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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

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Week commencing 29th March 2021


Hi everyone, 


Another term has passed us by in the blink of an eye!


We've had a short but sweet week of learning this week in Nursery. smiley


This week we've spent some time learning about the Easter story. 




We've practised our name writing skills - we are getting really good at this now! smiley




We've been busy getting creative to create a nice little treat for our grown-up's. smiley




We've been getting busy constructing together too! We are making the most of this lovely weather whilst we can!smiley (before the snow arrives!) 




On our last day we enjoyed some golden time together - the children decided that they wanted to make some cakes and play lots of games - so that is exactly what we did! smiley

We made some cornflake cakes and played all day long. smiley





We finished our day by celebrating our class superstars of this week!


Dojo champions:



Waterside values certificates:



Maths certificates:


A big 'WELL DONE!' to each and everyone of you.


I am so proud of all of the children in Ducklings class. You are all real superstars!

I have loved working with your children and watching them shine at Waterside.

They truly have been a pleasure to teach - each and every single one of them. heart


Have a lovely spring break.

I will miss you all so very much.

Take care and stay safe.

Lots of Love, Miss Finnheart

Week commencing 22nd March 


Hi everyone, 

I hope you've all had a good week. 


As it was the first day of spring on Saturday 20th March,  we started our week off with a lovely walk around the school grounds to spot some early signs of the new season. smiley

We have been talking about these changes for some weeks now so the children were super at knowing what to look out for. We were lucky with the cold weather to spotted a birds nest in the trees, some birds, some daffodils and daisies and some new leaves beginning to grow. 

The children were also super excited to be on the big children's playground! wink





We helped to develop our fine motor skills this week by practising some pencil control patterns. 

We also used different tools to scoop beads into eggs and to play with our playdough, we painted and we coloured in. smiley 




We spent some time creating some lovely spring creations using paint and glitter. We used different tools to create different effects. 




We enjoyed playing ring games and songs together. This is definitely one our of favourite activities. We especially love the hokey cokey! wink




For maths this week we have worked on our counting skills and understanding that quantities change when something is added or taken away. 



Another BIG 'WELL DONE!' to our superstars this week:

Dojo champions



 Our waterside values certificates




Our maths award certificate



A big well done to all of you for your OUTSTANDING learning this week. I am very proud of you. smiley


I hope you all have a wonderful week. 

Love Miss Finn heart


Week commencing 15th March 2021


Hi everyone, 

I hope you are all safe and well. smiley


Time has flown past this week - we have busy in Nursery, having lots of fun. smiley


We have spent time this week learning all about the Spring time. We know that on Saturday 20th March it will no longer be Winter - it will be Spring. 

We have been learning all about the different changes to expect during the spring time.



We decided to sow some seeds of our own to look after and to watch grow. 

Some of us chose to plant some tomato plants and some of us chose to plant some different kinds of flowers. smiley




In maths this week we have been continuing to develop our counting skills and have worked hard on different methods of representing numbers. 





For phonics this week we have been beginning to sound talk some short words by segmenting and blending the letter sounds together. Our Ducklings have been trying really hard at this - I have been so impressed. smiley We have also spent time reading some Spring themed stories together during our guided reading session. It makes me so happy to see them so excited and enthusiastic toward books and reading together. 




For writing this week we have been using the cars to trace over different pre-writing shapes - this sort of activity really helps us to develop our gross motor skills which in turn help to develop our fine motor and writing skills. smiley 




We've also developed our fine motor skills using the tweezers to pick up small objects, practising our cutting skills and also playing with the playdough.




We had lots of fun singing and playing ring games together this week. The children have a new favourite - The Hokey Cokey! We had SO MUCH fun together doing this. So many belly laughs and full-face smiles! laugh



For P.E. this week we were Superheroes working hard to save everybody from the baddies! We practised running, jumping and mounting steps. We had lots of fun with this!




& of course we had a fantastic day dressed as super heroes for comic relief on Friday.

We practised telling jokes and making each other laugh. Which wasn't hard for our Ducklings - they are all little comedians. laugh 






Finally, I would like to say a really big 'WELL DONE!' to our Dojo Champions and to those who achieved our Waterside Values certificates this week. You truly are Superstars! I am very proud of you. Keep up the amazing learning. smiley 






Have a lovely week! 

Miss Finnheart

Week commencing 8th March 2021


Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well and have enjoyed a week of slightly warmer weather.

We have had a wonderful first week back in Nursery – the children have settled back in beautifully.


