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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

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Week Commencing 11th January 2021 


Hi everyone,

I hope you’ve all had a nice week.

I would like to say a big well done to every single one of our ducklings- you have all adapted so well to all of the recent changes! I am so proud of you all. smiley


This week we have all been doing the same learning- both from home and at school.


We had fun playing ‘Who am I?’ using our super communication and language skills to guess. Some of us got the whole family involved! wink




We began our learning about our local area- Joiners Square. The children really enjoyed exploring and discussing familiar places.




We also created some art work based on our Local Environment- some bottle kilns and some mugs and plates in the style of Emma Bridgewater. :-) The children did an excellent job this for our new classroom display.






We followed a recipe together to make some play dough, then used this for a dough disco! It was lots of fun and this really helps to develop our fine motor skills.




We did guided reading together in small groups together, each group explored one of our treasure chest books for this half term- 'Snowball'.



We have been exploring technology using our Interactive Table to access stories and Nursery Rhymes. We also explored our Interactive white board to practise our writing skills. The children are getting very good at using technology!




We had a lovely music lesson this week where we explored the rhythm sticks and used the scarves to wiggle, wiggle, wiggle and FREEZE. The children had lots of fun and giggles with this.



For maths this week we have been practising our counting skills. Some of the children were able to match the objects to numerals which was absolutely fantastic. I have been blown away with how amazing our Ducklings are at Maths this year. I have a class full of Super Stars!





This week we have given 3 Waterside Values Certificates in Nursery for our Ducklings and one Amazing Maths certificate too! I’m sure you will join me in saying a BIG “WELL DONE!” to our Superstars for their amazing learning this week. I am one very proud teacher!




I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

See you on Monday! Miss Finnheart


Week commencing 4th Jan 2021

Hi Everyone!

Well this week wasn't quite the first week back that we expected!

However, we still enjoyed lots of fun learning- whether that was at school or at home. 

I would like to thank everyone for you lovely, kind and supportive words- they really are appreciated throughout these different times. smiley 


We managed to get one day of learning all together for the start of our spring term. 
We were able to go on a Winter walk around our school ground together which was so much fun! We wrapped up in our coats with our hats, gloves and scarves to keep us nice and warm. We spotted lots of changes since our Autumn walk. We found that most of the trees had no leaves left, we felt the cold snow in our hands and we thought that the snowy grass felt crunchy to walk on! 





Miss Finn created a fancy dress shop role play area which we got a chance to explore on Monday- we loved dressing up as all the different characters. 




In maths this week we have been continuing to work on out counting skills and beginning to recognise numerals. Miss Finn has been blown away by the children's AMAZING maths skills. We have learned a new counting song- "5 Little Snowmen" Ask your little Duckling to sing it to you. smiley





We have been busy creating lots of Winter creations, exploring different tools to create different effects.

We've created Snowmen, snowflakes and snowy winter trees which will all go on our wonderful new winter display in our classroom to showcase our super skills.






We've developed our fine motor skills in the mark making area using our fingers in glitter and snow; threading beads to create bracelets; colouring in (we are getting really good at colouring in the lines); using stencils and creating in the construction area. 






We've enjoyed exploring ice in our messy area. We explored what happens when it is in a warm classroom and we used ice to explore the water colour paints. smiley





We enjoyed exploring our Winter Village small world area. 




Although it's been a little different to what we are used to, we have still been very busy learning lots through exciting playing. 

I have seen some wonderful home learning photos, we have loved looking at them together at school.


I look forward to another fun filled week next week. I hope you have a lovely and restful weekend. 

Love Miss Finn and the Nursery Team heart

Our Treasure Chest Stories in Nursery for this half term 


4th Jan 2021



Welcome back!

We hope that you have had a beautiful and restful break and that you have all stayed nice and safe! If you have any photographs of your celebrations during the festive period, we would love you to share them with us! You can of course, send us some photographs via email or via Class Dojo. smiley 


This half term we will be learning all about winter, celebrations and our local area. We cannot wait for you all to explore our exciting new provision. wink


In Nursery we love to access our outdoor provision come rain or shine- please make sure that your child attends with weather-appropriate outdoor clothing so that we are not prevented from accessing our endless outdoor learning.

I would like to kindly ask grown ups to send a spare set of clothes into school with your child. This time of year we might sometimes get a little bit wet whilst we are busy, playing outdoors.

