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Our Reading Scheme

Our Reading Scheme


At Waterside, the Reading Scheme that we use is varied in it's content - as we aim to give the children a wide-ranging reading experience.


The books that the children read come from a range of commercial reading schemes, and we have worked to organize these into our own reading-age related system.  We call this our 'Treasure Box' reading Scheme.  We test the children's reading age twice a year and this is used to quality assure the teachers assessment  and ensures that the children are making good progress.


For Guided Reading we operate two different systems, to show progression.  The Key Stage 1 children read age-related book banded books, a separate scheme to those taken home, which supports the children in gaining experience of feeling and handling real books.  Again, the children  progress through these as their reading age improves.  In Key Stage 2 the children use 'bug club' on the tablets to access a wide range of texts, which are again linked to their reading age and offers progression and a breadth of reading opportunities. 



Reading Age Progression Document