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Week 38 (W.C 05.07.2021)


What a week! "It's coming home!"


We have been exploring play scripts in preparation for KS3. We have studied Scene 13 of Macbeth and learnt what the features of play scripts are. We discovered stage directions and learnt about the layout of scripts. On Friday, we then performed the scene as a whole class and wow! We have some spectacular performers in Stingrays, they all were amazing! 


For our afternoons, we have learned about the wonderful country of Japan as part of our Olympic topic. We have absolutely loved learning all about the Japanese Geography, culture, language and food; we all really want to visit there now! 

Take a look at some of our brilliant Japanese calligraphy writing and awesome Manga characters!

Week 37 (W.C 28.06.2021)


We have had a wonderful week of learning this week!



In English, we published our archaic letters from Lady Macbeth and performed them to use our speaking and listening objectives. We used tone, intonation and characterisation to become the spine-chilling Lady Macbeth.


We have been preparing for high school in our PSHE lessons this week with some important transition lessons. We had the chance to speak to our current and future teachers about our worries and hopes for high school. We also had the opportunity to read about our new school from its website, particularly regarding their rules, expectations, lessons and uniform.


On Friday, Year 6 had their sports day. We had so much fun and took part in a range of sports. At the end, we had some winners of the afternoon and a fun tug of war.  


Our class winners were:


Participation award: Thomas

Values award: Ciaran

Sporting ability award: Guinny


Well done to all of Year 6 for a very enjoyable and fun afternoon with excellent behaviour.

Week 36 (W.C 21.06.2021)



Well Stingrays, you have been absolutely brilliant again this week! We have dropped a Grammar and an Arithmetic test on you on two afternoons this week and you have just got on with them with no complaints and have come out with some amazing scores, we are so proud of you all!


In English this week, we started looking at the features of a persuasive letter as we began writing a reply back to Macbeth in the role of Lady Macbeth. We have remembered to use formal, archaic language and have enjoyed learning about flattery and rhetorical questions to persuade.




This week in Maths, we have enjoyed learning about addition and subtraction in many different representations. On Monday, we used capacity, mass and money to add and subtract word problems and then we created our own for our friends to answer! Throughout the week, we have delved into more representations of addition and subtraction to make sure we are truly secure on this area, ready for High School!




On Tuesday, we were lucky to have a visit from Zoom Rail where the class learnt all about the new HS2 high speed railway and could ask lots of questions about the process of building this. They learnt about how they could play a part in this in the future.

We then got to try all sorts of challenges and activities which helped us to identify and develop important skills which we can use throughout our education and outside of school too! The main skills we used where organisation, team-work, communication, creativity, organisation and evaluation.

We learnt lots on the iPads provided by Zoom Rail and tried to build a safe rail way over a river and through two stations. We also had mystery challenges in gold envelopes which we really enjoyed!



In our Science topic this week, we have studied Physics and in particular, Electricity. We have read and researched about Benjamin Franklin and learned about his invention of the lightning rod that is used on many buildings even today! 

We have also enjoyed using the circuit equipment and creating simple circuits!


Week 35 (W.C 14.06.2021)



What a week we have had!



In English this half term, we are studying Macbeth. We began the week by looking at the three witches and finding the similarities and differences between the story version and a video version. From this, we were able to begin our road to a final character description of a witch on Friday. We have even managed to complete some drama this week too by performing the witches famous scene from Macbeth. We still need to ensure we are ready to perform at High School so we will be presenting/performing on many more occasions! 




This week in Maths, we have been getting ready to progress to Year 7 Maths by revisiting place value and decimals.

We have worked extremely well this week and Miss Joinson has been particularly impressed with our peer-mentoring during our Maths lessons.




In Science this week, we have been learning all about Chemistry and in particular, properties and changes of materials.

We have really enjoyed conducting an investigation all about testing properties of materials!

We tested 5 different materials to see if they were magnetic, hard, transparent, flexible and permeable and concluded our findings. 

Later on in the week, we learned about a significant physicist, Spencer Silver. 

Did you know he was the person who created sticky notes? How cool!





Week 34 (W.C 07.06.2021)



What a smashing first week back!


Stingrays have blew us away with their amazing hard work this week as they have worked extremely hard on some Reading, Maths and Science tests for their High Schools, well done to everyone!


In our afternoon lessons, we have started our Science topic. This week, we are learning about Biology and in particular, plants. We conducted an experiment about transpiration with food colouring and came up with a variety of scientific predictions about what we thought would happen!


Week 33 (W.C 24.05.2021)



Unfortunately, on Tuesday, our bubble had to close and so we began our journey of home learning for the last few days of this half term.

We have overcome many technical issues but we have not let this stop us from producing some brilliant work and having a great can-do attitude to our learning.


In English this week, we have published a narrative retell of the Lighthouse animation. We have ensured we have used many Year 6 skills in our writing to make sure our writing is at expected standard with some greater depth skills in too!



