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Week Ending Friday 18th September 95.1%


Week 4

This week has been a busy week of incredible learning. In English, we have started our narrative retell of the chapter in which the Monster emerges from the tree and comes to Conor's window. We are using the year 6 skills of dialogue, vocabulary to create tension and adverbial openers to make our writing outstanding. In Maths, we have been grappling with part-whole models and bar models to complete multi-step addition and subtraction problems. This has been tricky and has certainly made our brains hurt! However, we are getting there and our teachers will revisit this concept to ensure we are secure. 

In Encompass, our big question this week was 'What is it like to live in Africa?'. We were surprised to learn about the differences in land use in Africa and, using the terms 'urban' and 'rural' we explained how varied Africa was. When learning about rural Africa, we read about the Bushmen tribe and the Massai people. We plotted them on a map and wrote about their traditions. 


Take a look at our wonderful work inspired by our learning about Africa and 'A monster calls'! 

Week 3

This week, we have worked so hard to improve in every lesson. In English, we have published our setting description of the eerie graveyard. In Maths, we have finished our topic on place value and really impressed our teachers when we worked independently to consolidate and prove our standard of learning. In Encompass, we completed a case study on Senegal and learnt about the fishing economy that continues to grow there. In Science, we learnt about Carl Linneaus. We discovered why he is referred to as the father of modern taxonomy. To go deeper in our learning, we questioned why some organisms e.g. platypus are difficult to classify. Take a look at the wonderful African art we have created-tribal masks:


This week's spelling assignment

Week 2

We have really settled into Year 6 this week. We are beginning to remember the school routines and rules and are setting a great example to the younger children. We have been drafting our setting description of the graveyard in A Monster calls and have impressed our teachers with the eerie language we thought of. In Maths, we have been rounding to the nearest number up to 10 million. We have excelled in this and even completed numerous problem solving and reasoning tasks. We also had an excellent lesson in R.E. on why different people do or don't believe in God. We discussed and debated showing respect and care to everyone and all beliefs.

A great piece of Maths work!

Week 1

We have had the most wonderful start to our academic year in Sharks class. Our behaviour has been exceptional and we earned 178 class dojos. Our new teachers were very impressed with our attitude to learning, focus and determination. In English, we have started reading our new text 'A monster calls' by Patrick Ness. We also began to explore our Encompass Geography topic Africa. We completed our KWL grids and predicted what we thought the key vocabulary meant for our new topic.