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Week Ending Friday 13th March 2020- 97.1%

Afternoon Curriculum

Home learning - Week 2

Home learning - Week 2  1
Home learning - Week 2  2
Home learning - Week 2  3
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Wednesday 25/03/20




Good Morning Jellyfish 


What another beautiful day it is! I have been thinking that whilst the weather is so beautiful we need to make the most of being able to go outside into the garden. As light is our science topic I thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to get outside and create some shadows. You could use chalk to draw around your own shadow or have a go at using your toys to create some shadows. Why not explain to your family what shadows are and how shadows appear. 


Make sure to take lots of pictures of your shadow making so that I can be part of the fun to. Please look at our class blog to see any other updates. 


Don't forget to email me if you need anything at all -


Stay safe 


Mrs Twigg

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Tuesday 24/03/19




Why not try and complete some essential life skills from the box below. I would love to see some pictures of you completing these. 

For more updates please see our class blog. Remember you can contact me anytime through this email


Mrs Twigg

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Family Project

Afternoon Project