In Maths this week, we have learned about the properties of 2D shapes and the angles inside triangles, quadrilaterals, around a point and on a straight line. We have then been able to find out missing angles by using the facts we were given.



We have had Art week this week and our Artist has been the pseudonym, Banksy!




Our Banksy Inspired Art

Week 32 (W.C 17.05.2021)



This week in English, we have started writing a narrative retell of the Lighthouse animation. Take a look at it below:




Lighthouse (Animation)

Lighthouse (2008), animated short movie by Charlie Short and Ming Hsiung made for the Responsibility Project campaign for Liberty Mutual.Animation director: ...

We have been working really hard over the past week and have written a paragraph a day about the different parts in the animation. 

We're really looking forward to publishing next week! 



In Maths, we have revisited area and perimeter of shapes. We have worked tremendously hard this week and have learned a couple of different tips and tricks to help us!



This has been our final week for our Geography topic, Fieldwork and our local area. 

We have learned about the human Geography of Stoke-on-Trent this week and have discussed how it has changed over time through looking at images and pieces of artwork. We also had an interesting P4C discussion about whether it was important to feel proud of where you come from. What do you think?



Week 31 (W.C 10.05.2021)


This week in English, we have finally published our brilliant lighthouse setting descriptions!

We have included a range of Y6 skills that have enabled our writing to be absolutely fantastic! Some skills that we have included have been: a range of clause structures, figurative language to create an image in the readers head, UKS2 punctuation, cohesive devices, emotive and powerful language and perfect form.

Next week, we will be building on from our setting description to writing a narrative retell from a lighthouse animation.



In Maths this week, we have learned about algebra and ratio and proportion. At first, we had our barriers up with algebra but through determination and resilience, we have absolutely smashed it this week! We have answered some quite tricky SAT style questions but have not let these trick us and stop us from our amazing work!



In Geography this week, we have learned about the eight points of a compass and have began looking at using four and six-figure grid references, symbols and key (including the use of Ordnance Survey maps) to build our knowledge of the United Kingdom and the wider world. 



This week, we have also celebrated Eid-Mubarak! 

We hope all our families have enjoyed their celebrations!



Take a look at some of our Sid Kirkham inspired artwork that we have also completed this week!



Week 30 (W.C 03.05.2021)


Even though we have only had a 4 day week this week, we have been so busy with lots of learning!


In English, we have started a new genre of writing, a lighthouse setting description! We are beginning to use lots of Y6 skills such as figurative language and UKS2 punctuation to enable our setting descriptions to be really effective. We have used our senses to describe the distant view, the close up view, the steps leading up to the door and then the front door of the lighthouse. We cannot wait to continue our journey into the lighthouse next week! Watch out for our published writes!


In Maths this week, we have continued to look at fractions, decimals and percentages equivalences (which we are getting much better at now!) This then helped us to move on to some algebra work. We know algebra can be a little bit tricky but we have really listened and tried our hardest in every piece of work. We will continue with more algebra next week to make sure we are confident with solving one and two step equations.


In our afternoon curriculum, Geography, our question this week has been, How do Geographers showcase their work? We have therefore looked at a famous Geographer, William Smith and how he presented his findings, we have interpreted different line graphs that have shown weather and population and have even created our own line graph based on data from the rainfall we collected over three days!




We have also celebrated Number Day this week. Thank you to everyone who donated to the amazing NSPCC and for taking part in our longest carrot and largest potato competition. We had a great morning completing a Smarties investigation, even better that we got to eat them at the end! Take a look at our photos below!



Week 29 (W.C 26.04.2021)


We have had yet another busy week full of learning in Stingrays this week!

In English, we published a narrative retell of Chapter 1 of Letters From the Lighthouse and wow, what amazing pieces of work we published! We included lots of Y6 skills including show not tell to build up tension, UKS2 punctuation, passive voice and dialogue to move action forward. 


This week in Maths, we have revisited fractions, decimals and percentages. We have been working extremely hard with all of our Maths lessons in a day and our arithmetic skills are improving day by day. Keep up the amazing work Stingrays!


Our afternoons this half term are all around our Geography topic of the local area and fieldwork. This week, we looked at the question, what is Geography? We learned new pieces of vocabulary as well as learning about a famous Geographer, Eratosthenes. We're really looking forward to continuing our learning and hopefully, be able to go out and do some fieldwork!

Geographers in the making!

Week 28 (W.C 19.04.2021)


Well done on a super first week of Summer 1, Stingrays!

We have had a few classroom changes this half term but we have all settled back into routine with no problems at all, totally amazing!


In English this week, we have started a new text, Letter From the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll.

We are loving the text so far! We have a lot of curiosity about WW2 so this text suits us as we're learning more and more each day.

We have began our retell of the first chapter and have used lots of Y6 skills such as: UKS2 punctuation, dialogue to move action forward and different clause structures.

