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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Afternoon Task


When the children returned to school on Monday, they were so excited to tell us about all of the things they have done a home. We spent some time talking about our experiences and sharing our stories. Today we would like the children to write about what they have done over the holidays.




Start by discussing some of the things they enjoyed over the holidays to refresh their memory. Did they watch their favourite film? Play games with their brother or sister. Help to prepare tea or even ordered in some tea? Some children may have celebrated Christmas and received presents they would like to mention.


Once you have had a discussion we would like parents to write the sentences and leave a blank space for children to write key words in. You will know your child’s writing ability so use this to decide which option would best suit your child.


Ask your child to tell you their favourite part and write the sentence out. Leave the first letter of the word out and then ask them to tell you the initial sound and write it in the correct place.


I liked to play with my sister.

I liked to _lay with my _ister.


Write the sentence that your child has told you and leave words blank. Ask them to fill in familiar memory words they knew earlier in phonics or words you think they could segment and blend.

I had a ___ for Christmas.

I played with my ___.

I went to ___ shop.


Brilliant work today everybody. Please do not forget to send your pictures to your teacher. Miss Mayer or Miss Davies. We look forward to seeing them. Until tomorrow, lots of love Miss Mayer.