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This half term we are going to focus on ourselves, our families and our emotions, it has been a tough few months and the children's mental health and well being is the most important thing and we want them to be confident enough to talk about themselves their thoughts and emotions. We will be having daily circle times and P4C sessions as well to encourage the children to talk and to listen to their peers also.


We are also firm believers that the children should take the lead to their own learning and we will follow their interests whatever they may be, we believe that the children learn best when they are having fun and are engaged! That is what makes the Early Years so magical, everyday is different and child led. Our curriculum is play based and that is how the children learn best, we ensure the children receive the very best education and our indoor and outdoor environments are the key to this, we focus on children's first hand experiences based on the world around us such as doctors, post office and shop role plays. We also like to get out and about in the local area and to talk about what we love about where we live and to learn about its past and how it has changed!


Reading is our primary focus and is the foundation to our curriculum, we will begin with simple rhymes to encourage literacy skills and to introduce new vocabulary which the children can then use in their own play and narrative. We also have 4 Treasure books which we will read frequently this half term as this allows the children to be really confident with these stories and this depth of knowledge will be built upon to develop reading skills. The children will now also have daily phonics sessions, all children are beginning at Phase 2 with some having Phase 1 interventions separately, we will be following the letters and sounds framework but using the jolly phonics songs and actions. The children will be having reading books sent home which should be read four times a week as a minimum, the more the children read the more they will know! We will also be sending out the first 100 high frequency words, each week the children will need to learn some of the selected words, by the end of Reception we expect the children to read all of these words fluently without the need to segment and blend.



This half term we will be focusing on the children's fine motor skills, ensuring they are holding their pencils correctly in a firm grip and that they are able to write our pre-writing shapes, at Waterside we feel this is the first step to a child's writing journey and once the children can draw these shapes independently they will then begin to write their pre-cursive letters, beginning with their name and then simple words.

We will also be doing daily number and patterns sessions, this half term we will be focusing on the children's misconceptions and to teach any gaps in their learning which may have formed due to previous months. At Waterside we have been using number blocks as an aid to teaching number and the children have loved it, we also use number rhymes to help the children to form their numbers correctly.


On Wednesday mornings we will be having music which is referred to as 'soundpots', this is done in small groups by the citys music  service and has shown throughout the past few years its benefits to the children's listening skills, confident and music ability. Every Friday morning we will be having PE, focusing on gross motor skills and this will be run by 'Be Active', the children absolutely love PE as it is full of games which are fun and engaging for the children. 


We are also going to be focusing on colours, finding colours in the environment, using different colours and selecting the appropriate colours when drawing and colouring and also looking at how colours can change how to make different colours. In Reception we become independent learners and can choose our own resources when working creatively and imaginatively and we love to see the unique master pieces the children make!

We want our curriculum to be magical and to inspire all of children to reach for the stars and to ensure they reach their aspirations and whatever they maybe.