This week we have been discussing and noticing the changes in the weather – spotting the signs of spring approaching us. smiley

The children have blown us away with their current knowledge – we have been really impressed.

This week has been Science week.

We have spent a short time each day doing some fun, science related activities.

We have enjoyed discussing what it means to be a scientist and decided that we are all curious little scientists. We have loved exploring the magnets and discovering what they stick to and what they do not stick to. We have explored what happens to skittles in hot water – the children really enjoyed this activity and shared some great ideas. 



We have done some art relating to the ‘people who help us’ – we created some firemen and some doctors.




We have enjoyed creating some surprises for our lovely Mummy’s. We hope that you have enjoyed them as much as we enjoyed creating them. smiley



In phonics this week we have continued to work on initial sounds and on rhyming words. We’ve used our rhythm sticks to tap out the syllables in our names and created silly sentences together.

Some of us have continued to develop out segmenting a blending sounds to create words. I have been really impressed as this is super tricky business for our little ones.



In maths we have been completing various activities working on our counting skills, numeral recognition and 2D shapes. smiley  We linked our maths in with P.E. this week, we jumped, hopped, ran and skipped to the different numerals. It was lots of fun.



Finally, I would like to say another BIG ‘WELL DONE!’ to our Dojo champions and to the children who received a Waterside Values certificate this week. I am so very proud of you - keep up the amazing learning. smiley






Have a lovely week!

Miss Finn and the Nursery Teamheart

Week commencing 1st March 2021


Hi everyone, I hope you've all had a nice week. smiley


This week in Nursery we have continued to learn about 'people who help us'. We learned all about the Emergency services and who to call if there is an emergency. We had some great discussions and learnt a short song to help us to remember. The children picked it up really well - we were very impressed. smiley





We enjoyed and discussed a lovely story 'Real Superheroes' to support our learning about all of the wonderful 'people who help us'. We have some very proud little ducklings in our class - very eager to share their grown ups' job role with everybody. 




We practised our writing skills throughout the week - we practising our pre-writing shapes and traced over our names using paint and pointillism. 




for maths this week we have been working on our counting and number recognition skills. The ducklings are truly fantastic - I am always so impressed by their amazing maths skills. 




We've been developing our fine motor skills through practising cutting and colouring in. smiley





We celebrated World Book Day in Nursery this week. We all wore our pyjamas, got comfy and read our favourite stories throughout the day. I loved hearing all about our Ducklings' favourite stories and their reasons why. 

It's so great to see them so excited about reading and so eager to read and share their stories with one another. smiley


Throughout the day we read and explored four different books together and completed activities based around these. 

We shared our favourite books together and discussed what happened and why we love them so much. 





We created fruit kebabs. We tasted different fruits like the ones in Handa's surprise. 

We got crafty - making different spring and farmer duck creations. We also did some hot-seat activities relating to Mr Big story - exploring the importance of friendship and how we might feel in different scenarios. 






We had P.E. outside this week. We worked on gross motor skills and on balancing. We love to play different games to warm up such as "duck-duck-goose" and "beans". The children have improved so much at these games since we started P.E. - I know I say it all the time but they truly are superstars! Their listening and understanding skills are just phenomenal. smiley

A few parents have asked me about P.E. - we shall still be doing P.E. on a Friday for now. Only, we will now be doing our P.E. lessons using our outdoor provision. As you all know - the children LOVE P.E. day - we are all excited for it all week! smiley


Last but definitely not least I would like to celebrate our Waterside Values Super stars and our Dojo Champions for the week. A BIG 'WELL DONE' from all of us for always showing our values and showing amazing learning. 





I am so very proud of you all. Keep up the fantastic learning. smiley


We are very much looking forward to everybody returning to school on the 8th March. We can't wait to see you all. 

If you have any worries or queries about your child's return, please feel free to get in touch. smiley


Have a lovely week. 

Miss Finn and the Nursery Team heart

Week commencing 22nd Feb 2021


Hi everyone. 

We've had a really busy first week back in Nursery. 


This week we have begun to learn about some of the 'People who help us'. The children loved exploring the different job roles and they all really impressed us with what they already knew. We based some of our other provision activities around different people who help us too which was great in encouraging interest and discussion. 



