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Afternoon Task


On Monday in the afternoon, the children have a maths activity. Today we are going to look at number formation. Last week you had a go at recognising numbers 0-20 and writing them. These were amazing and it is evident your number formation is coming along nicely.


I would like you to make numbers out of different resources around the house. This is a great opportunity for the children to really get to know the shape of the number and this will support them when forming numbers with a pencil. Below I have given you some fun ideas on making numbers with a variety of resources. Choose numbers you struggled with last week and get creative. Once you have created the number, write them on paper to match your creation.

Have fun and send us lots of photos. smiley




Story time 


Finally, after a busy day of learning we love to sit down with a book. Go and choose your favourite book and listen to your adult read the story. If you would prefer I have a lovely book here for you to share together.


Please do not forget to send us some pictures of your learning. We are missing you so much and it is lovely to see what you are getting on with at home. If you need anything at all, do not hesitate to contact us. Lots of love Miss Mayer and Miss Davies.

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