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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance


Week 17

Wow! What a busy week it has been for us all. Our teachers have been busy teaching the pupils in school and at home but we know it is the most important thing to keep everyone as safe as possible. They have been amazed at our standards, including at home. We are also showing respect and resilience, two of our key Waterside values. 

In Computing this week, we have been furthering our knowledge of coding. In school, we were lucky enough to use Cozmo-the tiny robot. Take a look at us in action coding his actions.



In English, we explored the enlisting tactics of the British army before WW1. We wrote a persuasive letter encouraging men to join up to the war effort. Look at our fabulous work below! 



To get a head start for next week, watch this moving video about animals in warfare.


Horses in War

This film reflects on the history of horses in battle from 3000BC to the present day, including their role in the French Revolution and notably World War I, ...

Week 16 

This week, our school has been open for Key worker pupils. As a result, we have had a smaller class size. However, we have still had just as much fun! Our classmates have been learning from home and they are also producing excellent work. In art, we studied skylines, particularly the skyline of New York to link to our Encompass topic of the Americas. We have made individual pieces and large collaborative pieces of skyline art. We have used a range of textures and materials to build perspective of the New York skyline. Take a look below at our in school and at home artwork! 



We have also impressed our teachers with our writing. Both at home and in school, we have used imperative verbs and a range of clause structures to persuade the men of Great Britain to enlist in WW1, just as the soldiers in War Horse do. 

Take a look at our brilliant writing!

Week 15

This week marks the last week of Autumn term. We were pleased to return back to school and enjoy the final few days together with our friends. This week, we explored the Christmas Truce of 1914. We explored the event and the factors which led to it. It made us think about why Christmas is regarded as such a special time and how Christmas will be different for all of out classmates this year. In P4C, we discussed why we still celebrate Christmas in such a secular world. Our classmates discussed how Christmas came about and the fact that Christmas originated from multi-cultural beginnings.



The Christmas Truce of 1914: What Really Happened?

The Christmas Truce of the First World War has become a legendary story. The romantic image of enemies shaking hands in the middle of no man's land, or playi...

Week 14

This week, Sharks class have been learning from home. This has not stopped us expecting the very best of ourselves however and we have worked around any barriers to ensure we still learn lots of exciting new things. We have been sending our teachers some exceptional work and this has made them very proud. Whilst we are proud of how hard we have worked at home, we are all excited to return to school and see our classmates. We will keep safe in our bubble and continue our excellent learning. 


In Encompass, we have been exploring Rio de Janiero as part of a going deeper Geography project. 






Take a look below at our wonderful home learning:
Wellbeing has been really important to use whilst being at home. This video is one of many that has helped us to take a few moments of calm this week:

Bring It Down - Flow | GoNoodle

This exercise teaches how to gain control of your stressful energy when it becomes to hard to handle.This video comes from GoNoodle's Flow channel. Flow gets...

Week 13

We started the week working hard in school and ended our learning at home. We have really impressed our teachers with our resilience and hard work at home. 

In Maths, we have been learning about coordinates and using them in one quadrant and four quadrants. 

We spoke about what quad meant and how this linked to Maths. 

This focus on Vocabulary really helps us to link our learning to other aspects of everyday life and remember the meaning of Maths vocabulary. 

In Science, we read Moth: An Evolution story. We loved reading about the peppered moth and the impact of the Industrial Revolution on the natural selection of moths. We then created a double-page spread about adaptation in different animals and habitats. 


Moth by Isabel Thomas, illustrated by Daniel Egnéus

'Moth' is the remarkable evolution story that captures the struggle of animal survival against the background of an evolving human world in a unique and atmo...

Week 12


In Maths, we have been exploring fractions even more and diving into multiplying and dividing. First, we use concrete and pictorial methods to understand how fractions can be divided or multiplied. Then, we thought about our own chosen method. Some of our classmates like to draw a pictorial diagram to help them with their learning, whilst others liked to remember rhymes to learn methods. 


Take a look at one of our budding Youtubers explaining the method he remembers. When asked WHY (which is so important in Maths!) he could explain why we divide by the denominator and multiply the answer by the numerator. Well done!


