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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Afternoon Task

As Spring is on the horizon and warmer weather is on the way we are going to be looking at the farm this half term and the story we are going to begin wth is 'Wake up time at Bumble Farm', this week we will be looking at our previous knowledge of the farm and what things we would like to find out from this topic.

So first have a listen to our focus story smiley

Wake-Up Time on Bumble Farm | Twinkl Originals Children's Book Reading

Today's story is 'Wake-Up Time on Bumble Farm'. Find out what happens when Rooster is late for work. Listen to the story, then try the activities. Download t...

Use some of the questions above is applicable to see if your child understood what they read and can talk about the story. 

To see the children's previous knowledge of a farm we would like them to draw a scene of a farm, this should be done independently. We want the children to think about what a farm would look like what types of habitats would they see e.g. a pond, mud, a barn etc... and can they draw pictures of the animals they may see there. The children should think carefully as they draw and colour their pictures carefully thinking about the animal and thing they are colouring. 

What other things are we likely to see on a farm thinking about equipment and different foods? We want this to be independent work so we can see what the children know about the farm and what areas we need to focus on in our teaching in the up coming weeks. 


Once you have finished make sure you send your work to your portfolio so your class teacher can see it smiley We cannot wait to see your amazing drawings. 

Miss Davies heart

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