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Afternoon Task

We have been working on rhyming words and rhyming strings this half term as you all know and as I had asked many of you to work on this at home the improvement in the children is amazing and they have really got to grips with the concept. 

Today is all about rhyming, some children are still working on their understanding of rhyme, others are rhyming two words together and then some children are saying rhyming strings which is many words which rhyme.

Here is a video for the children to enjoy and to practise their rhyming:

Rhyming Words For Kindergartners

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You should know where your child's knowledge is with rhyme so you choose the activity which is best for your child.

If your child is still working on their rhyme knowledge then the best way for them to practise is to sing Nursery Rhymes, if you stop at particular places for the children to fill in the gaps to show they know the rhyming words e.g. "Humpty Dumpty say on a ... wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great...fall". The children should know that rhyming words are words which sound the same at the end. I have attached a nursery rhyme video below should you need it.

NURSERY RHYMES SONGS | Compilation | Nursery Rhymes TV | English Songs For Kids

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For those children who are confident with rhyming the children can do many things to develop their rhyming skills, I have attached a rhyming power point below for the children to access.

The children can go around the house and find objects that rhyme talking about what end sound they all have, I have also attached a document which has rhyming word cards which you could print off and then the children could match the correct rhyming words together. You could also do this by making your own cards should you wish. 

I have also attached a sheet for the children who are more confident with rhyming and their writing skills, the children then write down the rhyming string, again you could do this by making your own sheet. If the children are writing this should always be on the line and written pre cursively with the children using their phonics knowledge to segment the sounds to write. 

If you need any support or having any questions then please just ask.

That is another day done for your home learning so I will end with one of my stories, the children could even read their own book or use big club or you could read a story them, I have attached some questions which you can use when your child is reading or enjoying reading, this will help with their comprehension skills.

Happy Reading & speak to you all tomorrow, you know where to find us if you need us blush

Miss Davies & Miss Mayer heart

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