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Wk bg 22/02/21


A super week of learning in Seahorse class!


We have been investigating our new text in English this week.  We have been identifying the features of chapter retelling using Anisha: accidental detective as our basis.  We discovered that we need to use time adverbials, as retells are written chronologically.  We also discovered that we need to include lots of inverted commas sentences too, as retelling includes speech.  We practised using inverted commas by creating a bank of character speech to help us with our writing next week.

In maths, we have began revisiting place value, completing some baseline questions which allowed us to display what we have remembered from earlier in the year.  We have also began using a new website, learning by questions to access our learning in a different way.  It was great to have all the children currently at home being able to access the same learning as the children in schooll at the same time.


Our afternoon learning saw us investigate Howard Carter and his acomplishments nearly 100 years ago in Egypt.  We learnt about how, in finding Tutenkhamun's tomb, he helped make Egypt the popular destination it is today, (before lockdown), and how important his historical finds were.


We also began looking at our new topic in RE this week, and started by talking about life events and why they are important.  We had some really great discussions and a super level of maturity was show by all.


Have a lovely week, Love from Seahorse Class. xxx

Week beginning 08/02/21


A brilliant week of learning in Seahorse Class!


In English, we have been continuing our learning relating to non-chronological reports.  We have used our research notes to create drafts of our paragraphs, before looking at how we could edit and improve writing.  We worked really hard to up level using expanded noun phrases, adverbs of time, place and manner and technical words.  Today we published our work and I was really impressed with the standard of work produced. Well done everyone!

In Maths this week we have investigated different methods within division.  We used grouping to investigate remainders, which I suggested was like having an odd sock!  It was great to see the Seahorses using their multiplication knowledge to check their answers. For example: if they discovered that 15 divided by 2 gave the answer of 7 remainder 1, they then checked their answer by stating 2 times 7 equals 14, plus 1 is 15.

Our afternoon learning has seen us recognise the importance of safe internet use on safer internet day on Tuesday.  We discussed the importance of being safe on the internet, and why not everything you read on the net can be believed.  We shared some important hints and tips on staying safe, which in the current lockdown seems more important than ever.


I'd like to finish by wishing you all a safe, healthy and happy half term.


Lots of love from Seahorse Class. xxx

Wk beginning 01/02/21


A super week of learning in Seahorse class!


In English this week, we have began learning about and writing in a new style: Non-chronological reports.  We have investigated all the different features it needs, such as technical words, factual information and correct tense use.  We have also researched the subject of our reports - The Royal Mint.  We learnt about how to correctly make notes from information pages by looking for key words and phrases, before recording our findings in a mind map.

Our maths learning this week has seen us look at different multiplication skills.  We have used our knowledge to solve word problems and tackled tricky missing number grid problems.  We found it tought, but we revisited and looked at it in a different way, which allowed us to master it! Well done everyone! Your resilience is amazing!


Our afternoon learning has seen us investigate the mummification process in ancient Egypt.  We learnt that the whole process took over 70 days!  It was interesting to see the children's reactions to how various organs were removed - especially the brain! We also enjoyed our science experiment this week relating to how shadows change - we learnt and used a fantastic scientific word to describe the changes - proportianal - ask your seahorse to explain what it means!

Lastly, I have to mention our 'express yourself' day, as part of children's mental health week.  It has been fantastic to see the children, both in school and at home, embracing and expressing what makes them happy. The photos below will give you just a small taste of all the wonderful activities that have taken place.


Have a lovely weekend,

Love from Seahorse Class. xxx 

Wk beginning 25/01/21


A brilliant week of learning in Seahorse class!


In English this week we have continued our work relating to letter writing.  We have used our year three skills to draft a letter to Uncle Ginger, before editing it using our arms and cupss method. Today we have completeda  publishe write of the this letter and the results were amazing!


In maths this week we have worked with subtrction, involving exchanging. This is a tricky skill, and I know that the seahorses have shown great perseverence when they fount this skill tricky, especially when using word problems.