In Science, we conducted the 'best beak' investigation which included using a range of utensils to replicate different beak shapes on the Galapogas islands. Some of us found it frustrating as we couldn't pick up any food!!! We later realised this happened to finches that were not well adapted to their environment. If we were able to feed in the experiment, our 'birds' reproduced and we were successful in surviving onto the next round. In the end, we noticed that there were more of one type of beak than the other. We learnt that this is called natural selection. Wow!!

Hear more about Natural Selection in this song. We loved listening to it this week!

Horrible Histories Charles Darwin Evolution song

Horrible Histories Charles Darwin song

Week 11

This week, we have been exploring fractions more deeply in Maths. We have been solving problems which ask us to multiply fractions, divide fractions by integers and find fractions of amounts. We recorded short teaching videos to consolidate our learning which other members of our class used to recap their own skills. We loved recording videos and being like teachers. It also developed our articulation and oracy skills; something our teachers are helping us to work on. 


In Encompass, we expressed our learning on Vikings using a double page spread. First, we learnt all about Viking life and culture. We were particularly interested to learn about their burial rituals! Have a look at our fantastic work below!


In reading, we have been reading non-fiction texts all about famous and influential women. One of our favourites from this week was Florence Nightingale. 


Next week, we are going to be exploring the voyage of HMS Beagle with Charles Darwin. To get a head start with your learning, watch the video below.

Charles Darwin and Evolution

This is our seventh episode in the animated video series "Amazing Moments in Science": Charles Darwin and Evolution. Read more about Darwin and the theory of...

Week 10

This week has been all about Remembrance for us. Alongside our Maths and English lessons in the morning, we have been studying remembrance each afternoon. We have conducted a P4C enquiry about conscientious objectors and whether or not people should have a choice to fight for their country. We also created propaganda posters after researching how propaganda was used in the war. Additionally, we created black and white photography style images of our hands holding poppies. 


To link reading and writing to our Remembrance topic, we wrote a job description of Land Girls after reading about their role. We enjoyed reading about the changes is social perception of women and girls and how vital they became to the war effort. 


In Maths this week, we have been exploring fractions. Specifically, we have been adding and subtracting fractions. Towards the end of the week, we added and subtracted mixed numbers. At first, we found this tricky, but we soon got the hang of it!

Prepare for next week's learning!

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Week 9

This week, we have explored fossils in Science, fractions in Maths and our new text 'Wonder' in English. What a week!


In Science, we learnt about fossils as part of our 'Evolution and Inheritance' topic. We discovered how fossils were formed and even excavated our very own fossils. Take a look at us in action as paleontologists. 


In Maths, we have been learning about fractions and how they relate to the whole. We have simplified fractions, use equivalent fractions and converted improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa. We were able to reason intelligently about what wholes are and how fractions relate to mixed numbers. 


In English, we read the first few chapters of 'Wonder'. Wonder is a text about Auggie, a boy who has a condition called Treacher Collins syndrome. We read about his tour around his new school. We are looking forward to writing a diary entry from Auggie's perspective. 

Learn more about fossils following your lesson

Look at some of our wonderful holiday homework!

Week 8

This week, we did not stop learning! We have enjoyed learning about 3D shapes and their properties in Maths, writing and performing our own Gothic poetry in English and completing our data collection and analysis in Science from our bug hotels. 

In English, we have been exploring the Highwayman Poem. We worked towards writing our own poem in the dark style of Alfred Noyes and then performed them to the class using tone, intonation and pitch. We watched the work of Benjamin Zephaniah and Michael Rosen in order to get an idea of how amazing poets perform. 


In Maths, we explored 3D shapes and their properties, labelling elements like vertices, edges and faces. We also looked at nets and how we can match nets to their respective 3D shape. 


We hope everyone in our school and community has a fun and safe half-term break and we can't wait for our next steps in learning when we return for Autumn 2. 


Year 6 Highwayman poem 1

Listen to Year 6's version of Alfred Noyes' 'The Highwayman'

Year 6 Highwayman poem 2

Watch Year 6's version of Alfred Noyes' 'The Highwayman'.

Week 7

This week in Sharks class, we have been practising our skills during a mock SATS week. This helps us to know what to expect when we reach SATS in May. It really helped us to feel better about SATS and we were proud of the determination we showed. It also helps our teachers know what they need to support us with and what we are excelling in. Thank you to all parents who returned their feedback slips and stated how proud they were of Sharks pupils. 

In English, we published our writing on the archaic tale 'The twisted tale- a story in which we twisted a fairytale to make it dark and foreboding. 