Also, just a friendly reminder for any spare clothes that were borrowed last term to be returned to Nursery promptly please. smiley


Please remember that although things are very different right now, we are all in this together and we will are here to listen if you have any worries or concerns


Nursery will remain OPEN during the current tier four restrictions. Please rest assured that all guidelines are being followed, classrooms will be cleaned periodically throughout the day and thoroughly at the end of each day. Children and staff will be hand washing consistently throughout the day to keep us as clean and safe as can be. 


We cannot wait to see you and hear all about your exciting time off!

Miss Finn and the Nursery Team heart

Week commencing 14th December


Just like that our first term has ended!

What super term it has been. Despite the different circumstances, our Ducklings have settled beautifully into Nursery. We have loved to see each one of them grow and develop SO much in such a short amount of time. We are thankful for such a lovely cohort of bright and happy children. smiley


This week we had an extra fun week (every week is fun in Nursery- but this one was especially fun). Our Ducklings have LOVED getting messy with ALL the glitter and sparkles ready for the festive period. We have made decorations, cards, hats, candy canes AND we've decorated some yummy biscuits!






We had the best last day- PARTY DAY!

Our Ducklings have been getting excited for this ALL week. We loved seeing each others smartest party clothes! laugh

We played musical bumps, pass the parcel and had the BEST disco. I saw some super dancing skills from our ducklings! wink



I wish you all a SUPER two weeks off. I am contactable via email and class dojo should you need to get in touch. smiley

Thank you for an amazing first term!

Happy Holidays!


Stay safe and have fun! See you in two weeks! 

Miss Finn & The Nursery Team heart




Week commencing 7th December 2020


Hello everyone! We have had a super, busy last full week in Nursery this week! smiley

It is safe to say we have got lots of excited little ducklings!


Our number of the week this week has been the number 2 so we have spent lots of time learning all about the number two together in our key worker groups. 

In our environment, the children worked on their fine motor skills threading the correct number of beads onto 'candy canes' to match the numerals. We have also explored shape- we created some wonderful pictures using paints and different shapes. 



In literacy this week we have been continuing to develop our listening skills and working on our alliteration and rhyming skills. We've also been practicing our reading skills through identifying familiar logos and signs. 




They've had lots of fun exploring our sweet shop and exploring the Christmas tree and decorations. 




We have had lots of fun outdoor this week. The ducklings enjoyed learning how to take in turns to throw and catch the balls with their friends. Some of the Ducklings got imaginative and created a sleigh with our large construction materials! The children pretended that they were elves and reindeers. 






We had a fantastic time on Christmas Jumper day, thank you to everybody who contributed. smiley



We had two fabulous stars of the week this week- a BIG well done to Rebin and Harry for your lovely friendship and excellence.


We are all super excited for a fun packed 4 days at school next week! 

I hope you have a lovely week! smiley

Miss Finnheart


Week Commencing 30th November

Hi everyone! I hope you are all well. :-) 

We've had another super, busy week in nursery, which has passed us by in the blink of an eye again!


This week in nursery we learned a new nursery rhyme- I’m a Little Hedgehog. The children always impress me with how quickly they learn these songs! We had lots of fun exploring the instruments and using the Ipads to record each other singing our new song. 




Some of our Ducklings have been so excited about being able to begin their advent calendars this week! This has been a great topic for developing our communication and language skills as well as talk of some cheeky little elves who have been up to no good.


This week in phonics our Ducklings have begun to focus of Rhyming. We used a fun game on the interactive whiteboard to get us started. We will continue to develop our rhyming, along with alliteration. smiley I was so impressed with how well they could navigate the whiteboard and the game. 




We enjoyed reading "Silly Suzy Goose" for our guided reading sessions. The children enjoyed making the different animal sounds as we went through the story. 





We developed our fine motor skills through mark making, threading beads, cutting and colouring in this week. We also enjoyed using the shaped cutters to create our own little sequins. 




We explored different textures and materials and had fun creating colourful pictures and practicing using different tools with our loose parts art work.




For maths this week, we played hide and seek together. We took it in turns to count to ten and hide the elf. It was great fun!



We're getting really good at counting to ten now. smiley


For maths we also explored number formation using pompoms, created shapes with our peg boards and had lots of fun exploring the numicon in the messy play foam.  