Our afternoon lessons have seen us investigate jobs in ancient Egypt in encompass and shadows in science. We looked at all the different types of job roles that exsisted in ancient Egypt, before comparing their lifestyles to ours. It was very interesting.  In science, we learnt that shadows are formed when an opaque object blocks a light source. We learnt that the position of the light source affects the shadow. We look forward to investigating this further next week.


Thank you for all your support with home learning this week - and your participation in live lessons. We aim to deliver both english and maths live next week.  Please rememebr to upload your work as you complete it, so tht it can be marked and returned to you.


Have a lovely weekend,


Seahorse class. xxx


This week's learning!

Wk beginning 11/01/21


What an amazing week of learning!


In English we have been drafting, editing and publishing our own new chapters.  We have worked hard to include emotive adjectves (so we know how Harmony is feeling), verbs and adverbs (of manner, place, time and cause), conjunctions to extend, inverted commas (for direct speech) and commas.  Iwas very impressed with the different ideas that the children came up with.  I was told about horses, endless sweets and even Harmony's sister being turned into a toad!

We have become money masters in our maths lessons this week. We have recapped values, before moving on to addition and subtraction giving change. In a World that is becomming cashless, due to Covid and other reasons, it was great to see what knowledge the children had relating to coins and notes.

Our afternoon learning has seen us investigate the importance of the river Nile in encompass.  We learnt that it was vital in the transportation of goods around ancient Egypt.  We also learnt that pyramids were being build at the same toime as Stone Henge in Britain! Wow!

Our science learning has seen us investigate the properties of transparent, translucent and opaque materials.  We learnt that light travels straight through transparent onjects, scatters through translucent objects and can't travel through opaque objects.


Finally, can I please say thank you to all of our Seahorse parents, whether you child in completing home learning or in school learning.  Your support and feedback this week has been amazing.  Thank you.


Please have a lovely, restful weekend and stay safe.

Mrs Edwards. xxx

Some of our amazing learning this week!

Wk beginning 04-01-21


Happy New Year!

Well our first week back was certainly different - it was lovely to see you all on Monday, before lockdown began again.

I've really enjoyed seeing all of your home learning, and reading the lovely messages you've been sending in.  

Your home learning is mirroring that which is being done in school by key worker children, so it's vital that you keep up the good work, ready for when you return to school.


Please remember to upload work daily - we will be looking forwards to seeing work daily from all of you.


Take care and stay safe,


Mrs Edwards. xxx

Wk bg 07-12-20


A brilliant week of learning in Seahorse Class!


In our English learning this week, we have continued our work relating to instruction writing.  We have drafted and edited our work, looking at how we can improve our work, through the use of contraction words and adjectives using commas in a list.  Thursday saw us publish our work, which was of an amazing standard.  We really got into the character of Tuffy, warning our owners to follow the instructions carefully - or else a scratch might be pending!

In our Maths learning, we have continued and completed our work relating to fractions for this term.  We have learnt all about how to correctly add two fractions together, when they share the same denominator.  We learnt that the denominator doesn't change, but the numerator becomes the sum of the two fraction amounts.  We have also completed an investigation into fractions around our classroom today, it was great fun!


Our afternoon curriculum has seen us complete end of topic assessments in Science this week.  We were amazed at just how much we'd learnt about, nutrition, skeletons and muscles!  We've also learnt about the importance of harmful drugs in PHSCE.  We were surprised to learn that caffeine, which is found in cola, coffee and tea, is classed as a drug.  We discussed the effect it can have on the human body, if too much is consumed.


We are looking forward to our last week of term next week, when we will be completing lots of interesting activities relation to Christmas and Winter.


Have a lovely weekend, 

Love from Seahorse Class. xxx



Wk bg 30-12-20


A super week of learning yet again in Seahorse Class!


