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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance


Week 24

It has been lovely to have everyone back in class this week! 



We have continued to read our class text 'The Breadwinner'. We are truly hooked! This week, we have begun to draft and edit a re-tell of Chapter 3, which details what Parvana's family do after their father has been taken. Everyone's work is looking amazing! 



We have be working hard on problem solving and reasoning with Perimeter and Area this week. Although we found this a little tricky, we persevered and completed our challenges! 


Science Week

This week we have be working hard on our Stemterprise project. We developed our own recipes that included our chosen vegetable, conducted market research and presented our findings. 



Week 23 


We have completed our publish writes this week, that focus on our senses within a Middle Eastern Market. Whales did a brilliant job with their writing, taking care to describe as many details as they could!



This week we moved onto our 'Addition and Subtraction' unit. We used out anchor task to revisit the skills of column method, then moved onto using it to problem solve and reason within multi-step problems.




This week we learnt about 'Scott of the Antarctic's' expedition to the South Pole. We learnt who his was with, the temperatures he would have had to endure and  what he ate! 



On Friday we launched the start of our 'British Science Week' afternoons. We spent the morning learning about a famous scientist  - Spencer Silver. He was the inventor of Post-it notes! 

During the afternoon we begun our 'Stemterprise' project. We chose the vegetable we would like to grow to use in our farm shop.

Week 22 



We have begun to read our new text ‘The breadwinner’. Our first piece of writing is going to be set in a Middlen Eastern market, similar to where our main character (Parvana) and her father go to work. We have thought, discussed and created vocabulary that focuses on our senses.




We are now starting to revisit the maths curriculum with a focus in problem solving a reasoning. We have been recapping and diving deeper into place value and rounding.





Science - as a class, we set up our science investigation that involved evaporation and separating. We will continue to measure the level of water over 7 days.


RE- we have begun our new topic of ‘art and architecture’. To begin our topic we took some time to look at places of worship for a chosen religion and compared them to find their similarities and differences.



Week 20



This week we have begun to write a non-chronological report on lions. We have learnt about formal language, the features of a report and completed our own research.



We have completed our unit on fractions, decimals and percentages. We are able to convert between each confidently and we have begun to find percentages of amounts.



Encompass - We were so excited to learn about the animals in the Frozen Kingdoms. We completed a vary of activities to understand how these animals are able to live in some of of harshest climates in the world. 

Science - We investigated soluble and insoluble solids. Our first investigation tested whether the temperature of water effected how quickly a solid dissolved. In the second we investigated whether a range of solids were soluble or insoluble.


Children’s mental health week - we took part in a range of activities that taught us ways to improve and promote children’s mental health. We learnt we can express outer selves in many ways that can help with mental health.

Week 19



The children have completed their narrative and have used many year 5 skills to add their own character to Dorothy’s journey. 



We have been learning about time this week. The children have used problem solving skills to work out elapsed time and have interpeted timetables.



During Science, we investigated electrical conductors and insulators. We used a range of objects to see which would produce the brightest lightbulb. We discovered it would be a pair of scissors.

Week 18 



We have been learning a lot about character traits this week and applying them to the creation of our own character. The children have begun to write their 3rd person narrative adding in the character of the sawhorse for Dorothy to meet on her journey to the Emerald City.



This week we have been learning properties of 3D shapes and the properties of their 2D representations.


During P4C this week, the children debated would you rather questions such as, would you rather always lose or never play?




Week 17


Another great work for everyone, at home and in school! 



This week has seen the children completing their publish writes, which tell the story of Dorothy's life on the farm, being caught up in the cyclone and carried to a magical land. The children independently used many of the year 5 skills to up-level their writing. 



We have been working hard at finishing our decimals, fractions and percentages unit. We were blown away by the scores the children got on their end of unit assessment! 



During encompass, we have been learning all about the location and climate of the Frozen Kingdoms. We were fascinated to learn that Antarctica is the largest desert on Earth! 


During Art, we have been practising our drawing skills by drawing a realistic polar bear.




Week 16 


Happy New Year! 


What I strange start to the year we have had! 


We are incredibly proud of how all of the Whales class have transitions into their new way of learning for the next few weeks. 



We have begun to read our new class text, The Wizard of Oz, and are starting by writing a retell of Dorothy's journey in the cyclone to Munchkin Land. 



