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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Afternoon Task

For this afternoon we are going to be looking at healthy and unhealthy food, to start use the power point attached below:

Healthy Unhealthy Food Quiz

Main purpose of this video is to teach the food and drinks vocabulary. Too much of everything is bad for kids, we must talk about this issue during our lesso...

For this afternoon's task we would like the children to make a list of healthy and unhealthy foods using a grid like below made in the children's exercise books with the lines.

The children can either draw the food under each header or they can draw and write or just write the word, as long as the children understand the concept. 

If the children are drawing they need to think about how each food looks and colours chosen correctly. When writing the children should be writing independently and using their phonics knowledge, some words will not be spelt correct but are correct phonetically and that is where all of the children are currently working at. 

Before our end of the day story can you make sure you have sent all of your child's work to your class teacher via their Dojo portfolio so we can see all of the amazing things that you have been doing and can give you feed back smiley

Here is a story to end the day and I will speak to you all tomorrow, 

lots of love Miss Davies heart

Miss Davies' Story Time Ronald the Rhino