We have began investigating instruction writing in our English learning this week.  We have learnt about the use of time adverbials to correctly order the instructions chronologically.  We have also learnt about the correct use of prepositional language to add more detail to our work.  We have continued to take on the role of Tuffy, our killer cat, and have began writing instructions given by him to wash him.


Our maths learning has continued our investigations into fractions. We've looked at non-unit fractions of numbers and also investigated tenths.  We have been finding our division knowledge really useful when calculating halves, quarters, thirds and tenths of amounts - it has also helped strengthen our rapid recall of multiplication facts. I have to also mention our excellent work in arithmetic relating to the eight times table - we found this song really useful:


Our afternoon learning has seen us further investigate the different types of muscles within the human body.  We really enjoyed comparing the smooth muscles found in our organs such as the stomach and lungs to the cardiac muscles found only in the heart.  We also learnt about the differences between voluntary and involuntary movement within muscles - learning that skeletal muscles are voluntary in their movement, but the other two types (smooth organ and cardiac) are involuntary.


It has been a week of changes, as we have seen bubbles around our school need to isolate due to Covid.  If you should you need to keep your Seahorse off for the purposes of isolation, the daily learning is always on our class page by 9.30 am - please message through Dojo should you need any support.


Have a lovely weekend,


Love from Seahorse Class. xxx



Wk beginning 23/11/20


A brilliant week of learning in Seahorse class!


Our English learning has seen us continue with our alternative diary entries.  We have used our drafting and editing skills to demonstrate our understanding of first person determiners, past progressive tense and time adverbials.  We also looked at how informal language could be used to add comic effect to our work, for example calling birds 'flutterballs' and sheep 'woolly tubs'.  We completed our published write on Thursday, proudly demonstrating all of these skills. Well done Seahorses!

Our maths learning this week has seen us begin to investigate fractions.  We have been learning how to correctly apply our knowledge of division when solving fractions of amounts.  We learnt that the denominator, (the bottom number of a fraction), is the amount to divide the number by - for example, one quarter of 20 is five, because 20 divided by four equals five.  In our flow maths lessons we have been looking at the tricky skill of symmetry.  We discussed that it is the pattern on a butterfly's wings, which touches its self when the butterfly's wings flap.

Our afternoon learning has seen us begin our new topic: 'Somewhere to settle'.  This week we investigated the features of a city.  We learnt why cities were built where they were, and how it is defined as a city.  We learnt that population and transport links have allowed cities to grow over time, just as our city has.

Our science lesson this week saw us investigating marvellous muscles!  We leant about how muscles make our skeleton move, but only when we tell them to, we also learnt that they work in pairs, expanding and contracting in a counter balance system.  We then had great fun making models of muscles working in our arm joints. Fantastic!


Have a lovely weekend,

Love from Seahorse Class xxx



Wk beginning 16/11/20


Another amazing week of learning in Seahorse Class!


In our English learning this week, we have continued our work relating to diary entries.  We have looked at the main elements of our story, before looking at ways that we can change it.  We have had great fun deciding on our own 'Killer' animal and its prey for our own versions of a diary entry.  We have also investigated how to correctly use prefixes to improve our writing.

In our maths learning, we have continued to investigate division and related it back to multiplication facts, using them to solve missing number problems.  We have also had great fun creating fact families with just three numbers. We performed a magic trick that Macavity would be proud of.  We have also investigated our four times tables in arithmetic, using a very catchy song to help us - to the tune of 'I'm still standing ' by Elton John.  This song has become very popular and we have now decided to adopt it as our official class song!


Our afternoons have seen us discuss hydrostatic skeletons in science.  This type of skeleton in in animals such as jellyfish and is a stable cylinder of liquid that protects their organs.

During these different times, we have also taken some time to discuss our own well-being and worries, before following this year's children in need recommendation of using 'five to thrive'.


Have a lovely weekend,

Love from Seahorse Class. xxx

Wk beginning 09/11/20


A brilliant week of learning in Seahorse Class!


