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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Afternoon Task



This afternoon we are going to write some secret messages! 

I would like you to write a secret message to somebody in your house and ask them to write one for you, too!


To do this you will need a white wax crayon or a wax candle and some paint or felt tip pens. 


Use the crayon or candle to write your secret message on a piece of paper- nobody will be able to see this!

Swap your secret message over with your grown up's secret message. To reveal the secret message, paint over them using a paint wash (paint mixed with water) or felt time pans.




I would also like you to practise some of the different marks on the mark making cards attached below. Which ones can you do? smiley 


Grown ups- your child's secret messages do not need to be read-able yet- this activity is simply to encourage writing skills and spark an interest in writing.

However, do ensure that you ask your child what their message says. smiley

I will leave you now with another one of my favourite stories to end our day.

I hope you had a lovely day. Don't forget to share your super learning with me today so that I can give lots of green dojos. 

Have a lovely afternoon and I will see you online tomorrow! 

Miss Finnheart

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