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Art Day



This week was Art Week and we have been looking at the work of Vincent Van Gogh. We focused on his famous painting 'Sunflowers'. We began the week by finding out about who Van Gogh was, and then researched the skills he used to create his artwork. We then moved onto experimenting with colour mixing, before looking at line and shape. We closely observed the shape of the vase and flowers in Van Gogh's painting and then tried to replicate this ourselves by sketching vases and flowers in our sketch books. 


On Friday, we were each given a blank canvas to create our finished piece of artwork. We used the sketching skills we had learned to create the outline of our sunflowers, and then used paintbruhes and acrylic paints to add the colour and detail seen in 'Sunflowers'.


We were very proud of the artwork produced - it was outstanding!