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We ended the school year last year with 96.8% Attendance! Our aim for 97% this year


Week 15

We have now come to the end of the term.  This week the children came back to school and we have conducted NFER testing and end of unit assessments.  The children amazed me with their learning and what they had remembered.  It has been a pleasure to mark their tests.  


We now look forward to the spring term where I am sure your children will continue to excel and be amazing.  Please enjoy the Christmas break but stay safe and remember to follow the tier 3 rules to ensure that we can all come back safe in January.  

Week 14

Well it has definitely been a different week for Jellyfish class.  We have all been at home working and learning due to our bubble closure. But this has not stopped us. I can  not believe how amazing you have all been. You have surpassed my expectations.  

Rather than telling your parents what we have done - as they know already seen as they have been helping you, I would like to celebrate all the work that you have done this week.  Hopefully you will see  just how amazing you all are.


Reading, Writing and Grammar

Maths and Arithmetic

Week 13


We only have 2 weeks left in school, this term has flown by.  The children have learned so much this week and I can see improvements across all areas.  We have focussed on our presentation this week across all subjects and I can see some improvements 


My handwriting superstars this week are: 

Grace, Zeenat, Fahim and Thomas.  


You have all tried exceptionally hard to improve your presentation in all lessons. Well done.  

This week in writing we have been focussing on how to use direct speech, dialogue and split dialogue to improve our stories.  The children have learned how to use inverted commas, speech punctuation and how to effectively split speech.  

Here is some the flipcharts from our display that help support the children in their learning.  


This week in maths we have moved onto fractions.  Fractions can be tricky but we have focussed on using concrete manipulatives and pictorial representations to help us understand them.  The children have made equivalent fractions.  We are nearly secure in this area now, but it will be an area that we continue to revisit over the year.  
In PSHCE this week, we have learned all about calories.  The children were amazed by how many calories were in some of their favourite foods such as cheese, pizza and crisps.  The children then created a bar chart to show the calories in different food.  They also studied food labels and decided whether a food was unhealthy or healthy using the percentages and colour coding displayed.  
Week 12
Another week gone, and I don't know where they go.  The children are working super hard. Well done to those of you are are working at home.  You are doing an amazing job and the learning is great. Whether you are in school or self isolating it is important that you keep up with your daily tasks such as practising your timestables, Handwriting, reading and spelling.  


We have been learning how to use good vocabulary this week focussing on ensuring that the words we choose are specific and appropriate.  So rather than using 'The mammoth, vast volcano was there.' we have used 'In front of Lila stood the volcano, she was amazed by its greatness.'

The children had described Lila's journey, the grotto and Razvani. They have then merged all their ideas to write the introduction and build up to their stories.  Next week we will edit these and then begin to write the problem that Lila faces.  


We have had another challenging week in maths. The children are beginning to learn division using a written method.  This is no the traditional method you would have learned in school but helps them to develop their deeper understanding when by the end of year 4 we teach them short division. 


This week in science the children have investigated melting points and conducted an experiment into which chocolate melts first from Brian Cox.  However, the experiment did not go as planned, as the water was not hot enough.  The children learned some valuable lessons and their understanding from the experiment was deepened by the mistake that was made.  

Week 11
What a super week! The class have been amazing and their learning has been brilliant. they have been focussed and ready to learn each day. Keep impressing me Jellyfish. 
In English we finally published our re-tells. Mrs Willis was very impressed with our vocabulary choices and year 4 skills. We worked on including dialogue purposefully. Have we managed to use the correct punctuation after our edit lesson. 
Maths has been very challenging this we as we have learned how to scale numbers and then used this to use expanded form.  We begun with partitioning each number and then used scaling to help use to multiply.  Look at the PDF to show you the method.  
This week we have learned so much in science about different gases. We used some high level vocabulary from our reading and then conducted an experiment. We learned that gases do have weight and found out that fizzy water had the most gas. 