In Maths, we are learning about angles and how to find missing angles. Have a look below to see some of the amazing work we did in pairs before tackling a big challenge. 

In Encompass, we have been celebrating Black History Month by learning about the impact of Rosa Parks and how black people in Britain are doing amazing things to achieve equality. We are also so respectful when discussing these topic and our teachers were very impressed.

Week 6

We have enjoyed many amazing activities this week! In Science, we conducted our investigation by creating bug hotels. We collected materials, put them in our jars/cans and placed them in suitable environments for our chosen insect. We had to think about how our animals had adapted and how to meet their needs in what we included in our bug hotel. 

Take a look at us in action below!

We were also lucky enough to have a virtual workshop with Zoolab, who introduced us to a range of African animals to suit our Africa topic. We were shown a giant African snail, a millipede, a hissing cockroach, a royal python and a stick insect. We were amazed and learnt so many facts about these wonderful creatures. We will certainly remember this experience!


Week 5

This week, we have enjoyed many amazing learning opportunities! In English, we published our narrative retell of Chapter 1 of 'A Monster Calls'. We used amazing vocabulary such as colossal, intertwining, ferocious, drenched in sweat and bellowed, to name just a few. Our teachers were very impressed with our writing and know what our next steps are to improve even further. 

In Maths, we mastered Multiplication and Division. We used different representations to go deeper with our learning using bar models and part-whole models to check our understanding further than skill. 

In Encompass, we started learning about black history which links really well to black history month. We were really engaged when reading about Martin Luther King Jr. and his story. We were able to link many of the values he showed to our school values and it helped to inspire us that anything is possible. We linked this learning to our SMSC topic of democracy and how we, despite being young, can have an impact on the issues we see in our community. 



Take a look at our art lesson this week!

Math Antics - Long Division

Get a head start on Long division ready for Week 6!

Spellings for Week 6

Take a look at some of our wonderful writing!

Week 4

This week has been a busy week of incredible learning. In English, we have started our narrative retell of the chapter in which the Monster emerges from the tree and comes to Conor's window. We are using the year 6 skills of dialogue, vocabulary to create tension and adverbial openers to make our writing outstanding. In Maths, we have been grappling with part-whole models and bar models to complete multi-step addition and subtraction problems. This has been tricky and has certainly made our brains hurt! However, we are getting there and our teachers will revisit this concept to ensure we are secure. 

In Encompass, our big question this week was 'What is it like to live in Africa?'. We were surprised to learn about the differences in land use in Africa and, using the terms 'urban' and 'rural' we explained how varied Africa was. When learning about rural Africa, we read about the Bushmen tribe and the Massai people. We plotted them on a map and wrote about their traditions. 


Take a look at our wonderful work inspired by our learning about Africa and 'A monster calls'! 

Week 3

This week, we have worked so hard to improve in every lesson. In English, we have published our setting description of the eerie graveyard. In Maths, we have finished our topic on place value and really impressed our teachers when we worked independently to consolidate and prove our standard of learning. In Encompass, we completed a case study on Senegal and learnt about the fishing economy that continues to grow there. In Science, we learnt about Carl Linneaus. We discovered why he is referred to as the father of modern taxonomy. To go deeper in our learning, we questioned why some organisms e.g. platypus are difficult to classify. Take a look at the wonderful African art we have created-tribal masks:


This week's spelling assignment

Week 2

We have really settled into Year 6 this week. We are beginning to remember the school routines and rules and are setting a great example to the younger children. We have been drafting our setting description of the graveyard in A Monster calls and have impressed our teachers with the eerie language we thought of. In Maths, we have been rounding to the nearest number up to 10 million. We have excelled in this and even completed numerous problem solving and reasoning tasks. We also had an excellent lesson in R.E. on why different people do or don't believe in God. We discussed and debated showing respect and care to everyone and all beliefs.

A great piece of Maths work!

Week 1

We have had the most wonderful start to our academic year in Sharks class. Our behaviour has been exceptional and we earned 178 class dojos. Our new teachers were very impressed with our attitude to learning, focus and determination. In English, we have started reading our new text 'A monster calls' by Patrick Ness. We also began to explore our Encompass Geography topic Africa. We completed our KWL grids and predicted what we thought the key vocabulary meant for our new topic.