhero themed!



This week in English we have still been looking at the story of Little Red Riding Hood. However, this week we have changed genre and have been looking at writing a diary. This is a type of recount. We will be talking about the key events of the story, pretending we are Little Red! To help us do this we have had lots of fun lessons! We started the week with some hot seating! We got to ask Little Red some very interesting questions to see how she felt at different parts of her adventure! Towards the end of the week we began to look at the five senses and how Little Red will have used all of them on her adventure.



We have really impressed Miss French in Maths this week and worked our little socks off! She can’t believe how well we have been getting on with subtraction! We know lots and lots of different vocabulary now! Our new favourite tricky word is ‘inverse’. Test us on it at home to see if we can remember what it means! We have only been using pictorial methods when subtracting this week! But this is one of our favourite methods so far!



This week we were very lucky and had a workshop all about the Great Fire of London! It helped us learn some more really important facts! Ask us for some at home! Here are some photos of us in the drama workshop, having lots of fun!

Week 9

What an exciting first week back we have had this week! The children are certainly refreshed and raring to get learning again which is just superb!



In English this week we have started our new story. We are still looking at traditional tales and we are now focusing on, Little Red Riding Hood. The children have really engaged with the story and we created a class story map to help us remember the key parts of the story and what happens when! This week we have re-written the story in our own words! Miss French is very proud of us because we have had a whole week off and haven’t forgotten our capital letters, full stops and finger spaces! She was worried we would!


Look at us here in Monday's English lesson where we did some role play to help us with the story! 



In maths we started the week by looking at estimation of objects and using pictures. We now know what estimation means – if you ask us at home we can give you the definition! We then moved on to estimation on a number line which we found really tricky! So we spent more time on this to make sure we understood it! At the end of the week we began our unit on subtraction – the inverse to addition. We did this with concrete objects (counters) to begin with and just recapped all of our year 1 knowledge so Miss French could see what we remember from last year!




We have started our new topic for this half term ‘Big City’ which is all about the Great Fire of London! The children are incredibly enthusiastic about this and really can’t wait to find out more and learn lots about it! Out first lesson was all about fact finding and researching. We used our brand new knowledge organisers, fact files, and the internet to learn how to research.


Please see the homework page for the October half term homework! I would like all knowledge organisers back in school by the Wednesday of the first week back please! 

Week 7 


What a busy busy week we have had this week! We have had our DT week this week (photos will follow next week after the finishing touches have been added)



This week we have worked towards writing our non-chronological reports on goats! We wrote each part on a different day, and then on Friday we published it! Miss French was SO impressed and can't believe how far we have come in just 7 weeks! 



We have continued addition in maths, still focusing on adding multiples of 10! On Thursday we moved on to adding two, 2 digit numbers but only using concrete apparatus! We will carry this on, next week. The Secret Agent Testing office sent us our first practise challenge this week and on Friday we completed a challenge test on place value! 


Our certificate winners this week! 

Week 6


What another brilliant week! Thank you to all parents who attended our SATs information evening, we hope you found this beneficial. There will be a further meeting around February as we get closer! 



This week we published our instructions 'How to trap a troll'. Miss French has absolutely loved reading them! Our sentence structure is improving day by day! On Tuesday we moved on to our next genre of writing - non - chronological reports. We spent the lesson reading Miss French's WAGOLL and finding out what a non-chronological report is! Ask us to see if we can remember! We have also spent a lesson learning how to research information and worked as teams to find out lots of interesting facts about goats! 



This week we have moved on to addition, both using pictures/drawings and on a numberline! We will be continuing this next week. We have enjoyed learning new methods to work things out and can now apply it in different contexts. Using a numberline is really useful for addition and we have worked really hard on making sure we do the correct amount of jumps! 

Encompass and Science

This week we have looked at the jobs of the Royal family. We learnt that Prince Harry used to be in the Army and now he does a lot of charity work and the one we were most excited about was Princess Anne who competed in Equestrian and even won gold medals! In Science we set up our plant investigation. We recapped our Year 1 knowledge on how to plant a seed first. Then we, as groups, decided what we could take away from each plant to see if it would still grow. We will check on the plants every couple of days to check for any changes! 

Week 5 


What another lovely week we have shared! I would just like to say that it was a pleasure to meet with all parents that made the time to come and see me for a parents consultation this week, it was lovely to talk about your children with you! 