We can't wait to publish next week!




We have had a super week in Maths as well! We are now having extra Maths lessons to really make sure we are confident in a certain area and wow, what a week we have had!

We have learned all about adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions this week and by the end of the week, we were on fire!

In the afternoon, we have a Math Toolkit lesson where we are given facts that we just need to know to help us build our knowledge. We are getting much better at remembering the facts, look at what we have learned this week:




This week in our afternoons, we have had a whole school Values week. The school value that we have looked at in Year 6 has been excellence!

We have looked at the definition of excellence and what it means to us, what we are excellent at and also two famous women who have shown excellence; Amelia Earheart & Mae Jemison.





With it being St. George's Day this week too, we have also learned about the legend of St. George and re-enacted it using our drama skills of freeze frames.





Week 27 (W.C. 29.03.2021)


Wow, what a half term we have had! From the beginning where we were home learning to the end where we all finally back together!


The final week of Spring 2 was an extremely busy week but we showed our school values; especially determination, courage and excellence!

At the start of the week, we completed assessments to help our teachers better understand what we need more help on. Well done with your awesome assessments, we will use these to help plan your bespoke lessons for Summer 1. 


To celebrate Easter & Spring, we made Easter & Spring cards for our family and friends which we loved as we were able to be so creative with our designs. We also recapped the Christian Easter story and learnt about the different symbols that are used over the Easter period. 


Our COVID Reflection Tree!

Week 26 (W.C 22.03.2021)


What another fun-filled week we have had in Stingrays!

We are getting closer and closer to the Easter holidays but our work is definitely not slowing down! We are working super hard every single day in all of our lessons and interventions, Miss Joinson and Mrs Lawton are so proud of us!


This week in English we published some fantastic explanation texts all about the heart or the circulatory system. This linked brilliantly with our Science topic so we certainly have a much deeper understanding now!



In Maths this week we have been learning about Statistics and in particular, line graphs and pie charts! This has challenged our brains for sure but has not stopped us from giving 100% effort! We will continue to learn more in our interventions next week to consolidate our understanding.


This week in Science, we conducted an experiment to see how exercise effects our bodies. Some of us wondered if we were alive as we couldn’t find our pulse! After some searching, we were able to take our pulse when we were resting, after a 1 minute jog on the spot and then again after we had rested. We couldn’t believe how high our pulse went after only 1 minute!



In Encompass, we continued to learn about the Andes mountain range by reading all about the volcanoes of Ecuador. We were surprised to read that there are mountains of ice AND fire along the avenue of Ecuador’s volcanoes.




Week 24 (W.C 08.03.2021)


The week when we were all reunited again! We welcomed back the children with a sweet treat, positive quotes and an Among Us bookmark, Stingrays LOVE Among Us! It is wonderful for us all to be back together again, we have had a super week of learning!



In English this week, we have completed a published write in just one week! We looked at the opening of Pig Heart Boy and magpied the features that made it have such impact! We looked at the effect of short sentences, ellipses and modal verbs and by Friday, we published our own opening to Pig Heart Boy. They were full of tension, suspense and definitely impacted the reader!




This week in Maths, we have started a new area of learning: ratio and proportion. We looked at the meaning of ratio and found real life examples in the classroom. For example, for every 11 girls, there are 10 boys in Stingrays. Also, for every 2 teachers, there are 21 students in Stingrays! As well as this, we have used our prior knowledge of fractions and connected ratio to fractions.


Our afternoon lessons this week have consisted of Farming STEMterprise that linked with British Science Week 2021. We set up our own themed restaurant business, designed and marketed a range of dishes that featured a British food as our star ingredient!

We had lots of fun creating our restaurant and even using our Maths skills to design a floor plan. We used this to calculate the area so we could then paint and decorate it, it’s been great!

Week 23 (W.C 01.03.2021)


This week saw the end of 8 weeks learning at home!

We cannot wait to welcome you all back into school and have Stingrays all back together again.


In English this week, we published our discursive argument about whether xenotransplantation should occur or not. We have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about this topic and we have had a range of opinions throughout. Miss Joinson and Mrs Lawton have been blown away by our writing this week; a lot of year 6 standards have been ticked off just from this one piece of writing, well done!




This week in Maths we have continued our learning about area and perimeter. We have learnt many different formulae for working out the area of a range of shapes including squares, rectangles, parallelograms and triangles! By the end of the week, we moved on to finding the volume of a 3D shape. We are masters at area and perimeter now!


In Science this week, we learned all about the circulatory system.

We have also launched British Science Week and we’re looking forward to continuing with this into next week as well!




This week in Encompass, we have learned all about the Amazon rainforest. We learned about the different layers in a rainforest and about the many tribes that live in the Amazon. We couldn’t believe how many different tribes there are!


We have celebrated World Book Day this week by having a pyjama day! We looked at 3 texts across the day and also had chance to share our favourite text with each other too. It was a super day, especially because we were comfy in our pyjamas!