In English this week, we have continued our work relating to diary writing.  We have investigated how to correctly use inverted commas within our work.  We learnt that they go either side of direct speech that is actually said by a character.  We also leant that the punctuation of the speech also goes inside them, and that new speech must start on a new line.  We also had great fun when we discovered that 'said' is dead, creating a synonym word bank to use in our work.  We have finished this week with an amazing published write based on all our work over the past two weeks.  

In maths this week, we have moved onto investigating division.  We learnt that it is the inverse partner of division and that we can use our knowledge of times tables to help us with division problems.  We have investigated using number lines and bar models, using our mental recall to help us check our working. Fantastic!


Our afternoons this week have seen us take part in remembrance week at School.  We have learnt all about the evacuated children of WWII, including their suitcase allowances, rations for clothes and letters home.  We felt very humbled by this investigation and realised how our lives are very different to those of people during the war.  We also completed remembrance poppies and poppy art on the 11th, as well as observing the two minutes silence.


We are eternally grateful to those who gave their lives for us.


Have a lovely weekend,

Love from Seahorse Class. xxx

Wk beginning 02/11/20


A fantastic week of learning in Seahorse Class!


In our English learning this week, we have investigated a new genre, diary writing.  We have learnt about the different features by magpieing a diary entry written bt the Gruffalo.  We learnt that they are written in past tense, use first person pro-nouns such as 'I' and 'we', discusses feelings and emotions and includes time adverbials.  We have really enjoyed sharing the first chapter of our new text: 'The diary of a killer cat', and basing our writing on this.  We have particularly found the use of made words such as 'flutter-balls' and 'eensy-weensy'!

Our maths learning has seen us investigate multiplication through the use of arrays and grids.  We have used lots of different methods to represent multiplication sums, even moving on the multiplication of a two digit number by a one digit number using our place value knowledge!

Our afternoon learning has seen us learn about hill forts during the Iron Age in encompass lessons and exoskeletons during our science lessons.  We found this learning very interesting - particularly the video we saw of a crab shedding its shell!


Have a lovely weekend!

Lots of love from Seahorse Class!

Wk beginning 19/10/20


A fabulous week of learning in Seahorse Class!


We have investigated riddles in our English learning this week.  We learnt that this is a type of poetry, which is similar to inference.  We learnt that they are short, just 5 or 6 sentences long, are written in present tense and can contain similes.  We had great fun investigating and creating similes for the characters in our class text, 'The Magic Finger'. We decided that Mr Gregg was as mean as a horrible bully and the Little Girl was as magical as a wizard!

We have really enjoyed this type of writing and can't wait to revisit it later this year.

We have secured our understanding of column method in Maths this week, using it for both addition and subtraction with bridging and exchanging.  I am very proud of the Seahorses in their mastery of this tricky skill - a skill I'm sure they will use throughout their lives, I know I have!

We have celebrated Black History Month in our afternoon learning this week.  We investigated the amazing Mart Seacole, a lady that did not allow prejudice stop her from helping others in need.  We also discussed other inspirational role models such as Marcus Rashford, Nicola Adams and Barack Obama.  


Have a lovely weekend,


Love from Seahorse class. xxxx

Wk beginning 11/10/20


A fantastic week of learning in Seahorse Class!


We havwe concluded our work relating to non-chronological reports in English this week.  We used our learnt skills so far in our draft work on Monday and Tuesday, before editing and improving our work on Wednesday.  We became authors on Thursday, completing a published write, which was our non-chronological reports.  The writing was to an amazing standard, it is hard to believe that we are only seven weeks into year three!

Our maths learning this week has related to subtraction using the column method.  We secured oir skills using practical and pictorial methods, befor moving onto formal written methods.  We have even learnt the very tricky skill of exchanging.  We learnt to ask the tens, or hundreds column if we could borrow a ten or hundred to exchange.  Miss Gaskell popped into our lesson relating to this on Thursday and she was blown away by how amazing the work was!

