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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Afternoon Task

We have had a change to our usual time table, as we are doing at school just as you are at home we wanted everybody to be doing the same thing at the same time. 

We usually do our PE session on a Friday but due to reduced numbers at school we have changed our PE session to a Monday afternoon, so we are beginning the week getting active!

We would like the children to begin by getting their heart rates up and warming their bodies up.

5 Minute warm up exercises / Kids exercise

Let us teach our teens how to get in shape with exercise. This follow along routine is design to elevate your heart rate as a warm up, in preparation for yo...

For our main session we want you to complete a 'Joe Wicks' session, they are very fast paced so do as you can, keeping active is very important as normally we would be outside running around and exploring at school.

PE With Joe | Wednesday 1st July

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After your work out it is just as important to cool down as it is to warm down.

PhysEd Focus: Balance/Stretch Cool Down

Elementary balancing/stretching cool down activity.

We hope you have a good day of learning and that is Monday all done with. We cannot wait to see what learning you have all been doing, I have attached a story for you below to enjoy to end the day.

Speak to you all tomorrow, Miss Davies heart

Miss Davies' Story Time A Magical Muddle