Week 22 (W.C 22.02.2021)

What an excellent start to Spring 2 term! We heard the fantastic news on Monday that all children were coming back to school on Monday 8th March. We cannot wait for all of Stingrays to be back together again, it has been far too long!


This week in English, we have started a new text, Pig Heart Boy. We have completed a lot of book talk this week from the front cover and the first four chapters. Our new genre of writing is a discursive argument so we have been magpieing words and phrases from a WAGOLL and creating a word bank full of vocabulary we can use. We have also developed our vocabulary by learning about topical vocabulary such as xenotransplantation! This is what our discursive argument is going to be about, we have really enjoyed listening to and building on other children’s opinions about this topic!





In Maths this week, we have not only completed a Maths assessment but have also worked on a new topic, area and perimeter of shapes! Mrs Lawton and I are so proud of how hard you are all working in Maths, keep it up superstars!




This week in Science, we began our new topic, Animals Including Humans. This links brilliantly with our text in English and we are looking forward to learning more about the Circulatory System!


In Encompass this week, we have moved to South America! We learned all about the Amazon river and the amazing pink dolphins that live there! We were then able to complete a similarities and differences double page spread about the Mississippi river and the Amazon river.

Week 21 (W.C 08.02.2021)


What a final week to Spring 1 we have had in Stingrays!

Mrs Lawton and I are absolutely over the moon with all your hard work and effort that you have put into this half term; it’s definitely been one to remember!


This week in English we published our superb narratives! We wrote in first person, as if we were Joey, describing the battlefield. We have used the chat on our Teams live lessons and shared our amazing sentences with each other, great teamwork as always!


In Maths, we concluded our algebra topic. Algebra has certainly tested our brains these past two weeks!

Once again, we have been helping each other out in the classroom and even on the live Teams lessons if we are struggling. Mrs Lawton and I have been so impressed with the sheer determination and resilience you have all shown with algebra. Well done Stingrays!


This week in Science we also concluded our topic about light. We learned about how shadows are formed and conducted a small experiment where we looked at if shadows change when the light source is moved closer or further away.


In Encompass, we have learned all about the Mississippi river in North America. We couldn’t believe how long it was! We found out about different wildlife that lived along the river and also linked our prior science knowledge about animals and their habitats.

Week 20 (W.C 01.02.2021)


This week was Children’s Mental Health Week and we started the week with an online assembly all about the importance of looking after our mental health. The theme this year was ‘express yourself’ and this is something that Stingrays do every single day. We are so proud of your maturity and excellence as always, you are all superstars!


This week in English, we began a new genre of writing, a first person narrative. We will be writing as if we are Joey (the protagonist in War Horse) as we ride through the battlefield. We have been looking at different scenes and using the skill of show not tell to portray the character’s thoughts and feelings.



In Maths this week, we have started a new topic, algebra! We have been so excited to learn all about algebra but it is a little but tricky!

We have been working hard showcasing our determination and resilience to answer algebraic expressions!


This week in Science, we have been learning all about reflection. We learned that the incident ray is the beam of light which comes from a light source. It is reflected off the surface to make the reflected ray. Did you know, the angle of incident is the same as the angle of reflection?

We had fun using a periscope and linked this to our English as we pretended we were in the trenches!


In Encompass this week, we continued our road trip through the USA by stopping off at the Hollywood Sign, New York and Florida!

We researched key landmarks and discussed whether they were physical or human features. We couldn’t believe the history behind the Statue of Liberty!

Week 19 (W.C 25.01.2021)


Another super week in Stingrays this week, both in school and at home!


In English, we finalised our discursive argument about whether or not animals should be used in war.

It was lovely to see all of your faces on the Teams lessons this week and to hear your voices as you read out your discursive arguments. Mrs Lawton and I are so proud of all of your for your hard work and determination, you really are amazing!


This week in Maths we came to the end of our percentages unit and completed some tricky questions! We learnt about finding percentages of amounts using our knowledge of 50%, 25%, 10% and 1%. We then were able to find the missing whole number or the missing percentage, our brains hurt at the end of the week!


In Science, we learnt about how we see objects. We really enjoyed the experiment looking at how our eyes react due to the pupils changing size to let more light in when it’s dark or less light in when it’s bright. We looked at how important this was because too much light can damage our eyes.


This week in Encompass, we began our road trip around North America, USA!

We loved learning about Mount Rushmore and finding out who the 4 presidents were and looking at the beautiful Yellowstone National Park. It really is spectacular! We are looking forward to continuing our road trip next week as we visit Florida and New York!

Week 18 (W.C 18.02.2021)


Well we're halfway through this half term and what a different half term it is turning out to be!


A huge well done to those at home with all of your amazing home learning this week, Mrs Lawton and I are so impressed! We are especially proud of how you are using the resources we send you individually just to make your work even better. We will continue to send out any extra prompts that we think could help you but if you would like something in particular, please just ask!


