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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Afternoon Task


This afternoon I would like you to practise different mark making.

You might want to do this using a pencil, a pen or you could get creative using flour, rice, lentils or anything you have in your cupboards to create marks using your fingers. 

Have a look at the pictures below and the document for some ideas to practise. 

If you do that easily, perhaps you might want to try practising writing your name. 






Make sure you send me some photographs to show me how brilliant you have become. 

Pencil Control

Finally, I will leave you with this lovely story. 

Can you spot any rhyming words?


Have a lovely and restful evening. 

I will see you online again tomorrow. 

Miss Finnheart

Bedtime Stories | David Schwimmer | The Smeds and The Smoos | CBeebies