We have begun the term with a new maths unit - decimals.

This week we have been recognising decimals


We have begun learning about our new topics in the afternoons - Frozen Kingdom & Materials and their properties



Week 14


This week the children have worked incredibly hard to complete their end of term assessments! Their results having being amazing,- We are extremely proud of them! 



Whales class have completed their final publish write of Autumn 2 - I think this has been their best piece of writing so far this year! They have written fantastic pieces that include many of their year 5 writing skills!



In science this week we learnt about the Lunar cycle and the phases of the moon! We learnt lots of new vocabulary including, waxing, waning, crescent and gibbous. 


To add to our science lesson, on Friday, we tuned into a live talk with Libby Jackson, a space scientist, to learn about Christmas in space!




During encompass, we learnt about and used the Mayan number system. It is safe to say, by the end of the lesson our brains were exhausted!

Week 13




The children have begun to prepare to write a persuasive piece using the stimulus 'Should mechanicals be used in the home?'. Together, they created a bank of arguments for and against the question, before they decided which side of the argument they would choose.



This week as seen the beginning of our fractions unit. To begin we recapped prior knowledge of equivalent fractions

The children have been learning how to convert improper fractions to mixed number fractions and visa versa. We also begun to think about number sequences before we move onto comparing and ordering fractions.



Science - Whales class have been investigating day and night. They used a range of class resources to demonstrate how day and night happen.


Art - We have completed our final solar system piece by adding the planets to our galaxy background. They look amazing! 

Week 12



The children have work amazingly hard this week to complete the publish diary entries. They are confidently using high level vocabulary and constantly pushing to improve their work. Whales are thoroughly enjoying reading Cogheart.



This week saw the end of our multiplication and division unit of work. The children completed a end of unit assessment. They blew us away with how much they have learnt and could apply to new challenges! 



Science - Whales class have been learning how the solar system moves. They created mini-documentaries the explain and model to this.


Art - The children have begun to create their final piece for their solar system. The week this have used chalk and pencil crayon to create the galaxy. Next week they will add the planets.

Week 11



The children have completed their first publish write based on Cogheart - They have blown us away with their amazing writing! 

We have now moved onto writing a diary entry from the point of view of Robert (The man who sees Malkin walking through the village).

As a class, the children have been able o full out the key events of Chapter 3.



This week the children have continued to secure their knowledge of short multiplication long multiplication and short division. 

They were able to secure their skills then moved onto problem solving a reasoning. 



Encompass - The children have been learning all about the Mayan gods and how they each represent something different. They were amazed to see how the Mayan priests played such a big role in the Mayan community! 


PSHCE - This week the children took part in the Children in Needs '5 to thrive' They learnt how being active, connecting, giving, being curious and taking notice can help to boost their mental and physical wellbeing. 





Week 10 


Another brilliant week in Whales class! It was lovely to see all the children in their colourful clothes in support of Children in Need.



The children have continued to to draft their 3rd person narrative, retelling the events leading up to Lily (the main character) finding help in a forest. The  have worked incredibily hard and have produced some fantastic pieces of writing.



This week the children have begin their Multiplication and Division unit.

This week they have been working on finding factors, multiples, prime numbers and securing the times table facts. 



Every afternoon this week the children have been taking part in many different activities to learn about, show respect to and understand remembrance and war. 

They read the book 'One boy's war' which helped them to understand what life was like in trenches in WWI. They wrote poems about this after a drama activity.


The children also read the book 'War game' which tells the story of the Christmas day football match that happened in No Man's land. They then wrote a letter home.

Week 9 


The children have come back from half term determined to impress and have been able to quickly adapted to changes. 



This week the children have begun to study their new class text, 'Cogheart'. 

The children have begun to write a warning story based on the first chapter of the book.




We studied angles this week and learnt how to draw and measure angles using a protractor. After lots of hard work and determination everybody was able to successfully achieve this task! 

Also, the children have learnt to find missing angles on a straight line and around a point, using their knowledge of angle sizes to help them.



In encompass the children have begun to think about their new topic - The Mayans

They have been able to order the Mayan timeline and have learnt the location of the Maya people


In science the children have started the new topic of Earth and Space. They have completed their KWL and have blown us away with how much prior knowledge they have.