Week 10 


Week 10 is over and done with, and we have had an amazing week in Jellyfish class. Afternoon learning has been focussed on WW1 and remembrance - and the children made me exceptionally proud.  We have continued to hard in the morning and the children are continuing to grow.  I can not wait for week 11. 
In English this week, the children have begun to write a re-tell from a different perspective. They have focussed on using fronted adverbials to describe time, place, manner, and to give reasons.  They have also worked on improving their vocabulary and using pronouns to create cohesion. The children are loving the book so far and have really been able to capture to character of Lila.  Here is an example of one of our lessons:
In Maths this week the children have been superstars. They have impressed with their knowledge of place value to help them understand how to multiply and divide by 10 and 100. WE have worked on secure the skill this week but most children by Friday were able to explain and reason - which is super to see.  On Monday we explored what happens when a number changes place values. This first lesson made such a difference to their understanding. They worked in pairs using concrete manipulatives to understand multiplication and division.  Well done year 4 you are superstars.  

We have had a very different week in our afternoons this week.  We have come away from our normal topics and spent the week studying an aspect of WW1. In year 4 we focussed on the animals of the war. We read about how they were used in our reading lessons, we looked at a story about a dog called Stubby, we researched specific animals that were used and the impact they made and have created art work. We have had such an amazing week, and once our scrap books are finished we will post them on the blog for all to see. 

Here is the story of Stubby that we read and loved.  

Here is some of the work that we did:
Here is our art work - we thought about how we need to remember the animals of war. 
We had a great time in PE this week.  We took part in fitness drills and improved our skills. This links to both our work on soldiers and also children in need "5 to thrive."
Week 9
Welcome back after, hopefully, a restful half term.  I was so impressed last half term with the children's attitudes towards learning and have spent my half term assessing their work. They all have made amazing progress from their September baselines and this is down to their hard work and focus. We have another challenging half term ahead , but I know that all my Jellyfish will rise to the challenge and be simply amazing.  

This week in maths the children have continue to delve deeper into finding the perimeter of shapes.  We have looked using addition and multiplication to help us.  The children have not only found the perimeter of basic shapes but are now moving onto compound (2 rectangles put together). Have a look at the images below of the type of questions that they have been asked.  

They impressed me so much that we were then able to move onto area and they are now able to find the area of different shapes to by counting squares.  We will be revisiting this learning later in the year to ensure that it is embedded.  

We have now begin our new book for the half term ' The Firework maker's daughter'. We have only read one chapter and already everybody loves Lila, the main character. She is fiercely independent and has a strong personality.  This week we have studied her and looked at what makes a good character description.  We then focussed on using new words such as dishevelled, scorched, delicate and untamed.  The children have amazed me with their writing.  Take a look at some pieces below. 

This half term in science the children will be studying states of matter: solid, liquids and gases.  This week we begun with our pre assessment and a basic overview of what a state of matter is.  Ask your child to explain them to you.  


Sorting objects in solid, liquid or gas

Sadly, we have now finished our topic on the Romans. The children have learned so much and we wanted to express our learning so all our parents could see what their child has learned.  This week the children have worked in groups to create a project board that showcases their learning.  I was overwhelmed by how much they had retained and their learning looks amazing.  We hope you enjoy what they have produced. 
Week 8

Our final week of the Autumn 1 term has been busy! We have been proving the fantastic progress we have made in all of our subjects by doing end of topic tasks. For example, in Science we created our own knowledge organisers which could be used for next year's Year 4. And in Encompass, we recorded ourselves describing everything we knew about what the Romans did for us!


In our English lessons this week, we have wrote non chronological reports. We used our computing skills to research our topic of Abseiling, before magpie-ing the features of a report. On Friday, we published our fantastic non-fiction writing, using skills including technical and topical vocabulary. 


In Maths, we have consolidated our understanding of written methods before moving on to looking at perimeter. We defined perimeter as 'the distance around the outside of an entire shape' and showed our understanding including working with missing numbers and using the inverse to check our calculations are correct.