We're always running about and creating our own obstacle courses outside in nursery, which is great for our core and gross motor development. This week for physical development we played the 'jumping beans' game. The children had to listen carefully and complete an action for each type of bean called out. They were really good at this! We ran, jumped, stretched up high, curled into a tiny ball, balanced and squatted. Very impressive!




Next week we will be our last full week in school for this year! Our number of the week this week will be number 2!

We will be learning a final Autumn Nursery Rhyme smiley we will continue working on our rhyming and alliteration skills and we will be exploring our new 'Sweet Shop' roleplay area! How exciting!


Finally, I would like to say another big "WELL DONE!" to the children who received our Waterside Values certificates this week. 


We are super proud of you! smiley

Have a great week everyone. smiley

Miss Finnheart

Week commencing 23rd November


Hi everyone! I hope you are all well. smiley

I can’t believe how quickly the time is passing! 


This week we have been really busy exploring all things Autumn.

Our Ducklings had lots of fun exploring all of our Autumn wonders in the exploration tuff tray.




They explored all of the different textures and developed their fine motor and cutting skills.



In maths this week our Ducklings have been very busy counting conkers and acorns. They got messy with the finger paints, creating apple trees and counting each apple they created.




We have been especially impressed by our Ducklings this week for taking recognising and taking a keen interest in all of the maths in our environment. Our Ducklings have been so excited to notice and to share with us the shapes and the numerals that they have recognised. This is so exciting for us to see. smiley




In phonics this week we have continued to develop our alliteration skills.

We all have our own Alliteration name- ask your child what theirs is.

& we were all trying really to guess the animal based on alliterative clues. We will be continuing to work on alliteration throughout this term to really master this aspect of phonics.



For our physical development this week, we played ‘Scarecrow says…” the children really love games like this, we made it extra fun with lots of movement!



Our Duckling got constructed some AMAZING creations this week!



 We spent time making some beautiful leaf rubbings. We chose our favourite Autumn colours for our creations- they turned out beautifully. smiley



We enjoyed reading ‘The leaf man’. Some of our Ducklings enjoying trying to create their own ‘leaf man’ using some leaves we collected last week on our Autumn walk.



Our Ducklings really enjoyed our Nursery Rhyme this week- Dingle Dangle Scarecrow. We had such fun together! smiley


This week we will be learning another new Nursery Rhyme- I’m a little Hedgehog.

We will be practicing this all week and recording each of them singing for their learning journeys so lots of practice at home will help, too. smiley



Our number of the week this week is the number ‘1’. All of our maths lessons this week will be focused on the number one.

We will be focusing in on one of our numbers 0-10 weekly, in order to really master our understanding!


Have a lovely week

Miss Finnheart

What a busy week back we have had! I think it was a bit of a shock to the system for us all, after some quite time home learning. 

It was so lovely to be back in school. Our Ducklings settled back in beautifully! It’s almost as though we have never been away. smiley

This week we explored colour in everything we did!

We enjoyed the story of Elmer- the Ducklings loved it so much that they asked me to read it sometimes 3 times in a day! smiley It’s really lovely to see that they are enjoying our story time so much.


We created a huge Elmer together this week ready to display with our learning. We discussed all of the different colours and used different materials.



We learned the rainbow song! I am always impressed with how quickly our Ducklings pick up a new song!  


We had fun mixing colour splats using different tools to see what colours we could make.



Outdoors we explored the puddle paints! Our ducklings really enjoyed getting messy and exploring what colours they could make by mixing them all together!



We used our colourful construction this week- there were lots of houses for Elmer and rainbows being constructed. wink



We explored our colourful shapes in maths. I am really impressed with how many shapes our Ducklings are beginning to recognise.



We also used cars for maths this week for developing our numeral recognition. These were a real hit!



We’ve continued practicing our names- it is really important to continue to encourage our Ducklings to practice writing their names at home too as they get better each time they practice.




we all finally went on a lovely autumn walk together. It was a little later than we would have liked due to us having to self-isolate- however, we still managed to have lots of fun and spot lots of lovely autumn changes to keep us busy! smiley




Next week we will be continuing to develop our learning about Autumn. We will be reading the story ‘Leaf Man’ and the Nursery Rhyme ‘Dingle Dangle Scarecrow’




& finally, I would like to give another big ‘WELL DONE!’ to our Stars of the week this week. Our awards went to three children for their exceptional dedication to our home learning. Super stars! 




