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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Afternoon Task

I hope you had a good lunch time and are ready for this afternoons PE lesson, we will begin by warming up our bodies and muscles.

Busy Feet 'It's Warm Up Time'

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Today's focus is the children working on their throwing and catching skills, you can use a ball if you have one at home but anything like a pair of socks rolled together will work perfectly.

Firstly we want the children to throw the object between each of their hands seeing if they can catch it.

Next can they throw it in the air slightly and catch it with both hands, if so can they throw it slightly higher to catch it.

Then you may want to then practise catching and throwing with your child or they can do it with a sibling, begin by beginning close to one, the children should be throwing under arm and have their hands cupped ready to catch like below:

Once they begin to get comfortable catching and throwing closely to another then start to move further away from each other.

When you think your child is confident get them to use their object to aim into an object like a bin, a bucket or a box, can they throw it in to in when close and then begin to move further away to make it more difficult.

We cannot wait to see your pictures and videos laugh

Here is a cool down for you to do after all of your ball skills.

Sticky Kids - Cool Down

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Before you enjoy story time please make sure you have sent all of todays work to your Dojo portfolio, we expect to see work for all set tasks. Well done for working so hard, you are all doing an amazing job, if you need anything we are available at any time, just give us a message on dojo, we will do everything we can to help smiley

See all of your lovely faces tomorrow, Miss Davies heart

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