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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Afternoon Task

This afternoon in school we are making pancakes together just as Mr Wolf did in our story this week 'Mr Wolf's pancakes', if you are to make pancakes at home you will need the following things:

The children will be helping me to make them, we will measure things out together and stir the mixture, we will discuss safety and why Miss Davies needs to be careful as she puts the batter in the hot pan. The children will then be asked to talk about the changes of state and how the batter has gone from a liquid to a solid. I have put the method below if you do want to make pancakes, if you are unable to I have put a video demonstration.


My little guide to making easy British pancakes for pancake daySubscribe for regular videos Pancake day is approaching, traditionally th...

We will then try the pancakes talking about our 5 senses in relation to the pancakes. 

Now we will write about what we have done, some of the children may write a shopping list for Mr Wolf with the ingredients he needs to buy from the shop.

Or your child may be confident enough writing the recipe and method to make Pancakes just as Mr Wolf read in his book he found at home. This will be the correct order of how to make the pancakes and it will instruct others what to do.

The children should use their phonics knowledge to spell, words will be written phonetically and not always spelt completely correctly. The children should be using their pre cursive handwriting knowledge and if they are writing the instructions they should be using a finger space after every word. Like I always say in our live phonics sessions it is really important that the children read their work back to themselves and that way they may begin to self correct if they are missing sounds.


Please send us your work for this afternoons task and any work you have not yet sent from today to your child's portfolio before you join your teacher for a live story or you enjoy the story below smiley

Have a lovely Tuesday evening,

Miss Davies x

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