In English this week, we have started a new genre of writing, a discursive argument! We will be discussing whether or not animals should be used in War. We have started off with some brilliant for and against points that we will use next week as we begin to build our discursive argument.


This week in Maths, we have learnt all about percentages. We have been converting fractions to percentages, finding equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages, ordering and comparing fractions, decimals and percentages and even finding percentages of amounts!

Some of the work has been a little bit tricky but we have not given up!


In Science this week, we learnt all about emission and reflection. Light sources are objects which emit light and reflectors are objects which reflect light. 

Can you think of an emitter and a reflector?

What do you think the moon is, an emitter or a reflector? 


This week in Encompass, we became weather presenters as we learnt all about weather and climate in the Americas!

We used websites such as the Met Office to find out what the weather was like in our chosen place in America and then compared it to what it was like in Hanley!

Week 17 (W.C. 11.01.2021)


Well done on another super week of learning, Stingrays!

Those of you who are at home, your excellence, courage and determination has been absolutely inspirational! 

To those of you who are in school, your resilience has been second to none. 

Mrs Lawton and I are so proud of you all, we are missing you dearly.


In English this week, we have published some brilliant persuasive speeches to enlist men to join the army! 


In Maths, we have been continuing our learning about decimals and fractions as we moved on to equivalent decimals and fractions. 


This week in Encompass, we have been finding the capital cities in North and South America using an atlas or Google Maps!


In Science, we completed a double page spread about light and different sources of light whether that is artificial or natural!

Week 16 (W.C 04.01.2021)


What a week it has been!

We started the week with the majority of the class back in school after the Winter holidays where we had a fantastic day talking about what we had been up to, our Christmas presents but also about the new Tier 4 rules and restrictions that had been put into place.

Then before we knew it, we were back to remote learning as of Tuesday!

A huge well done to you all for coping so well with this sudden change and for just getting on with your home learning as if nothing had changed. Your resilience and determination is exceptional and we are so proud of you!


This week in English, we have begun a new text, War Horse. We have started to look at the features that is needed for a persuasive speech as we begin to write our own to persuade men to join the army! 

We are really enjoying the text so far and have worked so hard both in class and at home to complete the work as well as we can.





In Maths this week, we have been learning about decimals. We have added and subtracted decimal numbers and multiplied and divided decimals by 10, 100 and 1000. We ended the week on multiplying decimals by integers and will begin next week dividing decimals by integers.

We have learnt some tips and tricks to help us, as well as different methods to work out questions that suit us and how our brain works! We are continuing to dive deeper into our Maths work by completing daily problem solving and reasoning questions. We will continue to do this now as we prepare for High School later this year!




In Science, we have started a new topic of learning all about Light! We were lucky enough to kickstart this lesson in school on Monday as we completed a pre-assessment and also looked at what we already knew about Light and what we wanted to know about Light by the end of the topic. 

We are looking forward to continuing this unit of work even if we are now remote learning!


This week in Encompass, we also kicked off a new unit of work all about The Americas!

We looked at where America was situated on a world map and was able to use directional language to describe its position.

We linked out Art work to our Encompass topic this week and created an American city skyline! Take a look at the amazing artwork from our home learners and our learners in school too!








Week 14 (W.C 07.12.2020)

Well this week saw our first week back to school after isolating for two weeks and what an excellent week we have had! The children have all come back to school with such a positive attitude towards their learning and behaviour, well done superstars!


In English this week, we published a third person narrative after reading the chapter, Alien, from Wonder. We have published some outstanding writing, even though we had our skills lessons last week at home. In our writing, we have used dialogue, created tension and used a range of clause structures to make sure our writing was effective. Miss Joinson bought a fantastic resource that we have been using to up-level our writing, making it even more amazing. Take a look at some of the resources and our writing below!






This week in Maths, we have learned about circle theorem, finding the mean and also interpreting data from tables. We picked up the circle theorem straight away and now we know the meaning of circumference, diameter, radius and centre. To find the radius, we have learned to halve the diameter or to find the diameter, we have learned to double the radius! We really enjoyed learning how to find the mean of a group of numbers too, add all of the numbers up and then divide that answer by how many numbers we have. We thought it was much more complicated that what it actually is! Finally, interpreting tables was another area where we really shone this week too. We were able to talk about a table and the information it showed before then answering SAT style questions on a variety of different tables. Absolutely marvellous Maths this week!


We have completed a Geography project this week on Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. On Monday, we used VR and videos to really immerse ourselves into this wonderful city! On Tuesday, we answered questions about Rio and then completed a setting description in the form of a postcard about an area in Rio. On Wednesday, we researched many landmarks in Rio and completed a fact file on one of them while also completing a piece of artwork on it too. Finally, on Thursday, we became travel agents and recorded our own travel documentary all about the dazzling city of Rio De Janeiro! We really do have some budding travel agents in Stingrays!



