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Week Ending 23rd November 2018 - Attendance this week 95.7%

Year 6

Week 13 Vocabulary

Week 13 Vocabulary 1

Maths Prompts - Week 13

Maths Prompts - Week 13 1
Maths Prompts - Week 13 2
Maths Prompts - Week 13 3
Maths Prompts - Week 13 4

Week 12


This week the children in year 6 Dolphins have been working extremely hard in the mornings.  They have had positive attitudes and their behaviour has been exemplary. We are growing ever so closer to Christmas and the children are now beginning to deepen their knowledge in all aspects.  They have showed that are making progress and many are now choosing to do extra work at home.  


We have had a practise SATs week this week, so that the children have a feel for how the real SATs will run. They have faced the papers with such positive attitudes and this has been great to see.  The children have found these tricky, but we have to remind them that we still have 6 months until the SATs and that they are doing great.  


Our focus over the next half term will be around maths and reading for homework. The children need to be apply what they have been taught to knew concepts in maths and become fluent arithmetic. Reading is essential especially when learning new vocabulary.  As well as their weekly spellings, times tables and reading the children will also begin to learn 10 new words a week that link to our writing. this will help the children with their reading and writing.  


In English, we are continuing with our writing about the ' Nowhere Emporium.' The children have learned this week how to write a newspaper report and have further developed their grammatical skills - knowing which words are grammatically correct for written standard English.  


In week 13 we will be continuing our writing but moving onto writing a chapter for a book; in reading we will be looking at characters motivations and explaining these ; and in maths we will be securing our knowledge of prime numbers, factors and how to use BODMAS.  


Mrs Willis