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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Afternoon Activity


This afternoon we will be doing Art, we would like the children to draw a picture, working on their observational skills.

In relation to our topic this week, 'healthy eating' we would like to children to draw a bowl of fruit. They must draw the bowl of fruit below or if you have a bowl of fruit at home they may draw from this. It is much better to have the fruit in front of them so they can see the colours, shades and shapes of the fruit.


Talk to the children about what they see, what colours are the fruit? What shapes are they? 

When they are drawing they need to copy what they see. The banana must be yellow, the apple must be red. It is a reception skill that the children can choose colour with purpose. 

They also need to ensure the shapes are correct. Can they draw a circle for an apple? lots of small circles together for the grapes. Are they in the correct place?

Make sure the children are drawing what they see, and not making their own drawings up. 

We can't wait to see them :) 


To end our day we will have a live story with miss Davies or miss Mayer. If you are unable to go on the live meeting end your day with the story belowsmiley


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