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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Afternoon Task

I know you really enjoyed by challenges from last week so here are some more for you to use to warm up laugh

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We are very lucky in school that Bee Active come into school to teach our PE sessions, Mr Frankiln has been teaching the children different ways to kick a ball and that is what we want you to do this afternoon. You can kick a ball in several places of your foot: the top of the toes, the arch of the foot and the side of the heel.

You may not have a ball but you can use a pair of socks rolled up together. Firstly begin by practising your skills by kicking with the different parts of the foot. You can then kick the ball back and forward to some one else, kicking it far and further, it is important that the children are kicking the ball to in the right direction. If the children are then confident you can then make a target for the children to try and aim for.


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If you cannot join our live story at 3o'clock then here is the story which we will be reading in relation to our topic of pancake day.

Make sure you have sent all 4 tasks work to your child's portfolio before you enjoy your evening.

See you all tomorrow smiley

Miss Davies heart

Mr Wolf's Pancakes, by Jan Fearnley

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