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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Afternoon Actvity


This afternoon we are continuing to learn bout road safety. We will be look at the different road signs we see in the environment, you may have seen some on your walk morning!smiley Take a look at the road signs below. Look and discuss what each one means each one with your adult.




Thursday afternoon we have our writing session . In reception the children are expected to write their own name, labels and captions.

We would like you to draw and write the different road signs, using your phonics knowledge. You will be able to segment and spell some of the words and others you will right phonetically. Please do not tell your child the correct spelling until they have written their version phonetically. This way we can see if they are using the correct sounds and beginning to write their own labels and captions independently.


look at the different shapes of the signs. can you draw the shape big enough to write inside? Your adult may help with this. The signs you discussed above are the same so you can refer back if you have forgotten which one it is.



For each sign you have drawn write the words below into the correct sign. Your adult will tell you a word and you will write it, in the sign.

Remember in reception we write pre-cursively and on the line. This is our writing session and you must do your best handwriting :) Watch out for ascenders, descenders and small letters, they should all be the same size. I have attached the alphabet with pre-cursive letter formation for you to use. 



give way

road work


speed limit

do not enter

one way