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Art exhibitions and parental involvement

WW1 Art Exhibition

This year we celebrated the 100-year Anniversary since the end of the World War and as part of the celebration, we put together a whole school art day whereby the children created a variety of artwork based upon this theme. The work produced was displayed as an art exhibition. Here parents, family and friends were able to see the fabulous work that had been created by the wonderful children and even purchase their child’s published pieces of art.


Alongside this, we had performances from our Upper Key Stage 2 children as they shared with us the work they had been doing during their topic on the World War including the unseen soldier, songs and poems that they had learned as part of their assembly. Cakes and refreshments were also available whilst our visitors took theur time to view the sensational art created by the children.


Furthermore, we also ran an art competition for children to take part in from FS1 all the way up to year 6. The competition was for children to create a piece of artwork with armistice day being the theme. 


It was a fantastic to celebrate this momentous occasion by bringing the school and the community together to create a sense of honour and respect as we payed tribute to the WW1 generation who changed our world 100 years ago.

Our sensational WW1 Art Exhibition created by the children of Waterside.

Art day, preparing for our WW1 Exhibition

Celebrating Waterside's 10 year Anniversary.