Here we are in encompass planning out our ideas for our Roman presentations.  
Week 7
We have had a challenging week in Jellyfish class this week.  The children have worked hard. But there have been some clear super stars. See who won our awards this week:
In writing this week we have finally finished our diaries as a character from the text.  The children have found these tricky to write as the style if quite chatty. They have worked on on developing their use of vocabulary and fronted adverbials. Next half term we will continue to work on dairies to help children to become fluent writers. 
This week in our PSHCE lessons we have been conducting our speeches for our school parliament.  They children who would like to be apart of this have wrote speeches and delivered these to the rest of the class.  Their speeches were amazing and everyone should be proud of themselves. WELL DONE JELLYFISH!
Learning at home is essential to help the children become confident in their basic skills such as reading, spellings and timetables.  Please make sure you are completing these each night. I will be looking for homework superstars this week.  

Practise written method at home

Week 6 

Another week down and what an amazing week it has been.  New learning, mental health day, positive attitudes and a big push on presentation has been in store.  The children are continuing to impress me and are working very hard to fill in the gaps from their time off school. 

Take a look at what we have been upto this week.  

On Tuesday in English we looked at new vocabulary. We studied the meanings of the words before putting them into sentences.
We then used these word in our diaries.  We focussed this week on using DADWAVERS to add detail to our writing so that it was interesting to read.  
This week in maths we have moved our learning onto calculation. We revisited our learning from year 3 using concrete manipulatives and pictorial form to add and subtract and then have begun to use the more formal method using column addition and subtraction. For addition the children have also looked at missing numbers and spotting errors and begun to solve problems.  On Friday the children used to deepen their understanding of exchanging in subtraction. Take a look at the waterside twitter account @watersidestoke where the creator of mathsbot retweeted and commented on our post.  

Encompass - History - Who was Boudicca?

Week Five

Welcome to the Week 5 blog.  As always we have had a busy week of learning in Jellyfish class, and each day I am seeing the children grow in confidence and ability.  This week our value of the week was Excellence - with a focus on pride in our presentation.  It is really important that the children have pride in themselves and develop the skill of knowing how to best present their learning.  We have worked on improving our handwriting this week. This is an area that we still need to focus on.  


Snapped in action  Pride in presentation  Dojo Winner of the week
Chantal Tagoe  Samreen Hussain Iva 


Well done to this weeks winners - you have been amazing this week.  

In English this week the children planned their own problem for their stories based on Cliffhanger.  Some children got stuck in a cave, some capsized a canoe, and we even had a real bear chasing the children out of a cave.  The children worked in groups on Monday to create freeze frames.  We used our playground to allow us to take part in drama. The children developed some amazing ideas and plots through this.  

Over the week the children have then learned skills to write their own story.  They focussed on using fronted adverbials appropriately.  We still need to complete some more learning on this but the children were much more confident in using the right ones in the right places.  


Cliffhanger freeze frames

In Maths this week, we finalised our learning on rounding and have moved onto Roman numerals. These can be difficult be the children rose to the challenge and have worked exceptionally hard to move their learning on or secure their skills.  We have noticed this week that Jellyfish struggle to tell the time.  This is a key skill and would be useful for extended home learning for the children to learn the basic at home. Next week we are going to begin to focus on time measurements in our flow curriculum to help with this skill.  

In History this week, the Emperor Claudius sent the children a new challenge.  He wanted Jellyfish class to understand why he was so successful and delve into his life.  The children studied what it would have been like for Claudius and how he managed to invade Britain.  They used their prior knowledge to help them write a diary as Claudius. I was very impressed with their writing.  But Fahim's work was superb. Have a look at his diary below.  
In Science this week the children have began an investigation into why they need to keep their teeth clean. They have put eggs into different substances such as vinegar, water, coke, tea and they will observe the effects that these have on the shell of the egg. Tune back in next week to see what they found out.  
Next week, on Friday, is Children's mental health day and in school we will be using #helloyellow on twitter to showcase our learning so make sure you are signed up to twitter and are following @watersidestoke.

