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Week Ending Friday 10th May 2019 - Attendance this week 96.94%


Wk beginning 06.05.19


What a fantastic week of learning in Otter Class!


In our English lessons this week we have shared chapter two of our text, Robinson Crusoe.  We learnt about how he salvaged supplies from the shipwreck to survive. We have enjoyed pretending to be Crusoe this week - imagining what we could see, hear and touch on the desert island. We learnt how to edit and improve our work using PAUSE - see the pictures below!  We used lots of amazing link vocabulary - our favourite by far was the word isolated - why not ask your Otter for a definition? 

In Maths we have been mastering our understanding of times tables and their patterns.  We have started to investigate our fours - did you know they are all even numbers?

Our afternoon learning has seen us investigate the physical features of a beach.  Again, we learnt lots of great vocabulary and its definitions.  Did you know that shale is flat rock with sharp edges?  We have also investigated what habitats are and what the four key features every habitat must contain are.  We learnt that they all need food, water, oxygen and shelter.  We learnt that oxygen and water were common factors, but that shelter and food could change, depending on the habitat.


We have also began our SATs this week - I am pleased to report that the Otters 100% tried their best and I am very proud of them!


Have a lovely weekend,

Love from Otter Class xxx

This week's learning!

This week's learning! 1
This week's learning! 2
This week's learning! 3
This week's learning! 4
This week's learning! 5
This week's learning! 6
This week's learning! 7
This week's learning! 8

Wk beginning 29.04.19


A fantastic week of learning in Otter Class!


In English we have enjoyed investigating our new text: Robinson Crusoe.  We have shared the first chapter and written a retell using all of our learnt skills so far.  We tried very hard to use up-levelled vocabulary such as; sickening, heaved and desperately. We have really enjoyed the dramatic events of the chapter, and are looking forward to seeing what happens in chapter two next week!

In our maths learning we have re-visited place value this week, but have pushed ourselves by investigating three and four digit numbers!

We have also began looking at the counting patterns seen in the four times table, as well as consolidating our learning relating to the threes.

In our afternoon learning, we have launched our new topic Beachcombers by investigating where in the world we might see a sea.


I would just like to thank all of our Otter adults at home for their help with the fantastic creative homework that has been brought into class this week. As you will see below - it is simply amazing!


Have a lovely weekend,

Love from Otter Class xxx




recount writing!

This week's learning...

Ice investigators!

Tree spotters!

Odd socks - we are all differently brilliant!

Fairy houses and food chains!

Fairy houses and food chains! 1
Fairy houses and food chains! 2
Fairy houses and food chains! 3
Fairy houses and food chains! 4
Fairy houses and food chains! 5
Fairy houses and food chains! 6
Fairy houses and food chains! 7
Fairy houses and food chains! 8