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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Afternoon Actvity


This afternoon we would like you to focus on the children's communication and language skills. This is very important in reception as part of the Early years framework children should be able to communicate clearly using the correct tenses and vocabulary. We would like the children to start connecting their thoughts, ideas and experiences with conjunctions 'and' 'because'. They must be able to speak clearly and hold a conversation with adults and peers. 


We will be focusing on answering 'why and 'how' questions. As well as our communication an important factor of language is understanding what we are saying and what they are trying to say. 



Look at the images below. Ask your child what is happening in the picture? Why do they think this is happening? 

I have done an example one below.



What has happened? - The boy has fell off his bike

Why has he fell of the bike? - He lost his balance/he knocked into something/he went to fast

Repeat the two sentences and encourage the children to use because. 

The boy fell of his bike because he was going to fast

How is the boy feeling - sad

How do you know? - he is crying

the boy is sad because he is crying.


Show the following pictures to your child. We would like you to record their response and upload it to Dojo portfolio so we can see and hear their responses.


Now it is time for story time. Please log onto teams and go live with Miss Davies or Miss Mayer! We will be reading a story together today heart


Also please do not forget to send your photos and videos to your teacher smiley