In art this week the children have started to recreate a piece of solar system art. They have considered colours, blending and the position of colour to represent the planet they are drawing. 

Week 8 

What a fabulous week the children have had! 

They have all worked extremely hard and have shown how much they have learnt over the half term in maths, grammar and reading! 



This week the children have been creating an imitation poem of the 'Jabberwocky' by Lewis Carol. 

They used many poetic conventions and portmanaeu. 

At the end of the week the children performed their poems to the class - all the children had amazing confidence and spoke clearly!



In science and encompass this week the children have completed the KWL and completed a 'one-pager' to showcase all of the knowledge from the half term. 

During Art they children continued using Frida Kahlo's work as inspiration of their own 'inside-outside' self-portraits.




Week 7



We are have a awesome week in English. The children have published their non-chronological reports and they are amazing! They have worked incredibly hard to independently research their chosen lizard and use these facts in their writing.



The children have used their anchored knowledge of perimeter this week, and have secured their knowledge of it, which has helped them to problem solve and reason. Also, the children have learnt how to find the area of shapes and have begun to problem solve and reason with this new learning.



In encompass this week, the children have been exploring the Mexican ' Day of the Dead'. 

They have read about the history of the day and the traditions. 

They designed their 2D skull, then replicated this on their 3D skull.


Week 6


This week we have begun to write a non-chronological report about a lizard of choice.

The children have independently research their lizard and have been able to use the information they have found in their writing.


The children have continued with their addition and subtraction unit. This week they have been using inverse to help solve problems and check working out. 



During encompass the children have been learning about tourism in Mexico and why people choose to visit certain areas of Mexico.  

In science the children have been learning about water resistance. They learnt that object that are 'streamline' experience less resistance and the water is able to move around them easily.

In RE the children have been learning about Judaism and some of the key aspects of the religion.


Week 5 



The children have produced some wonderful pieces of writing during our publish write, and have included many year 5 skills (relative clauses, expanded noun phrases, brackets, etc).

They have worked extremely hard on developing their vocabulary to make it high level and topic related.




This week the children have been developing their knowledge and understanding of column addition and subtraction.

They had already practised the skill in arithmetic, so our maths lessons have been more focused on varied fluency and problem solving & reasoning.


In encompass, the children have been learning about the biomes in Mexico. They learnt that biomes are defined by the flora and fauna.

In science, we have been investigating air resistance. We carried out a parachute investigation to determine which size parachute would fall the quickest.



In art, we are continuing to study Frida Kahlo, an Mexican artist, and have learnt to draw her portrait.




Week 4 



We have begun to draft our first discursive piece of Year 5! We are arguing the question 'Should prisons exist?'.

During a debate we discussed and developed point for and against this question.

Although we found our first draft quite tricky, we have been determined and create some wonderful work!




This week we have been building on our prior knowledge of Roman Numerals and negative numbers

We are able to interpret Roman numerals to 1000 and can add them with ease!




This week in Encompass, we developed our knowledge of Mexican climates and are able to describe and explain why there are different climate zones.


During Science, we have continued the think about forces and  have learnt how to measure the pulling force of gravity using a Newton Metre.


In art we are studying Frida Kahlo, a Mexican artist known for her self portraits. 

Week 3 

This week we have worked extremely hard and have continued to strive towards year 5 expectations.



We have published our first piece this week- a 1st person narrative detailing Stanley's journey to Camp Green Lake.

We continued to us expanded noun phrases and have begun to include relative clauses. 


We have continued to work on place value, specifically counting on in 10,100, 1000, 10,000 & 100,000's & rounding to a million.


We have continued to learn about Modern Mexico 

We know its location in the world and where it is in relation to the UK and other countries

In science we have begun to learn about how all forces can be defined as a push or a pull, and the effects they have on objects around them.



Week 2 

We have had a brilliant week! 

Everyone one has settled in and we are cracking on with our year 5 learning.


Our new class text is Hole by Louis Sachar

We have been learning how to write expanded noun phrases and how to use modal verbs, in a 1st person narrative. 




We have been learning about place value. Specifically how to write and read number to one million


Hola Mexico is our new topic. To begin we have been recapping the names and location of the continents.



Week 1

What a lovely couple of days we have had!

It has been great to start getting to know each other.

I am excited for the year ahead.