Week 13 (W.C 30.11.2020)

This week was our second week of isolation and we continued to show our amazing home learning!

This week in English, we have moved on to a new writing genre, a third person narrative. We read some of Wonder where the characters went to camp and by the end of next week, we are going to retell this chapter using lots of Year 6 skills! We have learnt how to create tension, use dialogue and how to vary our sentence length to make our writing more exciting!




In Maths this week, we have learnt about co-ordinates in 4 quadrants, translation, reflection and rotation. This can be quite tricky but oh my! How awesome our learning has been! Miss Joinson and Mrs Lawton have been super impressed with all of our prior learning!






In Encompass, we looked at how the Vikings raided Lindisfarne and why the raid was so important. We then wrote a diary entry in the style of a monk who had to witness their monastery get raided!




This week in Science, we learnt about how natural selection occurs and how this changes due to human interference. We read a fantastic text about moths which enabled us to learn more about evolution! 





We're really looking forward to being back in school next week! 


Week 12 (W.C 23.11.20)

This week, we have been isolating at home to keep ourselves and everyone else safe. We are still working hard though and even won the UKS2 dojo prize for our superb work at home. 


In English this week, we perfected our formal letters to Mr Tushman by including many Y6 skills. By the end of the week, we were able to publish and wow, what fantastic letters they were!



In Maths, we have been exploring fractions even more and diving into multiplying and dividing. First, we use concrete and pictorial methods to understand how fractions can be divided or multiplied. Then, we thought about our own chosen method.




In Science, we explored the voyage of Charles Darwin and his amazing discoveries. We were amazed to discover how he theorised from what he had seen. It showed us how Scientists come up with a discovery!



This week in Encompass, we learnt how the Vikings prepared for their journey to Britain. We looked into the Viking longship in more detail and explained how they were suited for long distance travelling.



We can't wait to return to school when it is safe to do so but for now, we are going to keep up the incredible work from home.

Week 11 (WC 16.11.2020)

Another superb week in Stingrays this week!

In English, we began looking at a new genre of writing, formal letters! We magpied lots of formal vocabulary at the start of the week and completed a few skill lessons this week to make sure we are including the correct skills to get Y6 National Standard in our writing :-)

We particularly enjoyed learning about the subjunctive from where we listened to Beyonce's song, 'If I Were a Boy' to help us!

In Maths this week, we have completed multiplication and division with fractions! We have really enjoyed this as we have pushed our learning and used prior learning such as simplifying fractions to get the correct answers. By the end of the week, we taught a mini lesson to our table group to showcase what we had learnt!


In Encompass this week, we learnt about Viking values and what daily life was like for the Vikings such as the clothes they wore, the food they ate, the homes they lived in and also life after death. We completed some absolutely fantastic double page spreads to showcase our learning, they were brilliant!


This week in Science, we looked more into inheritance and selective breeding. Thank you to those who brought in baby pictures, they were lovely to see and so adorable! We spoke about different features we have inherited from our parents, not just physical features but characteristics and traits too! We then moved on to looking at dogs and decided two breeds that we would combine to best suit its job. We had lots of fun in creating new breeds of dogs!


Week 10 (WC 09.11.2020)


Wow, what a week! Mrs Lawton and I are so proud of each and every single one of you for showing great enthusiasm and excellence in your lessons this week.


In English, we started the week drafting out our diary entries in the role of Auggie (from Wonder) about the worst day ever. We have really tested our brains this week as we learnt the skill of passive voice. We used the saying, “by zombies” to help us create some fantastic sentences which we then included in our writing. By Friday, we were able to publish our wonderful diary entries that included many year 6 skills! Take a look at some examples below:

In Maths this week, we continued to develop our fraction knowledge as we have been adding and subtracting fractions with the same and different denominators. By the end of the week, we were able to add and subtract mixed numbers using our knowledge of converting mixed numbers to improper fractions and vice versa. We have answered some tricky questions this week but have not let these get in our way of our determination and courage.


The whole of our afternoon lessons this week have been based around Remembrance and in particular, Women in War. Mrs Lawton has been our fount of knowledge this week and has shared some personal stories of her family who were in the war. We have completed lots of fantastic learning including discussion of the text, ‘Peace Lily’, job descriptions for women in the war, artwork based on propaganda posters and some of us have even brought in memorabilia of our own families stories. It has been wonderful to see all the children engaged and inspired, we are extremely proud of all of your work, well done Stingrays!



Week 9 (WC 02.11.2020)

What a super first week back we have had in Stingrays this week! Well done on coming back and getting straight back into our routines we had before half term.

This week in English, we started our new text, Wonder. We will be publishing a diary entry next week as if we are Auggie, the main character. We have been looking in detail to all of the characters we have met so far, summarised what we have read and even managed to plan out our diary entry including some Year 6 skills! We're really looking forward to publishing next week!