I hope you have a wonderful week.

Miss Finnheart

Week 10 – Week commencing 9th November

Our second week of Home Learning has passed by so quickly!

I would just like to say a huge THANK YOU for the amazing participation in our Home Learning.

I have been so impressed with the progress our Ducklings have been making at home, particularly with our Maths and writing skills. What Superstars

I have loved seeing all of the photographs and videos you have sharedsmiley

It is great to see how creative everyone has been getting at home. There have been some fabulous ideas and creations. I am very proud.

I love all of the beautiful poppies that everybody created for Remembrance Day! 


Most importantly, I am glad to hear that everyone is safe and well. It sounds like we are all very excited to return to school.   

I have missed everybody so very much, and I look forward to being back in school with you all next Tuesday.

When we go back to school next week we will be exploring colour! We will be getting messy with the paints, learning the 'rainbow' song and exploring the story of 'Elmer' (as well as lots of other fun activities).

I know that some of you have enjoyed 'Elmer' during your time Home Learning.smiley  It is one of my favourite stories- I can't wait to read it with everybodysmiley

For now, I will leave you with some photographs of our fabulous Home Learning from this week. laugh


Take care!

Miss Finnheart

Week 9 - Week commencing 2nd November


What a strange week our first week back turned out to be! I would like to say a massive 'THANK YOU!' to all of you Ducklings and your grown ups for adapting so well to these unusual times. I was absolutely blown away by the response to our home learning. You all had such a good go at the tasks set. I loved seeing all of your photos and videos. I was so impressed, and I don't think I've ever given out so many Green Dojos! A massive WELL DONE!

I can't wait to see your amazing home learning next week! smiley


The days we were in school, we spent a lot of time learning about and preparing for bonfire night. The children really enjoyed creating their own firework patterns using all sorts of different resources and materials. Our Ducklings are so creative!






As you know, our Ducklings began to learn a new 'Firework' song at the start of the week- it was so lovely to see our Ducklings beaming with such confidence and pride. They are always eager to share their learning with their friends.

On Friday, it was AMAZING to see your home learning 'Firework' singing videos- I was completely 'WOW!!'ed by the development that they had made in just a few days with lots of practice at home. Clever little Ducklings

We also began to learn about safety on Bonfire night. We are always working on our Duckling's communication and language skills in everything that we do.


In Maths this week, during school time- we continued developing and consolidating our counting skills and recognising numerals. We really enjoyed playing fun games in our outdoor provision- recognising numerals on the dice and counting our jumps/hops/movements to match



We aim to develop and consolidate our Math skills in most activities that we do. 



Our Ducklings enjoyed exploring their new Pet Shop role play area. It really is fascinating to see the lengths of their imagination when they are exploring a new resources. laugh




We were busy practicing our mark-making skills using all things fireworks, too! 




& of course we enjoyed the outdoors provision- we love getting out in the fresh air. Some of the things we enjoyed were exploring the bubbles, creating bridges together to get to the other side and playing fun exercise games to show off what we can do!



I hope you've had a lovely weekend & I look forward to another week of us making the most of learning at home together. Please remember you are always welcome to contact me at any time should you have any queries or questions- I am always happy to help! smiley

Stay safe! smiley

Miss Finn heart


Welcome back to our lovely ducklings.



We hope that you have had a beautiful week with loved ones, family and friends. We hope that you have all stayed nice and safe and have tried to have some Halloween fun somehow! If you have any photos from home, where you may have dressed up, made spooky cakes or food, watched some spooky Halloween films or painted your face we want to hear about it! You can of course, send us some photographs through the website or through Class Dojo. 


When you return to our Nursery this morning, you will notice your classroom provision has changed! You will see lots of new FIREWORK activities where we will be learning about the celebration of Bonfire Night and how to stay safe if you should have fireworks at home. 

Please remember that although things are very different right now, and you may not be celebrating things in the same way that you are used to, we are all in this together and we will be here for you to listen to you for any worries you may have. 

School will be remaining OPEN during the lockdown from November the 5th and please rest assured that all guidelines are being followed, classrooms will be cleaned at periods throughout the day and children will be consistently hand washing and keeping as clean as can be. 

Its lovely to see you

Miss Finn and the Nursery Team x

Week 8 – Week commencing 19th October


What a busy last week we’ve had in Nursery!              


