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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Afternoon activity


This morning you practiced your cutting skills, used all 5 of your senses with fruit and made a fruit kebab, or a fruit salad. We were super impressed with the photos of your learning smiley

This afternoon for our writing task we would like you to write about what you did this morning. You need to use your best handwriting, in pre-cursive and we will be using our segmenting and blending skills. Use the mat below for support with letter formation. Please look for your ascenders and descenders. Other letters should all sit on the line and be the same size. 



Depending on your child's ability we would like you to complete the following tasks. 

Think about all of the fruit you have used. We would like you to write the initial sound for each fruit. Ask your adult to write the word but leave a space for you to write the initial sound. We would like you to find out what the initial sound is.


apple         _pple

pear          _ear


Writing a list


If your child was confident with this we would like them to write a list of the different foods thy have used this morning. We would like them to independently segment and blend the words to write. In reception the children are learning new sounds daily but we have not yet covered all of the sounds, so they will write phonetically. This is correct for reception children and we would like them to write phonetically today. For example:


apl           apple 

graip        grape

keewee         kiwi


If this is something you know your child can do or they were confident with this task move on to writing captions/sentences. 

We would like the children to write what they did step by step, like a set of instructions. Again, they will be writing phonetically and this is ok. They should be using their memory word knowledge and sounding words independently.


1. First I wash my hands

2. I got the fruit 

3. I cut the fruit 


Please send us your writing at the end of the day. Please read the story below to end our day :)




My Daddy - Give Us A Story!

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