We have started learning about fractions this week in Maths and Miss Joinson and Mrs Lawton have been super impressed with what we already know! We have looked at the relationship between numbers to help us with equivalent fractions and then used this to help us simplify fractions. We have also converted mixed numbers into improper fractions and improper fractions to mixed numbers, we really enjoyed this!

In Encompass this week, we have begun our new topic, the Vikings! We have had some awesome pieces of homework as well, well done to all of you who completed something! 

In Science this week, we have also started a new topic, Evolution and Inheritance. We have started to learn all about fossils and even looked at how fossils are excavated! 


Week 8 (WC 19.10.2020)

Wow, what a super half term we have had these past 8 weeks! Mrs Lawton and I are so incredibly proud of each and every single one of you, you have all worked extremely hard getting used to new routines and making great progress, well done!

This week in English we read 'The Highwayman' poem to then create our own gothic poem! By the end of the week we were able to perform our poems using the right tone, pace and volume. We had three winners across our three groups and then one overall winner, Lucy! Well done to everyone who performed their superb poem!

In Maths this week, we have used our prior knowledge of 2D shapes to help us with 3D shapes. We learnt all about the properties of a variety of 3D shapes and even created nets of these shapes too! It was quite tricky to create a net but we showed great determination and resilience and proved we can do it!

This week in Encompass, we learnt about the fantastic black footballer, Marcus Rashford and all about his work to provide children with meals throughout lockdown and the summer holidays. He really is a hero and we appreciate everything he has done for us :-)

In Science this week, we checked on our bug hotels! We were surprised with the variety of insects that had moved into some of our hotels. Once we gathered the data of the insects, we used a tally chart to total up the different types of insects. Once back in the classroom, we used the tally chart to create a bar chart, showing the amount of insects living in our bug hotels. From the bar chart, we then interpreted the data and came to a range of conclusions about our bug hotels. 

Have a lovely half term Stingrays, get plenty of rest ready for another half term full of exciting learning! 

Week 7 (WC 12.10.2020)

What an awesome week we have had in Stingrays this week! We completed our first Mock SATs week, Miss Joinson and Mrs Lawton are so proud of each and every single one of you! You have all worked extremely hard and it has been wonderful to see your progress in only 7 weeks of being back at school!

In English this week, we were able to publish our archaic tales. After learning all about archaic vocabulary and making our work more formal, the tales we created were phenomenal!

This week in Maths, we have been looking at angles and using our knowledge of angles on a straight line, angles at a point to help find missing angles. We also learnt about vertically opposite angles and used this to answer some quite tricky questions!

In Encompass, we learnt about the inspirational Rosa Parks and how she was the first lady of the Civil Rights Movement! We then wrote postcards as if we were a bystander on the bus and some of us shared them with the rest of the class.

Take a look at this very catchy video of the great work by Rosa:


Horrible Histories Rosa Parks

BBC 2013 no money is made from this video support Horrible Histories Series 1-3 :

This week in Science, we complied all of our amazing learning about animal classification to write a non-chronological report. We were able to look back at our previous learning and prior knowledge to create some fantastic writing! Some of us even wanted to share it with the rest of the class and presented it to other children!


Week 6 (WC 05.10.2020)

Well what an exciting, fun-filled week we have had in Stingrays this week! Even though the weather has been wet and miserable, it hasn't dampened our spirits and certainly hasn't stopped us from our awesome learning! A huge thank you for your continuous support as we celebrated World Mental Health Day by taking part in #HelloYellow. It was wonderful to see the children in their bright, colourful clothes! We had a super day showing the young people that they're not alone with their mental health whilst raising vital funds for YoungMinds. 


In English this week, we have been looking at archaic vocabulary. We are now working towards writing a tale based on the first story told by the Monster in 'A Monster Calls'. The tale is old fashioned so we have been learning how to formalise our vocabulary and making it more archaic. We're really looking forward to publishing our tales next week!

This week in Maths we have learned all about long division! We have had a tough few days learning about all of the different steps we need to do so we are successful in completing long division. Through determination and courage, we have been able to answer some quite tricky questions. Miss Joinson and Mrs Lawton were really impressed with our hard work!

We have had a really exciting Encompass lesson this week! We were extremely lucky to have a virtual workshop with ZooLab on Thursday afternoon where we were able to meet many organisms native to Africa. We also linked this to our Science topic of 'Living Things and Their Habitats' and heard about how the organisms we met have adapted to their environment. Take a look at some of the creatures we were able to meet:

In Science this week, we were lucky enough to take our learning outside and build our own Bug Hotels! We loved being out in the fresh air digging in dirt, collecting leaves and building a cosy place for many different types of insects! Finally, we placed all of our Bug Hotels on top of each other so they were inviting for a variety of creepy crawlies to enter! We're going to check on our Hotels in a couple of weeks to see how successful we were!

