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Week Ending 20th October 95%

Reading Skills

Reading Skills at Key Stage 1


Each class in Key Stage 1 has reading skills lessons.  For Dragonfly class this is a once a week lesson, whilst for Otters and Kingfishers there are two Reading Skills lessons per week.

In these lessons, we teach the children the skills they need to answer questions about the text they have read.  The texts used here are at the end of year expected reading level for the children, so that we are constantly exposing them to high quality texts.  This builds up over the children's time in Key Stage 1, from initially learning how to answer a question with a whole sentence for an answer, to being able to answer more complex inferential questions by the time they are ready to move into Key Stage 2.

The children really enjoy these sessions and learn quickly whilst sharing some beautiful stories along the way.  They are then able to apply the skills they have learned independently into their Guided Reading sessions.