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Week Ending Friday 18th September 95.1%


Week 4 
WOW! I can not believe we are now half way throught the half term.  4 weeks in and you are all making amazing progress. Our timetables are working brilliant, and the children are getting used to being back into school and closing those gaps.  Everyone is working hard and home learning is going well too.  
Here are some of the areas of learning from this week.  All flipcharts for all lessons can be found in our home learning folder.  
Behaviour this week has been amazing again. We have been focusing on RESPECT - which is one of our school values. The children have owrked hard on showing respect to each other in class and their teachers.  They have worked exceptrionally hard in all their lessons and you can see by the dojos collated that excellence in their learning is their strength.  Next week we will be foucssing on PRIDE - having pride in ourselves and our work.  
This week in English, we have been focussing on writing good setting descriptions. The children have magpied ideas from our text Cliffhanger and from the WAGOLL.  We used the VR's to help us visualise what the settings were like: Mountains, caves and rivers.  From this we developed new vocabulary before writign a setting descritpion.  Take a look at our writing below: 

Using VRs in English

In History this week, we investiageted why Julius Caesar did not successfully invade Britain and used this to advise Cluadius how to invade.  The children studied the Roman army, inlcuding the different formations they used, how they trained and the armour they used. The children then wrote Steps to success to help Claudius become a successful invader.  
In Science this week, we have consolidated our learning about the digestive system and begun to investigate why we have differetn type of tetth. The children used different tools to break up biscuits evaluating the effectiveness of each one.  They then wrote up their findings showing their scienfitic enquiry skills. 

Week Three

Well, we have hit week 3 and the children have definitely been increasingly tired this week.  Despite this they have worked exceptionally hard in all of their lessons and their attitude has been amazing.  

The children were set a challenge to get above 500 dojo points, and they managed to hit it! Well Done for your hard work.  

This week in English the chidlren have published their re-tells of the first chapters of Cliffhanger. We have focussed this week on ensuring that our punctuation is perfect and on Friday Monring before the chidlren published they took part in 'Fix it' where the children were given personalised targets and skills to practise.  

Here are some of our published writes.  

In Maths this week the children have continued to deepend their knowledge of place value by comapring and ordering numbers to 10,000. The chidlren then moved onto sequences and number lines.  We did find that we had a gap in our knowledge and we struggled with know what the intervals represented.  On Friday we spent the lesson ' fixing' our misconceptions and on Monday we will continue to work on this skill to ensure that we can use number lines.  
For our topic on Romans this week the children recalled their prior knowledge of the Iron Age to investigate who lived in Britain before the Romans.  The children investigated the jobs, the life style and the homes of the Celts to understadn why the Romans wnated to ivaded Britain and what made them successful in defeating the Celts. Below you will find the challenge that we were set by a Roman leader.  
In science the children have continued to build on their knowledge of the digestive system.  They have delved deepe into each organs explain what happens to food at each part and they investigated what happened to the food in their stomach using a plastic bag, biscuit and water.  Take a look at our photos below: 

Week Two

What a busy week! Your children have been amazing have impressed me so much with their attitudes towards learning.  They have stayed focused and worked exceptionally hard in all of their lesson.  We have completed some baseline tests this week to see what gaps we need to focus on as part of our flow curriculum. The children have tried their best and hopefully over the next term these gaps will be filled.  

In English this week we have begun to read the book 'Cliffhanger by Jaqueline Wilson. The children have loved it so far and we have had some belly laughs at the character Biscuits.  Ask your child about him? I am sure they would love to fill you in.  We have focused on characterisation and character traits.  

Here are some examples of the work that they have produced: 

In Maths we have begun to look at place value. I have been so impressed with their year 3 knowledge and their ability to partition numbers.  We have begun to look at non standard partitioning which can be tricky at first but with support and scaffolds your child has been able to achieve.  The children have enjoy using practical resources to help them understand the concepts.  
In History we used our geography skills to locate countries that the Romans invaded. We were all impressed and shocked by how far they got!

We have begun our science topic on 'The digestive system' this week.  They have learned all about what happens to food and have been introduced to new words such as: Oesophagus, faeces, rectum and excrete.  The children have found this topic extremely interesting and I don't blame them! 


Week One: 

It has been wonderful to have all of our droplets back in school and get back into our normal routines. The children have been amazing this week and have settled in beautifully.  Take a look at our timetable to see what we will be up to each day.  


This week we have focussed on getting to know our new classes and allowing the children the opportunity to talk and discuss how they feel.  We have begun to get used to our new routines, including handwashing, different lunch times and staggered home times. And the children have adapted well to this.  


Make sure you check back each week to see what we have been up to.