Our afternoon learning has seen us investigate how out country changed when it moved from the Stone Age to the Bronze age.  We learnt that metal became a valuable bargining tool when trading, which lead to huge changes in the way people lived.

Our Science learning has seen us investigate the differences between Male and Female skulls.  We discussed these differences using antonyms - a word that is the opposite to another word.


Now here is a secret message for the Seahorses - if you have read this Blog, well done! Remember to come and ask for your secret message dojo!


Have a lovely weekend,

Love from Seahorse Class xx

Wk beginning 5th October 2020


A fabulous week of learning in Seahorse Class!


We have begun investigating non-chronological reports in English this week.  We learnt that they are factual writing pieces that are about a specific thing or area of information.  We learnt that they have features, such as headings, sub-heading and technical words - words that are used when writing about something specifically.  We looked at a report about ducks, just like the ducks in our class text, 'The magic finger'.

We have investigated how to use different sorts of adverbs to improve our writing and we learnt that an adverb can describe manner (how it's done), time, (when it happens) and place (where it happens).

Our maths learning this week has seen us tackle the tricky skill of column method for addition.  We have even learnt how to correctly exchange and carry over into the next column.  The Seahorses have worked really hard on this method this week and I am very proud of them.

Our afternoon learning about the Stone Age has continued this week, and we have learnt about the different job roles that exsisted then.  We talked about the different sdkills each different role would need, such as strength if you were a hunter.  In Science, we have investigated how the amount of bones within a human body decreases as we grow older.  We had a great discussion about how bones fuse over time, which leads to the decrease.

I have to finish with the brilliant work we have done today relating to world mental health day.  The children looked brilliant in their yellow and colourful clothes as part of our #helloyellow celebrations.  Thank you foy your kind donations this morning. The money will be given to the charity Young Minds, who support the mental health needs of children.


Have a lovely weekend,


Lots of love from Seahorse Class xxx

Wk beginning 28-09-20


A fantastic week of learning in Seahorse class!


We have continued our work relating to 'The magic finger' in English this week.  We have built on last week's writing about the farm by using our drafting and editing skills, before completing a published write on Thursday.  Mrs Knowles popped in during this lesson and she was blown away by the standard of the work she saw!

In Maths, we have been investigating lots of different addition skills this week.  We have learnt about creating number bonds to 100 using our bonds to 10 and 9, how to scale by 10, and how to bridge through 10.  We finished the week by beginning to use column method for addition, by using practical equipment.

Our afternoons have seen us investigating Stone Henge.  We enjoyed practically building our own versions of the monument, as well as investigating its history.  We learnt that it has had many uses through history, including a religious site, a place for executions and also a calendar.  We have also learnt about the human skeleton this week.  We learnt the names of many of the bones, and had great fun labelling our friends!


Have a lovely week, 

Love from Seahorse Class xxx


Wk beginning 21/09/20


A great week in Seahorse Class!


We have been investigating how to correctly use prepositions in our writing in English this week.  We learnt that they are vocabulary that is used to describe position, such as next to, over by and opposite.  We have also looked at how to improve our sentences by using adverbs and up levelled openers.  We are looking forward to applying these skills in our writing next week.  

In maths we have been investigating how to use number lines when applying our place value knowledge.  We learnt to 'read' the number line by counting the steps between the two given numbers.  This then allowed us to work out what each step is worth.

Our afternoons have seen us investigate Skara Brae, a stone age settlement found on the Orkney Islands in Scotland.  We enjoyed discovering lots of interesting facts, such as the fact that they were connected by tunnels.  We have also investigated the importance of rules this week, and discussed the kind of rules our Executive Head, local MP and Prime Minster have to make and their reasons why.  We really enjoyed the similarities and differences.


Have a great week,


Love from Seahorse Class xxx