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Throughout the year, our pupils experience a wide range of events which engage them in Maths and show them the opportunities available in this wonderful subject!

Take a look below at some of these amazing event that are coming up this year!

More to follow as we progress through the year.

21st and 22nd June 

On Tuesday and Wednesday morning, we welcomed parents into school for our Seeing is believing Maths workshops. Parents listened to a brief presentation about what their child experiences through their Maths curriculum. During this, parents were told about apps, websites and activities that can help them to support their child at home. 

Parents were then able to work with their child in Maths lessons in classrooms to see how our lessons work. Parents gave great feedback from this and said it had really helped them to see the expectations and level of challenge we have for our pupils in Maths. It was great to hear parents saying they would take ideas of practical learning home to use with their child. 

We are so glad to be able to welcome parents back to school after COVID and these events were a great success. Thank you to those who attended. 

4th February

NSPCC Number Day

The children in all year groups absolutely loved Number Day! They explored number in many different ways including building 3D shapes out of sticks and marshmallows and discovering the number of vertices and sides in Year 1, representing numbers with marshmallows and Cheerios in year 2, exploring shape puzzles in year 3, enjoying board games in year 4, creating a budget and shopping list in year 5 and discovering the Fibonacci spiral shapes in year 6! What an amazing day had by all, we’ve really cemented our love for numbers and all things Maths! 







5th May

World Maths Day

During this day, the school will take part in a range of activities to celebrate the wonderful world of Maths. Lessons will focus on Maths problems and will expose children to what careers and opportunities are available in Maths!




Parent workshops

Throughout the year

We hold parents workshops throughout the year in order to showcase children's learning to their parents. We invite parents into Maths lessons to allow them to see how we teach Maths at Waterside. It is always a lovely experience and parents are keen to share how Maths impacts their lives. Our pupils beam with pride when they get to share their learning with parents. Additionally, we share with parents how they can support with their child's Maths learning at home. 

Details coming about the next parent workshop!