This week our ducklings have been busy getting creative. They have been using lots of materials and tools to create their own spooky pictures. 




Nursery have been imaginative, making potions using pumpkins and all things spooky. The children enjoyed exploring the pumpkins’ textures and the smell, and enjoyed cutting a scooping the insides. We even used the seeds for counting activities- which was also really good for developing fine motor skills.




This week we’ve had our interactive table set up in Nursery. The children have enjoyed exploring the different nursery rhymes and interactive stories available. This is useful in developing and improving listening and attention and reading skills.




Our ducklings have practiced mark making by creating pumpkin faces using different shapes and have had fun using the special pen on the interactive white board.




We’ve also spent some time this week exploring magnets and different materials. The children have had lots of fun learning that magnets only stick to some materials.




Our ducklings have enjoyed the outdoors area, as always- and have been glad to see a little less rain! The children have enjoyed exploring and being imaginative with the different construction materials- 'making fires' and 'building houses'.



They've also enjoyed some small group exercise classes - learning how to hop and star jump!




In maths we have continued our number and 2D shape recognition this week. The children have been very curious about different numbers in the environment this week- asking lots of questions and recognising numerals and shapes all over our environments. I am very impressed! smiley




& in the blink of an eye, our first half term has ended! I am really impressed with all of our nursery children for settling and adapting so well to our school and our values! yeslaugh 


After half term we will be learning all about bonfire night and keeping ourselves and our pets safe.


Have a lovely time off and stay safe.

See you in a week!

Miss Finn heart

Week 7 - Week commencing 12th October 2020


This week in Ducklings I feel that the children have really settled and got to grips with our recent changes. They have truly flourishedangel

I would like to thank you all for the great response to my request for family photographs. We have begun to discuss some of these together and we have been so impressed with the children showing off their great communication skills and beaming with confidence. We will be continuing this activity until half term as the children have really enjoyed it. smiley


In Maths this week we have continued with our counting. We are learning to count up to 10, but at the moment we a really concentrating on consolidating numbers up to 5. We do this using lots of fun songs and counting games together. We have also begun to discover and identify some of the different shapes in our daily environment.

The link below provides some counting songs that your child is familiar with from Nursery.


We are beginning to slowly introduce phase one phonics into nursery. We are introducing this through fun group games which encourage the children to identify different sounds and talk about where the sounds might be coming from, for example this week we have been exploring the different sounds made by different animals. It’s really important for children to be able to discriminate different sounds before moving on to exploring letters and words, so we will be continuing to work on this more so after half term.


We have enjoyed some slightly better weather this week. The children love to access the outdoor area and it is great to observe some of the imaginative games that the children devise together using the outdoors equipment, such as ‘building houses’ and ‘bridges’ with the large scale construction materials; making dinner in the mud kitchen; ‘sailing away from naughty pirates’; and ‘the floor is lava’ to name just a few from this week. All of these activities are great in developing all areas! Particularly children’s expression, imagination, confidence, relationships and physical development.


At the end of last week, each child took home a sheet of ‘WOW moments’, with stars to be written on when your children have completed some brilliant work or a task at home which makes you “WOW!”. I would like to thank you for your response to this, I have loved seeing these. Some parents/carers have sent some photographs to support these sheets via email or ClassDojo, which has been great. We love to celebrate your children’s achievement’s together, so please do continue to return these. laugh


smiley Our superstars that stood out for showing great values this week smiley


Week 6 - Week commencing 5th October 2020


This week in nursery we have enjoyed beginning our topic about our families together. In doing so we are developing our communication skills, our confidence and also underpinning our early friendships – we have loved learning more about our friends. We will be continuing the topic of ‘families’ through next week. Miss Finn has kindly asked that we bring some photographs of our families and important people into school (with our names on the back) next week, so that we can share them with our friends and our class grown-ups. We could upload them on our ducklings website via ‘contact your teacher’ or send them to instead if preferred.


As you know, there have been a few changes in nursery recently and our teachers would like to share that they think we have all adapted amazingly. We can now independently access our ‘Snack Shack’ for a snack and a drink when we need to top up our energy - but don’t worry, The Snack Shack closes an hour before lunch time so we have plenty of space for our lunch.