We spent time reading our favourite stories together. smiley The children are getting really good at being able to recall stories and some are beginning to be able to retell using the illustrations. It's really lovely to see them all enjoying stories so much. smiley



We enjoyed painting different people who help us.



and we spent some extra time recognising our own names. Nursery are getting really good at this now. smiley




Nursery have enjoyed getting imaginative and working as a team in making new homes for the Dinosaurs



For maths this week we have been developing our counting skills using the 1:1 principle - touching/moving each object that we count. Some of us have also worked on matching quantity to numerals using the pegs to identify the correct numerals. We have continued to work on identifying different 2D shapes. 

This year group have really blown me away with their maths skills - they are all fantastic. 




We spent time talking about our favourite Nursery Rhymes. We sang these together and alone in front of our friends! Their confidence is AMAZING! Particularly in comparison to the beginning of the year. They have been enjoying exploring the sounds of the different instruments and playing them along to the rhythm of their chosen Nursery Rhymes. 



In P.E. this week we pretended to be people from the emergency services such as fire officers, paramedics and police officers.

We talked about our different ideas and then worked together to create our own obstacle course. We slid, slithered, jumped, ran and hopped our ways around. The children are really enjoying P.E. lessons. 





Last but not least, I would like to say a BIG 'WELL DONE!' to our superstars for this week. 


Dojo champions:

School - Ahmed 

Home - Hadisa


Waterside Values certificates:

School: Poppy

Home: Alfaidi


Very well done to all of you for being simply outstanding. We are so proud of you all. smiley


Next week it is World Book Day on Thursday 4th March. 

We invite the children to attend in their pyjamas on this day - more information for this will follow. smiley


Have a lovely week. 

We look forward to seeing everybody return to school on 8th March. 

If you have any worries or concerns about your child's return to school, please do send me a message to raise this. I am always here and happy to help.


 Miss Finn and the Nursery Team heart


Monday 22nd Feb


Welcome back!


I hope you have all had a lovely and restful break and that you are all safe and well. 

We have missed you all lots in Nursery and we are looking forward to another fun packed half term with you! smiley

Please rest assured knowing that we are careful in following COVID guidelines and cleaning the classroom at regular intervals throughout the day. We are all in this together - please feel free to get in touch at any point via ClassDojo or our class email address - 

We can't wait to hear all about the exciting things you have been up to during half term - please do send in any photos you would like to share with the class. Doing so really helps to promote your child's communication and language skills when sharing with their friends. smiley


Here's to another great half term ahead. yes

Miss Finnheart



Week commencing the 8th February


…and just like that another half term has passed us!
I cannot believe how quickly the time has flown since the start of the New Year.

Although this half term did not start as we originally planned, our Ducklings have all adapted so well to all of the changes thrown at them. I am so proud.

At school we have kept things as normal as possible. We have continued with our busy learning schedule and of course made sure we have had lots of fun whilst doing this! At home we have kept our learning exactly the same as we are doing in school. It has been so great to see such dedication and positivity towards our home learning.


This week we have learnt about Valentine’s day and we shared some photographs to talk about the people that we love and the reasons why. This task melted my heart a little bit! The Ducklings each have such a beautiful nature. We also got imaginative and created some different magic love potions in the messy area. Some children used all sorts in theirs! Such as unicorn eyelashes and rainbow juice!



We also learned all about internet safety with Buddy the dog. We learned a little song together to help us know what to do if we are ever unsure. Ask your ducklings all about it.



We have developed our fine motor skills this week by creating our lovely surprises for our grown-ups. We have been practising writing our names, we have been enjoying the graffiti writing areas (by the way your ducklings number formation graffiti is fantastic!) and we have been threading different 2D shapes. We also tried something new this week – we tried ‘squiggle whilst you wiggle’ this is a really fun activity practising our mark making on a large scale to develop our gross motor skills, which will in turn develop our fine motor skills. We had lots of fun with this!



In maths this week we have been continuing to develop our counting skills and developing our 2D shape recognition.



In phonics we have continued to develop our listening skills. We have been working on copying rhythms, rhyming and alliteration as well as the syllables in our names and different words. We have begun to focus on letter sounds at the beginning of words.



This week we have also learned all about Shrove Tuesday – and what better way to learn about pancake day than to make and eat pancakes!? We had fun measuring and mixing and we tried all sorts of different toppings!



At the end of this week we began to learn about Chinese New Year. We learned all about the story of the different animals and had fun exploring this through our small world area. We tried some different foods such as prawn crackers, chow mien and fortune cookies. AND we had lots of fun in P.E. having different animal races to compete for the New Year name and exploring Chinese dancing.  