In English this week we have been working towards writing our set of instructions 'How to trap a troll'. We have written each individual part and on Monday we will complete our publish write! I can't wait to read them! We have looked at making sure all of our instructions include time openers, imperative verbs and for some of us adverbs and conjunctions! 



This week we have been working really hard on comparing numbers and even managed some tricky problem solving! Miss French is so proud of our determination in this lesson! The problems were tricky but after Miss French showed us some special tricks on how to work them out we found it a bit easier! Next week we will be starting to look at addition! 



This week we have been looking at the royal family. We looked at their family tree! Ask us at home, why it is called a tree and see if we can remember! We found out that the Queen is married to Philip and they had four children! We then looked at the children they had and even the children they had!! We were very excited about it all! 

Week 4 - Week beginning 23rd September 2019


This week in Swans, we have worked incredibly hard. We are definitely feeling tired this week! But that has not stopped our determination. The children have all wanted to give and have tried their hardest to give everything we have done 110%.




This week we have moved on to instruction writing! We need to help the goats trap a troll. We have learnt lots of new vocabulary associated with instructions and now know what they all mean! The new words for us this week are imperative verb, time conjunction, adverb. We have all tried really hard to remember what they mean and use them in our writing! We spent Thursdays lesson learning all about command sentences and tried really hard to write our own ready to write our ‘How to trap a troll’ instructions next week.




This week we have been ordering and comparing numbers to 100! We spent the beginning of the week learning and practising how to draw beautifully neat number lines in our maths books with rulers! Some of us found this very tricky but persevered and had beautifully neat books by the end! On these numbers, we were putting 2 digit numbers in order. The number line really helped us! Towards the end of the week we have been comparing numbers! Looking at which number is the biggest and smallest between 2 different numbers. We did this using the dienes and it really helped us! We really impressed Miss French with this!




In our Encompass lesson this week, we compared London with Tokyo (the capital city of Japan). We found out lots of similarities and differences! For example, we found out that London is different to Tokyo because in London people speak English and in Tokyo people speak Japanese and in Tokyo their currency is Yen and in London the currency is Great British Pounds.

Week 3 


What another fabulous week we have had! I can't believe week three is over already! We have worked really hard this week and really impressed Miss French! 



Today (Friday) we have published our re-tell's of our class story, the three billy goats Gruff. We tried our hardest to include all of our capital letters and full stops, amazing adjectives, some conjunctions and some of the tricky spellings we have learnt this week! Miss French has been really impressed with the standard of everyone's writing. She has been showing ALL of the teachers around school! There is a class book in our classroom, if you're ever in with us, take a peek! You won't be disappointed! 



This week we have been partitioning two digit numbers. We learnt what a two digit number is and can now explain it when asked. We used lots of concrete resources to help us on a part - whole model and this helped us visualise what the number looks like and how many tens and ones there are in each number. On Friday we moved on to finding one more and one less than a number, still using a part whole model because Miss French wanted to challenge us! 



This wee we have looked at landmarks in London. First of all, we needed to learn what a landmark is and we decided it was something, usually a building you can recognise from a distance because of how it looks. We then discussed the landmarks we have heard about in London. We completed 3 activities in our lesson this week, we matched photos of London's landmarks to their name, drew what landmarks we might see out of a window if we were in London and then wrote descriptions of some of the most famous landmarks, including the Cutty Sark, a very famous ship in Greenwich! We were really excited when Miss French gave us our own ticket to the London Eye, we stepped on board and absolutely LOVED seeing all of the landmarks from high above in our London Eye pod! 

Week 2 


What a sensational first full week back at school we have had! We have got stuck straight into our Year 2 learning and have impressed Miss French SO much with all of our prior learning! Miss French cannot believe how much we can remember from Year 1!



In English for the next two weeks we are writing about the story the three billy goats Gruff. We are loving it! We started off the week by listening to the story and learning what happens in the beginning, the middle and the end with some role play/freeze frames! We are aiming to write our own re tell by the end of next week! 




We have started looking at place value. This week we looked at how to read, write and count numbers to 100! We have spent a lot of time writing numbers as words! This is something some of us found tricky so Miss French will keep bringing it in to all lessons! We even did some problem solving on Friday, it was SO fun, we didn't even realise it was problem solving!!



We have absolutely loved beginning our learning about London! We have learnt LOTS of new vocabulary this week, including the word population. Ask us at home and we can tell you its definition! We have learnt what makes a capital city, a capital city as well as how to find London on a variety of different maps!