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How We Make Our Services Available To All


Waterside Primary School is a fully inclusive school where we endeavour to meet the needs of all children regardless of their needs.


Where possible reasonable adaptations will be made to buildings and resources to accommodate all learners.


Our school building consists of:

  • access to all levels via ramps and lifts
  • disable toilet areas and shower facilities
  • where appropriate, classroom and outdoor area adaptations include: hi-vis strips, visualiser, iPads, ICT to support all learners
  • specialist equipment ordered as and when appropriate 
  • risk assessments for individuals and all spaces in school
  • adaptations to resources
  • corridors and spaces in school conform to Health and Safety policy


Every child is judged on an independent basis and the services available to us in school are distributed where needed, as a result of discussions with parents/carers and class teachers.


Access to other professional services are also available to all who need them and again this will be done in conjunction with parents/carers and class teachers. Usually a referral to external services requires written (or at least verbal) consent from the parent/carer. This will be done in a meeting with the school SENCO.


For further information please refer to the Accessibility Policy.