Our Dojo Champions this week:



Our Waterside Values Certificates this week:





A big well done is deserved by all of our Ducklings- as I have said many times you have done so well during these strange times and I am so proud. Keep smiling and keep up the fantastic learning!


I hope you all have a fantastic and restful week off – enjoy yourselves and stay safe.

I am available via dojo and our class email should you need anything at all.

Take care and I will see you all soon.

Miss Finn heart

Week commencing 1st Feb 2020


Hello everyone!

I hope you've had a lovely week. 

We have been busy as ever in Nursery and Learning from home. smiley



This week we explored the Arctic (The North Pole)
We looked at the different animals that live there and learned a little bit about polar bears. 




We have had lots of fun exploring our new Puppet Theatre role play area. The children really surprised me with their amazing story telling skills! Little superstars!




For maths this week we have spent time sorting shapes! The children were amazing and recognising different 2D shapes and had loads of fun feeding the different shape monsters. The children at home did the same activity using an online game and were absolutely super at this too! We also spent some time reading different maths stories. The children in school particularly enjoyed "There was ten in a bed". We acted this out and sang along, too! Some of the children really made us 'WOW!' with their ability to recognise and sort numerals into order. surpriselaugh





This week we have explored the story "Polar Bear, Polar Bear what do you hear?" the children really enjoyed this story and were very good at exploring the different animal sounds. smiley I caught some of them reading the story to each other by the end of the week - they enjoyed it that much! 






We did lots of activities to help us to explore Children's Mental Health Awareness week this week. We explored some different feelings we might feel and we learned and discussed some different tips about how to stay happy and healthy and what to do if we feel a bit worried or just a bit different to how we normally feel. The children were fantastic I am so proud of them.
We chose to write letters to our friends who are learning from home/at school or to other people that we miss to tell them how we feel. We talked about different foods that keep us healthy and about what makes us as individuals happy and healthy.

We talked about some of the different ways we can express ourselves and explored them- we explored the instruments and singing and we created some artwork based on how we were feeling. We also based our P.E. around the importance of staying active and around different emotions - how we move differently depending on how we feel. 






Our Waterside Values Certificates this week:

A big "WELL DONE!" to Adam, Ammar and Poppy for achieving our Waterside Values certificates this week. You are simply AMAZING. I am so proud. Keep up the super work. smiley 


Our dojo superstars this week: 

A big 'WELL DONE!' to Leo and Sophie for getting the most dojos in school this week. 

& a huge 'WELL DONE!' to Rumaisa and Kaven for getting the most dojos home learning this week! 
You are incredible! smiley I am so proud!


Next week is our last week before school closes for half term so lets make it a good one!
Stay safe. 

Miss Finn and the Nursery Team heart 



Week commencing 25th Jan 2021


Hello everyone. 

Another week has flown past us in Nursery this week - time really flies when you're having fun.


This week worked on rhyming words and alliteration skills - the children are getting really good at this now. 




We practised our writing skills using feather in paint - very fancy! We used wax crayons to write secret messages and paint to reveal them.



We continued to work on our fine motor skills making patterns, marks and playing with the penguins. 



We got messy and creative with the clay this week. I can't tell you what we were making - It's a surprise! wink





We enjoyed our music lessons with our teddy bears this week.  




We had lots of fun in P.E. pretending we were penguins - waddling and sliding. We pretended the footballs were our eggs. We practised rolling, throwing and bouncing. 




Finally, I would like to say a big well done to our Superstars this week for being that extra bit amazing. 

Well done!




Next week we will be learning all about The Arctic (The North Pole) and the different animals that live there. 

Our rhyme of the week next week is "It's raining, it's pouring." smiley



and we have got an exciting new Puppet Theatre role play area! The children are so excited! smiley


I hope you all have a lovely week. 

Miss Finnheart

Week Commencing 18th Jan


Hello everyone,

I hope you have all had a lovely week, both at home and at school.


We’ve been busy as ever in Nursery this week.

We practised our Nursery Rhyme of the week, all week this week- the children always amaze me at how quickly they pick these new rhymes up.

We spent some time exploring the instruments and singing our favourite rhymes.

The children know all of the words to so many rhymes and show such SUPER confidence which is fantastic.



We spent time developing our fine motor skills by making different towers with the stacking cups, practising our mark making and cutting skills. We had fun cutting different textures- some of them were really tricky!



We have spent time this week learning about penguins and where some live- the Antarctic/South Pole.

The children really enjoyed exploring our Antarctic small world area and learning all about penguins- ask your child to tell you something that they have learned. smiley They really impressed me with how quickly they picked it up.  



