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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Afternoon Task

Understanding the World



For understanding the world today we are going to continue our learning about winter. 

I would like you to have a recap and discuss with your grown up what the weather is like in winter. 

Then I would like you to show me what kind of clothes you need to wear in the winter. 

You might do this by drawing some winter clothes, by sending me a video of you explaining and/or showing me the kinds of clothes you would wear- get creative! I would like to see the whole outfit- clothes for indoors and outdoors too! Why must you wear these kinds of clothes? What would happen if you didn't? How would you feel?



Challenge: Can you explain to me items that you WOULD NOT want to wear in winter and why not? 

You might want to do some colouring :-)

Don't forget to send me your work throughout the day via Portfolio on ClassDojo & please do remember that I am always at the other end of the phone or email should you need any support. 


I will leave you now with this lovely story to end our day.

I hope you've had a lovely day and I will see you all tomorrow morning for another day of fun learning together. 

Miss Finn heart

Bedtime Stories | Natalie Dormer | When it Snows | CBeebies