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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Afternoon Task


This afternoon I would like you to explore Ice with your grown up. 

First I would like you to think about where you might find some ice.

During the winter we might find some outside and we can also find it in our freezer. 

What is the same about the outside during winter and your freezer? 

They are both VERY COLD

Take some ice in your hands - how does it feel? 

Ice is also VERY COLD. BRRRR.

What is happening to it whilst it is in your hands? Is it making your hands wet? Is it getting smaller?

Talk to your grown up about this. Why do you think this is happening?


Ice melts if it is gets warmer so if you touch it with your hand, or if it is in a warm room indoors or in the sunshine it will melt. 

You might want to try putting some ice in some different places around you home and outside to see how long it takes to melt in different places. 


Next, I would like you to create your own icy experiment by freezing your own toys.

See the instructions below. You do not need to use sea creatures for this- you can use any small toys or objects that you already have. You will need to create this today and complete the experiment tomorrow. I want you to send me lots of photographs!




I hope you have lots of fun with this experiment. 


I will leave you now with a lovely story to end our afternoon. 

Miss Finnheart

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