For maths this week we have been exploring measure- we have been looking at size and weight using the scales and different measuring tools- as well as practising our counting skills to feed the penguin and continuing to develop our understanding of positional language. blush




For music this week we created our own sound makers and had lots of fun exploring the different sounds we could make using different objects to fill our containers. We then used our sound makers to support our phonics. We created a thunderstorm using body percussion and our sound makers as a team. This was lots of fun! 




Nursery were super in their first P.E. lesson in the hall this week- we were really impressed and they had lots of fun! smiley

We played some different games, explored some different ways of using our bodies to move around and we created an obstacle course to practise our positional language.




Another fantastic week had! smiley

Another big 'WELL DONE!' to our two superstars this week for showing our Waterside values and for super maths skills.

We are so proud of you. smiley


I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I look forward to another fun week in Nursery again next week.
Miss Finnheart  

Week Commencing 11th January 2021 


Hi everyone,

I hope you’ve all had a nice week.

I would like to say a big well done to every single one of our ducklings- you have all adapted so well to all of the recent changes! I am so proud of you all. smiley


This week we have all been doing the same learning- both from home and at school.


We had fun playing ‘Who am I?’ using our super communication and language skills to guess. Some of us got the whole family involved! wink




We began our learning about our local area- Joiners Square. The children really enjoyed exploring and discussing familiar places.




We also created some art work based on our Local Environment- some bottle kilns and some mugs and plates in the style of Emma Bridgewater. :-) The children did an excellent job this for our new classroom display.






We followed a recipe together to make some play dough, then used this for a dough disco! It was lots of fun and this really helps to develop our fine motor skills.




We did guided reading together in small groups together, each group explored one of our treasure chest books for this half term- 'Snowball'.



We have been exploring technology using our Interactive Table to access stories and Nursery Rhymes. We also explored our Interactive white board to practise our writing skills. The children are getting very good at using technology!




We had a lovely music lesson this week where we explored the rhythm sticks and used the scarves to wiggle, wiggle, wiggle and FREEZE. The children had lots of fun and giggles with this.



For maths this week we have been practising our counting skills. Some of the children were able to match the objects to numerals which was absolutely fantastic. I have been blown away with how amazing our Ducklings are at Maths this year. I have a class full of Super Stars!





This week we have given 3 Waterside Values Certificates in Nursery for our Ducklings and one Amazing Maths certificate too! I’m sure you will join me in saying a BIG “WELL DONE!” to our Superstars for their amazing learning this week. I am one very proud teacher!




I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

See you on Monday! Miss Finnheart


Week commencing 4th Jan 2021

Hi Everyone!

Well this week wasn't quite the first week back that we expected!

However, we still enjoyed lots of fun learning- whether that was at school or at home. 

I would like to thank everyone for you lovely, kind and supportive words- they really are appreciated throughout these different times. smiley 


We managed to get one day of learning all together for the start of our spring term. 
We were able to go on a Winter walk around our school ground together which was so much fun! We wrapped up in our coats with our hats, gloves and scarves to keep us nice and warm. We spotted lots of changes since our Autumn walk. We found that most of the trees had no leaves left, we felt the cold snow in our hands and we thought that the snowy grass felt crunchy to walk on! 





Miss Finn created a fancy dress shop role play area which we got a chance to explore on Monday- we loved dressing up as all the different characters. 




In maths this week we have been continuing to work on out counting skills and beginning to recognise numerals. Miss Finn has been blown away by the children's AMAZING maths skills. We have learned a new counting song- "5 Little Snowmen" Ask your little Duckling to sing it to you. smiley





We have been busy creating lots of Winter creations, exploring different tools to create different effects.

We've created Snowmen, snowflakes and snowy winter trees which will all go on our wonderful new winter display in our classroom to showcase our super skills.






We've developed our fine motor skills in the mark making area using our fingers in glitter and snow; threading beads to create bracelets; colouring in (we are getting really good at colouring in the lines); using stencils and creating in the construction area. 






We've enjoyed exploring ice in our messy area. We explored what happens when it is in a warm classroom and we used ice to explore the water colour paints. smiley





We enjoyed exploring our Winter Village small world area. 




Although it's been a little different to what we are used to, we have still been very busy learning lots through exciting playing. 

I have seen some wonderful home learning photos, we have loved looking at them together at school.


I look forward to another fun filled week next week. I hope you have a lovely and restful weekend. 

Love Miss Finn and the Nursery Team heart