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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Afternoon Activity


This afternoon, we will continue our learning about Chinese New Year. What can you tell us about Chinese New Year so far? We have learnt the story of 'The Great Race'. We know what animal this year represents and we have looked at Chinese numbers. 


Today we will be looking at how people around the world celebrate Chinese New Year. There are some similarities and differences to our new year. Take a look at the power point below and with your adult discus what happens. 



Chinese Celebrations

I have taken some of the slides out of the power point to help you see the events that are celebrated on Chinese new year. 

Firstly, They clean their house to remove any bad luck. They then decorate the house with lanterns and calendars with good luck messages.



Families gather together for a meal of fish and chicken.


First families go to temple to worship Gods and to welcome the new year :) They will then go to a family members house and have a feats of food. Does this sound similar to out New Years day?



Chinese people use firecrackers to scare away the spirits! They love to eat dumplings 



They all make lanterns to use for the parade. 



There are lots of activities that take place on Chinese new year and they are some activities that are similar to our new years day. Some of us eat meals with our families, we clean our houses for the new year and we set off fireworks. However there are some differences. 


This afternoon I would like you to draw a picture to represent the Chinese new year. On your picture you may draw dragons and Chinese lanterns, you could draw some rice and dumplings, a picture of the temple and a brush/hoover or any cleaning for the house. 


Please draw a few of the different things and not just one, use lots of bright purposeful colours and you can label your work. Next to each little picture label what it is - firework, dragon, food. Use your phonics knowledge to segment and blend the words.

Miss Davies and I are looking forward to some beautiful drawings that you have put lots of effort into. Take a picture and send it through when you are finished