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Week Ending 11th May - Attendance was 97.23%


Safeguarding at Waterside Primary School


At Waterside Primary School, Safeguarding is the golden thread of our school practice. We advocate high expectations and at Waterside our practice is exemplary. We have supported a number of school across the country in Safeguarding and work positively with families to ensure the best outcomes for all, especially the children.

Should you wish to speak to anyone about Safeguarding at Waterside, please email us on the link below or come and drop into school. The door is always open. You can also phone us on 234630.


Designated Safeguarding Lead - Mrs Joanne Knowles

Deputy Safeguarding Lead - Miss Jane Gaskell/ / Mrs Fraser

Lead Learning Mentor - Delegated with Safeguarding Task by SLT-  Ms Debra Massey

Learning Mentor-S Mason

Click here to link to our Safeguarding policies

Safeguarding Governor- S Watson

Chair of Governors- Mr R Webb

Safeguarding Out of School


If during the holidays you are concerned about the safety of a child or young person or see something in the community please report it to the Stoke on Trent Safeguarding Team on 01782 235100. Anyone can make a referral. You could also phone 101.  We all have a care of duty.
Please be vigilant on the websites and apps your children are speaking on and check their settings to ensure they are not at risk speaking to inappropriate adults or peers. If you feel there is a situation that is not appropriate Call the police immediately and photograph any evidence of such behaviours. 
If you identify online any websites or individuals through social media prompting terrorism and extremism  please log these with the police and the government portal.