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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Afternoon Task

This afternoon we are going to be focusing on 'ice' and its properties, if you have ice at home get the children to explore it and see what vocabulary they can use to describe it. 

Please begin by watching this video:

Why Does Ice Melt? - Science for Kids

Discover the science behind why ice melts with Odie! Please subscribe to my channel and feel free to comment - Odie would love to hear from you. I post new v...

Vocabulary is very important and vocab today is:

We want the children to explore the ice and to find ways of how the can melt the ice and to observe what happens. It is important for the children to understand that water freezes into ice and when it gets warm it turns back into water.

At school we are going to be using different things to see what they do too ice such as sugar, salt, cold water, warm water and hot water. Have fun exploring, we cannot wait to see what you have been up too laugh

Now it is time to end the day with a story, you can enjoy one together, read your own book or listen to this one I have read for you smiley

Any questions about learning please get in touch, speak to you all tomorrow,

Miss Davies x

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