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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Afternoon Activity


This afternoon, we will be looking at humour in stories and rhymes. Read the story below with your child. This is a book we have enjoyed in school and is great for pointing out humour and rhyme with the children. As you read the story, see if your child can hear any rhyming words, can they point out the rhyming words?

Discuss rhyme and explain that two words need to sound the same and have the same ending. Use the words below to help.


Mat            net              back

Bat              bet              sack


See what rhyming words you can spot in the story.

Nora - Read by Sarah

A lesser known family favourite here for you, ready to show the small people. A story about a girl who ate and at and ate...I've found it onAmazon for you if...

Talk about the story with your child. Did they enjoy the story? What was there favourite part?

Explain to your child the story is fiction (not true) Can we really eat our clothes? It’s a funny story to enjoy.


We love to read books in school and I am sure you have books at home too. Can you pick your favourite story and draw a picture of the front cover, or you may want to draw the characters or your favourite park of the story.

Explain why this is your favourite book to your adult.

When you are having discussions ensure your child is using the correct tenses and key vocabulary. Can they connect their ideas using ‘and ‘because’


That is your Thursday learning finished. Well done Swans and Ducks, we look forward to your pictures heart