We talk about the weather each day in nursery. We have observed another rainy week, but we never let this stop us! We have continued to access our outdoor provision because we know that learning outdoors is so important to our understanding of the world and our physical development - the learning opportunities outdoors are endless.  It’s really important that we remember to bring in our warm, waterproof coats so that we can continue our learning outdoors regardless of the weather. We are always developing our independence in preparing for accessing the outdoors provision - we enjoy learning to zip our coats up and pop our poppers so please continue to practice this at home with us too.


This week our teachers continued to observe us all promoting our school values. It was really tricky for our teachers to decide who to award the "Waterside Values" certificates to this week because we are all showing such great values. However, one child stood out in particular because she always shows such great kindness towards everybody in our classroom. Another child really stood out because he showed such great dedication in enjoying his days at school. Miss Finn and Miss Newbon are very proud of you both and we would like to wish you another big “WELL DONE!” We are all, always encouraged to keep up the great work.




As most parents/carers have seen, ClassDojo is now up and running and we are all so excited to be getting Dojo’s each day for our great work and values. We love that you can all see our achievements and successes. There are still some parents who are not set up yet – please continue to send in your email addresses or speak to Miss Finn at the door if you are having trouble getting set up.


Finally, our teachers would like to say a big "Thank you!" to everybody who took part in and donated towards our #HelloYellow fundraiser on Friday. We will be counting our funds raised shortly and we will let you know in our next blog. Have a great week.smiley




Week 5- week commencing 28th September 2020


This week we have welcomed two new grown-ups into our Nursery- Miss Finn is our new teacher and Miss Newbon has moved from the Reception class.

We have also had a bit of a change around in our classroom and we have been thinking more about the rules and routines in our Nursery. We have re-vamped our snack time to promote and encourage greater independence. We no longer need to bring a snack into school- a healthy snack will be provided at snack time, though we should continue to bring our water bottles in daily.

We have had a super exciting new Café role play area, which we have all enjoyed! We have loved playing Café’s and learning from one another. Our confidence and communication and language skills are developing impressively

Although the beginning of October has brought us lots of rain, we haven’t let this stop us from accessing our outdoor provision. We have enjoyed learning about and experiencing the change in weather and have made good use of our sheltered areas to continue our outdoors learning. 

This week we have talked more about our values at Waterside and the importance of looking after our environments and each other. We have seen our first ‘Waterside Values’ certificates given to two of our little ducklings- one for showing beautiful friendship and one for showing great courage. I’m sure you will join us in saying another big “WELL DONE!” from us all.


Miss Finn and Miss Newbon will be continuing to look for two children each week who are consistently promoting our school values.

Miss Finn and Miss Newbon have now set up Class Dojo and we are all very excited to begin using it. Please continue to send in your email addresses so that we can share all of our great achievements with you.  


Week Commencing 14.09.20

This week in Nursery we have been very busy getting to know each other better and it's great to see how much our friendships have grown! Our teachers have now finished our Baselines and next week you will find out which Key Worker Group we have been placed in.


We are now used to our environment and know what the rules are when at Nursery, next week our Seaside area is going to turn into a Jungle as we have been really interested in the animals and would like to learn more about them.


On Friday you will also notice we came out with a special piece of paper, this special paper has our login information for Purple Mash, a fun website you can use to do activities at home, next week our teacher will start putting tasks on there for us to do. If you have lost your login or were only in Friday morning then don't worry! Mr Grocott has a copy of all our details and can give them out to us on Monday.


We will also be sending out letters next week inviting you to join our class on Class Dojo, this way you can message the teacher and see our learning, we can also earn points on there!


To finish, please enjoy looking at some photos of our fun at Nursery!


Week Commencing: 07.09.2020


Your school journey has now truly begun! It's been amazing getting to know so many new faces and to see how happy you all are in your new classroom is amazing to see. Each one of you is truly unique and I hope you continue to love being in our Nursery as much as we love having you!


This week we have been doing Baselines on the children to see what their interests are and what they already know. It has also been really important for the children to get to know us as staff and settle into a new routine. They have done a fabulous job of this and it's hard to believe that this is their first full week of school, you should all be very proud because we certainly are.


I can't wait to see what happens in the weeks to come and every week this blog will be updated with information about what the children have been doing and photos of them in the classroom environment.


I look forward to seeing all your happy smiling faces on Monday and hear all about what you've been doing over the weekend!


                                                                                                   Mr Grocott