Week 5 (WC 28.09.2020)

We cannot believe we have been back to school for 5 weeks already! We are getting much better with our transitions into different lessons and our respect is also improving but still something we are continuing to work on :-)

In English this week, we have been able to finally publish our narrative about the opening of 'A Monster Calls'. All week we have improved our writing by using UKS2 punctuation and even spliced dialogue, something that is greater depth! Miss Joinson and Mrs Lawton are super impressed with our attitudes to our English work this week, we have been determined and showed superb excellence with trying to include as many Year 6 standards as possible.

In Maths this week, we have learnt about long multiplication and short division. We have also pushed our thinking when working out remainders as we were able to write any remainders as a fraction and to two decimal places! We are getting more and more confident with division, preparing to learn about long division next week!

This week in Encompass, we have learnt about the slave industry as we move into the month of October to celebrate Black History Month. Miss Joinson and Miss Vaughan were very impressed with our maturity and sensitivity as we were discussing the slave trade. We have also read about Martin Luther King Junior and how he was such an influential person in Black History.

This week in Science, we have showcased our prior learning about habitats. This has then enabled us to investigate insects around our school and plan our own insect hotel! We are really looking forward to going out in our school environment next week to build our hotels!

Week 4 (WC 21.09.2020)

Wow, what a hard-working week we have had in Stingrays! 

In English this week, we have been learning more about the Year 6 skills we need to include such as dialogue as we received a text message from the monster! We have been working really hard to look at our success criteria to make sure we are including as many Year 6 standards as we can so our narrative is awesome!

In Maths, we have really pushed our thinking skills as we used our prior knowledge of addition and subtraction to answer multi-step questions. Some of our questions were quite tricky but we showed fantastic resilience and determination, something that Miss Joinson and Mrs Lawton were extremely proud of! 

During Encompass this week, we learnt the definition of 'rural' and 'urban' and used our new learning to describe two different areas in Africa. We really enjoyed learning about two young children and their lives in both rural and urban Africa, it is very different to how we live our lives in Stoke-on-Trent!

We have had a super Science lesson this week as we continued our learning about classification. This week, we classified each other based on physical traits such as eye colour, hair colour and shoe size! We had a lot of fun working with our friends to then create a classification system like the one we completed a couple of weeks ago!

Take a look at our marvellous African-style masks we are completing in Art! We have really enjoyed being creative and using a range of different media to add detail! 

Week 3 (WB 14.09.2020)

"In a world where you can be anything, be kind..."

We have had another great week in Stingrays this week. Throughout the week, we have had a lot of discussion about being kind to one and other and about showing respect at all times. This is something that we're continuing to work on :-)

In English this week, we have learnt about expanded noun phrases and imagery. We had a lot of fun trying to draw a picture with our eyes closed and listening to our partners description! By Friday, we were able to publish our wonderful setting descriptions!

This week in Maths, we have come to the end of our place value unit as we learnt about negative numbers and then showing off all of our learning from the last 2 weeks! 

In Encompass, we have researched all about Senegal and used our new learning to create a fact file all about life in Senegal. We were surprised to find out that the main language spoken is French!

This week in Science, we have learnt about Carl Linnaeus and his famous Linnaean System. Did you know, we share the same Domain, Kingdom, Phylum and Class as a cat?!

Week 2 (WB 07.09.2020)

What a super first full week back at school we have had in Stingrays this week! We have been so busy with all of our new learning but also showcasing what we know from Year 5. 

In English, we have learnt about using figurative language to create an image in the reader's mind. We drafted a setting description based on an image from our text, 'A Monster Calls' and we're looking forward to our first publish in Year 6 next week! 

In Maths, we have been learning about place value and we have blown Miss Joinson and Mrs Lawton away with our amazing Maths skills! We are having three Maths lessons a day so our learning is constantly going deeper from arithmetic to skill to problem solving and reasoning.

This week in Encompass we have kicked off our new topic, Africa! We learnt about the physical features of Africa and placed them onto a map. Our prior learning about continents and oceans really helped us when we were looking at a world map of where the continent of Africa is.

In Science this week, we imagined that a new zoo was opening and we had been asked to sort and group the animals so that similar species can be housed in enclosures near one another. We really enjoyed becoming a taxonomist and sorting the animals!

Take a look at our classroom Pic Collage below! We can't wait for even more of our awesome learning to be added to it!



Welcome to Stingray's Class Blog! Here, you will be able to see exactly what your child has been learning throughout each week. This blog will be updated every week so you can see all of the fun and exciting activities we are completing in school, I can't wait to share this with you!

I'm really looking forward to teaching your child this year, it is going to be jam-packed full of learning but also building new relationships and communicating with each other. Please do not hesitate to contact me via Class Dojo, Contact the Teacher form or arranging a meeting with myself through the School Office telephone number. I am always here to help and support you and your child. We are all in this together!

Let's have the most amazing year yet!

Miss Joinson.