This week's learning

Week 4 
WOW! I can not believe we are now half way throught the half term.  4 weeks in and you are all making amazing progress. Our timetables are working brilliant, and the children are getting used to being back into school and closing those gaps.  Everyone is working hard and home learning is going well too.  
Here are some of the areas of learning from this week.  All flipcharts for all lessons can be found in our home learning folder.  
Behaviour this week has been amazing again. We have been focusing on RESPECT - which is one of our school values. The children have owrked hard on showing respect to each other in class and their teachers.  They have worked exceptrionally hard in all their lessons and you can see by the dojos collated that excellence in their learning is their strength.  Next week we will be foucssing on PRIDE - having pride in ourselves and our work.  
This week in English, we have been focussing on writing good setting descriptions. The children have magpied ideas from our text Cliffhanger and from the WAGOLL.  We used the VR's to help us visualise what the settings were like: Mountains, caves and rivers.  From this we developed new vocabulary before writign a setting descritpion.  Take a look at our writing below: 

Using VRs in English

In History this week, we investiageted why Julius Caesar did not successfully invade Britain and used this to advise Cluadius how to invade.  The children studied the Roman army, inlcuding the different formations they used, how they trained and the armour they used. The children then wrote Steps to success to help Claudius become a successful invader.  
In Science this week, we have consolidated our learning about the digestive system and begun to investigate why we have differetn type of tetth. The children used different tools to break up biscuits evaluating the effectiveness of each one.  They then wrote up their findings showing their scienfitic enquiry skills. 

Week Three

Well, we have hit week 3 and the children have definitely been increasingly tired this week.  Despite this they have worked exceptionally hard in all of their lessons and their attitude has been amazing.  

The children were set a challenge to get above 500 dojo points, and they managed to hit it! Well Done for your hard work.  

This week in English the chidlren have published their re-tells of the first chapters of Cliffhanger. We have focussed this week on ensuring that our punctuation is perfect and on Friday Monring before the chidlren published they took part in 'Fix it' where the children were given personalised targets and skills to practise.  

Here are some of our published writes.  

In Maths this week the children have continued to deepend their knowledge of place value by comapring and ordering numbers to 10,000. The chidlren then moved onto sequences and number lines.  We did find that we had a gap in our knowledge and we struggled with know what the intervals represented.  On Friday we spent the lesson ' fixing' our misconceptions and on Monday we will continue to work on this skill to ensure that we can use number lines.  
For our topic on Romans this week the children recalled their prior knowledge of the Iron Age to investigate who lived in Britain before the Romans.  The children investigated the jobs, the life style and the homes of the Celts to understadn why the Romans wnated to ivaded Britain and what made them successful in defeating the Celts. Below you will find the challenge that we were set by a Roman leader.  
In science the children have continued to build on their knowledge of the digestive system.  They have delved deepe into each organs explain what happens to food at each part and they investigated what happened to the food in their stomach using a plastic bag, biscuit and water.  Take a look at our photos below: 

Week Two

What a busy week! Your children have been amazing have impressed me so much with their attitudes towards learning.  They have stayed focused and worked exceptionally hard in all of their lesson.  We have completed some baseline tests this week to see what gaps we need to focus on as part of our flow curriculum. The children have tried their best and hopefully over the next term these gaps will be filled.  

In English this week we have begun to read the book 'Cliffhanger by Jaqueline Wilson. The children have loved it so far and we have had some belly laughs at the character Biscuits.  Ask your child about him? I am sure they would love to fill you in.  We have focused on characterisation and character traits.  

Here are some examples of the work that they have produced: 

In Maths we have begun to look at place value. I have been so impressed with their year 3 knowledge and their ability to partition numbers.  We have begun to look at non standard partitioning which can be tricky at first but with support and scaffolds your child has been able to achieve.  The children have enjoy using practical resources to help them understand the concepts.  
In History we used our geography skills to locate countries that the Romans invaded. We were all impressed and shocked by how far they got!

We have begun our science topic on 'The digestive system' this week.  They have learned all about what happens to food and have been introduced to new words such as: Oesophagus, faeces, rectum and excrete.  The children have found this topic extremely interesting and I don't blame them! 


Week One: 

It has been wonderful to have all of our droplets back in school and get back into our normal routines. The children have been amazing this week and have settled in beautifully.  Take a look at our timetable to see what we will be up to each day.  


This week we have focussed on getting to know our new classes and allowing the children the opportunity to talk and discuss how they feel.  We have begun to get used to our new routines, including handwashing, different lunch times and staggered home times. And the children have adapted well to this.  


Make sure you check back each week to see what we have been up to.