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Week Ending 9th February 2018 95.6%

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Week beginning 12/02/18

A great week in Otter Class, yet again!

In English, we have been practising our sentence writing skills - we have learnt how to correctly use question marks and exclamation marks in full extended sentences.  We have also learnt the very tricky rule about exclamation sentences. They have to start with 'what' or 'how'.  We also learnt that if you use an exclamation mark for effect, for example "It was huge!", the type of sentence doesn't change, it will still be a statement or command sentence.

We have revisited time in maths this week, working on how to read and record the time to quarter to and past the hour.  Although this is tricky skill to master, the Otters tried their very best and I am proud of their determination.

Last but not least, our afternoon learning focused on preparation for and reflection of our trip to Jodrell Bank.  The Otters found this a truly wonderful experience and I'm sure we have some future astronauts amongst us! The photos below will show the sheer wonder and enjoyment that was experienced by all. Wonderful memories for us all.


Have a lovely half term.


Love from Otter Class. xxx

Independent researchers!

Dhruv at Diwali!

Dhruv at Diwali! 1
Dhruv at Diwali! 2
Dhruv at Diwali! 3
Dhruv at Diwali! 4

What an Attendo treat!