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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Afternoon Activity


This afternoon, we are looking at the different clothes we would wear in different seasons. Clothing is an important part of keeping us safe and healthy. We have certain clothes that we wear to protect us from different weather types. Without the correct protection we could harm ourselves. 


Think about summer. What is the weather like? 

Can you think of clothes that you wear in the summer and how they can protect us? 


For example: Sunglasses protect our eyes from the sun

               Sun cream stops our skin from burning

                         We wear lose clothes/shorts to keep us cool 


What may happen if we do not use or wear these items?



What clothing to we wear in winter? Why do we wear it? What could happen if we did not? 


Example: gloves to keep our hands warm

        wellies to keep our feet dry

   coats to keep us warm 

                 Scarves to keep our necks warm


Below is a tables for you to group the objects into winter and summer clothes. You may draw this out, print it out or write them in a table.