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Week Ending 8th December 95.7%

Weekly blog

Snow closure activities ....

Hi Otters, Mrs Edwards here....this is some footage of Olly Otter having fun in the snow....


Can you write a story telling me all about his day in the snow?

Did a snowman...go sledging...have a snowball fight?

Think about how you can include any apostrophes - either contraction or possessive - in your story.

Write it in your homework book and then draw a picture of him enjoying the day!


I look forward to reading his adventures. 

Mrs Edwards xxx

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Weekly class blog.......

Week beginning 04/12/17

Another action packed week of learning in Otter Class!

In English we have been investigating apostrophes.  We have learnt the correct way to use possessive and contraction apostrophes, we learnt that the golden rule is - contraction means to contract - or push things together and possessive means possess - to belong.  We even learnt what to do when we want to use possession for a word ending in 's' like Mrs Edwards. Why not ask your Otter what to do?

Our Maths learning has seen us becoming fraction fans!  We have investigated how to use our knowledge of multiplication to solve fraction problems.  We discovered that our twos can help for halving and quartering, (when we halve and halve again), and our threes for finding thirds.  Marvellous maths!

Our afternoon learning has seen us becoming independent researchers.  We followed our own lines of investigation to research Hindu festivals - wow!

We are also very busy preparing for our nativity on Tuesday.  We hope you are looking forward to it as much as us!

Have a lovely weekend,

Love from Otter Class. xxx

Independent researchers!

Dhruv at Diwali!

Dhruv at Diwali! 1
Dhruv at Diwali! 2
Dhruv at Diwali! 3
Dhruv at Diwali! 4

What an Attendo treat!